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  1. RoadMart
    2 Hours Ago 4:01 PM
    Serebii's always had trouble with hacks, so I think it's just a blanket rule to keep them outta circulation. Fan games might be because Nintendo cracks down on people with copyright stuff these days. Smilies...Idk. I personally thing they're behind the times and really need to update stuff (if they're ancient site is any indication lol).
    Weird. Yeah right?! Just ignore people when they comment on your English; as long as they can understand the meaning there's no issue. Also making an argument on what is "correct English" is dumb when there's so many dialects and ways that people actually speak, and no hard and fast rules for the bull that is "Standard English."
    Jesus, that is awesome. I wouldn't even chase foxes. :0 Aww, it sounds tough but I'm glad she's doing alright! Haha sounds like a kingdom over there, what with the princess and the knight cat defending the grounds. xD
    Lap dog? I'm hoping he only leans on you or sits next to you, cuz he looks a little bigger and I could imagine if he sat completely on you it'd be troublesome haha.
    Hmm, I think she was just super tired haha. Things like the groomers or the vet stress her out cuz she doesn't really like having stuff done to her, but she gets so excited afterwards that she runs around the house and then just totally passes out haha.
    Haha thank you! I'm glad you like them, it makes it better when the actual owner of the Pokemon approves of the name. c: What should I send over for her? I'm thinking I should send you more stuff in general, so maybe let me know like 6 Pokemon you'd like?
    In Diamond?! Woah!! Psyduck is a nice shiny, I like his blue~ Congrats on that! Reminds me I was hunting Aipom in AS, I might get back to doing that if I have no trades to take care of today...since I finally finished SRing my Shiny Tapu Koko event, I can take the time lol.
  2. Phanton
    3 Hours Ago 3:06 PM
    So many ways the cards could end up there, we need a sherlock holmes to solve the mystery xD
  3. Phanton
    4 Hours Ago 1:21 PM
    Ooooh, wonder why there were there =o
    Where I live we never had pokemon cards, we only had Magic the Gathering and Yu-gi-oh cards, I only know a bit about pokemon cards thanks to the old game boy game =3
    Haha hope it does =3
  4. Phanton
    8 Hours Ago 10:05 AM
    Oh wow o.o
    they were just on the floor like that o.o ?
    and which cards =o ? and hope they bring you good luck to get your shiny!
  5. Phanton
    9 Hours Ago 8:56 AM
    No problem =3
    They are, but sometimes they have a nice surprise, like once I got 2 shiny corphish from the same batch *-* (and one had 6 IVs!)
    Sadly it didn't happen again this time, but maybe on the Jolly Rockruff I get lucky xD
  6. Tyranitar06
    10 Hours Ago 7:58 AM
    Ok no prob... I still don't know if I can manage to wake up early tonight XD so my sched is pretty uncertain as well haha If ever we didn't manage to pull it off later let's just do it when you want to maybe on Sunday your time or any other day before Thursday next week
  7. Tyranitar06
    10 Hours Ago 7:50 AM
    I want the Pokeball one oh and btw I have a gardevoir that needs cloning... Is it okay?
  8. Tyranitar06
    10 Hours Ago 7:34 AM
    Hey Im back are you up for trade tonight (your time)? Need to sleep first hehe
  9. Hikamaru
    10 Hours Ago 7:30 AM
    Well, some of them do have that Cortex-like voice so it's kinda easy to spot.
  10. Hikamaru
    10 Hours Ago 7:22 AM
    I hated those spiders too... I did love the voice acting with the dragons, especially Clancy Brown who voiced a notable majority of them. Great voice actor, he is.
  11. Phanton
    11 Hours Ago 7:00 AM
    They didn't, I was saying that they should xD
    It's just so much faster for me to hatch them myself xD
    I will probaly remain with rockruff for a couple more days, just hope I get good IVs when another shiny comes
  12. Hikamaru
    11 Hours Ago 6:59 AM
    I loved the Dream Weavers levels too. Magic Crafters came a close second, but I guess it's because snow always looks nice in video gaming.
  13. Hikamaru
    12 Hours Ago 6:05 AM
    I played all the original trilogy as well. They're all great but I feel the first one had the best nostalgia to me, and probably my fave OST of the three.
  14. Hikamaru
    13 Hours Ago 4:55 AM
    The gif in your signature game me a huge nostalgia feeling
  15. RoadMart
    1 Day Ago 4:47 PM
    Cool! The biggest one is DO NOT say that you use Powersaves at all. Saying that you can clone is fine, but don't mention details. (For some reason cloning is fine yet I'm pretty sure it's only done via Powersaves these days. Sounds like a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" sorta situation. @@)
    Huh. Is that in person or over the net? If you have an "accent" (y'know, according to people that aren't from your area) then I could see the "siliness" I guess. In typing I don't notice anything. Course like I said, my students have made some crazy mistakes so I probably wouldn't notice small stuff. They have made me blind to small mistakes as long as I can understand the meaning of something. >w>
    HA, the Norwegian one certainly doesn't look as glorious, but he is cute! Timbit is adorable tho, oh man. ;w; And that pupper looks like he was born from the mud haha.
    Right?! Hana isn't as fluffy as most of them, but I still think she's cute. This is the most recent pic I have of her (all tuckered out after the groomers), but you can't see her super well. All my other photos are older cuz she's back in the US with my family. ;w;
    Then let's go with Quetzal! c:

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