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  1. Homeskulled Kid
    2 Days Ago 8:22 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Hesitant Alien is my new favourite album. It's just... fantastic. He's got these psychedelic lyrics going on and every song is doomed to be repeated a hundred times. He's got a perfect balance of repetition going on, really.

    Awesome! And I get you there - it's mukty not having enough money to pick up this and that when you want/need them. It turns life into such a god damn waiting game. Still, something has gotta crop up someday. It's better to be a go-getter in this life, but we've all got your walls.

    And I send it in my monologue! Ah yeah! It'll be a while yet before I get confirmation, and since it's sort of a glib, dark, Napoleon Dynamite-esque delve into suicide, it might not get through to the finals.

    "Have a song," they said randomly
  2. Homeskulled Kid
    3 Days Ago 1:11 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Absolutely. I've love to send more than a letter, though. Like, a drawing or a cover of me doing one of his songs, lmao. Have you listened to Baby, You're a Haunted House, or Millions? They're excellent. Also, I tried doing screamo a couple of days ago. It shreds your chest, but it's good fun. I've got a knack for it.

    Not very familiar with K-pop/J-pop stars. But it's always good to have a new hero.

    Yeah, mixing old ideas with new ones is a great way of fleshing out a story. Go for it, even if integration is a bit awkward. It's only your first draft. It doesn't have to be perfect.
  3. Homeskulled Kid
    5 Days Ago 7:37 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Yeah, it was cool! Very slice-of-life-y and feel-good. It's sort of hard for me to critique 'cause we've got such disparate writing styles, but I've seen some progress from your last work and it's sizing up nicely. I'd like to show you something of mine, except none of it is quite right yet. When I create something I'm halfway proud of, I'll share a paragraph or two.

    And whether I win or lose this contest, I'm gonna send Gerard Way a letter. I never thought that he'd turn into such an inspiration, but he has. You get attached to people, like Jude Law and Tom Holland and stuff, and they are brilliant, but Gerard is a very special kind of soul. I'd be bloody pleased if he read my as-of-yet-unwritten letter.
  4. Homeskulled Kid
    5 Days Ago 4:20 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Sorry for taking ages. I've been writing, and uh, sorta feeling... depressed? It's very unusual for me. When the novelty wears off, I think it'll be very tiresome.

    And cool! Good on you for switching perspectives. That sort of thing is really good practice, and you'll probably notice a skill jump. Remember! Fast and funny dialogue is the best way to make characters interesting and endearing. And it's good to shake up the emotions. One-note characters, like they're always angry or cheery, get sorta tiring.
  5. Homeskulled Kid
    1 Week Ago 4:28 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Thanks! Right now there's a lot of noise going on, so I'll have to listen to it when it quietens down a bit. But anything to do with personality disorders and I'm interested. I forgot what Tourette's is called in that instance. My memory is getting so awful.

    And at night, it feels like I'm slipping away even more. In terms of memory, sensation and all that. Everything's so flipping distant, and consequences are inching away. There's officially a mile between everything. If life gets kickstarted and things start happening, maybe there'll be a degree of reality about the place. But it's just getting so bloody frustrating.
  6. Homeskulled Kid
    1 Week Ago 4:49 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Ooh, so The Umbrella Academy, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Stranger Things, Spider-man 2, Star Wars, Pokémon, Artemis Fowl, Avatar 2 and How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World! It's looking pretty exciting, eh? And yeah, Maleficent too and all that.

    Never seen it. It's come recommended though, so it's just another thing to chalk up to the Must See List. And Elle Fanning was bloody pretty in Super 8. She looks a bit like a mouse. Mousy looks don't hold a candle to ratty looks, but yeah, she's cute.
  7. Homeskulled Kid
    1 Week Ago 4:33 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    I'm so excited to watch it! It's a while off yet, but whatever. And so far... Number 5 is my favourite character? Seance is great too, though.

    Same. I don't know if my monologue will reach the finals. It's pretty much a car crash, with bits of material from the weirder side of my life. I'm going to call it The Land of Eggshells, 'cause that resonates a lot, really. I hope your writer's block clears, though.
  8. Homeskulled Kid
    1 Week Ago 2:22 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Whoops! Late again. I've just rewritten my monologue, but it's only gonna work if Ben Mendelsohn does it, in all of his lanky Australianess.

    And yeah. I'm a fan! Especially of his comic The Umbrella Academy - I started it last night and it's everything that I've been looking for. I mostly like good old Way because he diversified, and rules at both outlets. He also influenced a quadrillion youths into dying their hair and getting neckties, which is also epic. Ah, emo... I'm still in love with it. This bit of the 21st century is so devoid of culture and originality in the way we portray ourselves, save a precious few. Like, what are our descendants going to remember of us? iPhones, puerile fashion and no body hair. Good lord.

    And, you know, thanks for confiding in me. I'm like, 120% disengaged from reality so I find it difficult to process half of the hardship that could come with it. And getting diagnosed sounds rotten because there's so... much... flipping... stigma. Even people with Tourette's have a low standard of living. So reporting yourself to be a schizo might not be the best way to get a job in acting, but hiding it is for wimps. Pervasive ignorance! The scourge of today! Let's kill it with a stick.

    And cool! I was actually curious to watch that. Obi-Wan is a riot.
  9. Homeskulled Kid
    1 Week Ago 5:01 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Sounds fun! And no worries. I've been pretty busy too. Monologue and stuff, and just found out that I've got like, nearly all the symptoms of schizophrenia. Whoa.

    I just wanna party with Jude Law, man. Bring along Tom Holland, and Eddie Redmayne and Robert Downey Jr, discuss the layered psychology and motivations of human beings and then watch the new Spider-man or something. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Doesn't that sound good?!
  10. Homeskulled Kid
    2 Weeks Ago 3:45 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Oh, cool! It's a pretty good read, all in all. Very gritty, so a suitable companion for the movie. And wow, Felicity Jones... so pretty. Or beautiful? I'm finding it hard to tell, but her large teeth are excellent. And apparently she had a lot of trouble saying 'rebels' on set. She kept saying 'webels', lmao.

    And yeah, I've been trying to read a Boba Fett book since December and its just too complicated. But the needless kind, without much style. Still, maybe I'll come back to it.

    I saw the first Iron Man a long, long time ago, but I've always loved him. Used to watch IM cartoons all the time and he generally kicks ass. And yeah, Downey is epic! It's really cool how he pulled himself out of seedy habits and rebuilt his career. He always looks so sad and wry.
  11. Ash Ketchup
    2 Weeks Ago 8:49 AM
    Ash Ketchup
    I love everything about her but I can't stand the series. I hate what they have done to the characters and I refuse to watch any more :cry:
  12. Homeskulled Kid
    2 Weeks Ago 6:17 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    So tired. My eyeballs just want to crawl into a corner and imitate Sleeping Beauty. Ahhhh. But yeah, some people are just excruciatingly perfect. Changing the placement of an eyelash would be a tragedy.

    Nice! I'm out of real books, so I've got to reread Rogue One. It's brilliant, if only for Orson Krennic - played by Ben Mendelsohn in the movie. He's Australian, witty as hell and sheerly epic.
  13. Ash Ketchup
    2 Weeks Ago 5:41 PM
    Ash Ketchup
    Mine too!!! I might be a little too obsessed with her to be honest :laugh-squinted:
  14. Homeskulled Kid
    2 Weeks Ago 9:03 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    Looks a tad skeletal - could do with a nourishing meal, really, and some Horlicks. A rice and fish dinner... the meal of greatness! Now I want to go feed some actors.

    Thanks! And I'll give it a bash. Never wrote a monologue before, but something inside me has been itching to make one for ages. Want to create something worthy of Alan Alder. That'd be great.

    But yeah, it feels weird to make assumptions over compatibility and whatnot when it comes to people. Thoroughly alien. 'Shipping', in entirety, is not my thing. Still, though. Swift and Hiddleston. What a trip.
  15. Homeskulled Kid
    2 Weeks Ago 1:20 AM
    Homeskulled Kid
    I passed my exam-thing! It was all very amicable. Very clean-cut. It was basically just talking to a person and saying everything that you'd done, and bombarding them with tea and bribes.
    And from here, I've got to write another short story in the form of a play monologue! This time I won't be performing it, as far as I know - some actor will do it. I'm simultaneously relieved and disappointed...? I mean, I'm utterly sucky but if there was someone tutoring me, maybe something epic could come out of it. Again, wish me luck. I've only got two weeks to make it and half of that will be editing and making sure its compatible with actually being performed. But it'll have to win in order to be acted out - like, one of the finalists. Exciting. I'd be the youngest writer there, by far.

    He dated Swift...? That's news. Very weird news. I always imagined him being married to a pretty, intelligent foreigner or something. Someone from France or Lebanon. Huh. And I have no idea who Gubler is, lmao. Have heard the name, sure enough, but without context.

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