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  1. Verloren 5
    4 Days Ago 12:01 AM
    Verloren 5
  2. Verloren 5
  3. Verloren 5
    3 Weeks Ago 5:22 PM
    Verloren 5
    Hello, Skeli. I have a request! Will you include the DPPt Font Patch for Pokémon Unbound?
  4. GeggiAlex
    June 9th, 2022 2:56 AM
    Hi Skeli, first of all congratulations to you and your work, Unbound is the finally Pokémon experience that i wanted, a GBA hack rom that is better then some Pkm Fan Games, gg..

    So i have a request.. it is possible have more then 30 storage boxes??? This game give us the possibility to catch more then 1100 Pokémon, but we haven't space to collect them :/

    Hoping in your answer, have a good day and thank you again c:
  5. toxiccheese666
    May 22nd, 2022 9:46 PM
    Heu, is the full game out as of May 2022?
  6. NaughtySkeletor
    March 31st, 2022 3:51 AM
    Unbound is definitely my favourite hack so far! I keep staying up until 4am playing it before I realise how tired I am . The fact that it was made by a small team of fans makes it even more incredible. Thank you so much to everyone involved in this masterpiece!
  7. SugarSkitty
    March 18th, 2022 10:24 AM
    Hi, Skeli! :D

    I'm OBSESSED with Unbound. Like, obsessed-obsessed. I just realized you're a little younger than me--I'm trying to tell myself you're an exceptional prodigy so I don't feel like an under-accomplished bump on a log LOL

    Thank you so much for making this game!!!!

    ~Your fan,

  8. Camerupt01
    March 15th, 2022 9:05 AM
    Thank you for making the best hack rom ever! I have a bug to report though! I'm trying to complete all the missions and one I miss is to get 3000 coins at Dehara game corner in one single day. Basically, as soon as I start the cloud minigame, it doesn't even let me get it started! No matter the difficulty! It says "ready ----> start! ----> Game over!" in a matter of 2 seconds! Why? Is it possible that's because I imported my save file from version 1.3.1? I mean, I already got 75/84 missions so no problem for the star, still, I wish I could complete this game 100% and this bug doesn't let me complete that mission! How to fix?
  9. Ansh¹⁹⁸⁸
    March 7th, 2022 11:32 PM
  10. Gabriel_Red
    February 17th, 2022 4:54 PM
    Thank for the best hackrom <3
  11. TheTwilightPrince
    January 30th, 2022 2:41 PM
    I love your game!!
  12. HeroTheGeek
    January 22nd, 2022 7:01 AM
    Hello skeli plss remove anti cheat on unbound plss
  13. Del
    January 20th, 2022 12:21 PM
    Hiya Skeli, I love your Unbound hack. Fascinating work, plot and concept. I yet have to finish the game I am on Victory road right now. Have been playing it for 2 weeks now.
    I am wondering if you are planning already for a next hack?
  14. Ansh¹⁹⁸⁸
    January 18th, 2022 7:35 AM
    Greetings sir!
    I am recently banned from your very owned discord server, probably the reason was the those pings and that link.
    I really appologize for that , i didn't meant to send those messages but that is caused due to my mistake that i clicked on a suspicious link which led to hacking of my account and the messages were sent without my knowledge.
    Please Forgive me sir.
  15. RS156
    August 27th, 2021 3:36 AM
    Hi Skeli,

    I wanted to make change on your pokemon unbound rom and add defense and special defense EV trainers in Dresco battle house. What would be the best approach to do that change?
    I am new to rom hacking and tried using advanced map on your rom but It was giving me error.

    Thanks for taking your time and making pokemon unbound. Its been the best rom hack I have played and currently laying the second run.

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