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  1. Bradevitica
    8 Hours Ago 11:51 AM
    That's the plan :) However, I never tested this before: Quitting Dynamax Adventure, then doing it again with a friend. So far, I only re-entered alone.

    That's good :) Yeah, a HA Comfey is okay too. I always end up using your mon to breed them further (because IVs), so I can breed one with Triange myself xD Btw, how about the Dream Ball Spritzee? I guess you'll process it today, tomorrow or sometime soon when you have time. No need to hurry tho.

    Np, just let me know whenever you're ready :) I didn't really play Sw much these days, so for now I can only give you the Love Ball Klefki & HA Heavy Ball Carbink. I could add the Safari Ball Charmander that you rejected last time and for the rest...iirc, you said that random mons would be fine, only under the condition of me helping you out with transfering the mons and doing some Dynamax Adventures.
  2. Bradevitica
    1 Day Ago 10:29 AM
    As a kid, you don't really notice - but once you switch languages, you just wonder why did they even bother, as you said xD
    True xD It's also sounds like a slang with the same meaning in german haha.

    Some are good I guess, but then you have the german name for Noibat (and Noivern), where I'm like..."Why did you try to pull an Ho-Oh here?". Come to think of it, when I was much younger, in my world, it was spelled "Ho-oh" - stylistically it looked better to me that way lmao.

    I see. Well, I've missed a litte bit more than I thought xD

    Actually, I can. And it's very simple too: Just press the Home-Button and close the game. Apparently, the 10 pokemon before the legendary are set just before the forced pre-Dynamax Adventure save. I guess GF made this so you can't easily discard these pokemon via reset. You either have to journey all through - or what I like to do a lot: Choosing the best pokemon out of the 3 and kill the NPCs with it asap xD Of course I do these offline, saves me the waiting time when others are selecting a move.

    Yeah, I'm kinda into it but not too much, since I would be wasting my life haha. Can't really afford that while having other stuff to take care off. Most of the times, I either stick with the nature, the ability or the IVs and change the rest via items at a later time. That's why I asked for the Bottle Caps. But now I try to get at least 3 out of 6 perfect IVs.

    Oh, I forgot: You can scratch off the Carbink from the list - I caught one in a Heavy Ball yesterday for myself. Of course I can give you one offspring if you're interested.
  3. Bradevitica
    2 Days Ago 1:21 PM
    Lol, should I also try to look out for a Porygon and let you know as soon as I find one?

    Talk about no luck. Earlier today I found a Carbink in a den and caught it in a Heavy Ball. Has HA Sturdy, great! But Naive nature D: Oh okay, guess I'll try to breed a Bold one with 5 Perfect IVs. Chances of getting one with HA Sturdy and Bold nature are 1/50, not that bad, right? Not exactly. My soul got crushed after I got a Bold one...without HA...and you can't put two of them together -__-'' So no Non-HA Everstone Bold one + HA Destiny Know whatever Nature one combo possible...(I try to avoid paying 200 Ores to change its ability or 25 BP for a mint to change the nature, so yeah. Basically making my life worse lol).

    At least your german sword playthrough will be funny, hopefully. Using mons that look so out of place. Reminds me using a Lv. 100 Shiny Regieleki on that Milos Lv. 18 Eldegoss was just fun lol.

    I agree with you, my 2nd playthrough on Shield was similar. Didn't really train much. In fact, I avoided as many trainers as possible lol. And some of them felt challenging, especially when I made it challenging for myself when using certain rules lol (e.g. before every gym you have to catch 3 new Dynamax Adventure pokemon and only use them).

    Anyway, PP stalling huh? Doesn't sound like fun at all xD Yeah, people complained about Sinnoh barely having any Fire Pokemon. Now that they are here, it seems that they were a nuisance to you lol. Oh cool :D I didn't play through IoA Story, only up to the part where you get Kubfu lol. Heard that the grind is pretty rough, you have to grind up to Lv. 70. Oh well.

    At least I hope that there were some german names that at least made you smile or laugh, because they sound funny xD

    Lol. Legendary hits Golisopod.
    Golisopod: "Understandable, have a great day."
  4. Bradevitica
    3 Days Ago 2:54 PM
    Thank you for the offer. There are probably a few I could use but I don't want to ask too much from you - kinda starts to feel like I'm ripping you off xD Lol. Luckily I have about 300 Battle Points. So when I need a mint, I should be able to buy it easily :) But thank you for the offer anyway.

    I know which s you mean: Mäßig :P It is good to be able to add some keyboard layouts from other random languages too. Šo I čan đo thiš. För exämple. :P

    Thanks but I'm good when it comes to Muscle Bands too. Luckily I can make myself some via the Cram-o-matic :)
  5. Bradevitica
    3 Days Ago 2:49 PM
    True, I'm looking for the Schlaubrille :P (or Schlaubrillen = plural).
    Oh, you're right. Muscle Band & Wise Glasses boost only 10%. Welp, my mistake.
    Great, so two Black Belts and two Wise Glasses would be nice :)

    Maybe I can help you with the UBs?
    If that what you said is true - having the caught UB in the team lead to have the same UB spawn in Dynamax Adventures - then we should be able to do this in no time? I caught...Nihilego, Kartana, Celestela, Xurkitree and have two others (Buzzwhole, Pheromosa), not sure if they came from Alola tho and if this does matter. Altough I'm not 100% sure if this would be the case. From what I know, UBs can only appear when you've completeted the Crown Thundra Story Mode iirc - and I was just lucky joining some random Adventures that had spawned those at the end. However, we could try and find out.

    It's footnotes like these (need to have Post-Game completed for Galar Birds) that should be documented online xD Maybe this is written in Serebii, but we tend to go on a hunt for something before reading something or just skimming over it lol.

    I think you have to specifically catch 5 UBs on your own to get a Poipole. As I said, I caught 4 and recieved 2. In fact, let me test this now...nope. No Poipole here. I also checked Serebii (tbh idk how to get or make Poipole appear in Max Lair lol). As I said + you have to "start the Ultra Beast Story"...dunno how but ok, I shall find out someday.
  6. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 4:13 PM
    We got the same prices. I see, makes sense. Well, I hope you'll be able to get most out of it :P

    Btw, regarding extra items in your child account: Besides the Black Belt, would you also be able to spare one or two Wise Glasses if you find them? You see, they made it possible to create Muscle Bands (increases physical moves strength by 20%) with the Cram-o-Matic, but not Wise Glasses (increases special moves strength by 20%) according to Serebii. I could use a few of the latter tho.
  7. Bradevitica
    4 Days Ago 4:03 AM
    I see. Well, in this case you're right.

    Yes, i need that Skrelp to have its HA and Egg Moves.

    So if I understand correctly, then this means that the Switch Online Subscription is strictly tied to an account. That's why I can do online stuff with both Sw & Sh. If I would make a 3rd Save file tho, then I wouldn't have online.

    Sure, no problem, I'll gladly help you out with this in exchange for a bunch of HA mons :)
  8. Bradevitica
    6 Days Ago 5:30 PM
    Ikr? At first I was like...SwSh are hand-holding games. But when I played through Shield...oh boy, people weren't exaggerating lol. Talk about hand-holding - I played Shantae and the Seven Sirens today and after someone told her "Do this - but don't forget to do that first.", she replied with "Ok, ok, I get it. No need to hold my hand!" xD Love such funny little references lol.

    You don't need to complete the main game to unlock the Crown Thundra. I think you can loose to Peony to explore the Crown Thundra iirc.

    I think that the Poryon is Isle of Armor iirc. And cool that you managed to get the Skrelp :D I'll give you the Love Ball Klefki for it if that's okay with you. As for the other ones, I don't really think that I have anything atm that would be of your interest. Either we have to wait a while with the others or if there's anything else you accept, please let me know.
  9. Bradevitica
    1 Week Ago 3:50 PM
    I agree, Kyogre and Groudon are some of the toughest. I would also put Xerneas there, lost a few times. Ylvetal might be tough too, tho I never encountered one. Zygarde is the worst, I agree with you - especially for those poor soulds on YouTube who try to Shiny Hunt it xD I always lost to it due to its transformation and signature move (which hits everyone). Also I caught Latias and Latios today, meaning I have two free slots now :D Tho their natures are bad, each one having its lowest stat further lowered and the highest stat increased lol.

    Yes, a Black Belt would be awesome :D Still no luck getting one offered in the market lol.

    Thanks :) Hmmm...besides the Friend Ball Comfey and Dream Ball Spritzee I would also like to have a Safari Ball Archen :) Gotta have to step up my game and try to get something in a Apriball via Suprise Trade xD
  10. Bradevitica
    1 Week Ago 6:15 PM
    Aaaah...I see :O Interesting. Cool, didn't know that :D Nice of GameFreak to include this.

    Yes, we did Latias, Latios and Kyogre. I still have them jotted down, hopefully I'll catch them & make space for the others this or next week.
    In Shield I have jotted down Lunala. I think Xerneas if I'm not mistaken. Can't remember the the third one lol. But theoretically I could jot down one or two of your already caught Shield Exclusives in my Shield, so you can jot them later again in your Sword or Shield, so that I can catch them in my Sword xD But that's way too complicated, it may be better to just let you know when I want to directly catch one of your legendaries lol.

    Beating legendaries with CPUs is also a thing xD There is a 90-95% chance of me and my bois failing to beat Xerneas or Kyogre lmao. Online is easier, yes. But with CPUs I only waste 15-20 minutes per adventure, while I waste 25-30 minutes with online people.
  11. Bradevitica
    1 Week Ago 5:53 PM
    Haha, I'm glad that we can at least agree which Special Ball would be best for Tauros xD

    Uff, that hurts. Funny, I thought the same a while ago but then quickly came to a conclusion. Pretty sure that "gender changing" would cause a moral backlash, especially in a game that is primarily made for younger audiences, since different (groups of) people have different views. But that's just my theory.

    I think I understand. Well, if you want me to give a Special/Apriball so I can catch a certain pokemon for you then let me know :) If I got anything new via Suprise Trade I'll let you know too.

    I'm kinda in a similar situation, except with the Experience Candies (M/L/XL). Have just enough to level up three competitive Pkmn from Lv. 1 to 100, but the list is longer, plus a lack of motivation to get more candies and very careful consideration on which Pokemon I'll use them xD So I stopped doing a lot of Max Raid Battles.

    Thanks for the info, I will check it out later.
  12. Bradevitica
    1 Week Ago 9:37 AM
    Oh boy, sounds like bad luck xD

    If I randomly get one via Suprise Trade I'll let you know. Btw, I wonder who has a bigger collection of Special Ball mon (you or that Vaporeon guy...probably you if I had to guess, but it was nice of him assisting you with the HA mon).

    Today I finished getting Primarina ready for competitive use and I have to say that it turned out great :D Can't wait to try that one out. Also bred a Litten yesterday, next week Rowlet...hopefully I manage to recieve one with amazing IVs via Suprise Trade.
  13. Bradevitica
    1 Week Ago 9:31 AM
    Most likely. If I happen to find the Friend Ball one, I'll let you know xD Speaking of trades, I forgot when we traded the first time lol. Accidently deleted your Trainer Card that I got after the first trade. When I noticed, it was already end of November or something like that.

    Wow, you sure don't waste any time in processing, do you? xD Also I got your non-HA Love Ball Klefki ready.

    If I were you I'd keep that Safari Ball for now xD You never know when you'll need one and maybe one day someone of us randomly remembers a Pokemon that would go well with it (e.g. Tauros - or a funny/worse choice, Safari Ball Miltank/Dunsparce xD). Safari Ball Heracross is nice, but not that high on my list.

    Come to think of it, please add those to your .txt file as high priority to your/my "wanted list": Dream Ball Spritzee & Lure Ball Skrelp. Imo their final evos would fit greatly in those balls and best case scenario for me would be having those ev trained (they should've really introduced a "Ball Repainter" in SwSh, no wonder why some people resort to hacking to get their pokemon in the most ideal state).
  14. Bradevitica
    1 Week Ago 6:14 AM
    Wow, a lot of text to reply to xD Okay, here we go!

    1) Yosh, got a Foongus Goongus from you, has HA but it's in a Repeat Ball & has no Egg Moves. According to my list we didn't trade this one in neither of our big trades. Either that or I really misplaced it somewhere lol. It's not that urgent tho. You're right about the HA Heavy Ball Amarua tho, how could I forget this one xD No need to breed that HA Friend Ball Foongus for now, as I want to give you the Love Ball Klefki for something that is higher on my priority list (I'll let you now, hopefully sooner than later).

    2) Didn't read further, so I didn't know about you getting Rufflet in the end. Atleast I discovered the skipped Mudbray lol. Btw, kinda did the same with your wishlist in a .txt-file, which was really helpful in the long-run xD

    3) Sure, no problem, I'll gladly help you out with transfering your Pokemon between versions :) I'm kinda the same when it comes to Dynamax Adventures. Was focused on so much with catching Latias/Latios/Kyogre with the right nature a few times (& resetting it when it didn't have what I wanted - important for Latias if I want to have it in a Love Ball) that I kinda quit/gave up on it. Encountering the same pokemon and doing the same thing offline for 20 minutes gets boring quickly xD I should probably move on soon tho - just catch it with whatever nature it comes and use a mint to correct its flaw.

    4) Yeah, Peony is gonna be though. Altough luckily, you don't have to beat him iirc, which is good.

    5) Haha you can't escape it. Always processing, that shall be your fate :O Jk. Cool, thanks for letting me know. Still looking for that (HA) Heavy Ball Carbink tho. I would be very lucky to get one via Suprise Trade.

    6) I kinda did the same, but for competitive mons & sorted them kinda by gen instead of names. Box 11 is Gen 4 only. Box 12 Gen 2 only (I have very fond memories of these gens and the pokemon and that's why they get a box each lol). The rows in Box 13 are shared between Gens 1 & 3, Box 14 for Gens 5 & 6 and finally, Box 15 for Gens 7 & 8. Then I noticed that I neglected Gen 6 the most in that regard - with only one or two Pokemon ready for competitive use xD
  15. Bradevitica
    2 Weeks Ago 2:17 PM
    Okay, so after like...scratching 14 or so Pokemon from my hunting list there are only two left xD
    - HA Mudbray: Is listed as LF in the thread, Vaporeon didn't list it on his offer list. I assume you're still looking for this?
    - HA Rufflet: Is red on your tradesheet, but you didn't list it as LF in the thread. You already have one but need to process it (egg moves + apri/special ball)?

    Also, I found four Pokemon on Vaporeons list that I'd be glad to get from you after you process them :)
    - HA Friend Ball Seedot
    - HA Lure Ball Mantine
    - HA Inkay
    - HA Snom

    Hmmm...that narrows down the pokemon that I can offer you quite a lot.
    Did you make any progress with the Sword exclusive Dynamax Adventures legendaries btw?

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