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  1. VisionofMilotic
    1 Day Ago 9:33 AM
    I do have a speed boost Torchic for you. Would you be okay with Jolly? I can give you a boy or a girl. If you want me to nickname it just say the word :D

    I hope you had a good birthday Lycan!

  2. CodeHelmet
    1 Day Ago 8:36 AM
    Everyone on Team B save for Susato, Unicorn, Waterproof and Robin have confirmed their moves so far. I messaged Susato, Waterproof and Unicorn but outside of Susato, they haven’t been on in awhile, especially Robin who hasn’t been on since early December. I’ll be out of town for roughly 4 days starting tomorrow evening so feel free to take as long as you’d like on updating to Round 5.
  3. Tsutarja
    2 Days Ago 7:09 PM
    Happy birthday!
  4. VisionofMilotic
    3 Days Ago 1:01 PM
    I'll double check my save files, but I'm almost 99.9% certain that I have some trade you! I'll get right back to you Lycan. ^_^

  5. Caite-chan
    3 Days Ago 10:51 AM
  6. VisionofMilotic
    3 Days Ago 7:08 AM
    Happy Birthday bro!

    Hope you had a happy holiday season too. Wishing you a ton of fun and laughs on your big day. If you want a new hidden ability pokemon as a birthday present then just say the word and I'll breed you one holding a useful held item!

  7. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 10:04 PM
    happy bday lycan :D
  8. Epilogue
    3 Days Ago 10:03 PM

    How about we celebrate this special day by letting you, of all people, play a bit of Fire Type Emblem for once? ;)

    Have a fantastic day filled with fun and smiles!! <333

    True, but you know what they say. Freedom is worth a thousand locks. ... wait, what do you mean with "Nobody says that."?

    Lmao, they are in fantastic sync! xD It appears it didn't work though. Maybe we should try xyz summoning him instead?
    OH REALLY. Because I think a dungeon is worth a thousand locks, if you ask literally anyone else. xD So what's it gonna be?

    Heck yeah, Xyz Summoning for the win!! :D
  9. Janp
    4 Days Ago 9:17 AM
    Okay, okay...

    But because you were late to wish me Happy Birthday, I'll be early and wish you Happy Birthday! So, Happy Birthday!
  10. CodeHelmet
    5 Days Ago 6:11 PM
    Question for ya in Team B thread and I think its a rather valid one unless PMD handles Dragon vs. Fairy differently :P
  11. Janp
    2 Weeks Ago 6:53 AM
    I feared you already forgot about me, Rival. Late merry Christmas and happy New Year!

    Also did you noticed I used your css again? I really wanted to ask you for permission first, but you were gone and I didn't want to wait. I hope you don't mind, because otherwise I'll have to ban you rework that whole thread.
  12. MysticalNinetales
    3 Weeks Ago 11:04 PM
    Merry Christmas, Lycan! ^-^
  13. Aslan
    4 Weeks Ago 9:10 PM
    Oooh having a real teacher assessing you sounds tough ;; I think I'd be intimidated, but I'm sure you'll do great! Honestly though, entertaining young teens as a teacher is tough job I remember as a kid that the one sure method of drawing my attention was to use candy as a reward for work - not sure how keen your school is in promoting bribery but if you ever need it, it has a 100% success rate. ;) And yeah you gotta assert dominance and threaten them I mean... uh... have more confidence and I'm sure they'll begin to properly listen to you! But I'm happy to hear that your other classes have been a lot more kind on you, here's hoping it stays that way. :D Did you go to uni knowing you wanted to be a teacher, or did it occur to you after you got your degree?

    Touche! Seems fitting that you're a chemist then if you love explosions ;p I dropped science in favour of social science in my senior years of high school. I did biology for a year but I dropped it because the teacher made me want to fall asleep :( Seems like a career in STEM is not for me at least.

    Ah I'll make sure to check every few years then if you still like board games! If you get possessed by a demon then I'll be very sad but I'll try convince the demon that's possessing you to like board games and continue your legacy. Ahahah it's ok the first step to getting rid of an addiction is acknowledging you have one ;p All of those sound super interesting, especially BETRAYAL (how ominous of a title is that). Do you snake your friends in that game, or? I think it's cool you guys do a Board Game Night! Maybe PC should get more into board games. I'm sure there are a lot of board games that could be played online that people on PC could arrange, who knows.

    Oooh Canada! I've always wanted to go there for Christmas. That's cool you guys keep in touch via actual mail, I feel like no one does that nowadays since the Internet is much more accessible and so are platforms such as SMS etc. But there's something super nice about receiving a letter you know? I sent a card one year for Christmas to Alex, I forgot if it actually arrived or not though (oops...) Also do you guys learn to speak English in the Netherlands through school and so on? :o

    And yea, I was raised bilingually - my parents said that I was fluent in Cantonese as a child but as I grew up and had to use English at school, I gradually stopped being able to speak Chinese but I can understand it to an extent. It's interesting though because my parents will often switch between English and Chinese mid-sentence.

    Rock folk sounds amazing, ahhh. I should dig up my Spotify and listen to some folk tunes now. Oh man sounds like there was a whole lot at that fair (disappointing there was no Shrek though!!) and ahaha, why am I not surprised there were tons of Gandalf :') Am surprised though that people dress up as Pokemon Go trainers, that's a new one. Do you think you'll go back to that fair in the future?

    NOT YET (fingers crossed). It's ok if there's an axe murderer... er... I'll just throw some boiling water on him. Also whoa you guys have wolves? That's super cool. I take it you like wolves since your username is Lycanthropy :D And yea, the media blows up a lot - I wish people weren't so scared of wolves, I think they're cute.

    YOU HATED PIZZA AS A KID oh my gosh my heart can't take this (it's ok though I've met people who still hate pizza, it's shocking). Did you hate / do you still hate any foods that are considered popular? Ah yes well at least all that salad meant you were getting the right nutrition, even if it wasn't the best

    Thanks, and good luck with all your teaching endeavours too! When I finish HS (and hopefully pass my exams), I'm hoping to go to uni and study International Relations and Politics since I like the idea of having a job that allows me to travel worldwide. Plus I have always been interested in that area and enjoy studying law, economics, history etc. After HS though I plan to travel for maybe a month and go to the US or Europe, and maybe even meet some friends I've known for yrs because of PC. How about you, any plans to travel in the near future? :D And if not, where do you want to go?

    (it's ok I think I talked even more SORRY but take all the time you need to reply no rush!)
  14. Sheep
    December 13th, 2018 2:32 AM
    oh hey it’s been a lil bit! Thank you ❤️
  15. CodeHelmet
    December 4th, 2018 7:03 AM
    Think its been long enough for Round 2? I posted moves for everyone in a spoiler after you updated it to Round 2 about 2 weeks ago. Meta was moving to L11 to attack Rattata-C with Vacuum Wave(x4). Mercy would follow that up by moving to K11 and using Shadown Sneak to finish Rattata-C off(if still alive) or using Double Team to refresh Evasion buff. Alex would move to C10 and attack Sandile with Quick Attack after Freesia attacks it with Razor Leaf in the hopes of delivering the KO to Sandile(if Freesia doesn't that is). If she does, move to D9(Fragrant Flowers) to heal some HP. Finally Unicorn moves to C18 and attacks Tyrunt with Force Palm. Everyone else has posted moves and should be carried out in following order:


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  • About Lycanthropy
    Quick Self-Introduction
    I'm that guy who spends most of his time on PC being random at PokéTrivia and killing other users in the Underground.
    Goodmorning an welcome to my profile! My forum name is Lycanthropy (as you've probably figured out), but I'm most often referred to as Lycan. Here on PC I frequent the PokéTrivia and Underground sections, but on my active days I'm around all over the place. I'm also PC's self-proclaimed Sandshrew Lord.

    In real life, I'm just your average Chemistry student, who's trying to get a better understanding of the basic principle of materials. Since there's a list of my interests below, I don't think there's a lot more to tell.

    Anyway, feel free to shoot me a VM/PM to talk about, well, anything. I like to think I'm a nice person to talk to. :)
    Board/card games - Catan, Kingdom Builder, Munchkin, Bang!, Citadels, Dominion and many, many others.
    Dungeons and Dragons - (This is so incredibly awesome this could use a separate category.) I play both 4th (as Hifferdangle Pullystooks, lv3 Svirfneblin Paladin) and 5th edition (as Xan'andrién Cromwell, lv6 Half-Elf Sorcerer), I also DM occasionally.
    Reading - Mainly Fantasy, Sciencefiction and detectives, as well as tooooooons of (web)comics.
    Video games - Pokémon (duh), Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight, Legend of Zelda, Awesomenauts and sometimes other random stuff.
    Writing - I sometimes write random nonsense, some of which can be found on PC. If so, there's probably a link in my signature.
    Programming - Don't do this a lot anymore, but I like to fiddle around with codes: used to do this a lot on my calculator (during class, shh...)
    Cheese - Cheese is the purest awesomeness in the world. Period.
    That place called... Wait, what was it called again?
    Male ♂
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    Lycan, HAN, Sandshrew Lord
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    Alakazam, Aerodactyl, Chandelure, Girafarig, Houndoom, Lycanroc, Magnemite, Sandshrew, Slowbro, Starmie, Xatu
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Latest Blog Entry

Posted November 24th, 2016 at 3:08 AM by Lycanthropy Comments 1
Posted inUncategorized
Yesterday's Dungeons and Dragons session was certainly interesting. After making a deal with a member of a gang of thieves we knocked unconscious earlier while the rest of those cowards ran away, our party finds themselves heading to the home of a supposed bishop who is said to have the key that fits on the box containing the letter we were told to retrieve. We enter the house and we see an eyeless lady with two swords who was like "Oh, you want to go to the bishop? Then you have to get past

Posted August 9th, 2016 at 7:21 AM by Lycanthropy Comments 5
Posted inUncategorized
So recently this igloo Sandshrew species has been revealed to live in Alola. As PC's Sandshrew Lord1 I felt like I should share my thoughts on it.

A seemingly unrelated fact is that I'm a huge fan of pixel art. I adore how every single small square can be part of the bigger picture, not even necessary big, to make it something entirely new. Fascinated by the type of art, I started practicing it as well, starting simple with easy Pokémon fusions of, as you'd probably guessed, Sandshrew,

Posted May 26th, 2016 at 1:04 AM by Lycanthropy Comments 2
Posted inUncategorized
Note: actually Towel Day is May 25th, aka yesterday. I wanted to upload this entry yesterday, but the bus WiFi decided to be shit1. I'm too lazy to change the text though, so treat every mention of "today" as if it says "yesterday".

If it were anything more serious, I might have reconsidered making a thread on this holiday in Celebrations, but yeah... Still, happy Towel Day everyone!

For those of you who haven't heard of it.. Towel Day is a tribute

Posted July 12th, 2015 at 12:43 PM by Lycanthropy Comments 3
Posted inUncategorized
"D'aww. So you're just a baby."

That was dropped on me last week, but yes, it's true: here on PC I'm a junior, certainly among the people like the ones who I was in the conversation in which above quote was dropped, who all joined around 2005. I didn't start posting around any earlier than November last year. I grew up a bit old-fashioned, you may say, and didn't use computers much before schoolwork made me too. I found the forum when I heard about ROM hacks and wanted

Posted July 10th, 2015 at 11:45 AM by Lycanthropy Comments 0
Posted inUncategorized
It's been a while since my last blog post and I have been saying I should write a new one for some time, which I just did, as you've probably noticed already, so that's a nice example of a success. The fact I can use this entry for the Get Together's blog-off is positive too, but I'd rather describe it as efficiency than a real success. Now an example for a failure would be not winning anything in said competition because this entry sucks.

Note: I'm not actually using this as my entry...
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This sounds like a beautiful...
Posted November 28th, 2016 at 4:04 AM by gimmepie gimmepie is offline
Originally Posted by gimmepie
I don't mind Snowshrew/slash
Posted August 9th, 2016 at 7:08 PM by Her Her is offline
The new forms and a...
Posted August 9th, 2016 at 11:50 AM by Zehn Zehn is offline
Originally Posted by gimmepie
I don't mind Snowshrew/slash
Posted August 9th, 2016 at 7:45 AM by Lycanthropy Lycanthropy is offline

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