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    Quick Self-Introduction
    Everywhere outside of PokéCommunity, I call myself "Spooky" (with the "s).

    I like to write, make music, and more.
    If you want to get to know me better, take a look at other places you can find me (at the bottom of biography). Right now, there's not much, but just be patient.
    I work my hardest to write a fictional franchise of my own in novel/animation/music/game form day by day. To achieve this dream, I constantly hone my skills by practicing making fan content of other franchises I enjoy, Pokémon being one of them. I can make music, but I can't read music. I have perfect pitch, so I can understand any note or chord, so I just use that to my advantage.
    I'm still trying to figure out how to properly draw human beings, so be patient with me- it'll be a while before I can start putting up fanart. I consider myself KIND OF good.
    I'm taking baby steps into the world of voiceover. Not much to say here, but I can pull off a good Plankton impression when I try.
    I'm in my school's marching band as a drummer and keyboard player, I'm in NHS, I do a lot of cool stuff... But I still don't know how to drive. Let that tell you what you need to know.

    My Nintendo Switch FC: SW-2412-4669-4408

    My Microsoft Gamertag: Sp00Kroissant08

    My Steam:

    My Steam Artwork:

    My Twitter:

    My Wattpad:

    My YouTube:

    My Projects Group:

    My Instagram:
    I started playing Pokémon what I was 11 years old. I got Pokémon X on New Year's Eve of 2013, and couldn't put down the franchise since. My list of games played (to completion) are:

    - Blue
    - Gold
    - Emerald
    - Diamond
    - White
    - X
    - Omega Ruby
    - Moon
    - Ultra Moon

    I consider Pokémon X to be my primary, I've kept the same team since my Delphox in 2013. I just hold a lot of nostalgia in Kalos, I guess. Despite that, I think an XY remake can wait. Gen 4 needs remakes desperately.

    I rather dislike the anime and I'm not too deep into spinoffs (GO, the LG games, Mystery Dungeon, etc...)
    I hope you can respect that.

    Other than that, I'm rather fond of Kirby, Dragon Ball, FNaF, Undertale, Minecraft, etc...

    I'm working on releasing a collection of fan music on Youtube. I make music using Musescore 3.
    I'm working ALSO on creating a collection of fanart. These will probably all be on my Steam artwork.
    that one tree in Sw/Sh
    Male ♂
    Go Team
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