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  1. Ray Maverick
    February 13th, 2017 1:32 PM
    Ray Maverick
    papa franku is that you
  2. kuzronk
  3. Hikamaru
    February 17th, 2015 7:56 PM
    Where did you go
  4. Yoshikko
    December 14th, 2014 1:58 PM
    "buddy" i'm not even going to reply in the thread because that response made absolutely no sense sorry :p
  5. Oryx
    September 20th, 2014 8:12 PM
    What's your signature from? A Gundam? :)
  6. mikey
    September 10th, 2014 12:22 PM
    Was season 4 any good? I haven't kept up with it. I know the finale recently aired.
  7. mikey
    August 3rd, 2014 5:23 PM
    I haven't been keeping up this season D: How is it?
  8. Dragon
    July 29th, 2014 2:01 PM
    happy birthday! <3
  9. Sheep
    July 29th, 2014 11:07 AM
    Happy birthday~
  10. acatfrommars
    July 29th, 2014 9:33 AM
    Aw, get better. It sucks being sick on your birthday. :c
    I had a sore throat last week when I was out of the country but it wasn't anything too bad. I'm fine, just bored now because their is nothing to do. xp
  11. Del
    July 29th, 2014 9:25 AM
    Happy Bdaaaaaayy
  12. Hikamaru
    July 29th, 2014 1:55 AM
    No, I've just started my 2 week semi-hiatus. I was on my mother's computer when I sent this VM, and she tends to be greedy due to her dedication to Facebook.
  13. Starry Windy
    July 28th, 2014 11:25 PM
    Starry Windy
    You're welcome :)
  14. halcyonic
    July 28th, 2014 10:48 PM
    happy bday
  15. Starry Windy
    July 28th, 2014 10:47 PM
    Starry Windy
    Oh my, happy birthday Chuckles :)

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Thou, warrior who fought thy Imprisoning War, lived thy Divine Prank... Only you understand such nonsense. XD
Awarded: August 6th, 2014 3:29 PM
Year of Gaming - Week #7 Catlateral Damage Champ
You know, if you didn't knock over all of those precious family heirlooms, maybe then cats wouldn't get such a bad rep. But you did do it. Congratulations on becoming one of the top three performers in the Catlateral Damage Challenge!
Awarded: August 22nd, 2014 7:50 AM
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Hey you might not be the most villainous, but at least you can still put the scare in heart's of little children.
Awarded: August 22nd, 2014 8:06 AM