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  1. KyokuseiXRyusei
    September 22nd, 2012 8:39 AM
  2. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 12:26 PM
  3. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 12:21 PM
    About the Ho-Oh part, Common mistake, don't worry.
  4. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 12:16 PM
    Um, it's actually Ho-Oh, not Oh-Ho.

    You don't battle anyone to get it, you just battle the Kimino Girls and they give you the other necessary item to get to Ho-Oh.

    Same goes for Lugia, you don't need to battle anyone.

    So technically, you don't have to fight with anybody over it.
  5. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 12:09 PM
    Nope, just Rockets. There are also Executives to challenge you.
  6. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 12:04 PM
    You battle Team Rocket.

    The Professor is Professor Elm, however Professor Oak can be seen quite a few times.
  7. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 11:56 AM
    Whitney and Clair can be a challenge.

    Challenges, well you get Johto AND Kanto to complete, Pokeathlon, Battle Frontier, Unique Game Corner...

    Your rival is "Silver" who you can change the name of at the start. At first he will be referred to as "???".
  8. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 11:44 AM
    There are many kind of events, including Running. They give you instructions before the game starts, and you will receive a certain point award which varies on your place that can be spent for items at the point shop.
  9. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 11:31 AM
    I have like, more than 10 reasons, you know.

    You have this very fun event called "Pokeathlon" which is a fun mini-game in which you try to win events. In other words, it is similar to the Olympics.
  10. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 11:13 AM
    Yes, it's great. In fact it's my favourite Pokemon Game.

    WHAT?! Those damn Genwunners... They think they can be a bigger Troll than me. Don't believe anything they say. Heart Gold is one of the best games remade.
  11. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 10:59 AM
    Heart Gold (I'm always on that XD) and my team is pretty much the same as what I said I had as a Champion.

    That colour, seems to be "Heart Gold" XD.
  12. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 10:12 AM
    Don't worry, I won't. But yeah, Friendship, Kindness and Teamwork are the most important.
  13. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 9:45 AM
    It's not about winning either. Friendship and kindness is also what Pokemon are all about. In fact, it is friendship that makes you win a battle.
  14. Affliction
    September 8th, 2012 8:17 AM
    We Champions always have a once-in-a-year "Champions VS. Champions Annual" where all Champions battle against each other with brawling Pokemon. But they never figure out it's not about fighting.
  15. Affliction
    September 7th, 2012 11:01 PM
    I don't know if they're going to remake R/S/E. If they do, if you buy the remake (Which isn't out) it would be easy to get one.

    Yes, Red is indeed in Mount Silver (Which is in Johto, but you have to go through a route in Kanto to get there). He can be a great challenge depending on what Pokemon Type you're training.

    My team was Tyranitar, Typhlosion, Dragonite, Swampert, Jolteon and Umbreon (My first and strongest).

    They all had great move-sets. In fact, no one EVER has beaten my Umbreon. My favourite Pokemon WAS Umbreon, after all.

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