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  1. Perriechu
    August 6th, 2020 8:57 AM
    wow ex-husbands sure can be rude :(
  2. Perriechu
    July 26th, 2020 7:10 AM
    loser x
  3. Ho-Oh
    August 17th, 2017 6:24 PM
    Impo :)
  4. Dedenne1
    December 25th, 2016 8:01 AM
    Happy Holidays!
  5. pardal78
    December 7th, 2016 4:35 AM
    Hi, did you already got Popplio and Litten?
  6. pidge14
    December 5th, 2016 12:42 PM
    I can trade you a Popplio and Litten if you still need one. And if we can't seem to catch each other online, the GTS is a handy place to look for those two.
  7. HeyItSarah
    October 30th, 2016 8:16 AM
    I'm running iPhone 6s and I would love to give Pokemon Day Care a try!
  8. desbrina
    September 23rd, 2016 1:12 AM
    yeah sure, i'm running the iPhone 6 plus
  9. Perriechu
    July 1st, 2016 5:14 PM
    don't be rude!!
  10. Perriechu
    June 29th, 2016 9:26 AM
    hey loser
  11. Dedenne1
    February 14th, 2016 7:47 AM
    Happy Valentines Day Impo!
  12. Perriechu
    December 12th, 2015 5:08 AM
    hey chica
  13. Cakesu
    September 27th, 2015 5:40 AM
    That's nice ! Hope you are enjoying your break or enjoyed it if it's over x) !

    Thanks ! Things aren't as good on my end but I'm still alive xD
  14. Sun
    September 26th, 2015 9:10 PM
    Thank you, I'll let you know if I run into troubles!
  15. Sun
    September 26th, 2015 4:16 AM
    Oh, I've forgotten the fact that CSS3 is not compatible with the threads, I guess I'll stick to the simple ones we usually see. :)

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  • About Impo
    Hey guys, I'm Impo.
    If you're reading this, ...that's just plain weird, there are plenty of more exciting people to stalk here. I'm writing this because it makes my Bio look more detailed, so there is really no point in reading it. I'm just going to rant on about absolutely nothing in particular until I feel that it's a suitable length.

    I almost swallowed a marble the other day. I was eating Malteasers and there were these marbles, and I accidentally got them confused. The sad thing was I just thought the chocolate was hard, so I almost broke my teeth. Not even two year olds try eating marbles, then take five minutes to realize, "Hey! I'm trying to eat glass!".

    Crap, that only makes about six lines on my Bio. Seriously, it looked about twelve lines long when I was typing this, but the minute I save it it just shrinks or something, I don't know. Maybe there's some dark magic preventing me from writing lengthy paragraphs? I sure hope not, because I never really had the skill to drone on and on and on, so that would just be wasting dark magic. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of other more important things dark magic should be doing. Like taking candy from babies, and making old people trip over. Hehe, that always makes me laugh. I don't know why, but imagining an old lady with a stroller tumbling over on the sidewalk gives me the giggles. I know, I'm horrible, get over it. I can tell you're laughing too, so you have the same sick, twisted humor as me. Congratulations, I'm so proud!

    Okay, so that's longer, but not long enough. Now I look semi-smart, which isn't good enough. I need to look over-the-top genius, so people think "Why the hell would someone bother to write so much about themselves on a Pokemon Forum?". I want people to think that. I will make them think that. Damn, now I'm thinking about it. Ha! Now you're thinking about it too, aren't you? It worked! It actually worked! Okay, okay, calm down. I have a speech prepared to commemorate this glorious moment.

    *Clears Throat*

    "I'd like to thank all those idio- Ummm, those wonderful friends of mine for wasting about five minutes of their obviously invaluable life to read this sad excuse for a Bio.
    I'd also like to thank God, for helping me with support from above the heavens.
    Mum, thanks for everything, but I'm still going to send you to a nursing home.
    To those annoying idiots who annoy me at school, look at me now, you twats!

    I'd also like to-"

    Wait? What! There's a character limit for my speech? That's not fair, I wasn't finished. I didn't have much more to say, either. I never ever talk for too long, I'm the human equivalent of a mouse. I'm small, I have a tail and I can make elephants run in the other direction.

    Okay, that's about enough now. I think I can fool those who just skim across this page, those skimmer-ers, those. Let's just hope to God they don't actually read this, or they'll realize that I'm actually an idiot. Crap, let's just keep quiet and hope that no one notices this, got it? I'm serious, Bio. Squeal and I'll delete you. I don't care about you're family, they'll get used to a dead Bio. So you better pray no one reads this.
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    Male ♂
    I keep the couch warm
    Favorite Pokémon
    Happiny, Mr Mime,
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    0364, 3753
    Go Team
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The Bible says that Jesus was like, all about Bloody Mary's.
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Name: It's Your Birthday!
And it’s the first one you’ve celebrated with us! Here’s to many more.
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None. Thank you for joining us in the countdown to X and Y. Sorry it took so long!
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Name: Committed
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Issue time: January 10th, 2015 5:48 PM
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Name: It's-a-me, Santa!
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Posted June 30th, 2016 at 2:08 AM by Impo Comments 0
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Imma train up these teams and make a pretty trade thread for em


Posted June 27th, 2016 at 2:22 AM by Impo Comments 0
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You know the feeling when you have some cool ideas, but not how to put them into motion!
That is me right now! How joyful,

anyway, I had an idea for an iPhone app that is in development! It's already in the Progressing Games forum, and here is a link!

Right now the bare basics are around 80% done I'd say, but by no means is it optimised or anything. Still, I'm pretty chuffed with it so far! A couple of hiccups need to be addressed after my exams are done (last...