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  1. Aisaka
    1 Day Ago 11:18 PM
    Arc Staff is something that's always looked strange to me, I can't quite put my finger on it. I tried Shadowshot today for a little bit and I think I should definitely play it more to get used to it. I could probably dig up some footage online somewhere, if that's alright?

    Yugioh's always seemed like a really complex game to me, it's impressive you know it well! I know basic rules and played one of the GBA games on and off quite a bit, but if someone brings up synchros and pendulums and all the nuances with banned cards I'd get confused so quickly... ;;
  2. Aisaka
    2 Days Ago 1:54 AM
    I haven't seen any footage of the D1 classes, all I know is Warlocks had a self-res. Bladedancer sounds really neat though.

    That's still pretty neat! I had someone try to teach me how to play MtG so while I know the basic rules to all three of those, I couldn't really play them that well. ;;
  3. Aisaka
    2 Days Ago 1:27 AM
    Gunslinger is probably the only hunter subclass I know well enough to play. ;;
    Gotta still learn the others and get used to everything.

    What TCGs do you play? You're a yugioh fan and I'm pretty sure I saw that you play Hearthstone right? I don't know either of them well and just pick up Hearthstone for Battlegrounds, haha.
  4. Aisaka
    2 Days Ago 12:55 AM
    Good luck with the PvP activities! I'm sure you'll shake off any rust after a short while. Just stay relaxed, I'd say, but I'm also too scared to dip my feet into that stuff anyways. ;;

    Congrats on 1030! I think I've hit 1040 but I've been taking a break to grind something else. I do have to get my hands on new exotics though, hehe...
  5. Raffi
    3 Days Ago 10:40 AM
    They can't see you if you can't see them. Just shut your eyes the entire time, it's bound to work!
  6. Raffi
    3 Days Ago 10:37 AM
    None shall be spared the wrath of the plunderer!
  7. Raffi
    3 Days Ago 10:15 AM
    Oh, good! That should hopefully fill the pancake shaped hole.
  8. Raffi
    3 Days Ago 10:13 AM
    Sorry to have gotten mini pancakes on the mind! I hope you ended up getting something to eat, and that you get the tiny pancakes some time soon.
  9. Raffi
    3 Days Ago 6:50 AM
    I can't believe you're a war criminal! But no, I know the pain. Just put together a list of everything you might need and go all at once. It saves time and gives you more reason to go beyond just delicious mini pancakes!
  10. Raffi
    3 Days Ago 6:37 AM
    Right? They're also very delicious, so it's an unwise call to make.
  11. Raffi
    3 Days Ago 6:34 AM
    If anyone judges you for those small pancakes, rest assured that I have your back! How dare they?
  12. Raffi
    4 Days Ago 9:23 AM
    There you go! A positive spin on the ugliness that is age. It just means there's more of a story there!
    May you continue to be intriguing, good relic!
  13. Raffi
    4 Days Ago 9:15 AM
    Relics are something of value and interest, though! Like something of intrigue; there's always more to unearth. There's a far worse fate than that of a relic, I'd think!
  14. Raffi
    4 Days Ago 9:08 AM
    I'm really not good at this whole 'subtlety' concept, I've just learned. But good attentiveness! 21 is when you start feeling nothing about age. It's now just a number; and soon enough, one that gets uglier as it goes.
  15. Raffi
    4 Days Ago 9:00 AM
    Just to let you know but not have it in the thread, you got it right!


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This week has been really, REALLY awful for me.

Denied from 5 jobs for either inexperience or unknown reasons, then when trying to sell some old stuff I consistently get offers but when it comes to the eventual day they pick up the stuff they just literally cancel it minutes before the agreement (because thats possible lol)

Dad just said I literally have no luck whatsoever.
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I hate hearing back
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I hate hearing back...
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