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  1. LavenderTownGhost
    May 15th, 2014 5:55 PM
    Right? Still just a newbie to the game, and then BAM. Ruins of Alph. They creeped me out when I was younger, haha.
    That sounds awesome! :D It's definitely a way to stand out, in a good way! I think pale skin is beautiful, although I've gotten crap about it in my life. Just ignore the haters, though, 'cuz it's purdy. :3 I had the hardest time finding a concealer that actually covers up my horrendous dark circles. Between heredity and chemo, they're......very there. xD IT is the only thing that covers them. X_x
    It is AMAZING. I love it, I can hardly put it down. It is such a gorgous region!
  2. LavenderTownGhost
    May 15th, 2014 9:28 AM
    Ah yes, the infamous Ruins of Alph. I was also confused by it; I thought it was the next part of the game. Lol.
    I'm pretty pale, myself. Not from never going out in the sun, I just am naturally. But I love it! It makes for a nice canvas. I actually purchased some of my foundations/concealers a tad too light, which in turn made me look sicker. xD IT Cosmetics has a really good light concealer. :)
    Hahaha. I suppose it's better if we don't think about it and just enjoy the shipping. xD
    Got my 3DS in the mail finally, and am loving X!
  3. LavenderTownGhost
    May 14th, 2014 6:08 PM
    Aw, you poor thing. xD Y'know, it actually took me two weeks to find Violet City the first time I played Crystal haha. Most definitely! Swampert is one of my favorite Pokemon. It's just so useful. I can't wait to use him in Alpha Sapphire! B)
    Awesome! Never thought I'd meet another birder on here. Because of my chemotherapy I can't really go out in the sun, but I'm raring to get back into it!
    I had never even heard of it until a couple of years ago. Then I fell in love with it, when I realized that I could read about all of my favorite characters in a manga that gives them extreme personalities haha.
    I know. Candle stick......sounds......fishy. o_O
  4. LavenderTownGhost
    May 14th, 2014 7:06 AM
    Haha, that's how I played when I was younger because I didn't know what else to do. xD With Typhlosion, it was very difficult. With Swampert, it was exceptionally easy, though.
    Agreed. Cats are awesomesauce. I love birds. I like to go birding from time to time. We have a great park near here for that; it's kind of on the beach, and there are so many different types of birds there if you go in the Spring. I love to classify everything I find. :)
    The manga is the only reason I have thought about it, actually. The manga tends to bring so many new shippings to light. xD
    Right?! They're so opossite, which is what makes it adorable. He just seems like he could care for her. Absolutely, positively, the most true thing I've ever heard haha. SeaShipping, that sounds nice and would make sense. :) I would like to know why StevenxFlannery is called "CandleStickShipping". xD
  5. jigglypuffisaduck
    May 13th, 2014 5:05 PM
    You're welcome. :)
  6. jigglypuffisaduck
    May 12th, 2014 4:41 PM
    I'm doing well, just relaxing and watchign a movie. No more AP exams so I'm hapy about that! Also, I like your avatar it's soo cute! ^^
  7. LavenderTownGhost
    May 12th, 2014 7:09 AM
    Aww, poor Cindy. My starter was Cyndaquil too and back then, I used only the starter for the entire game so needless to say, it was rather difficult. xD I'm not even sure if I've ever had a female starter, haha. Thanks! Also, I realized I said "Estranja Laganja", I must've been delusional. It's "Laganja Estranja". Lmao.
    Ah, yes. I absolutely adore cats. All of them. Secretarybirds are awesome, they look like legt prehistoric beings. Wow, that is really awesome! :) What an exciting life! Hey, you can never know too much about anything haha.
    I had never thought about ArchiexMaxie until I typed that, actually. xD I do tend to think about Maxie/ArchiexProtagonist from time to time. Especially in the manga.
    With the way Cheren is though, I kind of like shipping him with Bianca. They just seem like they'd be so cute together. Steven could be with anybody because he's hot sauce, yes. I could go on about shippings all day. x.x Does WallacexBrawly actually have a shipping name?
  8. jigglypuffisaduck
    May 11th, 2014 6:25 PM
    Hi how're you doing tonight? :)
  9. LavenderTownGhost
    May 11th, 2014 7:57 AM
    Haha, I have no idea where it's at now. I do miss my Crystal, though. ;( Nice! I love themed nicknames like that. I think my favorite nickname that I've chosen is "Estranja" for Gardevoir. Estranja Laganja is one of my favorite drag queens. :3 Aren't orcas beautiful?! What are your favorite animals? Hey, that's a pretty awesome ship! I never thought about it, but it could definitely work. How about this: ArchiexMaxie? What would that even be called? xD
    Right? I can't even think about it because I'm getting too pumped. Heart is pounding out of chest graaaah. x.x
    Hehehe. Yeah, some of 'dem names. Cheren could definitely pass as a chick. A hipster chick. Steven with Winona would be great, too. Although StevenxAnybody is good with me. xD I even like StevenxMay, since they actually interact. WallacexBrawly? Hawt. o.o
  10. LavenderTownGhost
    May 10th, 2014 6:20 PM
    It absolutely does! The Kyogre/Heavy Rain scenario is giving me life. Aw, I was bribed into trading my Crystal cartridge for Blue. >.> You're welcome. Good point! That's definitely a theory as to why they started getting so different, along with technological advances. It's crazy that we're in Europe now with Kalos. xD I love Kyogre so much. My favorite animal is a killer whale, and also I kind of ship Archie and Shelly, not going to lie. ....Not that that has anything to do with Kyogre, but, yeah...
    It'd be amazing if they did get mega evolutions. Could be though, or just "improved" designs. They should definitely take advantage of that. Man how epic would that climax be with mega evolutions involved. Mega Rayquaza, too!
    Right?! Wallace is amazing. I would totally want him as a friend. I always thought he was cool looking, even though when I was younger, I wasn't quite sure of his gender. Kind of like the rival in G/S/C; I thought he was a chick in a skort back in the day. Anyway! Also looking forward to seeing Flannery. I ship her and Steven. Since Wallace and Winona get together (in the manga), they'd be perfect! ........I hope I didn't just spoil anything for you. :|
  11. LavenderTownGhost
    May 10th, 2014 4:57 PM
    I agree, a bit of pink definitely makes purple prettier. Oh my God, me too. I felt like I was going to have a freaking heart attack watching the new footage, haha. I'm obsessed with Hoenn. My first game was Crystal, too! :) Dang, what an epic birthday date! I do agree with you on that; it didn't seem like there were too many changes from gen. I to gen. II. The change to gen. III was drastic, though. Haha! Are you Team Kyogre/Aqua or Team Groudon/Magma? They're getting mega evolutions?! .............-dead-


    I'm looking forward to Steven Stone in 3D, oh yes ma'am.
  12. LavenderTownGhost
    May 10th, 2014 8:13 AM
    My favorite primary would probably be blue. Just looked up cerise since I had never heard of it, and it is definitely a gorgeous color with a gorgeous name! It's so difficult to choose an absolute favorite color. Mine was just purple for the longest time, but now it always seems to change. xD
    Space......early access to Alpha Sapphire.......dude. That is just whack. Too bad those games weren't announced a little over a year ago. I'd book myself a trip to Nintendo headquarters, for sure.
  13. LavenderTownGhost
    May 9th, 2014 6:10 PM
    Yes! And magenta is actually my favorite color. The combination of pink and purple is divine! :D
    My previous laptop was on its last life when I got this new one. Don't even know how I managed to get through my classes with it. I know, right? It's so difficult to, now that I really think about it. I could've taken over a theme park for a day.....met Lady GaGa.....y'know, the works. xD Ah well!
  14. LavenderTownGhost
    May 9th, 2014 10:49 AM
    You're welcome! Both sound very pretty. I like interesting sounding colors, too. It just sounds nicer to say your favorite color is "indigo" or "lavender" rather than just "purple", haha.
    Yep! It was nice although at the time, I really didn't care or know what to wish for. So I just got a new computer for school. If I could go back, there are so many other things I rather would've gotten. xD Ah, well. Everyone definitely needs some time to think of something like that.
  15. LavenderTownGhost
    May 8th, 2014 5:58 PM
    Ooh yes! I love a strawberry blonde. I'm thinking of dying my hair that color once it grows back. I'm sure either would look gorgeous on you!
    Cool. :) What colors are they? I have a turquoise one, a grey one, and I just ordered a black one and a white one. x)
    Because of my diagnoses, I got a chance to make a wish for anything I wanted about a year and a half ago. Why didn't I think of this then?! ;_;

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