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  1. Enpatsu Shakugan
    1 Week Ago 8:48 PM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Only when the hype is unwarranted
  2. Dawn
    1 Week Ago 2:08 AM
    I've only played the original MK on the Megadrive waaaaay back in the day. I'm not a fan of fighting games at all so I've not played a game in the series since then ^^;
  3. Enpatsu Shakugan
    1 Week Ago 6:00 PM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Hype over what exactly?
  4. Enpatsu Shakugan
    1 Week Ago 9:55 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Not really, no.
  5. Enpatsu Shakugan
    1 Week Ago 9:47 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    I almost want the bad effect cat to speak any lines from now on. It's from an appallingly bad and hilarious movie, so I had to include it :-!
  6. Enpatsu Shakugan
    1 Week Ago 7:38 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Well, it wasn't what I'd call a vacation. I just needed to get away. A lot of very stressful things happened in that time as well. I don't think I could've come back at all if I hadn't worked those out.
  7. Enpatsu Shakugan
    1 Week Ago 10:05 AM
    Enpatsu Shakugan
    Hey! Consider me back, for now, anyway. :)
  8. Dawn
    2 Weeks Ago 9:08 PM
    Nope. I've never been much of a PC gamer; I only got my gaming laptop a year ago and I have a tendency to neglect my PC games in favour of others.
  9. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 6:26 AM
    Hey there! Please try to make more than one word replies in M&G. We want each member's welcome to feel personalized and special. Thank you!
  10. Dawn
    2 Weeks Ago 9:02 PM
    I played Wolfenstein 3D back when it was released on GBA, it was what prompted me to give The New Order a try, since I was thinking it was about time I tried another war-based had been at least 10 years since I'd last played one before that.

    It has this cool little nightmare where you play through a little of Wolfenstein 3D, actually. Best part of the game. xD
  11. Dawn
    3 Weeks Ago 2:48 AM
    Yeah, I'm quite fond of the games. They're not particularly fun when playing on your own, but get a good room with some other people and they're great timesinks. Playing a lot of MHGU right now.
    I played Wolfenstein: The New Order last month, yeah. It was...OK, I guess? I didn't really care for the plot much, but it was a solid enough FPS with some interesting concepts. It didn't leave a lasting impression, but I didn't HATE it. I have The Old Blood to try out somewhen too, but I doubt I'll buy The New Colossus. Have you played any of the games?
  12. strangerhypno
    3 Weeks Ago 2:28 PM
    It's gone forever to some moral deprived hoodlum. Police doesn't care. So I lost my cash. I had to freeze my credit card, get a new one and a new license.
  13. Dawn
    3 Weeks Ago 4:46 AM
    Unless we're talking about physical harrassment/violence etc, pretty sure death threats are as bad as it gets.

    ...but yeah, the point is, the online community can be quite nasty sometimes. It's easy to avoid though, I've found.
  14. Hikamaru
    3 Weeks Ago 8:03 PM
    I never watched Naruto, so I did not take this name from that series.
  15. Hikamaru
    3 Weeks Ago 11:03 PM
    I heard it was something to do with Naruto.

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