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    Hmm. How best to introduce myself? I'm a pre-med student turned Psych major with an incredibly incriminating search history and unfortunately less time to write than I'd like, and a love for fanfiction.

    Due to time constraints, I won't be able to review as often as I'd like - in addition to the fact I'll still be working on my original fiction - but I am a fast reader, so if you have a story in mind that you think I'll like, feel free to throw it in my direction and I'll get to it sooner or later.

    LBGTQPIA friendly writer.


    About my take on the Pokemon world ...

    For most of my projects, it could be considered a blend of games, manga, and the anime - but also with more than a little bit of a dash of realism thrown in. Removing the game mechanics of limited move pools is one example, because forgetting a technique that you've mastered seems pretty sad when most species are portrayed as sentient/sapient, and usually fairly intelligent.

    Another is that my trainers are mostly aged up to fifteen or above, mostly because when you really think about it, canon has the biggest case of mass-neglect in almost any fandom. Send your ten-year-old gallivanting across the countryside, with only an untrained little creature at their side, when there are so many risks? Sure~. With fifteen and above (or thirteen for junior license and summer hobby training until they're of age), the characters in question have more time to develop solid reasoning skills and critical thinking, as well as learning survival skills and fun, important things like that.

    Last, but certainly not least among these examples, are tweaks to the ecological strata of pokemon species in general. Some of them are more or less rare (such as sheer popularity leading to previously endangered species - like eevee or clefairy - getting population rehabilitations and breeding programs), while also including subspecies variants. Canon evolution is actually cellular metamorphosis, rather like the process of caterpillars to butterflies, and is paired with a more Darwinian evolution and selective breeding. As result, there are everything from color mutations to actual breed differences within the same species. You can't tell I'm a nerd, can you?

    -- I'm also pondering an alternate universe where magic is developing alongside technology, and that's spawned a few stories of it's own.
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