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    Quick Self-Introduction
    Creator of Project RainbowRed
    Project RainbowRed, my RPGMakerXP Pokemon Fangame, is non-commercial & non-profit. All comissions funded via my real-life job.

    Project RainbowRed (or PRR) starts an alternate universe of Pokemon FireRed/Leafgreen, but with two major changes:

    Giovanni forms Team Rainbow Rocket, teaming up with Archie, Maxie, Cyrus, Ghetsis, and Lysandre - but plans to expand his army even further with Ultra Wormholes. Team Rocket as a whole is far more competent & threatening. Proton, Petrel, Ariana, and Archer return too!
    Mega Evolution & Z-moves exist in this timeline. The mechanics & Pokemon listing are of Gen 7 with tidbits of Sword/Shield as well (namely the de-buffed terrains, heavy-duty boots item, and some of the new TM compatibility list)

    - All of Kanto, Johto, and the Sevii Islands (like a reverse HGSS - start in Kanto)

    - 16 Gym Battles (Brock thru Clair), with full teams of 6, competitive movesets, and reward Z-Crystals in addition to TM's

    - Can catch every Kanto Pokemon, every Johto Pokemon, their cross-gen evolutions, every Alolan form (found only on the Sevii Islands), every Pokemon w/ a Mega Evolution, each pseudo-legend, and many later gen Pokemon with unique typings (Volcarona, Bisharp, Aegislash, etc...)!

    - No fakemons, fake moves, or using items mid-battle on either side

    - More double battles for variety. Nearly half of boss battles are in doubles format.

    - Your Pokemon follow you like in HGSS (thanks mej71)

    - Pokemon Amie: battle benefits & alternate to happiness evolution

    - HM Items to replace HM's

    - Minimal soft-resetting necessary: Your mother can optimize the nature of your Pokemon to either Timid, Jolly, Modest, Adamant, or Naive (for mixed attackers). Defensive & Trick room nature modifiers available later in the game. IV changers available mid-game too.

    - Quality of Life hotkeys, including: ALT = Fast-forward button, D = Quicksave button, A = swap lead Pokemon

    - Balanced level curve: Your Pokemon stop gaining experience once you reach the badge level cap until you win another badge, so you won't be overleveled. The modern EXP Share ensures your party won't be under-leveled, either :)

    - Music from the mainline games, GlitchXCity, & more, so you don't have to listen to the defaut RPGMaker music

    - High-Quality attack animations from Pokemon Reborn & Rejuvenation

    - Rewarding sidequests & exploration: Either fulfulling sidequests or exploring outside the story locations rewards you with rare Pokemon, Mega Stones, and the better TM's. There are three Major Sidequests and a bunch of minor sidequests, all are completely optional but highly recommended.

    - The Major Sidequests are: 1. the Pokemon Rangers, 2. a Shadow Pokemon black market with Colosseum/XD characters, and 3. The UB task force with Looker and Anabel, where you investigate Ultra Beasts/Wormholes like in Sun/Moon

    - Rewards for filling out the new Kanto Pokedex: Professor Oak provides some of the best rewards for each milestone you comlete (25, 50, 75,...until you've caught every Kanto Pokemon except Mew & Mewtwo). This includes the original 151 + their cross-gen evolutions, such as Sylveon, Electivire, Crobat, etc...

    - the Cyber Arena, a post-game facility made with princess-phoenix's Virtual tileset where you can battle simulations of every Gen 1-7 significant trainer (Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Rivals, Evil Team) in either Singles or Doubles, your choice. These battles are played on "Set" battle style, level 100, Pokemon Amie battle benefits turned off. There's also an Ubers tier for you to test out your hard-earned Mewtwo or other high-powered legendaries.

    This game will come in two versions:

    Project RainbowRed+ (or PRR+) which implements changes inspired by Drayano60's ROMhacks BlazeBlack/VoltWhite, including buffs to weaker Pokeon, some new secondary typings, as well as subtly modified movesets & abilities.
    Project RainbowRed Vanilla (or PRR-) which keeps movesets, abilities, and typings the same as default Sun/Moon.
    ^Both versions have the same evolution method alterations, namely I wanted certain Pokemon to evolve before a level cap and for Trade Evolutions to evolve via either a Link Stone or their respective item (ie. Metal Coat on Scizor). All changes come in a txt.file, and can also be viewed in-game via FL's Advanced Pokedex script.
    Astronomy, Basketball, Literature, Traveling, anime/manga
    Male ♂
    Favorite Pokémon
    Volcarona, Swampert, [email protected]
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