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  1. Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
    May 20th, 2015 9:29 AM
    Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
    Haha thanks, sorry for taking so long to reply
  2. Hikamaru
    May 20th, 2015 12:50 AM
    Thanks for the friend request cutie!
  3. Fun Size
    May 19th, 2015 10:18 PM
    Fun Size
    Hey thanks a lot for the friend request! That was a very pleasant surprise! ^^

    In response to your questions, I didn't like ORAS mainly because I had just finished like 7 playthroughs of Emerald right before it was released and even with the new additions it didn't feel "new" to me. Because of this, I stopped at Mauville City and haven't touched the game in like ~3 months.
    Soulsilver was an awesome game! I really loved how the Pokemon would follow you and I wish they'd do that again someday although I bet it'd be hard with the new 3d graphics. Do you still have the Pokewalker thing that was sold with it?
  4. Archy
    May 19th, 2015 4:32 PM

    Hmm, you're not boring at all!. I like Magneton and Latias, but it's so hard to choose!.
  5. Archy
    May 19th, 2015 4:25 PM
    Nah, I didn't went to school. Lucky me!.

    I had Clair on my older theme, a month ago. Favorite Pokemon is...?
  6. Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
    May 19th, 2015 4:10 PM
    Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
    Thanks for the friend request xD am good thanks
  7. Archy
    May 19th, 2015 4:07 PM
    Pretty good as well!, thanks for asking!.

    Oh, Clair is one of my favorite leaders! :)
  8. Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
    May 19th, 2015 3:57 PM
    Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
    Hey xD how are you?
  9. AquaMarine8
    May 19th, 2015 3:49 PM
    Hi there! Thanks for the friend request. :D You asked in your intro thread if I have a favorite gym leader. I do! It's Flannery. Even though Fire type isn't exactly my favorite, I love her design and concept. Plus, I ship her with Steven. ^.^ Do you ship any characters?
  10. Archy
    May 19th, 2015 3:29 PM
    Heyo!. What's up?
  11. Dragon
    May 19th, 2015 3:19 PM
    Ah I just was working all day. </3

    But that's cool! Did you get any good cards? Oh and my all time favourite gym leader is Erika. :3
  12. Dragon
    May 19th, 2015 3:03 PM
    I'm doing fine, thanks! Also cute avatar btw; Clair is one of my favourite gym leaders~ :3

    Nooo; it's your intro thread so you can do whatever you want. <33

    If you're replying to others on your intro thread, just be sure to quote people all on one post instead of a dozen posts, just for neatness sake!
  13. Dragon
    May 19th, 2015 2:55 PM
    Hiii <33

    How are you today~?

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