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  1. ReKoil
    48 Minutes Ago 7:06 AM
    Got 40 trading fodder standing ready now. Some of them have HA because I ended up with multiple with HA in a batch of 5. There's also a couple moon ball mimikyus among them should you happen to want one too. Had to re-breed its gender so I could pass on my own mimikyu's egg moves onto it ^^

    The mons I processed were: Moon ball mimikyu, friend ball dratini, friend ball fomantis, sport ball eevee (my eevee special ball collection is complete at last =D) and Moon ball zigzagoon.
    I got an entire box full of leftovers from these. As mentioned before, some happen to have HA. I did not feel like breeding for more mons just because several had HA. The other 10 fodder mons are some leftover elgyem and bunnelbys i still had lying around, again some happen to have HA.

    I've never spent so much time in 1 game lol. My main account's Shield game time is 746 hours rofl. Just noticed the total time in home and was like damn thats a lot.
  2. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 7:45 AM
    Lol bumped into several porygons while searching for the 5th UB. Didn't have any special balls left though on Epee (french sword). Found the 5th UB and nabbed poipole.
    So my Sword game is ready for transfer: 3 x Ditto, 8 x Aprimons, 8 x 1-off mons (like type:Null, Zacian etc.) + 1 dynamax adventures shiny (a random dunsparce decided to be shiny while hunting UB's, needless to say I took it and redid the battle against the UB xD). All are holding items.

    So 20 mons total atm. Which means german shield when ready should be 19 mons (unless I happen to get a random dynamax adventure shiny there too); currently 18 (missing only the porygon ^^)
    The 3 Dittos are holding items you can freely take: 1 x Black Belt, 2 x Bottle Cap. I do need the mons though so just the items.

    Willing to bet that now that I am looking for porygon again i probably wont bump into one any time soon xD

    ----EDIT: Just found a porygon in german shield now. Shield is now ready for transfer too. 20 mons; the 20th being a normal electivire holding a master ball rather than a rando shiny. The 3 dittos are holding 2 wise glasses and 1 Black Belt, also got a natu holding a Black belt. These 4 items you can just take as well.----
    I'll have to prepare some trading fodder on my main acount, got 5 aprimons from a 3rd vaporeon trade I havent processed yet, guess I'll keep the breedjects of them for fodder mons after I process them tomorrow. All the dynamax adventures today wore me out xD The plus side of al the dynamax adventures is that I got 2 ability patches per game from it; 1 for necrozma 1 bought from all the dynite ores. 1 per game was used on the porygons, the other is a held item on my mons standing ready for transfer.----
  3. ReKoil
    1 Day Ago 5:54 AM
    Don't suppose you've found a porygon yet?
    I caught one in french sword in the lure ball, just need to catch one in German shield with a love ball now.

    For french sword all I need atm is a 5th UB so i can get poipole and french sword will be ready for transfer.
    Caught a togedemaru in a heavy ball in french sword btw. I can process that after the mon toss with my own HA togedemaru that already has egg moves.
    Getting close to being ready to toss mons back n forth now, just 2 more mons ^^

    Depending on your available box space it might actually be better to do it one game at a time.
    Havent done the exact numbers yet, but both games combined is gonna be roughly 1 and a half box. So you might wanna store some breedjects/expendables (they'll essentially be stuck on my child acount after all, best to send mons that are surplus =) ). I'll give you the exact number you'll need when I have it. I'm probably gonna need to breed some randos for extra fodder to send you on my main account too xD

    Hoping to get the 5th UB for poipole today, hopefully the rng wont be too bad =p
  4. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 11:47 AM
    Np. If you want an update for my child account's sword game: I've got 6 badges. Gonna need to go to spikemuth now. I did also catch my main accounts game up to this point, mainly because i wanted to play through the alternate gyms in English first =p
    Gotta go back to resuming the child account now though ^^

    Edit: just realised thats 6 badges, not 7 lol. Forgot raihan comes after that for a bit xD
  5. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 11:37 AM
    Man, this game is weird at times. I saw you show up searching for a trade with link code, a couple times, but we weren't finding each other. then i fly to the wild area nursery and it connects like almost straightaway. Starting to wonder if you need to be in the wild area to trade (its hardly the first time i've noticed this; the game being weird with mp when not in the wild area).
  6. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 11:31 AM
    I'm searching the code
  7. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 11:22 AM
    Guess I'm ready on my end; I pulled them into my main account's sword through Home because I didn't wanna go grab my shield game for some reason =p
    My sword ingame name is the same: vincent
  8. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 2:56 PM
    I had both Diamond & Pearl but missed out on Platinum. The Games I have, in order: Blue, Yellow, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, Black 2, White 2, Y, X, OmegaRuby, AlphaSapphire, Moon, Sun, Ultra Sun, UltraMoon, Let's Go Eevee, Shield, Sword.
    I got like pretty much all of them, though some of them were added later (Like I played Y when X/Y came out, but bought X a couple years later. there are other games where I did this too; like i only recently bough UM to play for apriball starters cuz i didnt wanna reset my US game =p).
    Pretty sure I already mentioned once on missing out on gen 2 entirely at the time =p I did play the remakes though, as well as the Crystal VC (guess i still played gen 2 then =o).

    I still have my handhelds in working order too. Good old nintendo handhelds. My GBA, DS lite & 3ds still turned on after years of neglect lulz. And they still worked too since I checked all my old games for shinies at one point ^^
    Kinda doubt Switch will be the same, I've heard of people's Switch's break because they weren't charged for too long. Not gonna be a problem soon with the switch games i already have and that are upcoming, but still. There will be a point where I probably wont play it for months. maybe a couple years. I'm skeptical it will survive that like the older handhelds. My switch is a Switch Lite btw, so technically a handheld too =p

    Anyway, yea we can do that if its in the evening, I have my sisters birthday tomorrow which is after 3pm till most likely dinner time. So i'm guessing I should be available after 8pm.
  9. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 11:31 AM
    I'll get one of the DP remakes but dunno which yet =p
  10. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 12:45 PM
    Got the lure ball now on my child acounts sword (which I put in French lulz). So if you happpen to find a porygon i'm all set to catch it in a lure ball in sword and love ball in shield (obviously gonna need to swap games in between; unless i manage to get all the way to the fairy gym before you find one; could do both in this game then).

    Swoobat's french name is rhinolove.... lmfao xD
  11. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 7:26 AM
    Oh wow. I just saw the nintendo direct for pokemon. pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl look decent and are coming out late this year.
    But what i really wanna play is that pokemon legends arceus, it looks awesome. Doesnt release till 2022 though T^T
  12. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 12:47 PM
    Finished processing. Today was a lot more rng friendly. I changed one of the egg moves on my HA zubat. Replaced Gust with Curse (his Safari Ball Zubat had Curse & Quick Attack, I removed quit attack due to crobat being stupidly fast already lol, but decided to keep curse). No other changes moves wise. Updated my tradesheet again for all the new ball mons from that second trade with vaporeon.

    I currently got standing ready:
    - Safari Ball Archen
    - HA Friend Ball Comfey
    - HA Dream Ball Inkay
    - HA Lure Ball Mantine
    - HA Friend Ball Seedot
    - HA Sport Ball Snom
    - HA Dream Ball Spritzee

    Can't breed the raw lure ball skrelp together with my HA egg move skrelp till after the mon toss. Havent gone and obtained a Safari ball Tauros yet, and would prefer to do that after the mon toss too, so that I can now start my child acount sword speedrun.
    Don't have the other mons off your list atm (Friend Ball Delibird, Safari Ball Venipede, Safari Ball Heracross, Heavy Ball Togedemaru). I'll keep an eye out.
    Also remember something about a HA Friend Ball Foongus, but I didn't write it on the list of mons you want. Did we already do that?

    Still some time left tonight, guess I'll start that child acount Sword speedrun tonight ^^ Should still be able to reach motostoke despite the many early game blabla xD
  13. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 1:48 PM
    I didn't know it remembers the random mons you get in a dynamax adventure =o
    In that case sure keep an eye out. No need to do it right away. I wanna catch it again in my child acounts sword in a special ball too (i'm thinking lure ball, for its shiny. lure ball is pretty early in the game too). Might save me a lot of time if we can do that in a row; I imagine you'd home button out of the game after we fight porygon. I continue and finish the adventure (or possibly just help the opposing mons by attacking my teammates, it can speed things up xD ).

    I'm gonna start my child acounts sword either tomorrow or the day after. I never processed the mons I got from that 2nd trade with vaporeon, and I really wanna do that first.
    I processed a bunch today (up to Grubbin), but for alolan diglet RNG was not kind. Took a good hour to get a random gender HA in the new ball (Fast Ball).
    While processing I already set aside a HA friend Ball Comfey & Safari Ball Archen. I ended up with extras while processing so it saves me a breed rofl.
    For the comfey you wanted a triage one, but I figure if I send you the HA one you can always breed that for a Triage one. If I were to send you a Triage one and at any later point you decide you want a HA one, you'd either have to waste an patch on it or trade for another.

    Also, I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure i picked up several bottle caps as random sparkly items in german shield.

    Sure I wouldn't mind a HA Heavy ball Carbink. While processing I'll breed you the ones I can breed right now (Lure Ball HA skrelp will have to wait till after the mon toss). I'll list them all when I'm done (either tomorrow or the day after, kinda depends on my work schedule + breeding RNG).
  14. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 8:08 AM
    Some names just make no sense... mewto is mewtu... like what? why change only that final bit and make it sound weird? And Mesprit becomes Vesprit... why even bother changing it at all @[email protected]
    Piepi made me laugh when I saw it... it sounds so much like a dutch slang word for the male genital xD I saw clefairy with this name and I was just like, what?! 0.0

    I did see one name I liked though... german stufful = velursi. I just like the way it sounds =o Sounds better than stufful at any rate ^^

    In IoA after you get kubfoo and take it to a tower to evolve, the game tells you to leave and come back when you've become champion. You first do this short little hunt for a dynamax honey to get g-max urshifu. And after that the master of the dojo wants to fight. His kommo-o is a pain in the butt apparantly if you do not have a fairy on your team xD I didnt even notice the first time on my main account. Hatterene blasted it into oblivion before it could do anything xD

    Not sure theres any point in you keeping an eye out for porygon. Its not like you can save a path to it. And i'm pretty sure I cant join it while its already in progress. Which leaves either you catching it with a Love Ball if you have one and then me trading the Love Ball from german shield for it. or just trading you the ball while you keep an eye out for it.
    I think what I'm gonna do is just send the Love Ball to my main acount instead, when we do the transfer; since then I can capture it whenever I bump into it and theres no time constraint anymore (i'm in somewhat of a rush atm because I wanna go back to my main acount =p). The most hilarious bit has to be me bumping into a porygon while on my main acount, but right before i continued german shield, and didnt have the ball for it xD
    Seems to always be that way: you want a mon in certain ball, and it never shows when you have the ball, but shows regularly when you don't have the ball. So stingy xD

    Breeding the perfect IV/nature mon sounds like a pain. Probably why i've never really gotten into the whole IV/EV stuff lol
    Gotta say that shiny team I bred and gave full EV's on my main acount's Sword playthrough is kicking serious butt though. I never fight wild mons and they just decimate everything that dares stand before me lol
    They were bred on shield though, and therefore technically mons that were traded and therefore receive more xp/level up faster. Probably why I have no difficulties with the leveling xD
  15. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 10:12 AM
    I got poipole now in shield, but still no porygon. Yea you need 5 UB's caught in the dynamax lair, and it will just p00f into existence in that room lol

    I just kept doing random adventures and caught 4 of them in a row lol. I already had one UB that showed up randomly, right before Necrozma too, long before I finished the crown tundra main story.
    So I guess, you need to complete crown tundra 'main story' (aka legendary catch-a-thon) to get them to show up in your own game, but can still get em earlier by joining someone who already has them unlocked.

    I think with porygon being the only thing left here (besides jotting down 3 shield legendaries, of which I already got 2 jotted down btw, dont remember what they are tho lol),
    it might be better to just start the child acount sword speedrun. I'm gonna keep going with dynamax adventures tonight, to see if I bump into a porygon. But If I dont get any, tomorrow I'm gonna start that child acount Sword speedrun. Probably gonna give myself a team of legends/UB's from german shield (the UB's Beast boost would be pretty awesome in gyms lol, not that they need, with them being like level 65 or 70) to powerhouse through the game's fights.

    German shield was not a fun playthrough. the random collection of mons I chose for my team were not that strong. And since I never fought (except one time anyway) any wild mons, my team was always underleveld lol. Nessa's Drednaw was causing me some problems. After which I did my one and only wild mon leveling session. Smooth sailing for most of the rest of the game. Then leon's team came. I was underleveled again. His charizard was 65 iirc. My highest was 61. My team had a huge weakness to fire. A bug/psychis type and a bug/water type + a flying/steel type + a grass/ghost type (you see the problem I guess =p). I had to PP stall his ass out, because he OHKO'd all my mons over & over xD
    Had the same problem with the isle of armor's 'master'. Underleveled. manage to scrape by. in comes his kommo-o. RIP my team, over & over. Had to keep reviving everything till his heavy hitting moves (3 of his 4 moves lol) were depleted rofl. Funnily, his final mon, Urshifu, didnt manage to knock out my dynamaxed korviknight, and got OHKO'd by it in return =D

    That german shield playthrough was a challenge lol. Not knowing the german mon names was a handicap. not knowing the german move names even more so. Using some 'meh' mons just cause I never used em before was just like, pain eternal mode lol
    This while my initial playthrough on my main acount was so stupidly easy I didnt think the game could even be challenging =o

    Oh, btw never use a wimpod/galisopod when capturing legendaries. His emergency exit will make you run from the encounter. imagine bumping into a shiny legendary and having that =o rofl.

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