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  1. ZeoStar
    1 Day Ago 3:58 PM
    I beat the True Arena! 6 minutes and 54 seconds with the hammer ability. I didn't even end up needing all the healing apples.
  2. ZeoStar
    2 Days Ago 7:18 PM
    It's alright. I have infinite gratitude for the people I've met on here over the last couple of years, I cherish everybody and try to be timely with my responses. It's never felt stressful because I enjoy it so much. I have an astigmatism so that's what caused the headache. Now is a good time to reply because I'm trying the True Arena and failing, need a break.

    It's fun to get the freeze chance, but it just hurts so much to be on the receiving end. Especially on a competitive format where getting frozen can mean losing a pokemon you needed. Brick Break does remove Aurora but there aren't many Pokemon that choose to run it. Most pokemon that set up Reflect and Light Screen are psychic types, so Brick Break ends up being more of a liability than anything. They'll just force you out and set up those moves again.

    But yeah I really don't think stealth rock is available that early. If so, it would destroy Bugsy. But yep, Geodude is nearly invincible to Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, and can give Morty a hard time. (except I think his gengar levitates in the remakes). Then proceeds to have a type advantage against Jasmine. It also annihilates the poison types of Team Rocket. It really does run through the first half of Johto, to such an extent I don't even want to pick one up just because I'd rather feel slightly challenged. Oh, if you want to go down a rabbit hole of those clips search up "werster". His bad luck can be insane. That clip I shared was one of the more tame ones.

    I wouldn't say that I was the loudest most of the time, (far from it, it's not my personality). but keep in mind it was my senior year. I had all my credits, was in a class with my best friends I had known for years. I was bound to get loud, and it was much more fun than going to class and just putting on headphones, which was 90% of my other classes. It's okay though, I understand the fear. But I also think most of those in the country would recognize you as a foreigner, and who would expect complete perfection from a foreigner. Maybe I'm mistaken, but wouldn't most appreciate the attempt? Oh the gym class was awkward. It was mostly kids younger than me and I didn't know any of them. Being in the senior in there, I stuck out like a sore thumb.

    So...Japan is like Hawaii then? (A small collection of different islands). For some reason I thought Japan was conjoined, shows how much I know I guess. I've never been to California, but I assume it's massive. It's a big celebrity place because it's the home of Hollywood. Lots of big youtube stars also move to Califronia. It's relevant to the conversation so I'll bring this up. I live in maryland, which is a small state hanging on the east of the U.S. It's right next to the capital Washington D.C, so it gets overshadowed. Do you generally enjoy Summer as a season?

    So yeah I did beat the Arena with the Sword. I completely destroyed Marx on the second attempt, so I guess the first was just nerves. I completed Helper to Hero with Plasma, which was insanely easy. I forgot Revenge of the King was a "hard mode" of Spring Breeze. Meta Knight mode was my absolute favorite so far. (took me 54 minutes for the entire thing, his tornado just made the boss fights so trivial). The True Arena is so tough, I don't know how I'll get through this. Like seriously, there's Masked Dedede, the Galactic Knight, And a harder version of Marx. And it only gives you apples to heal with. I might be here for a while. So the best thing about this bootleg copy is a fully working Super Mario Bros 3. I thought Pika Chu might have something to do with Pokemon, but it's just a picture of pikachu, then it makes you play tetris. I'm actually more curious about this now, so I'll be checking out more of the games.

    The first time I had a panic attack, I thought I was going to die. I went completely numb, kept falling in and out of consciousnesses (even in the ambulance), was shaking uncontrollably and couldn't dial anybody on my phone. They never got "easier", but my family became aware and I had somewhere to turn. There was never anything like it. Despite how well I'm doing, I hope I never have to go through another one of these again. It'a a miracle how much progress I've made. They were happening 3-4 times per night, and also in public places. (where I would hyperventilate). I've still had some anxiety, but my last severe panic attack was February 2020. Just over a year ago. That shows the progress I've made.
  3. Shun
    3 Days Ago 9:53 PM
    oh my god
  4. ZeoStar
    3 Days Ago 5:08 PM
    It's okay. I would probably do the same thing (waiting until I had a keyboard). Hopefully I can keep this message going, but I have quite a bad headache and just responded to two other friends on here. I think I can do it though, forgive any odd spelling errors

    I do think Ice types are a bit underrated offensively. I mean look at Ice Beam or Blizzard, unless you have a bulky water type it's hard to feel comfortable switching into that move. Especially because your also messing with a freeze chance. One of my favorite things to run was Choice Specs Lapras. I almost hit top 200 with it. Aurora Veil is interesting, but yeah it's gimmicky unless you have an Alolan Ninetails who can set that move up whenever it wants.

    He starts with Scyther, so your pretty much taking a hit from U-Turn no matter what. And by the second badge that's an awfully strong thing to take. I no longer enjoy picking up Geodude. It really negates the entire first half of Johto, and it's a trade evolution, which I go back and fourth with having access. Right now I don't. Also it's funny how that cleffairy is just the bane of speedrunners. As for progress right now I just finished Pryce. And skipped Jasmine because her levels feel wonky.

    We never had to speak in our French class because it was computer based. Even though I was the loudest person in that class anyways. (Because it was senior year, and I had two friends next to me). So when you do end up going on the trip, do you think it'll go okay with the language barrier? It would be strange actually putting what you practiced...into practice. couldn't think of a better word. Oh, hilariously my gym class in senior year didn't have a teacher either. He quit within the first 3 weeks and they couldn't find a replacement. So our classes consisted of walking laps outside for 45 minutes.

    Oh I looked it up, it looks very neat and I see why you want to visit. It's always funny to me about Japan, because it seems so large, but it's really just a small island? Like, I heard it's about the same size as the state of California. So it wouldn't be too hard to travel around I guess. We did go to a Japanese Restaurant where the food was cooked in front of us at the table, so that was a fun experience. Might as well throw this here because I just linked it to someone else, but this is our dog. I love her so much. Do you attend the street festival every year? We have a medieval ren fest that runs locally, but covid stopped our attendance this year. I've never flown, but I guess that's the only choice for going to Japan. Unless your taking a cruise or something.

    Oh I forgot to mention it above also, I made it all the way to the arena in SuperStar Ultra, and lost to marx as we both had one health left. I was using the sword ability. He knocked out my ability, and I couldn't hold him off long enough to spit a star. That was a painful loss, but it said the goal was "13" so I still unlocked Revenge of the King. Losing power is never fun, I ended up playing this old 3rd party gameboy system. It was the funniest thing because it had all these made up games that didn't work. For example a game called "Pika Chu". Another called "Chess" but it wasn't chess at all.

    I don't mean to diss Melee. I loved the game as a kid and it was one of my first video games along with Link's Awakening. In a's one of things that's nice to have good memories with, but trying to revisit kind of shows me they should be left as memories. I remember fearing the medication at first. I had never been medicated for anything. In the hospital they gave me xanax, (due to age related reasons she gave me something less addictive to take home). I'm so glad things have settled down. Often during a panic attack I would need to wake somebody up, but I always felt like such a burden for it. It was just too frightening and sadly I couldn't manage it on my own. As mentally strong as I usually am, it was the one thing I couldn't do.
  5. Roni
    5 Days Ago 11:40 PM
    oof. you might have to contact Fairy or something for help with that then eheh she's way more experienced with this stuff. i thought you wouldn't have minded the zoom :p
  6. Roni
    5 Days Ago 10:45 PM
    where on Earth did your username in your flair go :p

    also, you might wanna use background-size: contain; or something for the main block on your flair to remove those side gaps on the picture. if you want to ofc hehe.
  7. Roni
    5 Days Ago 6:35 PM
    i'd say you're due for a badge if you keep it up <3
  8. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 5:37 PM
    I have an affinity for ice types. Although I feel like they were created for a niche that isn't needed anymore. They seem to be intended as a 'late game' secret weapon against dragon types. Dragon Types seem like they were created as a 'final boss' type. That still holds true...but now Fairy types exist and are just so superior to ice types in almost every way.

    He does have metapod and kukuna, which is just free experience. But the scyther is such a monster. Hard to get a status off because he likes U-turning out. Constantly gets critical hits because of focus energy. You pretty much have to faint it 3 times because it holds a sitrus berry, and he gets a super potion. I feel like Whitney gets crippled by 'non attack moves' rather easily. Which even the developers must have noticed, because they gave Miltank a Lum Berry instead of a Sitrus Berry. But if you have something with sand attack, you can easily mess with her strategy.

    I haven't collected all the letters. Not really looking forward to going back through all the stages for them, because I can't remember which ones I missed. I could probably be fine without the ability, but you've made it sound rather worthwhile. Also wondering if I collect a letter and die, if I keep the letter. Or if I have to defeat the bosses all over again. On another note, we lost power here for about 6 hours this morning because of a bad hail storm. I did play cave story a bit...and realized I didn't save. So I made my way back to the bushlands. Then my DS lost battery. (at least I saved this time).

    I actually avoided the languages classes for most of high-school, as well as gym class. (until they forced me on my final year). I spent almost half the school day's not really being there. I was signed up for a program to work at a hotel, and it got me out of some of those miserable classes. Yeah our french class felt impossible...because there was no teacher. It was literally a computer program, and at the end of the week the teacher handed a written test.

    So Akihabara is pretty much a Japenese version of the normal game stores? (Like in the U.S it's gamestop). Oh I didn't know you were into crowds. That's not a super common thing to hear. Most people avoid times square for that exact reason. Ohh I did look up the snow festival. It looks very nice, but then I looked at the foods and I was interested in that. Said they have "okonomiyaki pancakes". I didn't really know Japan had a variant of pancakes. Similarly I've always found the snow dogs in Alaska to be quite beautiful looking ( Regardless, I hope your able to make the trip someday.

    While all public schools are likely loud, U.S culture in general is very loud, and it's also pretty encouraged in schools here. As a contrast, I've heard it's not like that at all in Japan. (by encouraged, I mean if you aren't being loud 24/7 in a U.S school someone will probably make a judgmental comment towards you). I wanted to do an assignment alone, since honestly I get things done quicker when I'm not distracted by a group. A girl in the back of the class started yelling at me, calling me anti-social. It was...really insensitive and I didn't get why she would do that. The worst part is that I didn't even know her at all.

    What your saying makes sense. Nostalgia is a funny thing. I get more nostalgic over TV than video games. I'd say 90% of games I enjoyed as a child, I still enjoy when I go back. (there are exceptions, and I'm hesitant to test this sometimes). For example I found Smash Brothers Melee almost unplayable. People are like..."When you learn the technical inputs, it controls better than the new games". But I don't want to learn the technical inputs. I just want to pick up and play. But yeah anxiety wise I feel like I hit drastic ups and downs. Sometimes I get very self critical and find it hard to speak with people, other days I can't even remember what was making me so anxious. Not sure if I mentioned it, but the medication mostly helps stop the physical symptoms. Mentally it's been my own self progress.
  9. Shun
    1 Week Ago 10:48 PM
    im even too lazy and uncreative for that T__T
  10. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 9:16 PM
    I wouldn't say Lugia is my absolute favorite, because there's a few I like. (Rayquaza, Mewtwo because he was cool in the anime, Articuno, Dialga). So right now I'm at Whitney with a croconaw, togepi, nidorino, and a flaaffy. Also a paras, that I nicknamed "CUT", because it's just there to use the cut HM. It's been pretty standard. I lost to bugsy twice. Almost beat Whitney on my first try before the DS battery died. Unpopular opinion, but I find Bugsy much harder than Whitney most of the time.

    Yeah charge man. I don't like his ability. I keep thinking 'why does this exist'. I can never even hit a boss with it. Other than that, I tried Wave Man's stage and it's the coolest thing ever. It turns into a surfer mini game and this is my new favorite stage so far in the entire series. Especially the tubes. The entire thing is just amazing. Also the fact that mega buster seems so good, makes the bad abilities even worse. So far I've just been using Mega Buster on every single boss. I don't think I've even discovered a weakness yet, and that's really going to hurt me when I reach the boss rush at the end and I'm scrambling to figure them out. Is the wily's castle in 5 going to be difficult? I'd like to know if it will be a breeze like 3, or something to dread.

    I'm not sure how languages classes work where you live, but in the U.S it was just the worst. I was pretty much shoved into a Spanish class because I didn't have a complete schedule. I didn't like the kids in there so I requested to be in a french class instead. Is there anything specifically you have in mind for visiting in Japan? I remember you mentioning the real life anime locations. I'm very interested in the different dining locations of different countries. I loved the Epcot Park at Disney World, because it had all sorts of different kinds of restaurants from different places.

    I think this was only 3 days ago, but you wrote "I think it's fine to give advice you don't follow". I was like...uh oh I gave you advice? Better scroll down to see what I said. And okay it wasn't anything horrible. But yeah U.S culture is heavily sports oriented. Like, randomly class discussion can turn into the teacher talking about sports. Or you get to school and there's usually a big group talking loudly about sports. Not sure if I mentioned this, but the public schools in the U.S are really loud. I had 3 bus rides, and one was just so deafening.

    I made a topic about nostalgia, but honestly I don't get the feeling much. I don't understand what people mean when they say being "clouded by nostalgia" because the feeling is just so foreign to me. Like, does it bring back such good memories it distorts your view? Usually when I go back to something memorable...I start comparing it to my standards now and it's not good anymore. I'm okay thanks. Was just in a very worried state over the last few days, even though it was only random anxiety stuff. But I feel better.
  11. Shun
    1 Week Ago 1:52 PM
    im straight up lazy to change most of the time so usually nothing changes for me
  12. Shun
    1 Week Ago 1:33 PM
    actually i now feel like making a different theme so the Chazz now has to step aside XD
  13. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 7:57 PM
    So I got my multicart thing. So now I can play phenoix wright, superstar ultra, etc. But I started Soul Silver. I've never beaten it. I'll try for a badge a day. We haven't spoken much about pokemon, but lugia is one of my favorite legendary' the same time there's always a negative stigma with legendary pokemon in game. Also torn on my starter. I have a preference for chikorita.

    I did end up beating crash man. The kicking power up is confusing me and I have no idea how it actually works. This game really isn't too difficult. I ran through gravity man's stage on my first try. This game is generous with giving out extra lives and healing. Gyro Man's stage was really impressive too, with all the moving elements.

    Aren't there multiple variants of the Japanese languages? I played animal crossing online all the time, and constantly ran into japenese players. It was interesting, because they always knew a bit of English, so we could still communicate. Yeah that became another issue when I joined the social media team. I was stressing badly about my posts for the pokecommunity page not getting enough likes, so I was checking every second. Oddly when I die in mega man it doesn't bother me in the slightest, but it does irk me slightly when I lose in mario. Probably because I hear so much about mario games being easy.

    I said all that...but honestly I don't even follow it. I still don't openly share my interests for the fear of being put down. I tried to get into sports because it's what everybody loved...but I just couldn't get into the culture of it. The only thing I really enjoy is boxing, but everything It's somewhat of a culture in the U.S to follow every sport. And many look down on those who don't. Then again, if I had my dad around to watch sports with, my answer right now might be entirely different.

    Which seasons of pokemon have you watched, out of curiously? I've seen the first one and found it really charming. I actually listened to my voice thing again, and meh. i don't dislike it that much. i looked up at this message before i finished, and i sincerely hope this isn't too brief. Been consumed today over anxiety. (self debating if my intelligence is low, then wondering if i'm disliked). It's all probably silly, but this is the stuff it does.
  14. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 5:15 PM
    I just thought I would mention it, but I played a lot of mega man 5 today. Stone Man's Stage, Gyro Man's Stage, Charge Man's Stage, Gravity Man's Stage.

    But charge man's stage, the boss is so difficult. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. But I tackled him with about 8 lives, and this is the result.
  15. Eleanor
    2 Weeks Ago 5:37 AM
    Oops, when it comes to forum I don't really leave my favorite sections that much...
    Still, thank you! I've only watched Toradora recently (a friend suggested it to me, guess who that is hahaha) but it's been a great experience~ And Taiga, as weird as I found her at first, is actually such an interesting character! <3

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