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  1. Mosmero
    2 Weeks Ago 3:03 PM

    Are the features listed in your signature in the newest patch of Emerald 2?

  2. Wobb
    March 18th, 2017 7:07 PM

    Hey! :D
    I like your hack, Emerald 2!
    You should see my hack. It's called FireRed 2. (I didn't copy you.. :p I didn't know Emerald 2 was a thing..)

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    Play Pokemon Emerald 2 at!sI8wRCAQ!wrTT1Kso0XfsG7m85vq_tTpMgIRGGaFrAMhgXd2EEm8
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    Play Pokemon Emerald 2 at!9gAQ0R7K!aC9C-9Up_tmreklsoTDHc_k3f0GaVgRddY3lWPEfUGs
    Thanks to DizzyEgg, lu-ho, gamer2020, YAPE, darthatron's numerous tools, that one tutorial, hackmew for xse, and yall for playing this low difficulty blazeblack/voltwhite mod for Pokémon Emerald.
    -Dizzy Egg's incredible emerald battle engine. Battles are fully updated to gen 7.
    -new victory road floor 3, featuring some sneaky, interesting twists on ice puzzles
    -new route!: fray manor isle, featuring haunted house and giant spiders
    -new route 2!: Pa'i canyon, featuring ancient runes, ancient ruins, and some devilish strength puzzles


    -Resueable Max repel key item
    -You can fly to most of hoenn's land routes, and also route 108, 129 (I think it's route 129, the one near victory road) and 133)
    -new move tutors (marked out by a white post) for volt switch, trick room, wish, flower guard, sticky web, and more
    -new items! weakness policy (from an insurance pokenav call on route 119), life orb, sticky barb, light clay, metronome, choice scarf, terrain extender, safety goggles, and more!
    -TMs for Aromatherapy, Spikes, and Gravity.
    -Fur coat/Snow Warning piloswine, pickpocket persian, prankster Skiploom, Fluffy Jigglypuff, Illusion Mr. Mime, Dancer Ludicolo, Psychic Surge Stantler, and 300 more
    -15 or so new moves! Armor break, Power Proc (awesome move), Cable Whip, Electroplate, Constellate, Plunder, and more!


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