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  1. LadyJirachu
    May 2nd, 2018 9:24 AM
    Hi Donna! :D I hope you are doing well^^

    Do you like dress up games? :3 I used to play them lots
  2. LadyJirachu
    March 19th, 2018 9:14 AM
    Yeah, i'm really peeved about the bible stuff, too, but lets not talk about that. it'll only lead to a conversation about bullying, and i'm sensitive to that. :/

    Yep, my favorite fairy is sylveon^^

    I think you're doing very good with your english!

    I do notice some trolly members here, but they don't really seem that bad. Actually, they're kind of funny. Maybe I will hang around! XD
  3. LadyJirachu
    March 19th, 2018 5:41 AM
    Actually, i've been treated mostly kindly over my crush on Korrina, and actually have found it more positive for me than a lot of my 'hetro' crushes :) Especially the one I had just before her :( I was not mistreated over liking HIM, but I was mistreated for being a girly girl a lot back when I liked him. So I hate remembering him, due to that, since I really love girly things and it bothers me that there's any idea in my head that liking them could make me want to hurt other people. So try not to gossip about negative people around me :) Cuz I often take it that those people could be girly and being talked bad about :(

    My favorite types are fairy and fighting :) Fairy, cuz its girly, and fighting, cuz it's korrina's signature type and korrina means a lot to me.

    I may prefer serebii's over this forum still. Its hard to say if they have nice staff or not, but I did see a troll post in my sanrio questions thread, and stuff like that doesn't tend to happen on serebii's. As i've been cyber bullied a lot, but not over liking Korrina, not yet, thankfully, I am very sensitive to trolls.

    I've actually been homeschooled throughout my childhood, so there's concerns others seem to have that I don't so much due to that.

    What matters ultimately to me is kindness, and I want to become as kind a person as possable and stay that way too :D

    Its nice to have another lesbian friend too. I'm actually bi, though, since i've mostly liked males up till I got into korrina (but now i only like korrina and i mostly find girls attractive when i look at other people it seems. i've heard bi people can like one gender, then prefer the other more later on from a friend. she's bi, too =3 she was more into females as a teen, now she seem's almost straight.)
  4. LadyJirachu
    March 19th, 2018 1:52 AM
    Hehe, I could tell by your talking style you might of also found other girls attractive, like i do X3 It's nice to meet another female who find's korrina attractive! People like us seem so rare xD Thanks so much for the compliment too ^o^

    Psychic work is interesting, though i don't think it would be safe for someone as emotionally sensitive as me. I have studied some stuff, though. Psychic also used to be my favorite pokemon type when I was younger. Is it your favorite type too? :3

    And thats also very good for me that mental illnesses interests you, cuz I myself have a mental illness. I have aspergers.

    Empathy is really nice :) I feel some people lack in it too much. I can't help but feel for others feelings a lot, though, with how sensitive i am. I actually used to live in constant worry that i'd hurt other people really badly, but since getting into korrina i've been getting over that and now i'm a much happier person :D I still think caring is indeed good, though, as long as you don't let caring hurt you of course. We all have feelings. We should take care of each other the best we can^^
  5. LadyJirachu
    March 18th, 2018 4:07 PM
    Yeah, since I may go on here a lot more than serebii's from now on, we might become closer friends over on here! :3

    Besides lucid dreams, what other things are you interested in?

    I like pretty much anything girly and adorable. I looked at some of my lisa frank coloring books today ;3 I like dreaming about cute and girly things too. I've had many dreams about stuff like fashion and jewelry :D
  6. LadyJirachu
    March 18th, 2018 8:31 AM
    HEY I KNOW YOU! :D Hey! It's me, Triox, from serebii's! You're Donna from there, right? I've disided to leave that place behind, I would rather not talk about why. It would be great if we became better friends on this newer forum now :)

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