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    I am a rare specimen of a geek with a taste for all things fitness, in particular Strongman. Prior to the release of Essentials v19, I used to help on the Game Development forum. Since then, I prefer to focus on my own fangame.

    [2022-05-09] I didn't mention it before, but one of my friends was making me sprites. He left my project... I now have to make ~30 sprites myself. And my beta-testers are busy. I'll do this myself too. You can't rely on anyone for Arceus' sake.
    1. Wait for Pokémon Legends Arceus resources to be released for Essentials.
    2. Make the missing sprites.
    3. Beta-test.
    Favorite Pokémon
    Kabutops, Jumpluff, Phione, Butterfree, Dedenne, Ursaring, and most Pokémon really.
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    Natu @ 5,161
    Hatch @ 5,176
    Xatu @ Level 100: 5,321
    Shiny: No
    Points: 70
    Buneary @ 5,064
    Offered Fully-Raised @ 5,064
    2022 Easter Community Pair Challenge
    Shiny: Yes
    Points: 250
    Exeggcute @ 5,064
    Offered Fully-Raised @ 5,064
    2022 Easter Community Pair Challenge
    Shiny: Yes
    Points: 0
    Girafarig @ 4,983
    Hatch @ 4,998
    Level 100: 5,158
    Shiny: No
    Points: 70
    Bronzor @ 4,873
    Hatch @ 4,888
    Bronzong @ Lv 100: 5,073
    Shiny: No
    Points: 100
    Tag-team with Megan
    Celebi @ 4,741
    Hatch @ 4,756
    Level 100 @ 4,981
    Shiny: No
    Points: 150

    My work for Pokémon Essentials: ►Gen 8 move animations (looking for contributors)◄►Pokémon Legends: Arceus content


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