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  1. Raine
    April 2nd, 2014 10:41 AM
    Oh? You mean like running your own store/business type thing?
  2. Tsutarja
    March 31st, 2014 1:40 AM
    Not a prob :) how are ya doing? We should really talk more lmao
  3. Tsutarja
    March 31st, 2014 1:10 AM
    happy PC-versary!
  4. Raine
    March 29th, 2014 8:45 AM
    Ugh. Law and business...I've never taken a liking to either of them \: I'm not sure how people in those fields stand it OTL
  5. Ahri
    March 29th, 2014 3:57 AM
    ^^ well, credit's due to the artist xD I just liked the art and useditfor my theme, but I'm not the one to havemade it ^^
  6. Ahri
    March 29th, 2014 3:11 AM
    Thank you ^^
  7. Calm Enigma
    March 28th, 2014 1:32 AM
    Calm Enigma
    Hi. (: Your profile looks nice.
  8. Raine
    March 27th, 2014 6:50 AM
    Oh, are your names based off characters? o.o
    :c What are you studying? Financial math is a pain....
  9. Hiatus
    March 27th, 2014 4:36 AM
    okaay, see ya!
  10. Hiatus
    March 27th, 2014 4:03 AM
    connection's too slow atm, so cant watch ;; ill do it later today though!
  11. Hiatus
    March 27th, 2014 3:14 AM
    It's all right; I understand. Don't worry. :]
  12. Raine
    March 27th, 2014 3:12 AM
    I didn't know who you were because you changed your name, LOL.
    Life's been alright, with the exception of everyone's nemesis: school >>;; And you? :3
  13. Hiatus
    March 27th, 2014 2:03 AM
    Fine, fine. Sheesh. ;;
  14. Hiatus
    March 27th, 2014 1:23 AM
    Wait, what kind of wish? Why would the person want to stop it? d:
  15. Hiatus
    March 27th, 2014 1:13 AM
    n_n;; could you give me some basic idea of its plot?

About Me

  • About Homura Akemi
    Hi there! You may know me from such places such as the PC server, where I chill under the username of Gensokyo. If you've ever been to Pokemon Showdown's main server, I'm a voice there, so yeah. I'm basically everywhere throughout PS...now, enough of useless non PC stuff, about me.

    I'm a 15 year old human...no, I'm actually not a youkai. :P and...well, if I wasn't here, I wouldn't like Pokemon, would I? I also love the Touhou Project series, as if that wasn't evident by my username~ ahaha. mfw changed it

    If I get bored, I don't go out of my way to create my own adventure! \o/ and I'm someone who really cares about their friends :) like, I'd go insane without them. <33 love you all

    That's all I have for now! :> cos I'm lazier than Meiling. ;-;

    I LIED!

    Regular of the PC battle server/Global voice of the main Smogon server on Pokemon Showdown!/Librarian of the Pokecommunity/Lovely Parasol Carrier of the Heavens. You can tell I got bored there.

    Now...about things like pairs and stuff. My first proper and true pair was Renee, aka Macarous (damn you change names too often :\). She's basically my best friend, and I dragged her here to PC with me <3 Funny, with the right amount of sarcasm and nice at times (hard to see through elf wuv), she's just great :p

    Then there's Mintyy. She's not around anymore. *tear* Wish she'd come back...she was such a sweetheart. I even had a thing for her.

    Synerjee/Autumn! My big and awesome sister :3 Cute, sweet and helpful, also my favourite :P I hope you stay and lend me a helping hand on growing up and stuff.

    Melody! My darling Pachy. (awaits getting stabbed by her husbando) You're not really "around" anymore, but you were always really cute and sweet to me. Keep it up, flower of PC.

    Alice! You're still my favourite Alice in the world <333 even though we're not really together anymore, you're still awesome.

    Then there's Nova. I still do not have enough minerals ;~; But, you're my partner in crime, my comrade in combat. Etc etc, I don't know what to say, other that you're my first partner in crime, and that you're a badass.

    -out of pylons-
    Anime, Touhou Project, video games, Pokemon, pretty pink things and Nonon Jakuzure. She's my god <3
    Female ♀
    Goddess of I don't even.
    Also Known As
    Patchy, Celeste.
    Favorite Pokémon
    Reuniclus, and a few more.
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    "2014 sometimes leads to even better April Fools' jokes."
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