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  1. Bradevitica
    2 Weeks Ago 10:58 AM
    Eh, we have to do the trade another day...suddenly feeling tired xD
  2. Bradevitica
    2 Weeks Ago 10:05 AM
    True but the problem is that I don'thave anymore space on my phone to install it - also I'm a bit lazy to do this just for a Melmetal lol.

    The good thing about Go is that you can get Pokemon with moves they can't learn otherwise. Like Bidoof knowing Ice Beam or Blizzard :3 Sadly I don''t have too much time to invest a half/whole day to get pokemon like these.

    Well, talk about luck xD Thanks :) Not sure if I can do a trade tonight (but if so, then most likely in about 2 hours). I'll let you know.
  3. Bradevitica
    2 Weeks Ago 12:16 AM
    Btw, when you get back to breeding, could you please breed one male HA Dream Ball Swirlix along the way?
  4. Bradevitica
    2 Weeks Ago 1:49 PM
    Sounds interesting, thank you for the info.

    Never played Pokemon Go (only a few cheap Rip-Offs) but from what I remember each pokemon gives a few candies. Since you already grinded for 3 Melmetals, I assume that you either can't get one for me or that it would be very hard to do so.

    No matter what the case may be, I'd like to atleast take one Meltan :)
  5. Ash Ketchup
    3 Weeks Ago 3:47 AM
    Ash Ketchup
    I actually messed up two of the first four!

    I had the correct answers, for the right reasons, then convinced myself they were actually way more elaborate and complicated, so I went with something else!!! ;-)
  6. Bradevitica
    4 Weeks Ago 12:29 PM
    Gongratulations :)
    Really? Now I'm tempted to check my photodex :P Maybe later tho, have some stuff to do that is more important rn

    So kind of a break (since you're switching) :P
  7. Bradevitica
    4 Weeks Ago 11:53 AM
    Still missing those? Shortly after I encountered Volcarona, I tried to get all stars pictures (I got them but oh boi, was this a grindfest lol)
    I don't think that you'll need both iirc. It just depends on what the pokemon is doing.
    If you have to ask me...they are kinda at a very similar difficulty level imo.
  8. Ash Ketchup
    June 28th, 2021 1:53 PM
    Ash Ketchup
    Don't worry about hogging the thread! It was very much on topic :)

    And again tysm for sharing them!!!
  9. Bradevitica
    June 28th, 2021 1:10 PM
    I see. Don't worry, Flareon is relatively easy to find.
    Regarding Minior: I tried to shoot a picture of it while it was falling on earth. Sadly it didn't recognize it as Minior iirc.

    Same tbh xD Today and tomorrow I have a break, then a lot of work awaits lol.
    Yes, thank God everything is fine on my end. Family is healthy, summer is coming up soon and weather is nice too.

    Today I watched the "Mr. Sakurai presents Kazuya" video and got really disappointed since Shantae appeared as a Mii Costume, basically deconfirming her as a playable fighter in Smash Ultimate. Well, at least we got that, a bonus soundtrack and - in the base game - a png of her (these are known as "Spirits). Oh well, can't include everyone since there are millions of video game characters.
  10. Bradevitica
    June 26th, 2021 11:43 AM
    Hi, sorry that I didn't reply earlier. Had a lot of stuff going on, especially at work. Now, let's get right into it.

    Good to hear that there is a way to change the seasons (still don't know how, as I tried to discover it by myself). At first I thought that when you get a certain season and just retry the course then that you'll get the same season. Not quite sure but this wasn't the case for me in 2/10 cases I think? Then I hoped that it would shuffle through like in the beginning (I think I had spring, then summer, then autumn, then winter - or spring was the last one).

    Probably xD With so many pokemon out there you kinda tend to forget that there are certain ones around - except for the ones you like most :)

    Not sure why they made only a few requests for certain stages. I guess they really just focused on each pokemon and with some they got more creative than with the other ones. Can't blame them tho, as it is really hard to come up with good poses, especially pokemon interactions.

    Did you find Flareon in the meantime? :3
    And speaking of Snap, I kinda didn't touch this in weeks xD Kinda taking a big break from playing Pokemon - with the occasional exception of welcoming/sending Pokemon from/to PokeJobs in Sword. One of the games I recently picked up again is The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

    Also, how's life going? Everything okay at your end?
  11. Bradevitica
    June 14th, 2021 2:31 PM
    Can't tell - didn't really return to Steelix after the 1st time. Or wait, I think I did but just once. I think that I'm at Lv. 2 atm. Still missing one pic for its photodex completition.
    How do you manage to find so many routes! xD Either I'm missing something or I'm not on the right course level (probably both lol)

    Cool, I hope that it appears in my recommended the next time I boot up the game :) Yeah, from what I could tell, he choses pics that stay on your page for about a week or so. And then they get deleted. What you mentioned happened to me too - had 2 pics for a few days, then he chose a new one. I thought that only the older one will be deleted - nope, both. Oddly enough, whenever both slots are empty and he picks a favourite from the get-go, he sometimes picks another one after a few retries or only after the next session. That's what I gathered.

    Cool :) As for me, no new discoveries lately - the last Eeveelution I saw was Flareon, which was weeks ago.

    Speaking of PokeSnap, the contest is finally closed :D Winners should be notified within the next 48 hours.
  12. Bradevitica
    June 11th, 2021 10:54 AM
    Well, from my understanding he said that he has cloned them from the original one(s) he has. Unlike, this guy didn't seem to have gotten into any big controversy regarding his giveaways. There is also a good video on YT that distunguished between legal, legit, hacked and illegal. Iirc: Legal Pkmn can be legit (obtained through normal means, e.g. catching it by yourself) or hacked (which still can have stats and stuff that is possible to have in-game), but hacked Pkmn can also be illegal (has stuff that is impossible to have in-game).

    I see. Oh well, at least you have one, which is good :)
  13. Bradevitica
    June 10th, 2021 4:14 PM
    I skipped the first paragraph - for some reason I still want to try to find this by myself xD

    Yes, both are useful. I guess I could only bait out an electric attack from the opponent by having a water pokemon and then switching in to Emolga. Emolga is really frail anyway, so Static may be better since it will get K.O.ed easily. Oh well, for now I'll leave Static and keep the Ability Patches for other mons, just in case :)

    True xD That's why they said "soft deadline" I guess. But hey, at least they tried. It's nice to see entries, even tho there are only a few :D Also I noticed that I can't see your pictures on mobile devices - only on my laptop. Btw, I just submitted mine and coincidentally, my choice for "funniest" has the same pokemon in it as in your submission xD

    Btw, today I managed to get a few of these:
    I could give you one holding an Ability Patch if you're interested. You never know when you need one of those for breeding :P
  14. Bradevitica
    June 10th, 2021 1:33 AM
    There is an alternative area in the Ice Area? Didn't know about that, even I went through dozens of times xD My guess would be that the other path is behind the Snoms on the right side right after you enter the cave. Seems like every Day/Night route has an alternative path, which is good.

    Yeah, for some shots you really have to go slow, for others you can just fast foward until you reach the mon itself.

    Come to think of it, the soft deadline for the Lental Photo Contest is tomorrow...I should start choosing & uploading my submissions xD

    Yesterday RNG was nice to me in Sw/Sh. Went to breed three Pkmn, two of them were yours (Emolga & Espurr) and got them, with right natures and very good IVs within two hours. The Emolga I choose didn't have Motor Drive but Static, which may be better. I'll have to see once I test it out someday.
  15. Bradevitica
    June 1st, 2021 1:24 PM
    Aaah, lil' thicc chicc :D It's really interesting, because everyone seems to miss different things - atleast that's what I noticed when I saw two different playthroughs on the 1st stage - that's how I found out about Emolga xD

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