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  1. .hack
    September 2nd, 2022 2:47 PM
    Hey there Allen! I believe I sent it following your post in the Kazuki Takahashi memorial thread I posted!
    I'm okay, thanks for the well wishes, hope you are doing well too and also have a great weekend! :))
  2. Prof. Leon Dias
    June 3rd, 2022 3:08 PM
    Prof. Leon Dias
    Do you have Discord? Im way more active on there than on here. We could discuss the details further on there
  3. Prof. Leon Dias
    May 22nd, 2022 2:16 PM
    Prof. Leon Dias
    Hello. I actually got started on a walkthrough for Pokemon Wish to be paired with alongside the game. I could definitely use the help with that if you would like, the list you provided definitely speaks for itself!
  4. ShadowBolt Platinum
    February 13th, 2022 9:22 AM
    ShadowBolt Platinum
    There are new graphics and places like Greenwood Town and Azure City are bigger, Azure City now has a dock. Morphic Tunnel has a new room that's accessible after you beat Team Tundra there that has a couple of trainers, North Route 807 is bigger has a few trainers, there's a rival battle in Route 811 and a Team Tundra encounter in a dungeon that's accessible in the Route, Icicles Tunnel was renamed to Mt. Origin and some of it is accessible east of Dordoran City and there's at least one trainer there, Route 815 is home to Tundra Hideout, the fifth and final gym leaders are different, the final gym is now a Dark type gym, Route 818 is home to Lake Aurora where you finish fighting Team Tundra, I believe there's another rival battle in Route 825 before Victory Road, and the Elite Four have also changed except maybe the Champion, the Town Map of Zephyr has also a new appearance. Oh, and Galena Lighthouse is accessible with seven badges, but it was like that in the 2020 version.
  5. ShadowBolt Platinum
    February 11th, 2022 5:52 PM
    ShadowBolt Platinum
    Do you have plans on doing a walkthrough for Pokemon Azure Horizons 2021? I've played it, and I know what some of the changes are.
  6. Sheep
    October 4th, 2021 11:48 PM
    ahh no worries!! Sorry for being slow to reply too, sometimes it takes me a few days to check my profile messages... I'm even worse at WhatsApp unless it's messages from my parents, so that would be even worse for me x_x I almost never hold conversations there anymore and the few group chats I'm in (for Pokémon GO and stuff) are just permanently muted... :s

    And yeah, it's similar in the US and here in Aus. I did move in the middle of August, we just finished settling in. I'm a bit surprised at how many teachers/nurses don't want to get the jab honestly, being positions that work in close proximity with people. I understand this may feel very sudden but I wouldn't want an unvaccinated nurse helping my 91 year old grandparent at the hospital/doctor's office, for example :(
  7. Sheep
    September 20th, 2021 7:09 AM
    hope all has been ok <3
  8. Outwitter
    August 21st, 2021 9:50 PM
    The variants in Adventures were cool, especially Ice Snorlax and Crystal Onix.
    I was so jubilant to find that Crystal Onix has Ice/Ground typing! My joy, however, vanished when it evolved and turned into a Steel/Ground Steelix. What the heck! You beat that agent to capture it, it has one of the most offensive typing you can get and on top of that it's looking so beautiful yet in one instant everything is ruined! By the way, did you find an Eviolite in Adventures Red? Maybe then we can use Crystal Onix somehow...
  9. Outwitter
    August 20th, 2021 9:11 AM
    I noticed that Voyager has its own Pokémon as well, how do those compare with the Adventure Red exclusives? After playing Pokémon Clover last year I've grown to appreciate Fakemon, so I aim to cover more games which are Fakemon-centric in my walkthroughs.
    There are around 70 fakemons sprinkled throughout Voyager's world, if I am recalling correctly. I have just started my playthrough, so don't know much about all the fakemons, but I didn't like what I have seen till now. The starters look average to me; haven't seen the final evos, so I won't judge them as of now (chose the water starter, and really hope that its final evo is a Water/Fairy one). There is a yellow mosquito and spider hybrid fakemon that I encountered which looks utterly gross, and I mean it!

    Betamons of Adventures Red were equally gross as well, I didn't like any one of them. Maybe I have design issues, however, I have seen some fantastic fakemon designs on deviantart, to tell you the truth. Aethestode used the Orangean Arcanine and Growlithe designs from there, I guess. Orangean Metagross' design was also taken from the devs of Insurgence.

    I love variants instead of fakemons. Swampert, Snorlax and Venusaur variants in Adventures Red were amazing. If fakemons are designed beautifully, then I will like them as well..!! I am a bit brutal here, but I prefer to speak my mind, so apologies in advance if I have offended you anywhere...
  10. Outwitter
    August 16th, 2021 9:03 AM
    XD, maybe he was inspired by anime, manga, other video game series and so on? That could explain why he brought them back, even with 8 generations' worth of actual Pokémon available.
    Lol...!! XD You are spot on here! Man, it's so hilarious, that tiger, crocodile etc., they look so ugly to me (no offences, plz), why does he like them so much?

    I'm keeping my eyes on Sors and Voyager, and perhaps I'll reach out to both creators about doing walkthroughs for their games in the future. Voyager I would wait until the game is complete.
    Sors is pretty good, I've just started my playthrough of it. Voyager on the other hand is sill in early development phase, however, it is technically pretty sound, isn't it? Maybe it is even going to surpass Unbound in terms of features!! Let's wait and watch.
  11. Outwitter
    August 9th, 2021 8:20 AM
    Especially in this "information age" that we're in now, it's really important to make sure that the information you get can be verified or is at least well sourced. I wonder how Malcolm X would feel if he was around during this period. Would he be among the people trying to get as much vital information out there as possible, working in the alternative independent media sphere...or would he swept up in all the mainstream hysteria about Covid or climate change or all the other day to day stuff they get caught up in?
    You have articulated it nicely, I would like to add just one more point regarding ascertaining the legitimacy of the incoming information by ourselves through all the resources available at our disposal and also by our own rational faculties.

    Oh, he would definitely be behind bars or got assassinated, but he wouldn't have bowed down to MSM rubbish, that I'm sure of!

    Indeed, The Corbett Report is a very good example of an information source. Thoroughly sourced and researched, with help from many of the people who support James Corbett and his site. Not just sharing information but trying to find solutions to many of the problems we're facing. Are any of the major news sources doing that? I highly doubt it haha.
    Yeah, he and some other guys like him are the beacons of hope in this gradually decaying, hopeless, materialistic world.

    Gen 8 didn't offer either of those type combos? I know there is a Legendary Pokemon which is Normal/Ghost or Ghost/Normal....but it's in Pokemon Clover xD.
    There is Delta Ambipom in Insurgence, however, when you are getting Armoured Delta Volcarona, who cares about Ghost/Normal Ambipom! ; )

    Haha Unbound is where I met a number of those ultra beasts for the very first time. Wow. They just made me think of Fakemon, that's how "un-Pokemon like" they looked! Guzzlord for example, the first time I saw it was in Red Chapter but at the time I thought it was one of the Orange Islands exclusives. I've just settled on the belief that maybe because they're "beasts" that they had to look so unconventional, almost like typical JRPG monsters from way back. You never played an original Pokemon game because of not having the games and consoles?
    Yeah, they all look like insects, one way or the other, to me! Maybe they are designed that way, I don't like it one bit.

    What's been going on as far as the Adventure Red project is concerned? Any news which has been coming out about that next release? Screenshots, trailers, etc? I'll try to check out as many games as I can during this break time that I am on :)
    I have just joined its Discord server of Adventures Red Vol. 2, and it is slated for a release this December. Some crappy betamons are again making a comeback; why does Aethestode like them so much, I wonder.?
    Also, a couple of nice hacks have just been released. One is Sors, developed by #Vytron and the other is Voyager, developed by Ghoulslash. You should definitely check them out, highly recommended!
  12. Outwitter
    August 4th, 2021 8:57 PM
    Had no idea it's the better channel out the other ones you've got over there haha so I'll give it more viewing time. The other news channels are the expected lot: BBC, CNN, Sky News, Euro News, a Chinese news channel, Aljazeera and then Africa News plus a trio of South African news channels. That's what my parents are usually watching when mom isn't seeing one of the South African dramas xD. What about independent and alternative news channels, what do you have over there?
    Well, Malcolm X said that “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Neither could I not agree more with him nor do I want to add anything further, whatever he said is powerful and succinct. We should not rely too much on the "Idiot box" for the know-how of the world, instead we should strive to get first-hand information or listen to the investigative journalists for it, and then ponder over it ourselves. This is the least a concerned human being can do; that's what I think.

    There are some channels like Alt News, The Wire, Newslaundry etc. They are not popular and get threats now and then, but obviously they provide complete picture, unbiased analysis and fact-checks. Regarding investigative journalists, The Corbett Report is a very good source of information!

    Haha, well if it helps to pass the time at the office then you might as well. Has there been any push to get all the employees vaccinated? It's happening elsewhere: places not letting any unvaccinated people enter, or if they don't get vaccinated they lose their jobs or can't access public services and so on. This is where we are now :/

    Thanks for that, I had a lovely time playing Unbound. A lot of those features should become standard features for any new games so I hope many Rom hackers or even fan-game makers will have a look at Unbound and "study" it. How soon could that update come out though? I thought there wouldn't be an update until at least early next year (based on one comment I saw months ago from someone who was asking xD), but perhaps that was just to keep people guessing. If this update is coming out soon then no problem, I'll update the walkthrough much later because I'm taking a break now.
    Yup, it's happening, that's all I have to say... : (

    Yeah, I also think that Unbound has set a trend that other developers would like to emulate as well. No idea about the update though, Skeli gave a preview one month back, I guess. Enjoy your break meanwhile, mate.

    Maybe Normal has just served to be a "neutral" type, since a lot of Normal-types can still learn moves that are of other types. You would only need to worry about encountering strong Fighting-type opponents, otherwise as long as your Normal-type has good moves I think it can do well enough on a main team.
    My only gripe with Normal type is that it does not hit hard (super effective) to any other type, meaning no OHKOs, and man, I love OHKOs!! But, I'm looking forward to strong pokemons with Normal/Ghost and Normal/Fairy typings. They might offer me something I crave for.

    The only Gen 8 legendary Pokemon I've noted are the Zacian and Zamazenta, plus the potential Legendary Eternatus. The ones which were introduced in the DLCs I've only read Bulbapedia entries about them and yes in terms of design they don't look legendary. Just enough to be rare or special Pokemon. Have you seen any Youtube playthroughs which cover the DLCs? I'm curious to know if they have any story content that picks up from where the main games ended.
    Well, to be honest, I can only remember Gen 6 for Greninja and legendaries, Gen 7 had cool starters, but that's all it had. I didn't like the designs of ultra beasts one bit. Gen 8 is total rubbish, to say the least. Also, I have never ever played an original pokemon game. I only play Rom hacks and Fan games, so no idea about DLCs, mate.

    I haven't decided yet what the next project will be, but I already know that whatever I play won't as packed as Unbound is haha so it will serve as "cool down" from that massive game. Nice way to recharge until the next major game, whether it'll be the following Unbound update or one of the newer titles.
    Well, there are some cool hacks in the pipeline that might be as good as Unbound if not better, like, Voyager, Saffron, MOT, Rocket Edition, Dark Fire etc. There might be more, but are the only ones I can remember now. You can also play Soulstones, that I have previously mentioned. It's also brilliant. I am, however, eagerly waiting for the next release of Adventures Red, hoping that it will be as good and witty as its predecessor!
  13. Outwitter
    August 1st, 2021 9:13 AM
    There is an Indian news channel, NDTV, is that the main news channel over there or just like in the UK there's BBC and Sky News, NDTV is a 2nd major channel? I tune into it every now and again while surfing but I haven't seen any programmes yet that draw my focus. It's usually a panel of people discussing vaccination.
    Wow! How do you know about NDTV, I wonder? Is it that popular? In my country, it's the only NEWS channel that still has some sort of sanity left, while all the other NEWS channels have gone beyond reason and logic; constantly peddling fake news, propaganda, and hate politics. To make the long story short, Right Wing peoples and those in power hate NDTV in my country!

    I hate panel discussions as well, if fact I have never ever listened to any panel discussions. I just check the headlines twice a day, and that's NEWS to me.

    And how are things at your office lately? I ran out of data, just got some today hence the delay. The Unbound walkthrough is finally done and now available :) took a few months but with everything that the game has to offer, players might find themselves spending extra time with it:

    How has your Unbound adventure been going so far?
    Well, office is good, I guess. I have to pretend that I am mentally there as well, along with my physical body, that's the long and short of my office!! xD

    Hey, by the way, congratulations on finally completing the Unbound Walkthrough. As of now, I'm keeping my Unbound playthrough on hiatus, I have heard somewhere that Skeli is about to make a big update to the game. I'll probably commence it again after the update.

    But I'll admit that it's a bit strange that the creator of all Pokemon would be a Normal-type, same thing with Regigigas - I thought it would be a Ground-type or part Ground-type at least. Xerneas is the main reason why I chose to play X instead of Y, because it just looked like a big deal. Cool name too. Someday I will replay Gen 5 and spend some time with Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem. Didn't do that in my initial playthrough, even though I enjoyed Gen 5.
    Bingo!! I also thought that the most powerful pokemon must be part Ground type. Normal type doesn't make sense to me. Xerneas has an awesome typing, superb stats, and beautiful design, why won't anyone like it, I wonder. Yeah, the name is cool as well. Did you see the legendaries of gen 8? They don't look like legendaries at all. I think gamefreak is going out of ideas.

    I guess they are just there for those players who simply want to complete their collections or show off that they captured those Pokemon in a particular game.
    My thoughts, exactly. I don't play a game from a collector's POV. I love team building and maximizing the potential of my team. But if the story is over, there is no point in carrying on further, I guess. However, if there are still some challenging side quests left or more dangerous areas to explore, then I'm ready to capture some more pokes and so on.

    I'm thinking maybe the ones which are currently missing from Unbound will have major roles in the next update, I hope so, otherwise it'll be just more Pokemon for people to add to their collections with no story.
    Let's just hope that we get some more interesting side quests in the upcoming updates!!

    I'm not picky when it comes to numbers, but I would have trouble when it comes to evolutions because I don't know the newer Pokemon well enough and also creators might change evolution methods for many Pokemon in their games. 20 to 30 sounds fair, you'll have your key team and maybe a B team as well by the time that Storage Box is full haha.
    Well, I'm your stark opposite in this matter. I'm very picky in my selection. Have no patience in investing my time in trash mons, I'm afraid. The first thing that excites me about any poke is its typing, then the stats, then the design, then the movepool and then finally its abilities. If any poke ticks the first three boxes, then I'll consider it giving a place in my team. Maybe I'm harsh on them, but I usually play a game on 2X speed and don't grind much, so I need the perfect mons to make my playthough easy and smooth.

    And yeah, I would love a have a B team as well, on the condition that I love the game and want to give it another playthrough!! ; )

    So, what's your next project?
  14. Outwitter
    July 12th, 2021 9:22 AM
    Usually starts with some chores in the morning, then I work on the walkthrough or my other projects in the afternoon and the evening time is pretty much my down time where I watch series or dive into a book. If it's a production period then we'll be busy helping the old man prepare for his next round of manufacturing products, like right now he has acquired materials so I suspect this coming week or the next one will be the start of production. Nothing fancy haha what about your day?
    Well, to be honest, I am somewhat jealous of your day, seriously! It's really nice to be self-reliant, I guess. As for me, I usually wake up half asleep, go to office, do the work that is assigned for me on that day and gradually wake up with it, and around evening when I find myself fully awake but somewhat tired, I plan for my nighttime like reading non-fiction / fiction books, recreation or some serious studying etc. that's all I guess. (We were born intelligent, but education ruined us, right?) : )

    Just as far as Covid is concerned since the two countries are next door neighbours.
    Good to know that the situation is somewhat under control in Zim! I really hope that it stays that way.

    If you are planning to get Arceus don't sell off those Shards, because that female Scientist at the Shipyard can convert Shards into Creation Plates and you need all the Creation Plates in order to trigger the event which leads to Arceus' location.
    Not at all interested in Arceus, Arceus sucks! Normal typing sucks as well.. : (
    Among all the recent mythicals, I really liked Xerneas and Yveltal and Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem as well.

    Who would do the handpicking though?
    The developer, obviously! I don't think cramping 900+ pokemons in a single region hack is justified. Maybe I'm just picky, however, having something from each generation might quench the pokemon thirst of a lot of people in my opinion. But I also agree that some people might get offended if a certain favourite of theirs hasn't made the final cut. As for me, I hardly capture 20 - 30 mons, so I don't really care about the numbers, however, I do care about hard hitting mons. Quality over Quantity, I guess ; )

    Is Soulstones a recent game or it's from some years ago but has been updated over time?
    It's a recent game, developed around 2020, and now the developer is only doing the bugfixes. Here is the link-

    No worries, Zeraora is in Unbound from the video playthroughs I've seen. A Gen 7 Mythical, Electric-type. The ADM is needed for players to trigger the event which leads to it. I'll find out what it can do once I catch it, hopefully it knows some cool moves xD.
    Post game legendary hunt is not my cup of tea, seriously. What's the point in capturing it now that the main story is over. Where am I going to use it. We need some serious adversaries as well if we must embark on the journey to capture such legendaries, that might give some motivation to do so, I guess. xD
  15. Outwitter
    July 9th, 2021 9:20 PM
    I'm counting good luck for our situation too, my family has gotten through this period just fine. Nobody has lost their cool or panicked unnecessarily and I think that has helped us stay focused on just living each day as it comes until this ends. Boring life is the theme for me too here haha, so you are among friends on that front and no judgement.
    So glad to know that, and I also think that it's the appropriate way to handle this situation! Cheers to our boredom, mate! So, how is your normal day like?

    We're currently in yet another lockdown, it started some weeks ago because of the situation in South Africa. If people have gotten fed up with all this, it's hard to tell. No noise on the streets in the form of protests or out in the neighbourhoods (I'd bet because of fear of the police or military). This has just been a giant test in compliance and sadly many people have failed in spectacular fashion.
    So, if anything happens in South Africa, it echoes in Zim as well, huh? I think that most people are compliant. However, I fear about the day-to-day life of simple people who rely on daily wages and other such people who are involved in small scale businesses. They are going out of business, on the other hand, illegal activities and crimes have increased due to widespread unemployment.

    Do you already have the ADM? Because the treasures scattered around TOB are what players are recommended to sell in order to make enough money to purchase it. Also the big prize at the end of TOB is a Magearna, maybe you're not interested in adding it to your collection haha. I was planning to play the original Altair/Sirius/Vega series but after finding out that their Minus versions do have some key improvements, I've decided to switch to the Minus versions.
    Not yet, but I have earned enough money by smashing rocks obtaining gems and other items and then selling it to special NPCs who give extra money. Magearna has a nice typing, Steel/Fairy, I like this typing. Also, you get a Larvesta egg as well somewhere during this TOB puzzle, right? Beware of the puzzles in Vega Minus series. They are cringeworthy in my opinion. I left my playthrough in between because of them.

    I guess the creative team just wanted to avoid throwing in "non-canon" regional variant Pokemon on top of 7 generations' worth of official Pokemon. I didn't mind that Gen 8 is not in the game, what's already there is more than enough. Not all the Missions had great rewards, I agree, and I wondered why have such unnecessary content? Was it too much to make all the Missions fun and interesting with worthwhile (or at least somewhat clever) rewards?

    I'd forgotten about Discord xD, I had planned to set up an account there earlier this year but then we went offline. After this Unbound walkthrough is done I'll get back to that plan. MOT and Stranded I know of but not Soulstones. Set in a new region? Any key features that help to make it stand out? And is it a completed fan game?
    Well, regarding the number of pokemons in a particular game, I think if we choose 50 handpiked mons from every gen then they add up to 450, and I think it's good enough, however, if you also add 50 regional variants then the total number increases to 500+ and that is a perfect mix for a game, don't you think? Also, I think that the best reward to a mission will always be a rare pokemon, a shiny one or one with perfect IVs. I also don't mind a quest that involves an interesting / tragic story for the sake of variety and experience.

    You are most welcome on discord. Do give me a ping when you join there. Regarding Soulstones, it is a completed fan game similar to Insurgence. It has interesting Regional Variants' roster and the story is pretty fresh with plot twists too, I think you are going to love it.

    The player is still there, somewhere, but I don't know if it still works. It hasn't been used in well over a decade. Just one of the disadvantages of progressive technology, it's also because the products being made are given such short lifespans to force people to keep buying newer and newer stuff. I've also noticed that about new laptops, that's something to worry about because if you have been backing up your stuff on discs...where will you play them?

    Zeraora is one of the new Gen 8 Legendary Pokemon from the DLCs? I immediately thought of Zoroark when I first read your message haha then read it again
    It's called VCP / VCR, right? We used to watch movies on this player as well. Now it's as good as junk you know (no offences plz). Look at nintendo, they keep coming up with a new console after every couple of years and I think their new games are only compatible with the latest consoles, isn't it a kind of rip off?

    Yeah, I guess Zeraora is the new mythical pokemon, no idea from which gen though. I have stopped caring after gen 5.

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