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  1. weedle_mchairybug
    1 Day Ago 6:09 PM
    Sounds like you're busy! Hopefully, you can eventually get around to the episodes. :smile:
    Thanks. And as of a few seconds ago, I have just watched both episodes. Granted, I had it on mute the entire time (I don't think I can bear to hear what the voice track's like with how the animation was), and I didn't know until the second episode that there was closed captioning, so I'll probably need to watch it again with the CC on, but I've at least met my goal now.

    All of this is why I really hope SM is the end of the TRio. Their characters are a creative dead end at this point.
    Agreed. They need to have their character arcs closed now. It's the best they can settle for now, after being mismanaged for quite some time now.

    Good point, Weedle. Player characters may be "blank slates" compared to NPCs, but they still fill certain roles in the games. They either collect badges or do whatever NPC role they fill when they're unselected, which has *never* involved becoming a coordinator.

    If the show really wanted to use characters like May and Dawn (and not completely ignore them like the GSC protagonists), why not, I dunno, finally retire Ash's never-aging butt and let the game protagonists collect their own regions' badges? When I play RSE, it's May who collects the Hoenn badges and stops Magma/Aqua, not Ash or Red. Last I checked, the show is supposed to be promoting the games, not the other way around. :rolleyes2:
    Agreed with that. Not to mention, even ignoring the whole coordinator thing that was truly unnecessary, especially in terms of advertising the games via the main characters, May's NPC characterization would NEVER have worked via May's characterization in the anime regarding her hatred of Pokémon (especially when May in the games, the NPC anyway, didn't even mind Pokémon).

    And yeah, it also irritated me as well regarding keeping Ash on, speaking as someone who, with the exception of Pokémon Coliseum, frequently named the Male character after Ash.

    Since we're on the topic, have you heard about what went down behind the scenes of this site the last couple of weeks? (Hint: The owner's a giant creep. I can tell you more via PM, as I'm not comfortable sharing it here.) A LOT of people have left, and I don't blame them. :frown:
    Hmm, haven't heard anything on that front. And sure, PM me the details. I probably won't leave until after Sun and Moon is finished, anyway, think of it as a bit of honor that keeps me here.

    Ouch, that's cringeworthy! X___X

    One big problem is that Pokémon didn't try to grow up with its audience like, for example, Harry Potter. Instead, TPTB operated with the mentality that the little kid audience would always be replaced every few years, and any older fans who stuck around were a bonus. This started to change a little with Gen 5 (which had older protagonists, a more urban/modern setting, and a darker storyline), but the franchise still has a long way to go.
    Yeah, no kidding. I'm guessing Quality Control was on vacation when they did that ad.

    And honestly, I probably wouldn't mind the not growing with the audience too much if they replaced the characters, all of them (although not before making sure they succeed in their goals of course), and especially if they didn't outright treat the girls as sexual fanservice starting with May (I'm sorry, but I fail to see how that was even REMOTELY appropriate for the age bracket. Then again, I'm questioning why making Brock into Glenn Quagmire starting with Johto was even a good decision for the audience, or for that matter, why Disney thought it was a good idea to make Lumiere into an explicit womanizer despite his acts being very family unfriendly as it is. There's parental bonus, and then there's outright pushing dirty material to kids in an undisguised manner.).

    With all the Sinnoh pandering that's been going on lately, I'm afraid that we're going to get another random, forced Dawn cameo before SM is over. Gotta keep shilling that penguin, dammit! :rolleyes2:
    I hope they don't. But on the other hand, that magazine interview implied that more of Ash's friends besides Misty and Brock will make a return, so might as well brace for it.

    I hope this year will be the last for SM, because this show will turn into an even worse fillerfest than mid-Johto if we have to wait until the latter half of 2019 for Gen 8. SM is already a glorified filler arc to begin with, and this gen has very little left in it to promote. It's not like the last four gens where we got either remakes (FRLG, HGSS, ORAS) or sequels (B2W2) to extend the gen for an extra year or two. This time, all we got were a main pair (SM) and a third version (USUM), which doesn't give you much material for a 3 or 4 year generation.
    Well, since they're running out of Event Pokémon to tide the kids over, they probably should call it quits soon. Not unless they want to pull an AG where they had the latter movies promote a new-Gen Pokémon despite it not being anywhere close to announcing the new generation. Let's hope Misty and Brock fulfill their end of the bargain before then, I'm still keeping an eye out.
  2. weedle_mchairybug
    1 Week Ago 6:35 PM
    Well, Episodes 42 and 43 have officially been uploaded to Pokémon TV. I have to contact pool companies to make my pool usable again as well as do Metal Gear Survive and The Phantom Pain, plus do any household chores, so I can't say I'll watch both today. However, I do intend to make sure I do it before next Saturday.

    As I've said before, even by Johto the TRio had started to wear out their welcome (Wobbuffet seemed to be the shark-jumping point for them -- once they had an annoying gag Pokémon with them, it became impossible to ever take them seriously), and after that, it became painfully obvious that the only reason they stuck around was for comic relief and episode filler.
    Yeah, they've had a bit of that during Johto as well, especially after Wobbuffet entered the picture (he's a poor villainous equivalent to Misty's Psyduck. At least Psyduck actually DOES manage to take out the enemy when he has a headache and is useful for last-minute saving the day in addition to being comic relief). Still, even in Johto, they still at least had some moments where they proved to be genuinely credible threats, which is a lot more than in AG or DP, or for that matter XY and SM.

    The "boys need new eye candy" mentality is the entire backbone of Japan's idol industry, so it's no surprise that the girl-swapping also went along with an idol-based goal (ie. Contests/Performances) being introduced into the show. Idol groups literally don't exist for any other reason than providing "eye candy" for perverted men, and members constantly get dumped and swapped out to keep things "fresh." These young women are considered disposable and interchangeable.

    Sadly, it seems like the only time we can get female leads on this show who aren't shallow eye candy is when they're based on NPCs rather than player characters, ala. Misty, Iris, and Lillie. Since Ash is still around and collecting badges, characters like May, Dawn, and Serena can't as well, so they get stuck with a "girl alternative" in the form of Contests/Showcases, as this show literally cannot think of anything else to do with female leads based on player characters.

    I could sort-of buy doing it with May since she was from the generation that first introduced Contests, but there's no excuse for Dawn and Serena. When you don't play as her in DPPt, Dawn is a smart girl who works for Professor Rowan and studies evolution with him, while Serena is a powerful trainer with a Mega Absol when you don't play as her in XY. Why not adapt their actual game NPC roles instead of rehashing May's fanservice coordinator shtick and butchering their personalities?

    This is why I'm actually sort of glad Green, Hilda, Rosa, and Moon never got adapted into the show, as they all would've inevitably been shoved into the same tired waifu/fanservice/performer roles.

    I also really hate how this eventually led to game May getting girlified and dumbed-down in ORAS, all so she could be made more "accurate" to her ditzy, annoying anime counterpart. :rolleyes2: The difference between her in RSE era official art and ORAS era official art is literally night and day.
    Yeah, no kidding. And quite frankly, as you implied with your description of idol culture, using the phrase "eyecandy for the boys" isn't even a valid excuse since the audience for that isn't even children, but grown men who are coming close to acting like pedophiles. And quite frankly, pumping them with drugs aside, Idol Culture is coming far too close in resemblance to our fashion industry in America, the West even.

    Heck, it doesn't even work for May, let alone Dawn or Serena, whether you go by May being the daughter of Norman and thus the player character (as the anime chose) or if she was the daughter of Professor Birch and thus was the rival NPC instead. In the latter, it's heavily implied from her interactions with the player that she, similar to Dawn in fact, was pretty much acting as Birch's lab assistant and doing field work and capturing Pokémon for his research, and had no plans to be a full-time trainer, especially not a league challenger. In other words, she was pretty much a female version of Professor Oak when she had more interest in cataloguing Pokémon in her Pokedex than battling in that iteration. If they really needed to promote contests, they should have made an anime-only main character for AG to allow for that promotion. At least there, we don't have to worry about it breaking the games needlessly.

    At this rate, it's better off if they used non-Rival NPCs instead of player characters, or even their rival NPC equivalents. At least with the NPCs, they try to make them more in-line with their game characterizations.

    Japan fetishizes youth and innocence, that's why. They love women who are sexually appealing, yet still act bubbly, immature, and virginal. The younger, smaller, and more childlike (and, thus, the less likely to assert herself), the better. When a woman reaches 25, it becomes harder for her to continue looking and acting cutesy and innocent, which is why women usually get dropped from idol groups once they reach their late 20s.
    I remember seeing a Blue Bloods episode dealing with a very similar thing, only instead of Idol Culture, it was the fashion industry, and a friend of the family's daughter ended up comatose from poisoned food.

    And honestly, I don't mind girls being innocent (provided it's not done as a form of mockery unlike with Will Ferrell's "Elf") and virginal, but they shouldn't fetishize something like that, as it's not meant to be sexualized, a contradiction in terms. Not to mention with their age it skirts far too close to the child porn category.

    It was primarily during the Gen 3-early Gen 4 era (ie. RSE/FRLG/DPPt) that Pokémon was really considered uncool. The Pokémania Fad had long since died, but the series hadn't aged into being nostalgic yet. Little kids continued to buy the games and watch the show, but everyone else regarded it as another Old Shame from their childhoods, just like Beanie Babies and Furbies. Being over the age of 10 and publicly admitting to liking Pokémon between 2002 and 2009 was a fast track into Loserdom.

    Things started to improve around the time HGSS came out, and original fans (now in their late teens or older) started getting more nostalgic for the games. The upward trend further continued with XY's release and the series' transition into 3D, and the explosion of Pokémon Go in 2016 sealed the deal.
    Funny, I actually played Pokémon RSE and FRLG, and even played Diamond and Pearl before I dropped off from them due to the boycott.

    Though I won't be surprised if it being considered uncool, at least here in America, dealt with this marketing gaffe done by KidsWB in some way (honestly, that ad pretty much drove me away from Pokémon, made it look more like Barney and Friends. Heck, that ad alongside Return to the Sea and possibly some shows geared towards toddlers that dealt with singing is probably the reason why until recently I had an immense hatred of singing, especially those done in English and done by characters.).

    I'd simply have Lyra fill the NPC role she plays in HGSS when you don't play as her, while Gold/Kris exists as the Viridian Trainer House opponent (who originally took the appearance of Gold in GSC, though was named "Cal" ) when they're not the canon protagonist (which would be determined by which gender you play as, while their starter is determined by which one you pick).

    As for Red, his Origins counterpart would probably be a decent base to use for his personality.
    Both of those might work as well.

    Tell me about it. :rolleyes2: Dawn's return cameo ultimately wasn't about anything more than placating the vocal minority who hated Iris and BW's reboot and wanted to see their little miniskirted princess again. Thankfully, it doesn't look like they're repeating the same mistake with Serena in SM.
    Yeah, good thing too. Too bad they didn't bring Iris back. She at least had actual potential. And yeah, agreed. I know Iris isn't exactly all that popular, but if they really needed to bring Dawn back, they should have given a far better story justification for her doing it. Even having her mention she's on a layover and mention she's done with Hoenn and waiting for the Kanto Contest season to start would have sufficed at least.

    Well, that's promising news! ^^ Definitely ready to see more of Misty. She deserves it after the way the show had treated her.
    I'll still need to wait for them to post something in CoroCoro actually confirming these suspicions, not to mention episode titles, but I think we can expect a Misty appearance in the near future, Brock as well (certainly before the end of the year, which I suspect will be the end of SM since, revealing and distributing Zeraora aside thanks to USUM expanding the Aloladex by adding new Pokémon, they don't have anything else to cover for SM.). After all, they did promise to visit Alola, and they might as well tie up that loose end (and hopefully, after Alola, Misty will actually be allowed to resume her goal, whether she rejoins Ash or not).
  3. Mateo
    3 Weeks Ago 11:07 PM
    Busy with Hack of the Year stuff. Gonna be up late tonight anyway though so I'll work on a reply later tonight xx
  4. Mateo
    3 Weeks Ago 12:33 PM
    Hey! Things are okay. Haven't been too busy, but I've been distracted a lot lately. I haven't forgotten your PM though. I'll try to reply tonight after work
  5. Mateo
    4 Weeks Ago 2:00 PM
    Hey, sorry, I just realized I let your PM get buried under moderation ones. I'll try to get you a reply soon!
  6. weedle_mchairybug
    February 7th, 2018 7:28 PM
    As we've discussed before, I strongly suspect that Rainbow Rocket will simply be adapted as a Team Rocket storyline (for all the reasons you mentioned). They might even dust off the canceled Team Rocket vs Team Plasma storyline and redo it as Team Rocket vs the Aether Foundation, especially given that the storyline was originally meant to be TR's finale back in BW.
    Yeah, agreed. They should reuse that plot so they are given a proper exit (and hopefully this time around, they don't have the misfortune of having a disaster occur in Japan that gets it banned). They've overstayed their welcome since AG, and with the exception of BW (which even there, they overdid it to be honest) failed to be even slightly threatening or credible threats.

    I agree. Getting Kanto sequels for Gen 8 means that the show has no choice but to finally let Ash grow up and pass the torch, because why have him go collect Badges from a region he already went through? It's a win/win for all of us.
    Agreed as well. No real point to him challenging the gyms again, so might as well have him adopt a more mentor role.

    Absolutely. This is the very thing that bothers me about Contests and Showcases the most. It's not something these girls can ever hope to build a lasting career off of. They're only valued as much as they are young, beautiful, and innocent, so the moment they grow up and start looking and acting like adult women, out they go.

    Just read up on the the very thing that inspired Contests and Showcases in the first place, Japanese Idol Culture. Girls in idol groups are literally nothing more than sex symbols for perverted older men to drool over, and their lives are so strictly controlled that they are forbidden to even date. These girls aren't seen as having any value beyond their youth and beauty, and their careers are usually over by the time they reach 25.

    You see something similar with teen idols in the West, as well. They get forced into strict boxes based around an image of youth, innocence, and marketability to preteens, and as soon as they grow up and try to break out of the box, their lives usually implode. Look no further than what happened to Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

    It disgusts me how the show has promoted a whitewashed, sanitized version of a culture that's nothing but exploitative and damaging for girls and women.
    Yeah, no kidding. Though at least Japanese Idol groups aren't likely to take drugs or OD as a result (and for good reason, as drug abuse is not tolerated in Japan. Just ask Sakai Noriko, the narrator of Pikachu and Pichu. Heck, that short was BANNED in all but name thanks in large part to her 2009 drug possession charges.), unlike modeling here in the States, where it if anything is openly encouraged in the industry (Kate Moss was infamous for starting the coke-addict appearance thanks to her very obviously being addicted to cocaine). Either way, Contests are pretty much a dead end job, and if it's anything like the real life counterparts will just result in massive pain and misery. I preferred the Princess Festival Contests from Princess vs. Princess since, while beauty did play a factor to the event, someone's competency in battle is the most prized element. Not to mention it's only a minor distraction rather than a full-fledged career.

    Heck, Lana from Hyrule Warriors was obviously based on the Idol girls (though to be fair to her character, her actual characterization and reasons for staying celebate despite having an obvious crush on Link are closer to that of a Roman Catholic Nun than an idol girl).

    And yeah, I remember what happened to Lindsey Lohan (I liked her in that film "get a clue", the one where she has to clear her teacher's name after he had to fake his death and go into hiding because of apparent embezzlement).

    Ultimately, I find it really sick as well, especially in light of what Masamitsu Hidaka tastelessly stated about why the girls starting with AG even exist (thank goodness that Iris and Lillie averted that trend, since at least they acted their age and weren't exploited). That's actually part of the reason I'm determined to stop that stereotype.

    Plus, I never understand how 25 is considered "too old." I could understand, say, 60 years old being too old, but 25? Even Dead or Alive has fallen into that trap with Xtreme 3 (barring Helena Douglas, whom I suspect was only added in because we Westerners managed to trick the polls by creating Japanese accounts, or Nyotengu since she's... well, a female Tengu and literally over a millennia old as a result, the only character who actually IS in her 20s is Momiji. The others are generally 18 minimum. The other girls got cut, even Tina, and I'm very fond of her in spite of her more showy aspects largely because she alongside her dad are positive representations of America, which I must admit is pretty rare in the Japanese gaming industry as they have a really nasty tendency to demonize America as a concept and even openly root for people who would be considered scumbags ordinarily [Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Dead Rising, and Vanquish all come to mind]).

    I agree. The time is ripe for a new sequel. RBY/GSC have just been re-released, and there's been a major resurgence in nostalgia for the franchise. It's no longer like it was a decade ago when anyone over the age of 10 was considered hopelessly uncool for liking Pokémon. People who grew up with the original games have gotten back into them and are even introducing them to their own children.
    I don't know if it was considered uncool to play Pokémon as an adult a while back (I mostly was afraid thanks to something shown in Arthur regarding the titular character calling Mary Moo Cow a baby show), but yeah, it is nice to see it being spread to the next generation.

    Outside of a few minor cameos and Easter Eggs, Kanto and Johto have largely been ignored since HGSS, which are 8-9 years old now and have become ridiculously expensive and hard to find. The original classic regions shouldn't be left behind to rot like that.
    Yeah, agreed. It's a bad idea to just leave them out to dry like that. And besides, it would get new generations hooked to the games as well, maybe even the anime.

    Totally agree. It was an amusing joke when they first did it in GSC, but after later games gave the unselected player characters actual speaking roles as NPCs, it looks silly to keep portraying Red as a mute, especially when it keeps inspiring so much dumb fanart/fanfic about him being some edgy, badass loner.

    While this is probably a long shot, I also want to see the FRLG girl's existence acknowledged, as well as for Kris to be canonized over Lyra. These sequels need to redeem the two great female protagonists that got unfairly screwed over in HGSS.
    Agreed, or if they DO need to have Lyra return, at least make her Kris's cousin or something so that she could still be related to Kris without replacing Kris.

    And yeah, I for one would like to see what Red's personality is like, his canon personality anyways.

    Yeah, remaking the DS/3DS games is going to be a logistical nightmare. HGSS and ORAS can be replaced by VC re-releases of GSC and RSE, but that still leaves DPPt, BW/2, XY, and U/SM.
    Yeah, agreed. Probably the only way they can avert remakes is if they decide to add Virtual Console editions of those games and make sure they're compatable with the Pokemon Bank.

    Cynthia was strongly implied to be from Celestic Town since that's where her family lives.

    Cynthia mainly bugs me because of the way she's so aggressively marketed and overexposed at the expense of other characters, whether it be bringing her back in BW despite those games being a hard reboot separate from past regions, or her daughter getting randomly shoved into M20 at Misty's expense despite her being completely irrelevant to Kanto and the OS era. I'm tired of seeing her show up everywhere, and I want to see other characters get their time in the spotlight for a change.

    Her fans are very annoying, too. They prop her up as this amazing "Strong Female Role Model" when it's plainly obvious that they only like her because she's hot.
    Yeah. I mean, Misty's pretty strong herself, even during the OS. And honestly, even though I don't mind her at all, she really shouldn't have to be present in all those places or used when it doesn't really suit her. At least with B2W2, the World Conference acted as a sufficient excuse for her to appear since it dealt with all the gym leaders, E4, and champs in all the regions up to that point (such a shame that the anime screwed that over. That would have been a PERFECT opportunity for not just Misty, but also Brock and even May and Max to return. Instead, they wasted a character cameo on Dawn despite her having zero reason to be in Sinnoh in the first place, not even having a gym leader relative, which May and Max at least would have had they appeared under the pretense of the World Conference.).

    Well, Celeste Town's at least where her relatives lived. Though I must admit, her saying "My house? Even the region is a secret!" in the context of her house in Platinum did seem to imply that she held residence in a region besides Sinnoh.

    I don't think the site I looked up included VC sales.
    Well, then we still might have hope, since if VC sales are to be counted, USUM may not have surpassed at least Crystal.

    I'd love to see M21 bomb, as well. Nothing I've seen of that movie so far appeals to me (looks like a poor rehash of M02, IMO), especially given that it's likely set in the same universe as M20.
    Yeah, agreed, and I've never been a particularly big fan of AUs (probably the only thing that's worse than an AU is someone outright retconning the heck out of every entry in actual canonical works). I'll tolerate an AU as long as there is an actual valid explanation for the need for an AU in-universe (like, for example, Stargate: Continuum, or Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, or even the 2009 Star Trek movie, all of which at least had time travel as an excuse for using an AU).

    I hope so, too, especially if this is going to be the last saga with Ash as the main protagonist.
    Yeah, agreed. And I also hope they make sure they bring Misty back soon, especially considering that, while I'm no longer as sore about her being made gym leader largely because of the SM episode showcasing her time as a gym leader leaving her nearly invincible in combat to anyone not named Ash (heck, she and Brock if anything redeemed Gym Leaders' names after AG trashed them, with their getting bad results up to XY, with XY until that point coming the closest to truly redeeming them.), she still needs to resume her goal, plus, it's repeatedly emphasized that one can only grow stronger by traveling, meaning, for all her gains at the gym, even that won't suffice in the long term. She needs to resume her goal, especially when she's the only character barring possibly Max who was forced out of her goal. The others either pursued their goals or at the very least managed to choose of their own free will to change goals with no outside influences making them make that decision. And since we're pretty sure Misty and Brock are going to be returning before the end of SM thanks to them swearing to Ash that they'll visit Alola, that may be the perfect opportunity. Heck, a few twitter posts by Maasaki Iwane regarding artwork recently may actually imply that Misty at least may be returning soon:

  7. weedle_mchairybug
    February 5th, 2018 5:29 PM
    We'll see on that. Remember that BW was originally intended to be the TRio's last saga, and yet the show ended up backpedaling on it and bringing them back for XY (along with resetting them back to their annoying, useless AG/DP selves). It feels like the show wants to keep the TRio a permanent fixture just like Ash even though it hasn't done the show an ounce of good.
    Agreed, we'll have to wait and see what comes about. Good point regarding BW.

    Ideally, the Rainbow Rocket plot from the games would be adapted into a big finale for Giovanni and Team Rocket, with the TRio's story finally being wrapped up at the end of the saga. This could also potentially go along with the idea of Gen 8's main games being RBY/GSC sequels. Since TR's story in the games was fully concluded in GSC, sequels would likely feature a new Evil Team born from the ashes of TR. Thus, in order for the anime to adapt this new Evil Team, it would also have to wrap up TR's story and disband them for good.
    Yeah, if they do the route of the Rainbow Rocket thing for the Anime (or at least something similar, considering that Maxie and Archie have reformed, Ghetsis is most likely locked up, and both Lysandre and Cyrus are most likely dead, meaning none of them are likely to join), that would be a good time to put Team Rocket away.

    (Of course, Gen 8 being RBY/GSC sequels would likely also mean Ash having to be replaced as the main protagonist, since unless these sequels still introduce a new region with a new set of gyms, the show would be left having to promote two regions Ash already went through and got badges from. In that case, what I'd do is have Ash become Alola's first Champion and finally wrap his story up, then age him up a few years and have him return in Gen 8's saga as an older mentor figure for the new protagonist, who would be based on Gen 8's female player character. There, the show could still keep Ash and his yellow rodent around, yet allow him to finally grow up and step aside for a new protagonist.)
    Let's hope they have sequels to those games, true sequels at that. It's been a while since they've covered that area, and since we know Red and Blue are adults, that makes it all the more necessary to do so. And it would allow for further development of Ash's character, actual character growth, and a way of passing on the torch. And they'd better have Ash win the Alola league.

    One common theme I see with both May and Serena that bothers me is that they both had parents (Norman, Grace) who pushed for them to follow their footsteps in professions that valued traits like strength and intelligence (competitive battling, Rhyhorn Racing), which they both rejected in favor of traditionally feminine professions that solely valued them for their looks and basically primed them to be future Stepford Wives (Contests, Showcases).

    That kind of storytelling just reeks of something straight out of 1958, and it feels like a massive step backwards from the strong, yet complicated girl with got with Misty. What kind of message are you sending to little girls who watch this show when you constantly give them these female leads who reject battling and athleticism in favor of being demure beauty queens?

    Again, I'm not saying that every girl needs to be raging tomboy. Even Misty still had a girly side, and nothing about femininity is incompatible with being strong, intelligent, or ambitious. What I hate, though, is the specific brand of frilly, Barbie-esque femininity that Contests and Showcases promote, which is heavily based on toxic, exploitative Idol Culture.

    (As I've said before, people like to counteract this claim by pointing out that there are male coordinators, but it means little when almost every single one of those male coordinators is a prissy, preening pretty boy. There are also no examples of male protagonists being adapted into being coordinators besides Brendan/Ruby from Adventures, who was still portrayed as a pretty boy stereotype and had a storyline steeped in outdated sexism.)
    Heck, not even 1958. I can name at least one female character from the 1950s who actually WAS surprisingly strong-willed especially considering she otherwise had an utter crappy life (namely, Cinderella. And you have to admit, she definitely had to have nerves of steel to not break under a rather abusive life under Drizella, Anastasia and their mom's thumb.). This... this kind of crap actually is pretty demeaning of women and very stereotypical to an unnecessary degree. Not to mention, especially what you mentioned about fashion elements and beauty queens, I'm also not liking the inherent implications behind the Pokémon Contests and Showcases in the anime right now (namely, they strike me as being the Pokémon equivalent of the Fashion Industry, and not in a good way obviously. May and Dawn's future is most likely going to be them becoming addicted to coke, and not Coca-Cola type of coke, obviously, being left emaciated due to being driven to think they are not thin or young enough, and if they even live that long without ODing themselves on drugs or starving themselves or, heck, even throwing themselves out of a high rise apartment, are probably going to be complete mental wrecks by the time they're cast out at age 25. Don't get me started on Serena, either. Honestly, even homemakers would be a far better profession than the fashion industry, at least that actually has the benefit of raising and imparting values to the next generation, and is actually safer and healthier at that. Not to say that women should only be in the kitchen, of course.). Heck, I don't even like the Disney Princess franchise for largely the same reason (note that I said I didn't like the franchise as a whole. The individual characters in the franchise are perfectly okay for the most part, some not being my cup of tea, but the others, such as Ariel, I have immense respect towards for one reason or another). Probably the only way May, Dawn, and Serena could turn out even WORSE than they already are is if they were treated like Samus Aran was treated in Metroid: Other M (you remember what happened there, right? How they turned her from a badass proto-Master Chief type of warrior lady into a woman who thinks she can only exist by obeying even completely suicidal and foolish orders and cowered against a clone of her arch-nemesis despite defeating him multiple times before [not to mention in the manga, the only other time she had PTSD against him, she ended up getting over it], and their somehow making Adam Malkovich look bad as well.).

    Logically speaking, Sinnoh remakes shouldn't come until well into the Switch era. Traditionally, GF only makes remakes when a gen falls on the wrong side of a compatibility break. The GBA broke trading compatibility with the GB/C, so we got Gen 1 remakes in Gen 3. The DS broke compatibility with GB/C carts, so we got Gen 2 remakes in Gen 4. The 3DS broke compatibility with GBA carts, so we got Gen 3 remakes in Gen 6.

    Although the games lack wifi and Bank compatibility, DPPt are still otherwise perfectly playable on the 3DS, so there's no need to remake them right now. However, the Switch will be a different story, as it can't play DS/3DS carts, and the lack of a second screen means that even emulation isn't easily doable. If Sinnoh ever gets remade, it will be no earlier than mid Gen 8, which is still a few years away from now.

    That being said, the last incarnation of non-postgame Kanto (FRLG) is still older and more outdated than the Sinnoh games, so I'd much rather see Kanto be revisited before Sinnoh. However, I'd also rather see it be done in the form of a new sequel rather than another remake, especially now that the original RBY/GSC are readily available on the 3DS.
    Yeah, agreed, not to mention RBY/GSC have compatability with the Pokémon Bank, meaning that it's no longer even a concern regarding whether the games are backwards compatible with, say, SM/USUM now. And we don't really get much intel on what happened in Kanto/Johto after GSC, anyways (probably the closest we've got to that is Unova and to a certain degree Alola with that Yoda-Rocket guy reappearing and giving up on recreating Team Rocket/the whole World Conference thing as well as Red and Blue's cameos, respectively), would be nice to see that. Maybe also actually GIVE Red some characterization while we're at it (in GSC and HGSS, he's mute. In RGBY/FRLG, I can forgive it since he's an avatar of the player anyway, but they didn't need to make him mute in GSC/HGSS). And let's not forget they'll need to do remakes of Gen 5 and 6 as well, since those were dual screen games as well (heck, Gen 7 as well), and thus would obviously be negatively impacted by the... ahem, switch to the Nintendo Switch (if Generation 8's going to be on the Switch, anyway). And good point regarding Gen IV remakes as well. So I'm basically out of ideas regarding the promotion.

    As I've said before, Lance has not been seen or heard from anywhere in the show since the botched Magma/Aqua finale in 2004. This is despite BW having an aspiring Dragon Master with a temperamental Dragonite in the main cast and even bringing back Clair during the Decolore arc and setting one of the post-series specials in Blackthorn City. A Lance return should've been a given for BW, but instead, he got completely shafted in favor of Iris idolizing (ugh) Cynthia in her pointless, fanservicey cameo. Yes, M20 wasn't even the first time that the Sinnoh Blonde hijacked a role that should've 100% been Lance's.

    What makes it even worse is that it's painfully obvious why Cynthia keeps getting shilled and shoved at us every gen -- she's a beautiful blonde woman with a perfect supermodel figure, aka. fantasy material for horny fanboys. People like to say it's because she's the "first female Champion," but if the way that both the games and show have treated the first female Gym Leader and traveling companion (Misty), the first female player character (Kris), and even the first female main villain (Lusamine) is any indication, I don't think GF, TPC, and Nintendo are particularly interested in celebrating female firsts. I highly doubt Cynthia would be anywhere near as popular or as overpromoted if she looked more like Agatha or Bertha.
    Well, I don't know about her being from Sinnoh (since she implies at her villa that she originated outside Sinnoh), but yeah, as much as I don't mind her (her design actually reminds me of Lisa from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night), she really had no business in Unova (and Iris fangirling her didn't really make much sense anyway since she isn't even a type-trainer, let alone a Dragon trainer). Maybe if she had the G-Man profession Lance had, I'd buy it a bit more, but other than that...

    That's what I'm hoping, too. A lot of people only saw M20 because of the 20th Anniversary marketing that surrounded it. M21 won't have that advantage to lean on and will have to grab people's attention based on its own merits as a movie.

    In other disappointing news, at 7.17 million units, USUM have now officially outsold Crystal and Emerald (6.3 million), and are quickly honing in on Platinum's sales (7.6 million). This fandom really *will* buy any old crap GF spits out, and it doesn't bode well for the future of the franchise. Why should GF put any effort into their games if even a cheap, lazy rehash like USUM will still print money?
    Just so we're clear, is this counting or not counting the Virtual Console rerelease of Crystal's sales?

    Well, here's hoping M21 underperforms, maybe that will send them a wakeup call regarding at least the movies. And yeah, I've heard of similar stuff with Direct to Video sales (and I don't mean the Japanese stuff where that's generally considered high quality, I mean the American stuff where it has the opposite reputation [barring exceptions such as the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line].).

    We're on the same page here. While SM has felt like a glorified filler saga and has been pretty boring, it at least has a greater sense of continuity than BW and especially XY had. After XY came and went without a single returning cameo or even a direct reference to a past companion, it felt like this show was done with continuity and acknowledging past characters. Misty, Brock, and Gary getting erased from M20 only seemed to further confirm it.
    Yeah, at least we GOT a Kanto revisit, not to mention truly restoring the reputations of Gym Leaders after AG made them out to be jokes and were badly handled from now up until then, as well as actually revisiting some of Ash's old Pokemon (heck, even REDEEMING Brock's character for that matter). Let's hope now that the writers don't squander this chance at making things right.
  8. weedle_mchairybug
    February 5th, 2018 4:58 AM
    Sorry for not responding earlier, life got in the way.

    I agree. If they just *had* to keep the TRio around, they needed to find some way to make them work with the regional villain plots instead of just forcing Team Rocket into every region at the expense of the current villains. Why even bother to have evil teams besides Team Rocket if they're never going to get the proper spotlight in their own gen?
    No kidding. It also doesn't help that Team Rocket doesn't even come across as even remotely threatening in AG or DP to make up for it. With all due respect to Takeshi Shudo, his decision for keeping them in due to their being his favorite characters was about as short sighted of a decision as JJ Abrams failure to actually reunite Luke, Leia, and Han in The Force Awakens (especially in light of Carrie Fisher's death). Still, if there's a silver lining to Sun and Moon (besides Misty and Brock returning and redeeming Gym Leaders after their trashy depiction in AG and Ash potentially winning the league this time, anyway), it's that Dogasu has heavily implied recently that this saga might be TRio's last saga.

    To me, Ash's biggest appeal was that he was a young, dumb rookie who "wanted to be the very best," and trying to turn him into a strong older mentor type just wasn't believable, especially since he still kept on losing every League and never making any progress towards his goal. How is anyone supposed to look up to a kid who never ages and always loses?
    Agreed, especially considering that even in Best Wishes, they have hinted at time passing (just look at the Bullet Train being functional there, despite the OS strongly implying that the system wouldn't be active until "the year after next Tuesday"). If this were the Simpsons, I could understand since that show used negative continuity, and besides which had no overarching goal of the protagonists, but Ash had a Rocky-esque goal of becoming the best trainer. Though to be fair, Johto did at least have him actually increasing in rank, which is a LOT more than what occurred in Hoenn even if he still lost.

    It'd be one thing if they had Ash win at the end of Johto and then, in Hoenn, had him play more of a "Brock" role to May (who would be the young rookie protagonist collecting badges). That way, Ash would actually be believable as a mentor since he actually succeeded as a Pokémon trainer (and presumably aged a few years), and May wouldn't have needed to be dumbed down into a stereotype to make it work.
    That definitely would have been a lot better, especially considering that her hatred of Pokémon spat in the face of the entire POINT of being a Pokémon Trainer (heck, her even needing to do Pokémon Training as an excuse to travel didn't make sense because there have been plenty of COTDs that traveled without even HAVING any Pokémon on hand. Case in point: Seymour the Scientist back in Clefairy and the Moon Stone [and believe me, if he had Pokémon on hand, he wouldn't have needed Brock and Ash to save him early in the episode]). There has been a Tumblr post that attempted to explain it, namely indicating that her hate towards Pokémon had something to do with her relationship to Norman at that time. Quite frankly, I don't buy that explanation for a few reasons. Namely, Misty and Brock had similarly bad relationships with their families, who also happened to be Gym Leaders, as well (Misty was treated as the runt of the litter, not to mention it's heavily implied her parents ditched her and her sisters while they were young and pretty much forced them to be Gym Leaders, and Brock pretty much had to care for his siblings thanks to his parents ditching them), and they didn't hate Pokémon as a result. Heck, not even Jessie and James hated Pokémon despite coming from a family background that was arguably even WORSE than the heroes' family backgrounds (James' family pretty much forced him into an arranged marriage with a sadistic dominatrix that resembled Jessie, and Jessie had to go around multiple foster homes because her mom died in the line of duty trying to capture a Mew), and bear in mind, Jessie and James were members of an organization that, at least in the games, had no qualms with outright murdering Pokémon (based on the Marowak ghost in Pokémon Tower). So no, no matter how bad her relationship with Norman may have been, it's no excuse for her hating Pokémon and pretty much trashing the entire point of the profession.

    Even the TCG has caught the Sinnoh pandering virus. X___X

    I don't get why we're suddenly seeing such an overload of Sinnoh/Gen 4 stuff in a gen that was supposed to be about calling back to Gen 1 (and Gen 2, to a lesser extent). Remakes aren't coming anytime soon, and Gen 4 is otherwise completely irrelevant to Alola, Gen 7, and the 20th anniversary.

    The only thing I can possibly think of is that they're trying to honor the 3/DS line by looking back at the very first DS games, aka. Diamond and Pearl. With Gen 8 being confirmed for the Switch, this means that Gen 7 is the final generation to be on a dual screen handheld. That's a pretty significant transition since the games have been on the 3/DS for just over a decade now, and it'll be a major adjustment to suddenly go back to a single screen after 11 years, 4 generations, and 17 games with two screens.

    Even setting my own anti-Gen 4 biases aside, I still think it's wrong to shoehorn this stuff into a gen that's supposed to be about the anniversary of the older games. The likes of Cynthia and Looker (who are already extremely overexposed) should NOT be allowed to crowd out characters who have actually been in the series for 20 years and deserve to get their time in the spotlight like Misty and Lance.
    Like I said, I don't mind Sinnoh or Gen IV myself, but it is getting to be a bit overkill regarding the focus. I guess I'll wait until this year's E3 to find out the answer, just in case they do end up having Gen IV remakes somehow (I have my doubts that they're going to do Gen VIII soon, mostly because they would have hinted at it by now), which is the only other explanation for the odd amount of focus (wouldn't be the first time, anyway: Let's not forget that in Generation IV, they waited until after Platinum was released before they released the Gen II remakes).

    (Plus, when was the last time those two made a canon, non-PWT appearance? Misty at least got something on the show, but Lance got horribly ripped-off. He's been there since the very beginning, was the original Dragon Master, and the first Champion to not be a rival, and yet, Gen 7 has given him nothing but the cold shoulder. This is why I consider Piplup Girl in M20 in be a giant slap in the face to him -- if any Champion's daughter is going to travel with Ash in Kanto, then it should be the daughter of the KANTO Champion, aka. the one actually relevant to the 20th anniversary and OS era.)
    Yeah, no kidding. Would have been a good time to showcase him anyways rather than waste him in favor of someone who shouldn't even be involved in any way with Gen I.

    Right now, what I'm expecting is a mediocre rehash of M02 that ditches every OS character in favor of more Sinnoh pandering OCs. Hopefully, it flops.
    Dogasu seems to think it will underperform compared to Movie 20, so it may be a possibility that it will flop. But yeah, let's hope so, especially considering I wasn't fond of what M20 did anyways. They should have done a Path to Power-style anniversary retelling of the first episode, or at least the first saga.

    I still can't get past SM's art style, myself. I hate how everyone looks so round, bug-eyed, and childish, and it really makes the series hard to watch. I hope Gen 8's anime goes back to the older art style.
    Agreed, though I'd probably tolerate it a bit more if they at least allowed Ash to actually pursue his goal from the start rather than forcing him out of pursuing leagues in favor of a school environment. They should get back to the old art style, with the only real change being to add in the fluidity of the new animation. That way, it would be the best of both worlds.

    That being said, I hope we see more of Misty and Brock and get some good development for them.
    Agreed. Let's hope they appear soon. Don't want yet ANOTHER broken promise (and not even from Ash this time around). Besides, Misty needs to resume her goal anyhow, since that was her biggest desire, to be a Water Pokémon Master.
  9. Mateo
    January 30th, 2018 11:47 PM
    It's almost 2am now so I won't get to it tonight, but I don't have work tomorrow night, and shouldn't have much going on during the day tomorrow either, so I should definitely be able to get to it.
  10. Mateo
    January 30th, 2018 11:44 PM
    What happened is I am a terrible friend and got sidetracked :( I'm sorry.
  11. Mateo
    January 29th, 2018 5:49 AM
    Sorry about that, I got sidetracked on my days off. Will get you a reply tonight
  12. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    January 23rd, 2018 4:39 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    I think the Spain/Italy rumor will be true. So I at least hope that we will be able to revisit Kalos post-game.
  13. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    January 23rd, 2018 4:34 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    Necrozma wasn't actually part of the trio. Suicune's origins are more closely tied to the other two than Necrozma is to Lunala and Solgaleo.
  14. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    January 22nd, 2018 9:30 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    Half of Chobu is used to Johto already so I can see them using the area between real life Kanto and Hokkaido too alongside the other half of Chobu. Or perhaps it could use the remaining half of Chobu and the remaining southern parts of Honshu island (meaning filling the gap between Hoenn and the other original regions). Or even just the rest of Honshu plus the remaining parts of Shikoku xD. It'll give us a region bigger than the original four.

    Wonder what the theme would be for them... the non-warring legendaries thus far have been Gold-Silver and Sun-Moon which are actually symbolically connected Gold=Sun, Silver=Moon
  15. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    January 21st, 2018 6:52 PM
    OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
    If we see a return to Japan, I hope that it includes the parts that have yet to be used too.

    Or perhaps a region based on the Korean peninsula or eastern China would work nicely since they're Japan's neighbors. Kyushu (Hoenn) isn't all that far from the southern-eastern coast of Korea, so we could see a return of Hoenn (I wish) post game by ferry.

    If Japan, I want to see us going up of Johto and Kanto's maps (which in real life this hypothetical region would be based on western Honshu). We could see the Sinjoh ruins returning to hint at a Sinnoh remake as well as continuity with HgSs.

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