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  1. Soapyyy
    10 Hours Ago 6:16 AM
    Oh whoops, I just woke up...
    I spotted it, and it's part of the problem: I have no idea what it means or what do I need to redo o_o
    Well I just lost yet another day trying to make sense of this...I'll SR this goddamned Cresselia in Gen 5 instead.
  2. Soapyyy
    23 Hours Ago 5:27 PM
    Yeah I think that's what the GBA slot does, it switch delays but I have no clue how important this is. ;~; I can try to find a seed with a Shiny Cresselia in less than 500 frame advances, but I don't think it's worth it to RNG for Nature and IVs
  3. Soapyyy
    23 Hours Ago 5:06 PM
    But it's a O3DS There's a thing about odd and even delays but it's so badly explained... I kinda want to give up :/
  4. Soapyyy
    23 Hours Ago 4:55 PM
    I'm just trying to get a Shiny Cresselia, with a good Nature if possible. I can't hit my seed correctly no matter how many times I try :/
  5. Soapyyy
    1 Day Ago 2:51 PM
    Uuugh this Smogon guide is infuriating. I've been trying to RNG abuse for a whole day and nothing seems to really work. The guide seems to skip important details and is all over the place ;^;
    Did you manage to RNG in Gen 4? Or do you know someone who can?
  6. Rauzo
    1 Day Ago 6:39 AM
    after 10+ years its a given. i'll housesit while you're on holiday and make sure you come back to lots of lovely ladies of culture
  7. Soapyyy
    2 Days Ago 5:27 PM
    I can somewhat control Nature - I have a limited pool of Natures that I chose beforehand. IVs I could RNG them but its more complicated than RNG breeding in Sun Moon so I won't do it ^-^;
    I'll practice on Darkrai for the Shiny (sadly no Apricorn balls). Then maybe I'll do Lugia :o
  8. Soapyyy
    2 Days Ago 4:57 PM
    It does, but once you get the hang of it it's ridiculously easy to get Shinies. If you want a Diamind or SoulSilver Shiny let me know, I caught a dozen in an hour lol
    I also will see if I can RNG the Gen 4 Legends to get some legit Shinies
  9. Soapyyy
    3 Days Ago 3:55 AM
    I'll note those for you! :D
    I just bought an old system and installed a cfw on it, it was much easier than I thought :O I now have the Gen 4 Cute Charm glitch setted up on Soul Silver ^-^
  10. Soapyyy
    4 Days Ago 2:38 PM
    Match 1: JPN Game
    11/31/31 31/31/31
    Match 2: ENG Game
    31/25/31/31/31/31 + HA
    Match 3: JPN Game

    All 3 are males if the ratio is 50/50 or more males. Let me know what you'd like!
  11. sater10
    4 Days Ago 5:25 PM
    what's important is RL comes first. if you can trade, let's trade. if you don't have time, no need to force it. simple.
    i thought it's already summer vacation there. that's why i jumped on conclusion. my bad.
  12. Soapyyy
    5 Days Ago 3:27 PM
    If you can buy a system that's used, and not on the latest update, it's worth it. I'll also probably stop collecting events - they're even worse than Shinies hack wise. It's one of the reason I got rid of everything I didn't know the OT personally.
    Also I got 3 TSV match soon with you! I'm not home so I'll give you the details later this week :3
  13. Soapyyy
    5 Days Ago 12:36 PM
    I just bought some new Powersaves....I'm so addicted ;^;
    I'll probably also buy a collegue's 3DS to reinstall homebrew and properly hack check my events x_x Hopefully it'll work out and maybe I'll be able to hack check some of your Events :3
  14. sater10
    6 Days Ago 4:31 PM
    castform is a little bit tricky so i can understand your struggle. no need to rush, we have like a month i guess, before we trade. take your time. vacation is priority. lol
  15. sater10
    6 Days Ago 3:21 AM
    i just check my Psyduck and it was met at 3/8/2016 which according to Reddit, it would be powersaved if the date met is 2016-03-05

    i can trade now if you okay with that.
    i can wait until you are able to catch them all. in the mean time while you are on vacation, i can possibly get the "copy" of Deerlings, お楽しみしてください!!笑

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