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  1. ReKoil
    19 Hours Ago 1:48 PM
    I didn't know it remembers the random mons you get in a dynamax adventure =o
    In that case sure keep an eye out. No need to do it right away. I wanna catch it again in my child acounts sword in a special ball too (i'm thinking lure ball, for its shiny. lure ball is pretty early in the game too). Might save me a lot of time if we can do that in a row; I imagine you'd home button out of the game after we fight porygon. I continue and finish the adventure (or possibly just help the opposing mons by attacking my teammates, it can speed things up xD ).

    I'm gonna start my child acounts sword either tomorrow or the day after. I never processed the mons I got from that 2nd trade with vaporeon, and I really wanna do that first.
    I processed a bunch today (up to Grubbin), but for alolan diglet RNG was not kind. Took a good hour to get a random gender HA in the new ball (Fast Ball).
    While processing I already set aside a HA friend Ball Comfey & Safari Ball Archen. I ended up with extras while processing so it saves me a breed rofl.
    For the comfey you wanted a triage one, but I figure if I send you the HA one you can always breed that for a Triage one. If I were to send you a Triage one and at any later point you decide you want a HA one, you'd either have to waste an patch on it or trade for another.

    Also, I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure i picked up several bottle caps as random sparkly items in german shield.

    Sure I wouldn't mind a HA Heavy ball Carbink. While processing I'll breed you the ones I can breed right now (Lure Ball HA skrelp will have to wait till after the mon toss). I'll list them all when I'm done (either tomorrow or the day after, kinda depends on my work schedule + breeding RNG).
  2. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 8:08 AM
    Some names just make no sense... mewto is mewtu... like what? why change only that final bit and make it sound weird? And Mesprit becomes Vesprit... why even bother changing it at all @[email protected]
    Piepi made me laugh when I saw it... it sounds so much like a dutch slang word for the male genital xD I saw clefairy with this name and I was just like, what?! 0.0

    I did see one name I liked though... german stufful = velursi. I just like the way it sounds =o Sounds better than stufful at any rate ^^

    In IoA after you get kubfoo and take it to a tower to evolve, the game tells you to leave and come back when you've become champion. You first do this short little hunt for a dynamax honey to get g-max urshifu. And after that the master of the dojo wants to fight. His kommo-o is a pain in the butt apparantly if you do not have a fairy on your team xD I didnt even notice the first time on my main account. Hatterene blasted it into oblivion before it could do anything xD

    Not sure theres any point in you keeping an eye out for porygon. Its not like you can save a path to it. And i'm pretty sure I cant join it while its already in progress. Which leaves either you catching it with a Love Ball if you have one and then me trading the Love Ball from german shield for it. or just trading you the ball while you keep an eye out for it.
    I think what I'm gonna do is just send the Love Ball to my main acount instead, when we do the transfer; since then I can capture it whenever I bump into it and theres no time constraint anymore (i'm in somewhat of a rush atm because I wanna go back to my main acount =p). The most hilarious bit has to be me bumping into a porygon while on my main acount, but right before i continued german shield, and didnt have the ball for it xD
    Seems to always be that way: you want a mon in certain ball, and it never shows when you have the ball, but shows regularly when you don't have the ball. So stingy xD

    Breeding the perfect IV/nature mon sounds like a pain. Probably why i've never really gotten into the whole IV/EV stuff lol
    Gotta say that shiny team I bred and gave full EV's on my main acount's Sword playthrough is kicking serious butt though. I never fight wild mons and they just decimate everything that dares stand before me lol
    They were bred on shield though, and therefore technically mons that were traded and therefore receive more xp/level up faster. Probably why I have no difficulties with the leveling xD
  3. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 10:12 AM
    I got poipole now in shield, but still no porygon. Yea you need 5 UB's caught in the dynamax lair, and it will just p00f into existence in that room lol

    I just kept doing random adventures and caught 4 of them in a row lol. I already had one UB that showed up randomly, right before Necrozma too, long before I finished the crown tundra main story.
    So I guess, you need to complete crown tundra 'main story' (aka legendary catch-a-thon) to get them to show up in your own game, but can still get em earlier by joining someone who already has them unlocked.

    I think with porygon being the only thing left here (besides jotting down 3 shield legendaries, of which I already got 2 jotted down btw, dont remember what they are tho lol),
    it might be better to just start the child acount sword speedrun. I'm gonna keep going with dynamax adventures tonight, to see if I bump into a porygon. But If I dont get any, tomorrow I'm gonna start that child acount Sword speedrun. Probably gonna give myself a team of legends/UB's from german shield (the UB's Beast boost would be pretty awesome in gyms lol, not that they need, with them being like level 65 or 70) to powerhouse through the game's fights.

    German shield was not a fun playthrough. the random collection of mons I chose for my team were not that strong. And since I never fought (except one time anyway) any wild mons, my team was always underleveld lol. Nessa's Drednaw was causing me some problems. After which I did my one and only wild mon leveling session. Smooth sailing for most of the rest of the game. Then leon's team came. I was underleveled again. His charizard was 65 iirc. My highest was 61. My team had a huge weakness to fire. A bug/psychis type and a bug/water type + a flying/steel type + a grass/ghost type (you see the problem I guess =p). I had to PP stall his ass out, because he OHKO'd all my mons over & over xD
    Had the same problem with the isle of armor's 'master'. Underleveled. manage to scrape by. in comes his kommo-o. RIP my team, over & over. Had to keep reviving everything till his heavy hitting moves (3 of his 4 moves lol) were depleted rofl. Funnily, his final mon, Urshifu, didnt manage to knock out my dynamaxed korviknight, and got OHKO'd by it in return =D

    That german shield playthrough was a challenge lol. Not knowing the german mon names was a handicap. not knowing the german move names even more so. Using some 'meh' mons just cause I never used em before was just like, pain eternal mode lol
    This while my initial playthrough on my main acount was so stupidly easy I didnt think the game could even be challenging =o

    Oh, btw never use a wimpod/galisopod when capturing legendaries. His emergency exit will make you run from the encounter. imagine bumping into a shiny legendary and having that =o rofl.
  4. ReKoil
    2 Days Ago 9:19 AM
    Any other items you want? I've done the entire game and picked up all sparkly items once. Got a bunch of mints from them, I was gonna put em on my mons for transfer anyway. Dunno if there's any in particular you'd want?
    I think I got (pretty much going off mint color + what the desciption says for them when in inventory):
    -1 x Timid (Scheu-Minze)
    -1 x Hasty (Hastig-Minze)
    -2 x Adamant (Hart-Minze).
    -1 x Quiet (Ruhig-Minze)
    -2 x Modest (MaBig-Minze; the B is this german squiggly B (pretty sure its pronounced as an 's' sound) that I don't have on my keyboard =p)
    -1 x Sassy (Forsch-Minze)
    -1 x Careful (Sacht-Minze)
    -2 x Serious (Ernst-Minze)

    These are all from random sparkly wild area items lol

    Edit: going through my inventory I saw I have 2 Muscle Bands too if you want them.
    I'm just taking inventory of what items you could want =p
  5. ReKoil
    3 Days Ago 8:20 AM
    Wasnt sure if it was the right one, but according to bulbapedia 'Schlaubrille' is wise glasses. Serebii unfortunately doesnt list item names in different languages.
    Anyway I got 2 of them in my shield already. Also got the 'Schwarzgurt' (black belt).
    Serebii says the wise glasses boost special by 10% tho, not 20%. On the item's page anyway.

    At any rate, no porygons so far. Kinda getting annoyed =p
    But I still need to find a bunch of UB's anyway for a spare poipole so w/e.

    I caught all the non dynamax adventures legendaries except for calyrex/his horse in luxury balls. Have to catch the swords of justice for a spare keldeo.
    Have to catch all 3 orginal regis to catch a spare draco/eleki. I think I only didnt have to catch the galar birds, but freakin sonja wouldnt show up so I ended up catching them thinking it might be related.
    Only to later remember she shows up in the main game's postgame with those sword/shieldbert douches. Once I completed that and caught zamazenta she did show....oh well.

    So basically german shield just needs a porygon to show up; and some UB's in dynamax adventures, so that I can get an extra poipole.
    Than I'll speedrun sword as much as possible. Dunno yet if i'm gonna grab extras of the 1 offs there as well. Makes me wonder if the UB's need to be caught in the same game, if not I could send the ones from german shield over to unlock poipole fast ^^
  6. ReKoil
    4 Days Ago 4:34 AM
    There are two NSO subsciption types. individual, which is for a single acount and is cheaper (20 euros in my country). And family, which is more expensive (35 euros in my country). Both amounts are for a year ofc. The family one lets the main/initial switch acount add up to 6 more child acounts though, which can then all use NSO. Whereas the indivual one is just that; solely that one acount gets NSO. you can still make child acounts but they cant use stuff that requires NSO. I don't intend to keep family NSO forever, but for the time being its more useful to me =p
  7. ReKoil
    4 Days Ago 11:33 AM
    Yea, but I dont wanna lose to peony =3
    And the HA porygon from isle of armor cant be caught in apriballs (you just receive it as a gift). Really need to do the dynamax adventures in crown tundra for an apriball porygon .

    I assume you want the skrelp with HA and egg moves though? Because right now its just a raw Lure Ball skrelp, that I will breed in Shield on my main account (to get HA and egg moves onto it). I mean I could stick it in the breeder in german shield to have an extra one you could take right away, but it wont have egg moves/HA yet.

    Anyway I'll first need help getting these mons onto my main account. Kinda wanna do em all in 1 go tbh. So when I'm done with both games on my child acount (i'm gonna rush that sword playthrough as much as possible though, I'm gonna use home to send some legendaries to it from german shield and just waltz through it, so I should be able to do that fairly fast xD).
    Currently in Crown Tundra doing some german dynamax adventures, hoping to bump into a porygon along the way. Even if I don't bump into one though, I can still jot down some more shield natives here =D
    Also it's a good thing I have a NSO family subscription instead of regular, or my plan wouldnt be possible as my child acount wouldnt be able to go online without purchasing a NSO subscription for it rofl. I had to authorize a couple things in my own NSO account, but my child acount can now do the online stuffs =D

    So anyway, unless you're in a rush for the skrelp, I'd prefer to do the mon toss from my german child acount game to my main acount when I have both games done on my child account. Dunno how long that is gonna take exactly, but a couple weeks should be enough I reckon. There should only be 1 mon I'll need to switch games for due to not being able to send items through home: Zacian with Rusted Sword (I intend to grab both a spare zacian and zamazenta, with their items).
    As stated before I had intended to discuss specifics when I have all this ready for 'transfer by trade' on my end. I'm perfectly willing to breed a bunch of HA mons for the help ofc.
  8. ReKoil
    5 Days Ago 11:19 AM
    Man so much bla bla in sword/shield. I'm trying to wrap up the base game, but so much bla bla after you beat hop in the final stadium. Not just here either. At various points its just much so much talking xD Also already did most of the isle of armor dlc. Up to the point where it told to me to gtfo and finish up the main game xD
    I think I'm gonna take a high level mon from this game and send it to sword on this account. then speedrun that as much as possible lol. Is more ball mons =o

    Anyway I went and already caught most mons in the balls I got from this playthrough. Caught: Fast Ball Morpeko, Moon Ball Morpeko, Friend Ball Meowth, Dream Ball Natu, Heavy Ball Lucario, Lure Ball Skrelp. Which leaves the Level & Love Ball. Will be capturing a Porygon with the Love Ball, and the Spiritomb in the Level Ball. Both are Crown Tundra though so I really wanna wrap up the main game xD
  9. ReKoil
    6 Days Ago 10:03 AM
    I got another trade lined up with vaporeon. He sent me a link to his tradesheet and wanted some more mons off of mine. I'll be receiving:

    1. HA Sport Ball Anorith
    2. Safari Ball Archen
    3. HA Friend Ball Bagon
    4. HA Safari Ball Caterpie
    5. HA Lure Ball Cloboppus
    6. HA Friend Ball Comfey
    7. HA Fast Ball Diglett
    8. HA Sport Ball Durant
    9. Friend Ball Grubbin
    10. HA Level Ball Hawlucha
    11. HA Moon Ball Litwick
    12. HA Friend Ball Maractus
    13. HA Love Ball Marill
    14. HA Level Ball Mudbray
    15. HA Dream Ball Ponyta (Kanto)
    16. HA Heavy Ball Rhyhorn
    17. HA Level Ball Rolycoly
    18. HA Love Ball Salandit
    19. HA Moon Ball Skorupi
    20. HA Dream Ball Spritzee
    21. HA Dream Ball Staryu
    22. Safari Ball Stonjourner
    23. HA Heavy Ball Vanillite
    24. HA Moon Ball Wooloo
    25. Moon Ball Zorua
    26. HA Safari Ball Zubat

    I snuck a couple of the ones you wanted in there (Friend Ball Comfey, Dream Ball Spritzee). If there's anything else among these you'd want, I can breed them once I have them (we're trading on sunday again).
  10. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 12:31 PM
    Oh right what was the item you wanted? Expert belt? black belt? some kind of belt iirc. Guess you might have one by now tho =p
    I could send you the one from my german game when i'm ready to toss stuff over.
  11. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 7:01 AM
    Yea you might wanna use a legendary at the end that isnt very hard to beat. It takes a bit but I''ve beaten Lugia all 3 times, he's not very hard imo. if you want an even easier one: I remember Tornadus & Thundurus being stupidly easy to beat. Most of the UB's are also easy. Though it does always depend on what mons you get. Even so I'd say for an easy legendary (to guarantee winning as much as possible); use tornadus/thundurus.

    Xerneas/Yveltal & Groudon/Kyogre are definitely not recommended legendaries for just forcing an already caught Legendary to be able to jot down xD
    Groudon/Kyogre pretty much require you to change weather somehow or you're pretyy much gonna get wiped xD
    Biggest pain in the butt legendary imo is still Zygarde. If he gets to change form and heal up it's pretty much over for the players lol. Not impossible to win at that point, but considerably harder.
  12. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 12:13 PM
    Also I learned somthing today, or rather I should say I read the page several times and just never noticed it rofl.

    ''You also have the capability of forcing Peonia to give you a path to a Pokémon you have, so that you can share it with friends. This is done by going into a Dynamax Adventures with that Legendary Pokémon (caught in the Max Lair) as your party lead as you go in. From there, when you exit out, Peonia will offer you a chance to go find it, but you won't be able to catch it again.''

    I'm like face palming pretty hard now xD I can just host you any shield native legendary I've already done this way, no need to use the german game to host them xD
    I already tested it out just now too. I tried first to just go to the page where you can enter a link code and backing out with a legendary from the dynamax adventures in my party lead. This did not work with either legendary I tried. You need to actually go into the den with like the path map screen thing. Idk if you have to finish the den, but I did on both occasions (more dynite orez =3). First I tried putting Tornadus in the first spot. A sword native. After beating Lugia and completing the den, Peonia just gave me a path to Lugia, which I already have jotted down lol. So this did not work. Then I tried Thundurus, the Shield Native. I beat Lugia again and dont capture it again. I go to peonia and she offers to jot down Thundurus for 5 dynite ores. I'm gonna go jot down Lunala the same way now.
    iirc we already did kyogre and latias, right?

    So to recap in short: putting a legendary that is native to the other game version in front of your party does not seem to work. Putting a Legendary that is Native to your own version does work. I imagine legendaries that appear in both games also work, but theres no real reason to try that out is there? =p
    So anyway, I can host you all Shield native dynamax adventure legendaries. I already got Lugia & Thundurus jotted down, and am currently working on getting Lunala jotted down.

    It costs 5 dynite ore to jot them down. If you finish the adventure, beat the legendary but do not capture it, you get 6 ores. Basically this is paying for itsself if you finish the adventure rofl
  13. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 11:54 AM
    It eats up my days off, but if I spend them breeding I can get so much done =p
    Funny you mention it, today during work HA safari Ball tauros popped into my head. I had already made a space in my HA mon boxes for it too xD I just forgot about it completely. That's one I'd actually like myself as well, so I'm probably gonna do that instead. I got enough ores to buy a patch, so I'm good there too.

    Imo they should make a gender changer, I spent roughly 2 hours just to get a female HA riolu. The second batch of 5 was especially stingy; 3 males, 2 females. all 3 males had HA, the females did not T^T

    I took inventory of what HA mons as well as non-HA mons I'd like in a different ball as well. Made spaces for them in my boxes. I think I'm first gonna use up my balls from my german game and sword game before trading for more. Though I guess I could copy paste the list before then if you want. Like for example my HA bagon is in a moon ball, I'd really like a Friend Ball one for shiny breeding should I ever want to do that. There are also mons that I feel like the ball on this list just fits them better (either appearance or typing wise) than what I currently have them in.

    I sort of stopped trading for balls/patches when I saw the end of my HA mon list in reach. Now I know I'm probably gonna need to trade for more again in the near future (the list is pretty long actually) xD

    Also, I did update my online tradesheet already, yesterday evening I think.
  14. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 11:40 AM
    Dangit. I finished the 2 frillish, the inkay & snom. Snom was the only one that din't know its egg moves. Then i was gonna evolve riolu into a lucario so I can rebreed for a female (sh!tty ratio of 12% btw), so that I'd have it ready when I get one in a special ball from my german playthrough.
    Totally forgot it only evolves during the day. Well guess I'm done for today then xD

    Anyway, just HA mudbray missing. And atm only HA riolu not in a special ball (temporary). On the non HA mons tab only 3 missing now: Grubbin, Stonjourner, Wimpod.
    Was planning on catching the stonjourner in a Level Ball in Sword so that one's caught but doesn't know it yet =o lol

    Gonna have to process my HA ferrothorn with that Heavy Ball ferroseed too at some point, but I don't feel like doing that now (I already know its gonna be a pain in the butt).
  15. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 8:36 AM
    I guess we traded HA foongus before I had it in a ball then? Quite alot of mons have been upgraded bit by bit that way lol. Egg moves & ball at a later date, I was originally just collecting HA mons, then changed my mind at some point and wanted them in special balls. Then later on changed my mind again and started putting egg moves on everything xD
    That Foongus must've been from a while ago then =o

    I processed almost all the new mons already. The HA mons I requested as LF in that thread that he traded me already all have egg moves. So apart from the 4 that were not in a special ball, all I did was rebreed them to get my own OT on them and called them done =p Did this today.
    As for the additional mons he sent, those were like missing a couple egg moves or had different ones, but were in a special ball. Those did require rebreeding to match their egg moves to the ones I already had, or to add the additional or missing ball to my inventory. Did all that yesterday lol.

    At the point now where I'm deciding what balls to put on the 4 mons that were in normal ones.
    Currently on Shield I only have 5 spare balls: 1 Dream Ball, 1 Sport Ball, 1 Moon Ball, 1 Safari, 1 Lure Ball.
    None of these match riolu imo. So i'm gonna have to leave him unprocessed for now, and go catch one either in my german playthrough or my sword playthrough in a ball that does match (was thinking Level, Fast or Heavy Ball).
    As for the others: Gonna use the Dream Ball on Inkay, Sport Ball on Snom, Moon & Lure Ball both on frillish (I like ghosts in Moon Balls and Water types in Lure Balls. Definitely prefer the Moon Ball here, but I have no idea who else to use the Lure Ball on, other than maybe Lotad. In which case I'd prefer to use it on Frillish lol There's also wimpod I guess, but I consider that more of a bug than a water type (like Dewpider), so would like that in a Sport Ball tbh).
    Which means I got that Safari Ball leftover. Might use it on a Heracross tbh, looking at your wishlist. Don't really know who to use it on otherwise =p

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