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  1. RoadMart
    1 Hour Ago 10:25 PM
    Uhh I don't remember, but it's not the same one as MM, and like I said it's lacking the "fateful encounter" tag (Shaymin and Darkrai from Plat have it because it's programmed into it using the event item, but the ones in DP don't; that's how you can tell their origin apart). Since you have to glitch/hack to get to them in DP, most don't consider it legit, and I think that falls under hacking in the rules here.
    Cool! I'll try to get it all organized this weekend; it's been a hectic few days so this past weekend wasn't super productive. @w@ Hmm, I think there was (I had that Furfrou in a note somewhere, I remember) but I'll need to check when I get home. I'll let you know then!
  2. ChaserSun2717
    7 Hours Ago 4:42 PM
    I'm available to trade now
  3. Radiating
    1 Day Ago 7:23 AM
    Wasn't there already one, but the link broke?
    I also noticed your breeding section is opened again, was the RNG tool updated?
  4. Radiating
    2 Days Ago 8:50 PM
    Do you plan to update the Trader Scam post (Is there even one?) with this information?
  5. MechaMoth
    2 Days Ago 8:29 PM
    Thanks for the trades! I checked the Darkrai, and RNG was possible around that time of the event. So, I'm guessing someone just abused RNG to get good stats.
  6. RoadMart
    2 Days Ago 8:00 PM
    I see! That might be nice. It sounds familiar but I don't know it exactly. True! It would be cool. The Darkrai I've had in my normal Shiny lists this whole time; it's a 6IV Timid, likely RNGed, but it doesn't have "fateful encounter" so it's not from the Plat event and therefore most don't consider it legit.
    Right? Painful, but possible. @w@ Yeah! I think you can RNG them that way if you want. The other way is to use Elm calls to check the seeds, but you need to do stuff for that.
    Cool! Uhh I'm gonna say sure , so I'll have that whole list to send you!
  7. MechaMoth
    2 Days Ago 7:53 PM
    Cool. I'm going to trade with Cake first since it's later where they're at and the trade's only for one thing. I'll let you know when I'm done.
  8. MechaMoth
    2 Days Ago 7:48 PM
    Hey. I just got home from roller derby. I should have all of your stuff cloned and ready to go in about 15 minutes. I'll let you know.
  9. ChaserSun2717
    2 Days Ago 6:09 PM
    I'm batman
  10. ChaserSun2717
    2 Days Ago 6:02 PM
    I'm ready!
  11. ChaserSun2717
    2 Days Ago 4:57 PM
    okay. i'll let you know when I get to the part where I can access festival plaza
  12. RoadMart
    2 Days Ago 4:44 PM
    Well, I'm not sure what the glitch entails, but as long as the Arceus is encountered I'm pretty sure it's possible (I used to see some Shiny ones floating around a looooong time ago that people RNGed). If it doesn't work out tho, there is a Japanese event Shiny Arceus, which I think I have a couple (somewhere...maybe). Assuming it's just the Shinyness you're after. Oh interesting! I guess in that case let me know if you guys decide on a new rule, cuz if so that means I could put my Darkrai back up. >w>
    RNGed in DP? I did breeding RNG and it's not hard, just tedious. Checking your seed is easy enough with coin flips, and advancing the frame is easy enough (though I don't recommend the party checker advancement for anything but low frames; I used to hit stuff in the 200s and...damn son, all that tapping, lemme tell ya, not worth). Not sure about stationary stuff tho, maybe harder.
    As in you caught it? Cuz I guess you could always knock them out, beat E4 and you have them reset.
    Damn I have one of those on 4th I think! Too bad WiFi was shut down for those games ages ago...sigh.
    Haha thank ye! I've finally got time so I'll post a thread about it today.

    Oh sweet! Wow, 6IV on the Riolus, awesome. @w@ Let's go with Lucida for the Female Riolu, Riley for the Male Riolu, and Jormungand for Drampa. Assuming stuff you'd want is in your thread I'll check it out, or let me know here!
  13. ChaserSun2717
    2 Days Ago 3:48 PM
    hm...12 is a nice round number.

    same restriction of magikarp, rotom and kefki. otherwise got nuts :)

    since it's sun and moon, feel free to do alolan pokemon if you feel like it :)
  14. ChaserSun2717
    2 Days Ago 3:02 PM
    Restarted Moon :)

    got me some eggies?
  15. Sheep
    2 Days Ago 11:05 AM
    Yes! me exactly! ahhh
    oh my gosh. A thunderstorm when flying? damn lord id never wanna fly through that.. even if you're above the clouds most of the time @ _ @////////


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