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  1. MysticalNinetales
    5 Hours Ago 6:03 PM
    Thank you so much! Feel free to call me Lina if you want. :)

    Have you mustered the courage to paint your precious Phillip yet? I think acrylic paint would look lovely.

    You do not need to offer any sort of apology for the Halloween club. It was still enjoyable for me personally. Besides, we all have lives offline and we can get busy sometimes, it's ok. I completely understand, I've been terribly occupied myself. Anyway, I think a Christmas/holiday themed club is brilliant! It would certainly be a hit, I'd imagine. Many people, such as myself, take holidays very seriously!

    Your mom sounds so incredibly talented! It's sweet how you idolized her. When I was younger I looked up to my mother too. I saw her immense resilence and grace and was amazed by it.Mothers are incredible. And Florence, wow! What a mesmerizing city indeed. I've always dreamed of travelling to Italy and enjoying the culture, the stunining architecture, and the food! Ah, I adore pasta! Have you ever traveled to Italy? Also, where is the one destination that you want to visit?

    I think I may finally know what I want to be in the future, a Nurse researcher! It's a combination of different professions that I enjoy so I think I'd be perfect for me. As long as I keep my grades where they currently sit, I'll be all set.

    My favourite Peanut character is Linus. He's so adorable and endearing, I love his childish demeanor and his tranquil nature.

    Anyways, I apologize again for my belated response. I sincerely hope you're doing well and I look forward to hearing back from you, Sam!!
  2. LilyGardy
    15 Hours Ago 7:41 AM
    I haven't watched Sabrina for a long time but do like Charmed. Not seen the remake but still watch the originals from time to time.

    If I do try hunting Gastly again I will probably try Dexnav in Alpha Sapphire. That's how I got my Shiny Misdreavus.

    Chandelure has one of the best cries in the series and it fits with the Unova E4 music too. The music is even more intense when you are doing a Nuzlocke and anything that falls isn't getting up again.

    Yes, I got my Shiny Lilligant from Alpha Sapphire Dexnav as a Petilil. Petilil's Shiny is not the most noticeable but she has blue eyes and her body is a different shade. When I saw Shiny Petilil I was worried I'd KO it so just started throwing balls at it.

    The Shrine of the Lilligant is a very happy place. It is difficult to write fan-fiction for due to its secrecy. However the Shrine Maiden used to be a regular young woman before becoming the maiden so there may be a story there. In 'The Everlasting Pokemon Journey' the Shrine Maiden was originally a villainess before her precious Lilligant purified her. Dark Lilligant were once regular flowering Pokemon but became corrupted somehow. Incidentally Dark Lilligant can be 'purified' back to normal Lilligant.

    Yes, Maxie was impressed by Rose. Chapter 3 should be up soon. Rose seems to be adapting well to her situation.

    Reshiram is as close to a Holy Dragon as Pokemon is likely to get but he also reminds me of Blue Eyes White Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh. Dragonnair is a very elegant and one day I'd like to see it get a serpentine side evolution to Dragonnite.

    I think I've only ever seen a Nentordroid of Cynthia and her Garchomp. I also recall it being rather expensive.
  3. Dragon
    1 Day Ago 10:27 AM
  4. Dragon
    1 Day Ago 10:20 AM
    About the interview, I’m sorry sweetie, things are just busy and stressfull lately. I’ll get back to it soon! But I hope you’re having fun so far!

    I thought so! I saw quite a few of those illustrations too and thought they were all really gorgeous. I like art too; taught me many things like paying attention to even the smallest detail in life~ It’s really cool you’ve got an eye for it as well!

    Some characters you’d recognize are in the game to some extent. c: it’s really great notsalgica! Fun for a casual time until Gen 8 rolls around.

    Yeah, Kikyō was really great. A lot of fans hated her because she came in between Inuyasha and Kagome, but you’d have to understand her perspective — her life was ruined by Naraku and the sacred jewel, and she was forced to play into a tragic fate.. it’s really terrible ;;

    I’ll send you the draft as soon as I can! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, but I should warn you, my writing isn’t that great aha.

    Wow, you must really know a lot! I was researching gods and goddesses for fun, as well as other legends, but I also learned a little about mythology during high school; loved learning about all that. Love is quite a theme in my story, aha... ah, Benzaiten~ I really love the artwork too:

    I think sushi was born from the gods; I love it and Thai food <33 I looove cooking too; you gotta teach me some vegetarian dishes someday! Maybe I’ll cook them for you someday. :3

    No problem for the images! You know, I think you’re an amazing person — I knooow I’ve been singing your praises a lot, but it’s true! it’s really great just chatting about things like this so casually! Sooo, it’s my treat to you. :3
  5. Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    1 Day Ago 9:11 AM
    Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    Are they related to new updates?

    Its fine, you can reply whenever you feel like it. :)

    I'm doing quite well, college is going alright for me.

    Thanks, I've published 4 chapters so far, here is the link

    I wish I could visit Ireland. Yeah, the music here is quite good, my favorite band from the UK is Oasis.

    She is an awesome person indeed. (Its sucks that 2 people bullied her in a thread on here earlier today tho, I defended her in that thread.)

    I hope you have a great week as well Sam.
  6. LadyJirachu
    1 Day Ago 7:17 AM
    Awww. thank you for being considerate of me ^_^ *huge hug*

    It seems you're a big fan of beautiful pokemon! :3 Personally, I seem to be more of a cute pokemon fan, but I did like beautiful things like dolls and jewelry a ton in my childhood days ^_^ As I got older, though, i started getting really into cuteness xD But some of the cute things I like now are also pretty. Like My Little Pony :3 And flowers^^

    Yep, Pokemon is really great. Its helped me a lot in life, especially with korrina, so i wanna be a fan forever now ^_^

    I haven't known as many dogs as you, mostly Simba. Simba's been a great expirience for me, though, he's like a pikachu to me :D Have you ever cared for a shiba inu? thats the breed he is^^

    I have roller skated in my dreams before and sock skated irl. Both are fun :3 things are probably just so easy to pull off in dreams if you lack real life exp too xD

    Awww thats so sweet of you to say^^ I can't stand it when people put down females (it used to be something i put up with too much in the past...). You're such an awesome person :D
  7. Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    1 Day Ago 7:01 AM
    Jacksterhikanearylup 136
    Hi VisionofMilotic, how has your day been so far?
  8. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 8:11 PM
    My favorite battle theme of all time is Ghetsis' original theme.
    yes! this one is so eerie and different from what i was used to with pokémon, i swear it's enough to give you goosebumps (and nightmares) good. <3 glad we have similar taste! N is also a top tier character and one of my favorites from pokémon altogether.

    ooh, good luck with the shiny!! any luck yet?
  9. Dragon
    5 Days Ago 8:18 AM
    Awesomeee. c:
    I’ll be right by your side, dragon partner. ^^
  10. Dragon
    5 Days Ago 7:38 AM
    /I’m sorry for the double VM

    I was just wondering- would you like to pair up here?

    Just as two good friends. ^^ could be a cute theme too like twin dragons or Daenerys and her dragon etc... it’s okay if you don’t want to; I thought it could just be for fun~
  11. Dragon
    6 Days Ago 3:51 AM
    Y-Your signature! Can it be? Henry Justice Ford illustrations!?

    So divine~! Great tastes indeed <33

    Ehe yeah but shiny legend hunting has something really satisfying about it, so I love doing it. :3 do you have a switch, btw? If so, are you planning on getting let’s go Eevee/Pikachu?

    Naraku was such a great villain; I like him too! Another favourite of mine is Kikyō. Kikyō had such a tragic fate.. and the way she was presented in the anime was interesting in the final arc too. Oh and Koga was a lovable doofus but pretty strong in his own right too.

    Hehe, ok! How does this weekend sound? I’ll show you chapter 1 of my story then! I looove adaptation of myths and legends. Some of the demons and characters in my story are from some mythology too. ie. one of the minor characters was inspired by Pavarti, a Hindu goddess of love and devotion. Though I really like the Chinese, Greek and African mythology too.. it’s all rather interesting and I can’t wait to learn more. c:

    I hope you don’t mind me asking: I see you post in the last meal you’ve eaten thread sometimes - what kinds of food do you like eating the most? o:

    Ah, and lots of loving dragon rawrs and hugs to you today~

    (I know not a dragon buuut I will find one next time)
  12. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 11:58 AM
    yeah, shawn/dragon is a very kind person, and you should definitely stay in contact with him! he really values you as a friend and person so i know he'd appreciate it if you continued to keep in touch. =)

    whoo! bw and bw2 were some of my favorites n~n hope you have fun, lemme know what you think by the end. gen v seems to be hit or miss with many people but i found the story to be great and it introduced some of my favorite pokémon tracks to me (like the bw gym leader theme, dragonspiral tower, and more)

    the mareep are new :D they are precious!
  13. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 6:46 PM
    no problem <3 i'm late too, busy workweek
    and yeah i must be very hard. =( know that i'm always here to talk if you'd like, and of course provide support. you can do it! lots of people around here are willing to support you also, so never feel alone.

    i'm swell now that it's the weekend \o/ happy to be able to voice call with boyfriend (we're long distance atm) so am very much looking forward to that
  14. Dragon
    1 Week Ago 8:38 AM
    Targaryen? Ehe, maybe. What makes you think that? c:

    Oh goodness there are loads of shinies I love - Milotic, Altaria, Dragonair, Mawile, Froslass, Heracross, Gardevoir, Gallade, Tangrowth, Lugia... loads more to list. :3 I’m going to be hunting some shiny legends in Ultra Sun soon myself.

    Call on me anytime! I’d be excited to assist! I used to watch Inuyasha with my step sister before finishing it on my own. It’s really good! I actually enjoyed the bond between Miroku and Sango. The Band of Seven was my faaavourite arc.

    Yeah, I hadn’t shown it to anyone yet because well, I was afraid that the story might be a liiiittle too confusing. It’s also has some moments that reflect my thoughts on the world ie. the main protagonist says, “We all share the same pain in this labyrinth called our life. Why do we inflict more pain upon each other?” Kinda sharing my thoughts when it comes to people hate upon one another. Hate is bad ;;

    I’m glad we do indeed share a lot of interests! It’s awesome to find out. <33

  15. LilyGardy
    1 Week Ago 12:43 AM
    Hello VisionOfMilotic. I hope you are well.

    On Halloween I tried Shiny Ghost hunting whilst watching Charmed. Gastly is such a hard Pokemon to Shiny hunt as it has Spite and Mean Look. I tried hunting for a Shiny female Frillish to no avail. I may try to get a a second Shiny Misdreavus soon for Mismagius although I am not a fan of Mismagius' Shiny but the Misdreavus line are my favourite ghost Pokemon.

    My favourite Ghost Shinys are the Golurk line. My first ever Shiny was a Shiny Golett in X. I caught it during the main story and was surprised to see a darker Golett with bright green eyes. Luckily I knew what Golett normally looks like as I missed the sparkles. It is now a Level 100 Golurk that can Fly. :)

    Lilligant is my favourite Pokemon and I have been told sonetimes I am like a Lilligant. She has a very cute Shiny and I imagined a place for all Lilligant and Petilil called The Shrine Of The Lilligant. Other Grass Pokemon visit and the Lilligant are cared for by the Shrine Maiden. Very few people have visited the area and those who have must not tell anybody about it's whereabouts.

    The Roselia line are beautiful Shinys. Congratulations on finding two and I like the storys behind their nicknames. They are very useful Pokemon too and were key in my Y monotype and will no doubt help in my Hoenn Monotype. :) Grass Types are wonderful and very useful. They have wonderful designs and some like Vileplume and Lilligant I use a lot. Kartana and Ferrothorn are among the best Pokemon competitively and in Gen 5 the mischievous Whimsicott was too.

    Chapter 2 of The Rose of Team Magma should be up soon. Rose is a Grunt in Chapter 2 and meets other Team Magma Grunts. She is also given a Golbat.

    Your FanFiction ideas sound lovely. Your Team Aqua related story would be a counterpart of sorts to my story although all three stories sound fun. :)

    I use Reshiram more but Zekrom is a very good Pokemon too.


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