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  1. LadyJirachu
    April 22nd, 2019 12:23 AM
    Hi! I duno if i'll answer a lot of my vms i have right now. This forum is huge and overwhelming for me :( often i'll meltdown after coming on here. so i try not to login a lot.

    I'm doing good, though! i had a nice easter :3 did you as well have a nice easter?

    (also me and some friends made an inner joke about one of my friends' pet rabbit being the easter bunny xD it was adorable haha^^)
  2. Pokedigifan1178
    March 30th, 2019 10:50 AM
    I’m great and I feel this community is great.

    I have been known to sometimes calls others digimon haters if they hate digimon or lowball them though.
  3. Pokedigifan1178
    March 23rd, 2019 3:55 PM
    I’m back
  4. Sheep
    March 2nd, 2019 4:04 PM
    sheep wool is generally very scratchy, but i do wonder what mareep wool is like <3
  5. Noblejanobii
    February 4th, 2019 12:55 AM
    Yes sure
  6. LadyJirachu
    January 25th, 2019 3:58 AM
    Sorry, i didn't feel like logging in for awhile ^_^;; forums can overwhelm me. I did mention my account on here on a lucid dream forum today, though. I duno what that'll lead to but oh well xD

    I like cute digimon^^
  7. sharzin
    January 24th, 2019 9:01 PM
    it was my edgy phase after that death battle episode and i do apologize for it (but i still prefer pokemon)
  8. Hyzenthlay
    January 13th, 2019 8:52 AM
    Well the first thing you’ve already leant about me is that I’m useless at getting back to people. XD

    My text? I’m not quite sure what you mean. :o

    Anyway, how are you? Have you been enjoying your holidays? :)
  9. LadyJirachu
    January 4th, 2019 2:27 AM
    Thanks :) I like you too.

    Who's your favorite Digimon?

    I really like a lot of digimon, i think. But a lot of the time my overall favorite seems to be calumon, cuz i'm such a sucker for super cutesy things xD And he kinda reminds me of myself a little too.
  10. LadyJirachu
    January 3rd, 2019 10:41 AM
    BTW, are you having a nice 2019 so far? I've been enjoying the year i guess xD though i have weird anxiety attacks about some stuff at the moment O.o; *shrug* trying to get over all of it though. meds and suppliments help.
  11. LadyJirachu
    January 3rd, 2019 1:32 AM
    They....are okay. I haven't been much into logging into this forum though (someone i USED to be friends with is ignoring me and its triggering my autism really badly :< i used to think that person was wonderful back in 2017, i don't get why they're acting so.....mean o___o; cept that they should be taught a lesson for acting this way >_<;;; )
  12. GodsFool
    December 27th, 2018 6:59 AM
    I think UnownR has more to do with Fire Type than they're telling us, sometimes it feels like grasping for straws, but I will never give up on my little carrot top.
  13. GodsFool
    December 27th, 2018 2:16 AM
    Hey! All about that fandom. Buddy up?
  14. Hyzenthlay
    December 22nd, 2018 10:31 AM
    Hi! I generally like getting to know someone a little before making friend requests, if it's all the same to you. ^__^
  15. colours
    December 20th, 2018 8:06 PM
    sorry but i dont really know you :( i only really have people im familiar with on my friends list.

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