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  1. ShinyUmbreon189
    September 21st, 2012 8:39 PM
    Seems how the thread got closed before I could post I'll help you out with EV's and stuff in general.

    EV training is a hidden stat your Pokemon get's after defeating wild Pokemon. Each Pokemon has 6 stats. HP, Atk, Sp. Atk, Def, Sp. Def, and Speed. Each Pokemon also has a dominant stat over every other stat. Let's use Crobat for example. Crobat's speed is way higher than every other stat but Atk is second highest. So in theory you would want to raise it's Speed and Attack to the highest stat possible. This is where EV's come in. Each Pokemon is allowed only 510 EV's total with 255 per stat max. So you could put 255 EV's toward Speed for Crobat and give the other 255 to Attack maxing out both Speed and Attack. You don't have to max those stat's out but I would recommend it. You also don't gotta go 255 and 255. You could go 255 for Attack and divide it by 2 and round to the nearest tenth and get 127 and leaving 85 for the last stat. So you could put 255 toward Speed, 127 toward Attack, and 85 toward HP.

    They Way You Receive EV's
    Every Pokemon in the wild gives out EV's in a certain stat; but lets focus on Crobat. So say you wanna raise Crobat's speed; Zubat is a good example. Zubat gives out 1 EV for speed and it takes 4 EV's to gain +1 to that stat. So battling 255 would max your stats. Now let's do the math. Divide 255 by 4 and that gives you the total amount of points that stat would increase; which is 64+. But why battle Zubat when you can battle Golbat (Zubat's evolved form and get 2 EV's in speed? Making it 127 to max out speed, and Crobat gives out 3 speed EV's. Evolved form Pokemon give more EV's out than their Pre Evolved form. You could also save lots of time if you find a Pokemon with Pokerus (Poke Virus). You can get someone to trade it to you or find one in the wild. What Pokerus does is spreads a Virus to all Pokemon in your party and helps growth in EV's by doubling the total EV's by a Pokemon. So if you beat a Golbat your Pokemon would then receive 4 Speed EV's instead of 2 making it 65 Golbats to beat. Now you can save as much time as possible and make your Pokemon your EV training hold Power Items to increase that specific stat. So if Crobat has Pokerus and holding the Speed Power Item and beat's a Golbat then it get a total of 8 EV's. Power Items give you 4 EV's added to the total making it 8 if the Pokemon also has Pokerus. Thus making you only have to beat 30 Golbats to max out in Speed.

    Note that a trained Pokemon will not receive EV's because it already got messed with and exceeds 510 and there's no way to undo it. So you would have to either catch one in the wild or Breed the Pokemon and hatch it from an Egg. Vitamins is another good example of a EV boost. Each vitamin gives your Pokemon 10 EV's but only 100 EV's total from them. The vitamins include: Protein, Iron, Carbos, etc. So if you wanted to raise a Pokemon Attack stat then you can buy 10 Proteins and feed them to that Pokemon and receive 100 stats toward that Pokemon. I think that covers everything about EV's.

    A good site to know which Pokemon gives out each EV is It gives you every Pokemon stats, moves it learns from level up, Evolved forms, how and what level they evolve, moves you can teach it, EV's given in wild. Pretty much everything you need to know about Pokemon is on that site. I suggest you go there frequently to learn about the Pokemon and stats, etc. Hope I helped.

    Good Luck with your battle I'm sure the tips I gave you will help you drastically, if you got any Questions just message me and I'll help you out.


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