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  1. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    January 6th, 2012 8:32 PM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    Jonah Lincecum
    Name: Jonah Lincecum

    Nickname: Jonny

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Job: Techniques in Advanced Breeding

    Appearance: When out in the field, he's the typical Breeder with a red head-scarf with a Poke Ball motif over work clothes, but in the classroom he dresses to impress with a dark three-piece suit, meticulously groomed auburn hair on both his head and face. The fullness of his beard in particular is the stuff of local legend. After all, an impressive-looking teacher might make the students that much more receptive to what he has to say.

    Jonah (or Mr. Lincecum) is the sort of person that has no use for rules if they happen to get in the way. He knows that what he has to talk about to the students is something not often discussed in polite society, so he has decided to eschew what is considered decent for scientific accuracy, even if there are a few uncomfortable giggles had along the way. Of course, dedicating so much of his life to the business of reproduction and the implications thereof has led him to be seen as something of a closet pervert, and the way he behaves when he thinks nobody's watching does nothing to set the record straight.

    History: Born to less than reputable parents, Jonah was exposed from an early age to the dregs of society, but decided early on that he would be the one to make it out and be successful, if only because there was no way he could survive the rigors of life on the streets, with gang wars breaking out on a regular basis and the reports of gunfire being his lullaby. It wasn't easy, but a passion for knowledge combined with justified fear for his life at the hands of press gangs allowed him to barely escape the corrupt school administration and to the relative shelter of university. It was around this time that the habits that were ingrained into him--partying all night, sleeping around, and so forth--started to take their toll, until one fateful night when he hooked up with a woman that was going for a teaching degree. She was smart enough to egg him on, pressing him to do better in his courses with only the occasional tantalizing glimpse at her body as his compensation. This was the one woman that Jonah was convinced he could settle down with, but in the end, he found that she was just using him to win bets with her friends. Angry at himself, he sank into a year-long bout of depression, but was eventually roused out of it when he met a Trainer holding an egg. The conversation that followed from that led him to finish his studies, choosing to specialize in all the ins and outs of egg production and the various methods champion breeders use to demand top wages for their product.
    Species: Drapion
    Nickname: Joker
    Level: 48
    Moves: Hone Claws, Night Slash, Slash, Toxic Spikes, Earthquake, Poison Tail

    Species: Breloom
    Nickname: Leonard
    Level: 45
    Moves: Substitute, Drain Punch, Seed Bomb, Thunderpunch, Worry Seed, Facade

    Species: Gardevoir
    Nickname: Heidi
    Level: 46
    Moves: Heal Pulse, Psychic, Destiny Bond, Focus Blast, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt

    Here's your SU from PTA back. It's so that if you ever feel like rejoining you can do it quickly. That or just your general convenience. =
  2. PkMnTrainer Yellow
  3. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    September 29th, 2011 7:36 PM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    That be the OOC forum. Yeah it'll probably be up tommorow.
  4. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    September 29th, 2011 9:57 AM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow

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