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  1. Palamon
    1 Hour Ago 12:27 AM
    Corrosive acid rain that burns skin, makes it hard to breathe, corrupts monsters and destroys plant life. The whole package. :D
  2. Palamon
    7 Hours Ago 6:31 PM
    In the limited style of anime, making characters look their age is just impossible. But, then again, I've seen some great looking elderly characters. Pinako Rockbell looks her age, and I guess suppose Madam Ping looks old enough. But, for the most part, I'd say a lot of Genshin characters look young. For some, you can't really blame them. Ganyu is partially an adeptus, Zhongi is an Adeptus(?) too, Xiao is a Yaksha, and Dainsleif is cursed with immortality.

    Then there's characters who look like children when they're adults. But, I don't think Genshin has this problem. At least, I don't think so, anyway.

    And, I can agree with it being difficult to portray different stages of aging in art form. I'm not an artist, if you've seen my various drawings, I suppose you'd know that. But, I can't really draw a character in their thirties look to be in their thirties.

    Haha, imagine... makes me want to write a mukpost fic of that for some reason. But, I don't have time. Sunday is tomorrow. Got a fun corrosive acid rain chapter to write.
  3. Palamon
    18 Hours Ago 7:25 AM
    It does mean tall when used as a name. And that was a joke.

    I don't know. You can be an age but not act it. I just think there's absolutely no way an 8 year old would be one. She's just immature, and young. Anyone at any age can be immature.

    And yeah, probably because of Alice. Sounds about right. I wonder how old Alice is? I bet thousands of years old.

    For characters like Yoimiya & Ayaka, I would say late teens, early twenties, but not minors. Just imo.

    And, well. Let's be real on something. Anime characters all look young. Even the elderly don't look that old in this game, apart from a few.

    Most of my ocs are short, too. Damn. Am I going to get THEY'RE MINORS allegations...? Lol.

    Naofa is 5'3 & 1/2 (I know... specific) & Siorc is 5'2 and hasn't grown taller in any capacity throughout the story, but I'm writing his adulthood right now.

    But most, except for four, are adults.
  4. Palamon
    2 Days Ago 9:06 PM
    Of course, especially in the world of anime where you could have like a 6'0 character and they're like...fifteen. So. (And his name being Taka because that means tall in Japanese or something...)

    And there's no way some of these characters are teenagers. Height or not. I seriously doubt Yoimiya is a teenager. She's a young adult, to say the least. And people estimate Klee is like 5-8 and I'm just like... no. I doubt she's that young. Maybe 10-12, but if we're going to use the height argument, she's too tall to be "5-8" in my opinion. Like, there's no way she's an adult, but I seriously dout they'd let a five year old be a Knight.

    Still wondering why they'd make a child a knight, but maybe it's because she's Alice's daughter.
  5. Palamon
    4 Days Ago 8:05 PM
    Yeah, no one has a definite canon age. Except maybe Diluc. I think he's 22. I don't remember.

    I'd say he's probably around Mika's age, whom I estimate to be no older than 16 or 17.
    I'd say characters that have known jobs such as Cyno and Tighnari skew older. The height of the model in my opinion, doesn't equate to "they're a teenager" all the time in some cases. Especially not Tighnari and Cyno. They're just short adult males, in my opinion. They didn't drink their milk, I guess! (Joke).

    & Any character in Mondstadt that can drink alcohol is an adult. Ie: Amber, Eula, etc.
    Noelle, and Fischl can't drink, and I don't think Barbara can, but Fischl is I think canonly a teenager. I believe she got her Vision at 14.

    But then...there's characters like Dori. Who. Alice claims she met her "a long time ago" so I have to wonder if Dori is an old lady who's short. This is why I don't think the model type = age argument adds up. There's many outliers who definitely do not support this theory.
  6. Palamon
    6 Days Ago 7:37 AM
    I didn't, either, I just knew she was beyond human years. I had to google it.

    I believe that he learned this transformation during his training in the abyss with Skirk. But, I have to check his character stories.

    You know, tbh. Age is hard to say for anyone in Genshin, really. No one has a canon age. Like, people assume that people like Sucrose and Dori are minors because of their model sizes and tbh adult women are not nearly as tall as an adult man because they stop growing at 16. So model size doesn't automatically mean they're a minor.

    Dori is an adult, she's just super short. No kid is selling forbidden goods.

    Although, I would say that height = age for some characters like Bennett is probably a minor. But, Kazuha isn't. Just imo.
  7. Palamon
    1 Week Ago 7:57 AM
    Signora has an artifact lore set: Crimson Witch of Flames. She was around 500. She's not human.

    So, Childe being the youngest Harbinger? Let's just say this is clearly true. In spades. Well, yeah, he's still human, but his abyssal form is not.

    Of all the Harbingers, I know for certain Pantalone is a normal human, just wealthy. I used to believe he might secretly be Baizhu, but they have different voice actors, do they can't be the same person. Rip to that theory.

    I do wonder about the Captain. Why does he hide his entire body in armor? Is he hiding something?

    Arleccino might have aged faster. Have you seen how most of her hair is silver? If you look really closely at Childe he has a singular grey hair. Not good for a twenty something year old...
  8. Palamon
    1 Week Ago 10:25 PM
    He is indeed.

    I imagine a lot of the Harbingers are way above the age of normal humans because have probably discarded humanity or were never human. I know for a fact Dottore, Pierro, Scaramouche and Signora are definitely >100. In Scara's case and Signora's, I believe that'

    But who's to say any of the Harbingers are fully human anymore?
    When we have The doll lady, and a few of them having pointy elf ears (Pulcinella, Columbina), so hmm. The only ones that are probably still relatively human are Pantalone and Arleccino.

    Childe fell to the abyss, so is he really human anymore? lol.

    Although, I don't know which Harbingers are next since who knows when Dottore will be back.
  9. Palamon
    1 Week Ago 4:24 PM
    We do know he's hundreds of years old too, probably, so indeed.
  10. Palamon
    1 Week Ago 7:23 AM
    He's... Wait for it.

    Everything Everywhere All At Once.
  11. Palamon
    1 Week Ago 6:49 PM
    Both Web! Dottore & game Dottore have, and I believe they're different segments, tbh.
  12. Palamon
    1 Week Ago 2:26 AM
    I fully believe many segments of Dottore experiment on people, so had to fuel into the evil, lol.
  13. Palamon
    2 Weeks Ago 7:27 AM
    I observe the bad side in silence, but don't interact.

    By the way, new oc profiles. I now have a whole entire "genre" of ocs that were experimented on by Dottore and didn't have Visions.
  14. Palamon
    2 Weeks Ago 5:19 PM
    I'm sure that's the case, but a simple solution would be to mute all his voice overs in English. They did this with some lines that didn't match the text in 1.6's main event. But, I guess it was already too late to mute his voice overs.

    I just mostly skipped over his dialogue so I didn't have to hear his voice.

    You're in a crowd of people who aren't chronically online teenagers on Twitter, I suppose.
  15. Palamon
    2 Weeks Ago 12:48 AM
    I am not too happy hearing Tighnari's English voice in the Windblume quest, though, but I'm...not going to get into what he did. I'll pretend an Ai is voicing him

    While I understand the English localization has screwed up in some respects (the relationship of Kaeya and Diluc is a prime example) but it...disgusts me people say your opinion is not valid if you listen to the English dub.

    I find it hard to focus on games where the language and subtitles don't match the language I am reading in games that immerse me. This is just an exception with video games, anime doesn't affect this. But for this game specifically, I find it more difficult to follow if I am unable to listen to the dialogue and understand it because I am more immersed in the spoken dialogue than the written text...if you get me.

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Goddamn weeaboo
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