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  1. Sheep
    7 Hours Ago 2:01 AM
    Almost everybody can be killed, even important characters. So if you go around massacring everybody you'll be playing an entirely different story than someone who just joins the Californian Republic.
    Oof is there a way to keep everyone alive? Games that require death are a lil sad to me ;_; lol

    also omg! Happy birthday!! I made you a thread, am now good at celebration threads too much but a thread is better than no thread :3 hope you enjoy new snap!!!

    Honestly I feel bad that I can't remember what happened in ep10, but I did watch it years ago so I guess that's understandable. It's definitely a tense show though. I assume you like the opening song? :O
  2. Setsuna
    16 Hours Ago 4:55 PM
    That's usually how I feel looking at a GDQ schedule. There are those certain games that interest me. Cave Story 3D is just the 3DS version with upgraded graphics, I think I mentioned that a while ago when talking about what options there were for you to play it.

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear. Seems good that you're able to start eating other things again though.

    In terms of Metroidvanias, I think that gameplay aspect is what they aim for when pushing the player forward. I think it's just something to expect of the genre, especially because it's the approach that Metroid takes, as a pioneer of the genre. A lot of games in the same genre would want to adopt that style because it's part of what makes Metroid charming for some people.

    I think there's a lot of stuff to be interested in from that presentation, there was some neat stuff in there. Funnily enough, I got woken up today by the alarm I set for the presentation, since I forgot to turn it off from last Tuesday. Happy birthday in advance, as well! Hope it goes great for you.

    Since father's day has already past, I went to a museum with my parents for it, since we have a maritime museum here and that's the kind of thing my dad's interested in. I got to walk along the beach and take photos inside and outside the museum and it was a good time.

    I've sort of had that feeling before, thinking of people I used to know online or even in person who I just haven't talked to in so many years, or we've lost contact. If I'm being honest, I've disconnected myself from a lot of people, so I'm sure I've become that person for them, if they care enough to think about me haha. I stumbled across an old friend's post where he detailed the people he met and one of them was me, and it was nice to hear what he thought of me and how we got to meet. So yeah, I guess I've gone through that.
  3. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 10:56 AM
    sorry, been tired lately... headaches daily, I think I look at my phone too much T_T lol

    Ooh I honestly did not think of emulating animal crossing... I actually might try that with wild world. It's just such a classic game, I let my friend visit my island and it was the funnest thing. Wish I still spoke to her tbh. D: She just stopped signing online one day.

    Going to watch that video in a minute over tea. I know how popular Fallout is but I wouldn't be very good at that type of game, it seems fast-paced and high-stress and I don't tend to be good at that. Might be more fun to watch than to play but who knows ahaa

    Yeah, the old Snap was very short. It was just going through the levels and that was it. I definitely think this New Snap is a good value for the content, but not everyone agrees, which I understand. Just going around taking photos isn't very appealing to some people. The hype didn't last long at all for the community, but we all had lots of fun going through it and posting pictures to social media. :3

    I'll try to post you a birthday thread!! glad you're having an overall good experience leading up till your birthday, that is so important ~

    aahhaa yeah I really only watch the opening/ending once and then skip. Can still appreciate the music even if we don't understand it well. Excited for you to catch up. I read the extra panels from the last manga chapter a few days ago and got so emotional, you have no idea. Can't wait to be able to talk to you about it once you're caught up. It's so crazy.
  4. Setsuna
    1 Week Ago 2:40 PM
    Oh yeah, I forgot it's about time for SGDQ, thanks for the reminder and the schedule, there's some neat things on here. In terms of behaviour at conventions, I've never really run into any problems. I'm sure there are people who do dumb stuff but I'm either far away from them or it just doesn't happen in my area. In terms of the TCG stuff like Regionals, I've attended a bunch and they've all mainly been pleasant.

    I mean, I didn't dislike Breath of the Wild or anything, I think it'd be neat for Legends Arceus to take inspiration from it, but I don't want it to just copy Breath of the Wild because it would feel effortless, and like they're just trying to make another Breath of the Wild for Pokemon because BOTW sold.
    7 is mostly fine to play without picking up items, if you really wanna skip all of them I recommend just picking up the Super Adapter and the Rocket Punch.

    I think it's fine to be honest about how you feel about that stuff and express it. To be fair, while they're suggesting it, it's not really their business unless you want it to be. I can see reasons why someone would make that remark or how it could be well-intended, but I wouldn't enjoy being told something like that either.

    With Super Metroid as an example, there's the main goal of the story pretty much pushing you forward the whole time, and the feeling of progression in Metroidvanias is wonderful because you can feel every new upgrade you get, before and after you get it. If there's a ledge that's too high for you to reach, you're going to want to keep playing until you get that double jump upgrade and keep playing afterwards because you feel good about how you progressed enough to get it and new paths open for you. Speaking of Metroid, it was wonderful to see Metroid Dread finally rise from the grave after so long, since it was in development around the mid 2000s and it's the first new 2D Metroid in 19 years.

    I'm doing alright I suppose, not a whole lot has been happening with me but I've been getting into more games with different people and it's been nice to have something to do a lot of the time. On the topic of Metroid Dread I got to watch the E3 direct with my boyfriend this morning, and it was a nice start to the day since there was some neat stuff in there.
  5. Nah
    1 Week Ago 1:07 PM
    He doesn't really interest me since I've never played Tekken and don't really have any inclination to do so. I'm not bothered by it though, it's unreasonable to expect that you're gonna like every newcomer on the roster and that you'll get everything you want. I have characters that I like to play, that's all I need.

    It sort of makes sense to include Kayuza (or someone from Tekken at least) at this point given that Smash is a fighting game and has already included reps from other major fighting games.
  6. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 10:48 AM
    I totally remember WW... it aged very poorly too, but that doesn't mean it's not super fun :D I wish my copy didn't break and freeze within a minute or two of booting it up.... orz
    My main way is turnip selling but I get super lazy doing that too. fishing is just so easy

    No worries! have fun playing Fallout :3 think I heard that was a pretty good game? I finished the New Snap game also, photographed all the Pokémon available and feel quite satisfied! Still need to complete all the requests but there are way too many, so I'll probably go at it slowly. and ooh happy early birthday! I hope you get some good stuff!!

    Ahahaha, anime names can be hard to remember unless you're more used to anime, and even then sometimes it can be tough. But I hope you like it. It has some of the coolest opening songs I think.
  7. Setsuna
    1 Week Ago 4:22 PM
    Attack on Titan is one of those mainstream shows you hear gets a lot of attention. I personally know nothing about it, it's not my kind of show. But I can tell you right now that pretty much all of anime is Japanese animation, and you're going to be relying on subtitles watching anime pretty much no matter what show it is. Love Live does have an English dub though, if you're curious.

    I've never been able to attend any events like that in person, but honestly I'm not sure how much I'd be interested. Usually when the schedules go up I just watch any of the runs that I'm personally interested in, so attending for a full day would probably comprise of me watching a lot of runs of games I've never played or seen before. I've been to a few cons though, since you mentioned those, and plenty of stuff like Regional Championships for the Pokemon TCG. Cons are tons of fun.
    I think if a game incorporated all of the regions, it would have to add a lot more to those regions to make it worthwhile. I'd love to see some sort of MMO where that's the case, because I think a game like that is where that idea could really thrive. Having lots of open maps like that with a lot of quests to do or things like that, and doing things with other people sounds like a lot of fun. It's a total dream scenario and I wouldn't ever see it happening, but... Legends Arceus was kinda like that for me too, so hey.

    I usually don't watch E3, but my boyfriend does so I've been interested in hearing what he thinks of it and any announcements he's excited for. I'm pretty sure when they announced 11 it was out of the blue, especially with how long it had been since 10, which kinda adds to the charm of that I guess.
    Yeah, I played a few hours of Skyrim but just didn't go back to it cause I didn't have the time. A couple people told me how good the Sneak stat was so I decided against relying on it.

    I think everyone does, I've been in the process of picking myself up from one of those points where I'd look in the mirror and feel ugly. Maybe it's not the most helpful advice but I think the more you go through it, the more you notice about how you think about things and what actions give you what feelings, and you can unpack it from there. Take everything one step at a time and it's fine to build up confidence in yourself over a long period of time. Been working on mine for about 2.5 years and all I can say is I'm better than before.

    The opening cutscene for Super Metroid is like, the entirety of its plot, after that it's pretty much over, besides short dialogue-less cutscenes near the very end of the game, pretty much right before and after the final boss fight.
    I've got no interest in history at all really, I pretty much always dreaded taking it in school, but seeing it incorporated into games or stuff because people are passionate about it is very neat to me. That's really sweet of him though, to meet with you like that and to want to talk to you, people like that are nice to have in your life.
  8. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 8:52 AM
    I didn't because the graphics difference is just too much D: it didn't age well looks-wise, NH looks so much better! and hm... I don't mind crafting, but the tools shouldn't break imo. I have no idea why they decided to limit it that way. It's not fun. You??

    And ahh so sorry that happened to you! Glad it went away <3 Happy to hear you're bike riding too, any movement helps, even 30 minute walks a day. Keep at it if you can, especially since it's warm right now ~

    Don't worry for the delay, I forget for like a week sometimes lmao. Plus I'm lazy to reply occasionally too, mental health be like that sometimes; ; hope you're having fun playing things!

    and yes I did!! It's good, but can be quite dark sometimes.. though I'm sure you know that. It's worth watching. The story is pretty good, I think the anime is ending or will end soon? Since it's the last season? I forget if it's ended yet (need to catch up with the latest season) but the manga ended not long ago and I know the anime was wrapping that story up too. Levi is best char :D lol
  9. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 1:25 AM
    vulpix baby!!! so cute!!!!!
  10. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 6:46 PM
    Hey there friend!

    Luckily my covid test came back a big, fat negative :) that is definitely the word you want when testing for covid. I feel so relieved. I get my second vaccine next week, and will be fully immunized. Thank you for wishing me well, and keeping me in your thoughts. I am wishing safety and good health to you too and all of your loved ones. I have an private message from you in need of a reply soon. On my way <3 I hope your week is good. I remember that wedding and birthday is happening this month. All great things you way!

  11. Setsuna
    2 Weeks Ago 7:09 PM
    I'm not sure if I'd be interested in Xenoblade X. I think Xenoblade 2 was closer to what I wanted from the series and even then I still haven't really played it, even though I own the base game and Torna. If anything, I might play it if given the chance just to hear its soundtrack. I've heard very small amounts and I want a better opinion of it.
    While I wouldn't disagree with you, I think I'd rather have a game with imperfect online rather than just have a game like Amazing Mirror that you're just unable to play with people because of things like the link cable problem.
    Doesn't Shulk have some sort of physical appearance in XC2? I remember seeing something along those lines.

    I don't know of any names off the top of my head. I think the only Cave Story run I've seen was the one during SGDQ2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDntHI-8weU
    I get what you mean about the commentary for speedruns though, I usually enjoy them a lot more if they have good commentary. My favourite speedrun I've ever watched was one of Pokemon Crystal and while it was about 3 hours long it was a total blast to watch and I've rewatched it a couple times just cause of how funny the guy running and his other commentators were. Seeing speedruns develop so quickly is so neat, especially if you follow them and you're familiar with the old routes before people introduce you to new routes. Mega Man X5 was like that for me where they started doing things differently to save time and it was something new I got to see.
    I think if they just threw all the mechanics together, it'd feel like they're just lazily giving us everything and hoping that something sticks. It'd feel like a mess with no effort or balancing put into it, and honestly I can't say I'd be interested in trying to take any kind of battling seriously in that game.
    I'm pretty accepting of the art style. It's an interesting decision, and I don't really mind it. It's a little bit of a disappointment because I was honestly hoping for Gen 4 remakes during Gen 7 so they'd look and feel like Sun and Moon did, but hey, I won't get upset about it or anything.

    I feel like that's a common thing for people to do, but then it feels like you may as well not be grabbing the E tanks at all if you don't use them. You have them to fall back on and they don't have a use if you can't let yourself fall back on them like that.
    I'll be honest, I've never really touched a Sonic game and don't know much at all about the series. The only experience I have with it was playing the first little bit of Sonic Adventure 2 when I was really young, and watching a playthrough of Sonic Adventure a few years ago, though I remember almost nothing about the game from it.
    A lot of the collectables in 7 are either just added bonuses (Exit Module, Energy Equalizer) or things to make the game easier (Rush Jet, Rocket Punch, Beat) and I think it's handled well by being able to buy pretty much everything. The only thing I'd say you really need to go out of your way for if you wanna buy upgrades is the Hyperbolt.

    Sounds like some good work to me. Best of luck on looking for the jobs, having work in a park or something sounds really refreshing.

    Yeah, basically Samus is a bounty hunter raised by aliens after her parents were killed by Ridley, and the series is about the various missions she takes on as a bounty hunter to stop the space pirates or whatever evil forces there happen to be in the galaxy. The games are pretty well-connected chronologically, like it's easy to pinpoint which game comes after the other, and the plot isn't too heavy in the case you're not interested. For example, in Metroid 2, Samus is tasked with exterminating all the Metroids in the galaxy, but the last one is stolen at the start of Super Metroid and that's when you're tasked with finding it before it and its kidnappers can cause more damage.
    I figure I've repeated myself a few times myself, it's not really a big deal. If you ask me the same question again because you forgot, I'll just give you my answer again, no worries.
  12. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 11:19 AM
    Yes!! I loved WW, was my first AC game that I bought myself. Played the original on gamecube but it was a friend's so it wasn't the same. they were suuper harsh there ahahaha, I'm honestly kinda glad some of the dialogue from it didn't make it over, but man did they have personality! lol
    I remember the mental case one... dear god it was crazy. same with the one you linked. I'm shocked how things have changed as far as gaming text goes in the last 15 years! It feels like a totally different environment now.

    And the turbulence and takeoff mostly. Whenever the plane starts shaking from turbulence my heart rate skyrockets. It's just such a miserable feeling. My first flight back home is 11.5 hours and the next one is 8. Not looking forward to sitting there in a panic that entire time x_X

    Also don't apologize!!! Nothing wrong with asking :D Also very eager to finally be able to switch over myself despite how patient I am so I understand questions, ahahaha, but I will be as patient as I can. It's gonna look and feel awesome! VMs won't get cut, they're a major feature and will stay for pretty much ever.
  13. Setsuna
    2 Weeks Ago 7:13 PM
    Operation Rainfall is so neat, I'm glad stuff like that exists. I'm sure there are other games I want to see a remaster of but the only game I can think of right now is Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. They tried really hard to make it a cool multiplayer experience but since it was on the GBA there wasn't any online multiplayer and the game lagged every time someone got a power or went through a door. I'd love to see it just remastered on hardware that can handle what they tried to accomplish back then.
    I'll take a look whenever I get to it, thank you! I think Alvis is one of the characters I would've loved to see any kind of of building on like that, so that sounds super exciting.

    There isn't a whole lot to miss in Cave Story besides everything for the best ending, and some of the weapon trades. I definitely watched a speedrun of it for the same reason though, maybe there's some cool stuff you can learn from it.
    That's super cool, and I wish Pokemon fans would embrace the idea of the series not changing.
    I like the idea of the series trying new things every so often (Legends Arceus is a fantastic example) but it feels like they think the games always need this big cool new mechanic (megas, primals, Z moves, dynamax...) and I wish they didn't feel the need to create new mechanics just to ditch them entirely. I guess my ideal would be where they'll introduce something new in a side game and incorporate it into the main series games if they feel it did well. They sorta did the opposite of this by creating the Wild Area so SWSH felt somewhat open-world and then making Legends Arceus fully open-world, but it felt cool to know they were actually continuing something like that to see where it could go, it had potential.

    In Freeze's stage, there should be a point where there's a split pathway. There'll be a ladder at the top, ladder at the bottom, and an ice platform in the middle of them. Jump up on the ice platform and take the ladder up, then jump up a couple more to get the letter. I believe if any of the ice platforms break you can just leave the screen and come back, and they'll reappear.
    You should get Burst's easy, you basically can't miss it after the water turns purple after the midboss fight.
    Make it snow in Cloud's stage so you can see the disappearing platforms, and there will be a platform pretty high up with a ladder going up. Spring off Rush Coil from the left side and you should be able to just barely make it up to the ladder. Head left once you climb up and the letter will be there. Rush Coil in general will be your best friend getting that one.
    For Junk's, go through the stage until you see the first lava stream flowing downwards, fire the Freeze Cracker at it and it'll freeze over and break, allowing you to pass through. Go through the stage that way and you'll see the letter behind more lava, you can freeze it and run in to grab it. I recommend getting this one last so that you can use the Super Adaptor for the next section of the stage with the moving platforms, to make it easier on yourself.
    To be fair, I haven't played a whole lot of 7, and I've only really sat down to try and beat it maybe a couple times before I actually did. It's the same with 8, but that was just due to a lack of access. Buying E Tanks absolutely helps a lot. Part of why I think the shop is such a good idea, if you're having trouble you can just grab more bolts and buy more E tanks, but they're not required and you have options for what to spend on, making bolts both very valuable and worthwhile to go out of your way for.
    There's quite a lot to collect in 7. I mentioned the Hyperbolt, which is basically the big collectable you can't buy besides the letters. After that, there's stuff like Rush Search, Rush Jet (which is a collectable in this game), the Rocket Punch, Beat, the Exit Part, the Energy Equalizer, and something fun at the end I won't spoil. 7 definitely feels closer to the X series, since there's a lot more to collect in those games. In 8 and 11, every upgrade is bought from the shop, and then upgrades like that were pretty much removed from 9 and 10.

    Your handwriting is perfectly fine, don't worry about it. One of my goals was actually to have prettier handwriting, haha. How's it working out for you?

    Metroid as a series is currently waiting on Metroid Prime 4, but we're pretty much getting silence on it. We haven't heard about its development in over a year I believe, and last we heard they were completely restarting development because they weren't happy with its direction. It's a shame, since Prime is such a fantastic subseries of Metroid games, and we thought the trilogy was over in 2007. Then along comes the announcement of a 4th game to get us hyped and... nothing. There was never really a hiatus or anything announced though.
    Ruby's probably one of my favourites yeah, but it's hard to say when I love pretty much the whole cast of Love Live Sunshine. Pretty much everyone could be a favourite.
    It was likely Setsuna, since I find her really relatable and I believe we've had that conversation of her before.
  14. professor plum
    3 Weeks Ago 3:34 AM
    professor plum
    I only just saw that you sent me a VM, but…..what is this lmao
  15. Astromancer
    3 Weeks Ago 11:46 AM
    Hi! Thanks for the nice words :) I'm sure you did some good before you left!

    Yea I don't like tupac either but I had a high school friend who absolutely loved him ahah.

    The other link doesn't seem to work, sadly o:

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