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  1. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 12:31 PM
    Sir Bastian
    I wouldn't be too worried about the Tamagotchi thing, at least in my case. I managed to keep majority of mine alive, even if most of them either turned into a fridge-like chicken, or a... submarine crossed with a squid... yeah :I

    My parents are as well, but just in this case, we were lucky :P Or rather, I was. After that, it took a long time before we got a proper computer.
  2. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 12:23 PM
    Sir Bastian
    They were worst early on, since they were babies and woke up all the time. And no, no furbies :P

    I never tried Oregon Trail. My dad knew a guy with tech, so when we had a computer, he got us a bunch of games on floppies :3
  3. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 12:04 PM
    Sir Bastian
    You got a problem with being a minx? ;3

    And yeah, I know how you mean. I hated waking up and finding out my Tamagotchi had died. That's why I loved Tamagotchi for the gameboy xD

    I personally loved floppy disks. I played Vikings with it :3 And Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Island!
  4. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 11:41 AM
    Sir Bastian
    Yeah, I know you are, you minx you :P I do like some romantic comedies, but they're sort of a hit and miss thing with me.

    Space Jam was -awesome-. Don't feel old! Hell, I'm from 1990, I'm 22 years old :P I remember when I had only heard of Pokémon from a friend saying 'it's something like Tamagotchi'. I had a computer that used -floppy disks- for god's sake!
  5. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 11:23 AM
    Sir Bastian
    Hahah xD I love the 'Paint me like one of your french girls' meme.

    And what I mean is that, for example in Thor, romance is a part of it. Sure, it's a huge part of the -motivation-, which I have no issue with, though it can get annoying at times, but my issue is when the movie focuses almost SOLELY on that, and pushes everything aside for it. I gots to have me some comedy and action, you know?

    And yeah, most danish movies don't really have effects... at all. It's all about acting and things actually happening, though I do agree with you. I love animation when it's all-out animation (Though I can't say I hate things like Space Jam, since it's in a group of it's own).
  6. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 10:55 AM
    Sir Bastian
    I know! I really like it, even if Allan's first thoughts about this whole thing was "Group together, take on the enemy and survive" xD

    I watched it 'cause I heard it was good! It's not like I have a girlfriend or anything :P I hear they have cooties.

    And yes, it does have some romance, and I don't mind THAT! Most movies require a romantic aspect to be more of an all-around, more realistic thing, I'm just not a fan of movies built AROUND that aspect :P

    Production value... ah... mrh. Well, no, I wouldn't say so. As far as I can see, every other American movie have some kind of animation to it, or some kind of supernatural/fantasy kind of plot. Like The Waterboy, that even has animation and stuff, plus, American movies can rely on the various parts of America, since there's a wide array of different people there.

    In Denmark, we do have different kind of people, but they're more like... different shades of the same, since we live so close to each other here. We've got the Copenhagen-type people who're quick talkers, smart-mouthed, sometimes streetwise, sometimes just punks.
    And we have the farmers over to the left. The people who value good ol' hard work and a nice beer at the end of a long day at work. Simple people, really.

    But like 90% of danish movies don't do animations at ALL. Lately, there have been some pretty good ones coming out, but again, they're all incredibly grounded. No aliens, no magic, no extraterrestrial stuff. It usually revolves around regular people getting into crazy situations, or sometimes, regular people in regular situations :P
  7. adventure
    December 14th, 2012 10:53 AM
    Haha naww thanks, that's just adorable. I'm eating pills and tablets and drinking litres of water and warm tea :p I think I should just sleep for 12 hours or so, that cures many things!

    Haha I know what you mean. Sometimes when I've been really bored, I guess I've been guilty of replying really quickly as well :p pretty long time ago though.

    Ha, I'm looking forward to spending some time with my family. I don't see them too often.

    Awesome! I'll contemplate joining SAO again, or maybe look for something completely different.
  8. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 10:41 AM
    Sir Bastian
    Oh dear. Guess we're going to be playing chase for a short bit XD

    And hey, there's a reason I haven't watched it yet. And that I don't plan on watching it :P Only chick flick I ever liked was Titanic, so I'm good, thanks. I'll stick to Thor. Which reminds me, I gotta get a hold of that...
  9. adventure
    December 14th, 2012 10:24 AM
    Haha wacko indeed, I really don't like exams xD Plus, I have caught a terrible cold so my head is all foggy today ;;

    It's good when you find RP buddies that like the same pace as you do ^^ Excited for Christmas? I've gotta buy presents, hmm.

    Hah, nah. Maybe. More exams in january though, so I really shouldn't xD But I'm longing for some good RPing now and one can't hurt, can it? ;)
  10. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 10:16 AM
    Sir Bastian
    Eh, I can handle missiles. Be sure to shoot alot of them ;D Now I'm imagining her shooting like five, with Allan managing to evade or re-guide four of them and begin hit square in the chest with the fifth and flying off into the water xD

    And yeah, there is! ... According to danish standards, at least. The movies most people here say 'YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THIS?!' are all in danish, so nobody outside would know it :P Aside from the Olsen Gang, which the other scandinavians know.

    Some of the classics would be... De Grønne Slagtere (Which means The Green Butchers), which is a movie about a guy being hired at this... slaughterhouse sounds too violent, but it's where you process meat, with this other guy, who has a shop out front. Somehow, they apparently accidentally use a guy instead of a pig for meat, and everybody who buys it LOVES it, and so... well, they keep doing it. The owner is a bit coocoo, and the other guy is a bit of a pushover, so he's afraid of doing anything about it.

    Another one is "Blinkende Lygter" (Blinking Lamps/Lights), which is a romantic comedy of some sort. HAven't watched it :P
  11. adventure
    December 14th, 2012 10:16 AM
    Nice :) Yes, finally I have time to breathe, although exams are next week :p I'm allowing myself a break ;) Is SAO and all going well?
  12. adventure
    December 14th, 2012 10:13 AM
    Hi, how are you?
  13. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 9:59 AM
    Sir Bastian
    Trust me, I know. I nearly get assaulted when I say there are certain danish movies I haven't seen <_<

    And hey, it's better than being trampled by Koopas! I'd say the worse part is that he just assumed Anna was a man XD
  14. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 9:41 AM
    Sir Bastian
    I haven't read the books either, but I really liked the movies. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you for not having watched a movie :P

    It was just -really- well put together. Nearly every shot looked beautiful. I love it starts off in the 'present' with Bilbo then reminiscing about the past. The jokes are great, the characters are -awesome-. Despite there being 12 dwarves in the party, I can remember each of them, though not by name. The music was of course great, and the fighting as fun :3
  15. Sir Bastian
    December 14th, 2012 9:28 AM
    Sir Bastian
    Oh my god, that clip XD

    And... well, you know, maybe I'm not dead. Maybe I've come back as Sir Bastian the White? P.S. I went and saw The Hobbit just now. Hoh my god, so good! \o/

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