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  1. Touched
    August 8th, 2014 3:24 PM
    It's a very limited procedural language, so it's not really comparable to those languages. I'd say it's closest counterpart would be a DOS batch file.
    See this thread for a thorough explanation, with examples:
  2. Touched
    August 8th, 2014 1:30 PM
    I'm comfortable C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, JS, but I've also used many other languages, like you. We call it compiling in the same sense that Java "compiles" to bytecode, I'd guess.What else would you call it? This is a source to source compiler. It translates the pseudo-Python source to pokescript. Essentially, you say msgbox("Hello world!") instead of
    msgbox OFFSET
    #org OFFSET
    =Hello World!

    So, it faces the same restrictions as the target "language". What's interesting to note is that the current scripting utilities aren't actually 1:1. There are certain commands that are combined (XSE translates msgbox into a loadpointer and a callstd, and an if COND goto OFFSET to if1, but if COND call OFFSET to if2).
    I think you're mistaking what I want to do with physically recompiling the ELF sections - no such thing is necessary.
  3. Ribon Sen
    August 8th, 2014 1:18 PM
    Ribon Sen
    Thanks for the info
    Btw Wah a Spanish romhacking site
    Have some really Good tutorial
    But only problem
    The transulating
    Is bad thread looks messup etc..
    Here Titlescreen tutorial
    And via the link you can acces to the site
    Hope this helps ;)
  4. Ribon Sen
    August 8th, 2014 12:42 PM
    Ribon Sen
    Just wanted to say
    It's nice to see someone making Gen II Tutorials
    Don't worry it's not your fault about no comments etc...
    It's because most people hack Gen III
    About me i aleardy tried be Gen II Hacker
    I tried with Gold
    But i stopped
    Because not enough tutorials etc...
    But please keep posting Gen II tutorials
    Maybe then i can come back Gen II Gold
    But without enough tutorials i can't
    Others also want hack Gen II
    But it's all because not documentation enough
    I really want see more tutorials
    And of course more Gen II Hackers ;)
    Thanks for making Gen II Tutorials
    I'm sure it will be usefull
    For People want hack Gen II
    Thanks :)
  5. Touched
    August 8th, 2014 11:23 AM
    I know exactly what happens to the strings in a binary file. My point is that we never declare them by hand. No one wants to do that. Source to source compilation is not "unsafe" as you put it. I don't know why you think that. I have similar credentials to you, so you don't have to treat me like an idiot. If the original programmers used something like that to write these scripts, then so can us hackers. Here is the example I was talking about.
  6. Touched
    August 8th, 2014 10:12 AM
    Our discussion was getting off topic. I thought it might be better to continue it here. I just find the syntax clunky and obtrusive. It's not difficult or anything, it's just... Why should I have to declare all the strings I'm using beforehand? Look at the example in my thread and tell me which one looks better. Do you do any other programming?

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