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  1. J Ken
    July 18th, 2016 12:24 PM
    J Ken
    You're one of the only people I still talk with from my serebii days so I wouldn't keep you hanging like that. ;) Nice avi btw. :P

    That is a pretty accurate way to look at experiences with fiction. xD My worst experiences with ships I supported not being made canon was because it was either a series that no ships were ever made official or one where the favorite characters I support just don't end up getting with anyone and spend the rest of their lives bitter and alone.
    Those people are the worst. :x

    I'm about halfway through the story now, I'm in a tournament right now with the main characters battling their rivals in the semi-finals, it would end with Carly beating Kim to secure a spot in the finals. Afterwards the focus would shift to the war between Neo Phantom and Team Dogma, with the Dogma trio defeating the remaining Gym Leaders before running away after they get corned in their last assault. Along with that Golen and Kozu, his main rival who aims for the Pokemon league, would meet with Rayzoni, Golen's antagonistic rival whose become more neutral at that point, and the three would eventually enter an alliance with one another in spite of trust issues to fight their shared enemies. After I finished the semi-final round chapters, I was gonna write the regional oneshots to tie into the main story since the Commanders, members of both Team Dogma and Neo Phantom who are in actuality associated with Mewtwo, the true big bad and the one behind both teams, take action throughout those regions to further their plans while the Grand Prix, the tournament they hosted, was used to preoccupy all of the people in the Unova region while also being used as a way to preoccupy them and give Team Dogma and Neo Phantom space to go to war against each other throughout the region without being noticed.

    Thanks, I'll definitely try that out. :D I have Netflix now so I'll also check if they have it here. xD

    Agreed! lol That arc was awesome, I still remember everything that happened during that arc almost scene for scene even though it's been over a year since I saw it. xD I'll be able to catch up again in a while so hopefully we might end up at the same point in the story again. ^.^

    I'm hoping you've been having a great summer so far, I'm visiting my sister in Baltimore next week so the remainder of my summer will be pretty fun. :)

    I have a list with it lying around somewhere so I'm gonna try and search for what my old account name on MAL was along with my password, I'll log on again and send you a friendship request. :p If that doesn't work than I guess I'll just get a new account. lol

    EDIT: Disregard message
  2. J Ken
    July 6th, 2016 6:59 AM
    J Ken
    Hey, long time no see! Sorry for the late response, I lost my internet a few months back and only just recently got it back. :( So how've you been? :)

    I understand, I'm pretty easy to please in regards to romance. Other than unnecessary angst, large age gaps, irritating love triangles and over the top drama, I'm quite fine with most things, real life and in fiction. ^.^ Though I can't say I care much for harems, incest or soap-operas. >.<

    I do read the manga but I haven't gotten to write anything because I'm stuck on designs and overall personalities to assign to everyone. I wanna try to write the one shot chapters in a way that showcases that the MCs of each of them are heroes of their own stories.

    I was sad and annoyed that my family got rid of the cable literally the same week that they were going to start airing Hunter x Hunter on Toonami. lol I got myself hyped up for weeks and then I never even got to start. xD

    I understand how you feel. :( I'm glad you are/were (depending on if things changed since you posted this) still following OP. I lost track of where I was in the anime and manga because of the fact I was too thickheaded to write down my progress and that my history was erased after months of not using Chrome. What arc are you up to now?

    Happy belated birthday! I'll be twenty on Halloween so I'll reach my twenties too! ;)

    Since none of us really use these accounts of ours very much, I was wondering if there was any other place that you use more often that we chat on?
  3. J Ken
    December 17th, 2015 1:52 PM
    J Ken
    Don't worry, things will work out, I'm sure of it. :D

    Thanks! ^.^ So how's your day been? xD

    Agreed, characters mostly end up underrated because frankly most fandoms are quite shallow and are too quick to dismiss anything that isn't as straightforward or cool as what they're accustomed to. Thanks. xD Ever since the original cast left I haven't really enjoyed most characters as much as I did the originals. Most of Misty's successors aren't terrible but I certainly find myself more annoyed at them compared to older characters. Aside from that, I think the rivals that came after Gary and May's rivals aren't as exciting either tbh.

    It's pretty good, I've enjoyed it a lot so far. lol My only nitpick is that I don't really like how basically all the important girl cast members fall for the MC, I'm just not much of a fan of these kinds of tropes. :x

    Thanks. :) So far I've been working on how life in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh is like in hopes of writing oneshot chapters, tied to my main story, that would focus on the new generations of all those regions. So far I've just come up with a few bits of history on player characters/rivals from the games.
    I. Kanto- Both Red and Leaf exist in this continuity rather than just a singe one like in FRLG, as does Blue and back in the day they were a sort of power trio that competed against one another for the Champion title and like in the games Red defeated Blue to win the championship but he first had to defeat Leaf to get the right to challenge the Elite Four.
    II. Johto- Ethan/Gold and Silver exist and along with that both Kris and Lyra are part of this continuity as well, Ethan had the "player character" role, Silver was practically like how he is in the games while Kris and Lyra are relatives in this continuity. Lyra had sort of the same role as in HGSS while Kris was a companion to Gold during his quest.
    III. Hoenn- Brendan was Norman's son while May is Birch's daughter. They were rivals who competed with one another, to a more competitive degree than in the games. Eventually they challenged the Battle Frontier together and emerged victorious as the first dual conquerors of the Frontier.
    IV. In Sinnoh, Dawn filled in the player character role while Lucas was Rowan's assistant and also double as a Coordinator to contrast Dawn, who instead aimed for Gym Battles. Barry was a dual rival to both and competed against them in both fronts.

    Cool. lol You've progress pretty far, I'm still on Episode 523. I've been stuck on that episode for months since I wanted to focus on finishing the manga version of the arc first but I slacked off. :p

    Yep, it basically drained most of ARC-V's animation budget but it's worth it. xD lol That opening are hilarious. I liked the song as well. ;)

    All these years and I never knew you were muslim, I'm so embarrassed. xD
    Ah alright, well that's good to know. ;) Iirc isn't your birthday next month?
  4. ~Kisara~
    December 16th, 2015 10:19 AM
    Hi :)
    New avatars on serebii; I got the best Serena one yet :D
  5. J Ken
    December 12th, 2015 3:23 PM
    J Ken
    No worries, it's alright. ^.^ That's a shame, how are you liking your job?
    It was nothing to severe, just uncertainty of what I wanted to do and lack of confidence in myself. I got over the depression a while back, I'm still struggling with finding what I want to do with my life but I'm mostly find. :)

    Yep it sure is, but the current arc hasn't really been all that exciting tbh. xD Hang in there! What animes are you currently watching? :D

    Yep, there used to be more competition with who my top favorite was but when a character I like gets screwed over so badly so often, it just makes me like them and prefer them over others even more. Agreed, it usually depends on the series I follow. If it's a series that treats its characters with respect than I'm more willing to have larger amounts of favorites but otherwise I only stick with a few. He's still in the series but he's not getting any focus and may or may not get offed someday but there's still hope, though if he does get replaced like with what happened with Misty than I'll probably lose any and all hype I have left for the series, I'll still follow but my excitement and interest will die as soon as that happens.

    She's awesome, one of my favorites from the entire series tbh. xD
    Her name is Chelsea, she's from Akame Ga Kill, I don't know too much about her yet but I like what I've seen so far. lol

    Thanks. :D Nah, he's just a flirt but his efficiency depends on who he interacts with, it it's someone important he'll fail but if it's a nameless person than he'll succeed. xP Carly doesn't really have a love interest, she has a crush on Golen but it isn't a big enough thing just yet to make them love interests. For her I'm focusing more on her character arc and endgame competition before expanding on those other aspects. :)

    Thanks, I'll take your word for it. ;) I'm glad you like her, I figured that she was the type of character you'd like. ^.^ What episode are you currently up to, I've been slacking for months but I'm sure you've been doing better than I have. xD

    Cool and nice choice! lol You should check this out, the animation is awesome.

    I actually meant any holiday in general, since I wasn't too sure on what you celebrated. xD Ah alright, so what holiday do you celebrate? :D
  6. J Ken
    November 14th, 2015 11:15 AM
    J Ken
    Hey, I'm really sorry that I was gone for so long, I didn't mean to keep you waiting. I was a bit depressed for a while and before I knew it a month had already passed since the last time I logged on. :x
    Thanks. ^.^ Did you start working yet? I remember the last time we talked you told me that it would be a while until you got to start.
    ARC-V, it's the fifth series. xD All Yu-Gi-Oh! series are good in their own right but ARC-V is so special in comparison to the others, it's kind of like an anniversary series for the franchise.
    You don't know this character, but Shingo Sawatari. He's part of the main cast of characters in ARC-V and one of the main character's rivals and yet he gets screwed over every time he does anything and is the fall guy no matter what situation he's in, even against damn mooks, it's just really sad. :/ For someone you do know well um.....oh, Lucy! :p
    Yeah that's a great design, she's Nia from Gurren Lagaan. :D I really like this design:

    My day's been decent, I hit a slump in regards to writing chapters and drawing a few days ago but I'm starting to get better. Here's a little snippet of what I've been working on since then. Logan is one of the rivals to Carly in the story.
    “Oh my!” a voice exclaimed as Logan twirled towards the woman before kneeling down and holding her hand. “You, are you an alien? Because your smile is out of this world.” the blonde-haired lad brightly smiled. “Huh?” the girl uttered in confusion as Logan rose up all the while continuing to hold her hand. “Forgive me. I lose myself in the presence of such immeasurable beauty. But would you mind accompanying me, this is our second meeting after all.” Logan flirtatiously declared. “Second? When did we meet before?” the girl wondered in confusion. “Why in my dreams of course.” the over the top blonde lad winked as the girl began to laugh at him. “Hahahaha, you’re funny.” she laughed in response to Logan’s flirting while leaving. “…Huh?” the speechless Logan mumbled while remaining in place, absolute floored at the fact that he had not only been ignored but was laughed at by the young woman, seemingly being treated as a fool.

    So how've you been since the last time we chatted? :)

    I don't blame you, it's the same with me. lol I only have a select few things I watch/follow and yet I waste hours just watching episodes and thinking about those things, it's stressful sometimes. :p But I need to look up a new website to watch One Piece, the site I used to use doesn't show images and only shows a minus symbol whenever I check out chapters. >.<

    It's been a while so I've got a few things I want to talk about. lol How have you progressed with your anime list? x3

    I love Yu-Gi-Oh! theme songs so much. Sorry for spamming you with so many links. :/

    Also I was wondering if you had any plans for the holidays?
  7. ~Kisara~
    October 22nd, 2015 4:40 PM
    Hey there~
  8. J Ken
    October 9th, 2015 2:56 PM
    J Ken
    Yeah that does sounds cool. :) What does she teach, high school, middle school? I'll definitely keep that in mind, I'm keeping my options open for now. I liked the thought of getting into animation but then I realized how difficult it was. xD
    More like minor character, but she'll become major when it's time for the final arc. I really like this pairing. x3
    IKR? lol How about when "main" characters get treated like extras in their own shows? There are plenty of favorites of mine that are labeled main characters yet get crap compared to other main characters or even some supporting characters.

    I'm way ahead of you though I'm drinking water since I don't have tea. ^.^ I woke up late and finished watching anime so I'm going to get started now. ;) Oh well I agree with you. xP

    Cool. :D So how's your day been?

    A lot of people actually think that I am. xD I'm also not really the talkative type unless it's with someone I'm good friends with.

    Nah, I watch anime online but most of the animes I listed are ones I usually just watch on Toonami. lol It's not that but I'm just really terrible at following too many animes and mangas. xDI mean that I'm bad at following animes/mangas. xP That sounds good, tell me your thoughts on it after you see more of it. I might get inspired. :D

    That sucks. About how long is Fate Stay Night?
  9. J Ken
    October 8th, 2015 1:10 PM
    J Ken
    Not yet, I was considering English since I'm good at that subject but I'm still undecided. I'm going to fix things up, hopefully find a major and start college next semester.
    I understand what you mean. xD Working and going to school is good but nothing compares to the enjoyment of getting to relax like that. lol
    One of the look-a-likes of the main heroine from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. x3 I'm stressed because she hasn't shown up outsides of a flashback, most of my favorites in this series either don't show up enough, lose all the time or both. :x

    Good. ^.^ I just woke up from a really long and good sleep so I'm going to get back into doing my full body models. :D
    Nice gifs! Who's the girl in them?

    That's nice of you, I try my best too but usually it all depends on who I talk to. I try my best not to make conversations too onesided but I feel like I talk to much about myself. xD

    I am? xP I'm really picky in who I talk to, more so in real life compared to online. I'm not snobby but I'd rather not end up getting involved with any sleazy people or jerks, they're easy to avoid online but it's kind of hard to do so irl if you aren't careful enough.

    I've heard the same, the anime seems pretty rushed imo. I don't plan on reading the manga, I might one day but I'm undecided, most of the things on my list are things I watch on t.v. xD I actually put it on my list of things to watch a year ago. lol It looks really good but you know how terrible I am at these things. :p What would you rate it from what you've watched so far from 1 out of 10?

    Thanks for the explanation, that does sound pretty exciting. Have you read any other visual novels besides Fate Stay Night?
  10. J Ken
    October 7th, 2015 3:40 PM
    J Ken
    No problem. I don't have a real job atm but I've been getting paid to help one of my mom's friend's kid with their homework. So when do you start your new job? :D
    I do have another laptop at home but that's the family laptop so I don't get to use it too much. Besides that all my documents and other important info is still on this computer and I have to find my usb to upload all crucial information on there. :/
    Btw I'm really loving this design. lol

    Yep, I actually reached it months ago but I've been progressing slower. Hmm, when it comes to making progress I prefer the manga but when it comes to what I enjoy seeing more I prefer watching the anime for it's liveliness. lol Hbu?

    If you insist. xD I dunno just yet what to do, I'll make sure to surprise you. ;)

    Thanks! ^.^ You're like the only person I know who gives me motivation when it comes to making progress with my hobbies. xD

    Sounds nice, I wish was more decisive with my life goals like you. :(
    That's awesome, I only know English and sloppy Spanish along with a tiny bit of Japanese/Italian. lol

    That sounds good. xD The artwork looks really good as well. It's pretty good so far, I really like the animation and artwork but it's a bit too gory and I kind of wish they wouldn't kill so many characters off so quickly. ;x

    I actually haven't ever read one myself but I've heard of them. Really? That's cool, so how exactly is it like to read a visual novel? Is it any different than reading a book or manga?
  11. J Ken
    October 6th, 2015 6:40 PM
    J Ken
    That's good. :) Ah so you got the job, congrats. xD
    It's the worst, it completely ruins my day when I have to stop all of that because of those darn technical problems. I can't even work on anything for extended periods most of the time because I have to pay attention to see if the charger is connected otherwise I could get careless, the charger unplugs and the computer automatically shuts down. :x

    It's no problem, it's not all that bad really. Cool. :D I'm still in the first saga of Pt. II of the series, it's not that there's too much to read for me but I've been progressing really slowly lately.
    Are you sure? I really wanted to draw her for you. I don't really see it as a chore it's just that I'm disappointed in my own overall laziness and procrastination in regards to drawing in general. It's been months since I even so much as picked up a drawing pencil.

    Thanks. :D Hmm well I have 154 chapters planned for the current story before moving on to a sequel story. At best I'll be done next year, at worst late 2017.

    Thanks. ^.^ Do you ever plan on having kids when you get older?

    It's the same for me honestly. lol So what languages do you speak besides English?

    How long has Gintama been airing? I once saw the episode count a long time ago and there were a ton of episodes. I don't blame you, if it's not about being generic than I guess it also depends on the portrayal and handling of a character.Besides Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm watching One Piece, Fairy Tail, Dragonball Z Kai, Akame Ga Kill and Pokemon, occasionally.
  12. J Ken
    October 6th, 2015 11:10 AM
    J Ken
    Hey, I'm fine. ^.^ Cool, how'd you like your time there?
    Cool. xD I've been slacking recently because of laptop issues, videos load slow and pages freeze up when I read manga chapters. :/
    Agreed. :D That really is gorgeous. O.O I'm really impressed with it!

    Actually she is, the only siblings she isn't the mother of are the two brothers and three sisters on my dad's side, but she gets along with them pretty well. I can understand why she wouldn't ask my other two siblings though, they're actually pretty obnoxious when I actually pay closer attention to how they are.

    I agree. lol So have you gotten past Thriller Bark yet? x3

    Of course. ;) Btw sorry for still not finishing your pic of Saber and Clefairy, things have gotten really messy ever since my laptop started having a bunch of problems. :x

    Thanks. :D Kim actually falls in love with Kyoya, one of Golen's main rivals, later on in the story, which provides an extra layer to her character and dynamics with Carly. Ironically the guy she falls for is someone she completely disregarded before even actually meeting him and the most important person to him, his deceased younger sister, was someone who didn't like people who looked down on others due to their genders, which was a mentality passed on to him that in turn made Kim one of the types of people he for all intents would dislike. Eventually he criticized her for her childishness and ignorance at judging the worth of other trainers solely for their gender, which actually makes her for the first time in her life question her own beliefs. Of course she naturally considers herself a hypocrite and begins to hate herself for falling in love with Kyoya in spite of how much she hated men but Carly comforts her and even brings up the fact that she wouldn't have fallen in love if she was really as adamant as she shows herself along with other things and that moment of bonding builds the foundation to a future friendship between the two in spite of being rivals. Kim is strictly in love with only Kyoya, who while criticizing her whenever she tries to pay too much attention to him and not on her dreams, his feelings are still vague since besides that he's actually the nicest to her out of most characters he interacts with but at the same time he's so painfully ignorant to the point of being moronic in regards to social standards or romance, these feelings for him in turn give Kim her most dominant win over Carly yet and only when she starts to force herself to give up on those feelings along with the friendships she formed with other characters and try to stick to her old beliefs is it when Carly finally surpasses her and ultimately bests her in the end.

    I dunno, I just don't really have an interest in any women I know and I don't really want to have kids either. I understand what you mean. xD You'll find the right person someday, I'm sure. ;)

    Hmm well your English sounds fine to me but if you really want to you learn more English words, find any online articles or an online class to help you learn better English? Sorry that's the best I've got right now. xD

    IKR? That's the same for me. lol That sounds good, I've heard that Gintama's a funny anime. Those character designs are really on point, you always tell me about the most unique anime character. xD Wow, they all sound really interesting and complex too! Have fun watching it. ^.^
  13. J Ken
    September 10th, 2015 9:27 AM
    J Ken
    It's alright. xD Where dd you go for vacation? :D
    Stick with it, I know you'll finish your list one day. lol So do you usually add more anime to your list after you finish whatever series you are watching or are all those animes ones you had in mind for a while?
    Nice choices, mine would have to be whichever the Studio that did Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann were. Though mostly I have favorite specific animators most of the time. Like in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V the animator Hidekazu Ebina. Here are some examples.
    I can understand tough love but the way she and most of my family does things is just plain rude, what they do isn't done an in an encouraging or concerned manner it's just done in the obnoxious "I know everything and you know nothing now shut up and do what I say" manner. I've told my parents time and time again that I've been trying to get work and fix other issues but they never listen they just criticize me and act as if I do nothing to make any actual progress. I'm not really miserable doing chores, I just don't like how my siblings do nothing to contribute and get let off easy. I can do chores for sure but those two are just obnoxious, spoiled and self entitled and that just rubs me the wrong way.

    Nah, Oda said something about Usopp always being the overall weakest of the crew a while back but the weakling trio is her, Usopp and Chopper. It's slow but it's still worth it. xD

    I won't. ;) I was doing full body models but stopped after finishing the very first one. I have to get back into it and do the rest of the main cast but the proportions, fingers, angles and just the fact it's more than just a facial shot is a bit much for me atm. :/

    Thanks. :D I know I can rely on you. ^.^ Alright well I'm set on character designs for now but I was wondering what you thought on the rivalry for the main female and her main rival. Basically Kim, rival, dislikes Carly, female lead, for what she believes to be overly dependence on her traveling companions, who are all males and Kim is a misandrist because of what happened when she was younger and she also hates weak women, so she picks on Carly whenever she can because she thinks Carly should just abandon her friends and do things on her own to be strong while Carly values her companions, who are her first friends, and thinks she improved a lot because of her equally supportive friendship with them all and doesn't like how Kim tries to degrade her or her comrades because of their different beliefs. Kim thinks she's wrong and basically their battle record against each other goes, whenever they fight one-on-one Kim wins but if they fight in tag battles Carly wins and basically in the end Carly wants to show that she can be strong with the support of her comrades while also being strong on her own because of that support while Kim just wants to show that the only strong woman are the ones who rely on only themselves.

    I'm not really worried, even though I love fictional romance I don't really desire real life romance. lol Same here, but Pokemon's cheesiness kind of lost it's appeal to me but we've already gone over that. xD Thanks. ^.^ It's a pic of two of my three favorite Arc-V characters drawn by my favorite animator. I always wanted them to interact and form a bond but now I'm just worried that they're both going to get killed off before they interact again. :x

    I know, I don't feel entitled to watch it because it's popular but the prospect of trying a different genre of anime is interesting to me. :)

    It was great, the animation was awesome, the story was amazing and I just want to see Season 2 already. lol
  14. J Ken
    August 25th, 2015 8:42 AM
    J Ken
    I think it helps that there's never been an anime I outright dislike. :p They're the worst, the pacing is off at times but at least with Funimation they don't overdo it with fillers. More or less, I usually decide what I'll spend the week doing and unless there are interferences or my mind just wanders off, I focus on things pretty well. How are you doing currently? :D I respect her as a mom but she annoys me as a person tbh. :/ She spends all her time complaining to me that I haven't found a job or worked out things for college and yet she has no problem blabbering about my shortcomings to other people and never once has she given me an ounce of support or asked me if I need any help with any of those things in the months that I've been struggling. I don't mind chores but 90% of the time said chore is playing lottery games and I just hate that place. lol Plus I just don't like my annoying siblings getting free passes, my brother isn't that much younger than me and my sister works, but only provides for herself, so she does even less than either of me or my brother. xD

    Damn, that's pretty early. o.o I didn't know you thought he was annoying. xD Oda said something about Usopp forever being the weakest of the crew so I think he's supposed to be the most human one.... Aw darn, so you're traveling right now or have you already came back?

    Thanks. :D I actually drew that last December, so it's been over half a year since I officially drew a female character. :( But I'll still try my best and do that Saber pic for you.

    I hope you're right, procrastination and laziness always gets to me. :/ Right now I have 284 chapters planned for my current stories, discounting future sequels, atm I've finished 82 overall chapters. :x That's nice. ^.^ You'll get it for sure! They'd be insane to not accept you. ;)

    Agreed, I like cheesy stuff but shoujo cheesy, not so much. lol I'm a sucker for romance too, when done right as side plots they're a ton of fun. Though I prefer reading it in fiction or writing about it instead of actually pursuing it in real life, yeah I know I'm a loser like that. xP

    I'm sure I will. :D My list of animes were pretty one dimensional, it was mostly card game animes or action/adventure ones, so I definitely need some variety. Take your time. xD Ah alright well it sounds pretty interesting. :p

    You mean Jakuzure? lol Yeah she was pretty good too, the Elite 4 were just awesome all together tbh. xD Ah, I also watched the first season of Attack on Titans, a while back. :D
  15. J Ken
    August 17th, 2015 10:55 AM
    J Ken
    I'm kinda just generalizing at this point, I've got no idea what I'm actually doing. lol You quit slacking off too. xD I actually have yet to drop a series, usually I just stick to what people recommend me or whatever it is I grew up following. That's cool, well as long as one of us makes progress it's fine. lol Ah alright, do you still have the filler list for Bleach? I can give you a link if you don't. That's a really good idea, I'll keep it in mind. :) Currently I just read about 5-10 chapters of the OP manga per day, work on my chapters for a few hours and practice drawing. I read a whole arc of OP first since it has better pacing and then I watch the episodes afterwards since it'd be a bit tedious to read a scenes and then watch them right away afterwards. My schedule's really messy atm, my mom insists on making me do all chores even though my siblings do absolutely NOTHING for the house and then I lose time from creative slumps and computers issues slowing down my anime/manga progress.

    I ship them for that too tbh. xD Ah alright, I can understand that. Yeah he is. xD Ah that part, wait have they gotten to fighting Moriah yet? Maybe you can use the formula you recommended for me? You know 2 OP episodes per day and then a bunch on the weekend. Get it together, besho. xP Good luck, you're at the part where things really pick up. ^.^

    This is the most recent pic I did of a female character(s). They don't look anywhere near good enough. lol

    Nice, what job do you want? xD My list is 1. Get a job 2. apply for college 3. work on my fanfics 4. catch up to O 5. work on my drawings. :p

    I'll take your word for it. ;) Genre isn't so much a problem for me, if the characters and/or plot is amazing than that's all I need. Though I'm not really into shoujo or harem animes. :/

    How about FMA, CG, Death Note and then HXH? lol
    Ah alright, well take your time. What's Rurouni Kenshin about from what you currently know?

    The concept itself was already over the top but the way it was executed was just awesome. x3
    Agreed, at the very least it was about equal between genders but still most fanservice isn't exactly my cup of tea and besides that the only other thing I wish was different was the smaller impact that the non Kamui/Goku uniform wearing supporting characters played as soon as Ragyo and Nui took the center stage, they just felt severely underpowered. Nice choices and she really is. xD

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