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  1. Aquacorde
    October 24th, 2013 6:20 PM
    Thank you for the good posts! :D Lovely too see some of those amidst the chaos. <3
  2. derozio
    October 24th, 2013 11:05 AM
    Dunno what'll happen with law vs dofla situation but I know that it'll come down to luffy vs dofla in the end. Like it always does. Luffy ALWAYS gets the big bad. Though punk hazard was sort of an exception because law got vergo and vergo was obviously > caesar. :p
  3. derozio
    October 24th, 2013 11:02 AM
    Same here. Although the only one whose story I'm actually heavily invested in is One Piece. FT is FT (355 oh god dat fanservice) while naruto has been ehh for me for a while now. And attack on titan. I read that monthly.

    I think dofla will probably try to turn all those participants to toys using his toy maker subordinate. Not sure about it, though. As for Rebecca, yeah, she's probably gonna get the mera mera no mi. She's losing her block though since cavendish is much much stronger. Luffy will probably still give it to her in the end. I hope she joins too. <3

    Did you notice that Rebecca and Ace actually have parallels to each other? Both of them had a past where they were hated. Both were hated for something they didn't ever do. Being roger's son in ace's case and being riku's descendant for rebecca. And their mothers. Portgas d. Rogue and Scarlet. Did you know that both Rogue and Scarlet are synonyms for color red? Interesting, isn't it? As if oda himself's dropping subtle hints that rebecca will be the one to have mera mera no mi.
  4. derozio
    October 24th, 2013 10:43 AM
    Ooooh, another OP fan, yayy!!

    Though me >>> you as a fan I'm sure. Lol I jest. You up to date with the manga?
  5. derozio
    October 24th, 2013 10:37 AM
    Probably the biggest OP fan on this site. :3 Yes, I do.
  6. Hikamaru
    October 24th, 2013 8:55 AM
    Wow I'm kinda surprised you love all three final evo Kalos starters. I've seen loads of people hating on them, especially Delphox.
  7. Hikamaru
    October 24th, 2013 8:47 AM
    Yeah, they really gave him the best-looking evos of the bunch. Oh, and I'm female btw.
  8. Livewire
    October 24th, 2013 7:49 AM
    He was one of the best parts of the JLA, really. I can't wait to see if they get him in the movie, whenever they decide to make one. XD
  9. Hikamaru
    October 23rd, 2013 11:41 PM
    Dat username. And congrats on the green name too, it looks fitting for you considering Bruce Banner is the Hulk.
  10. Fairy
    October 23rd, 2013 8:53 PM
    Haha, thanks! :)
  11. Fairy
    October 23rd, 2013 8:37 PM

    that must have been a rough day for you :(
  12. Livewire
    October 23rd, 2013 7:54 PM
    I rocked a batman theme for literally forever, then Man of Steel for forever, and now Chandelure for Halloween. :D

    Still need to get Y/3DS. :(
  13. Livewire
    October 23rd, 2013 7:19 PM
    a friend of the dark knight is a friend of mine
  14. Castform
    October 23rd, 2013 7:16 PM
    Loving this profile :O

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Warning: this is a serious blog post, and is a little mature. If you are a younger user, discretion is advised.

I have not been having that good of a break, a person I went to high school with passed away recently and I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I’ve learned another one passed away today as well. I don’t really know what happened, but it’s hard to believe that someone you’ve talked and laughed with is no longer here. I haven’t seen the person in...

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3328- 2015

Hello everyone, just wanted to say that I am a beast!

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Very cool article I found on Imgur: Awesome Google Features


Have you ever felt like you put all your effort into something and then failed?

- Ugh yah :c

Has the person you have feelings for ever made you angry?

- All the freakin time!

Is there anyone you used to talk to all the time, but don’t anymore?...

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1: What eye color do you find sexiest?
Bright blue or hazel

2: White, milk, or dark chocolate mocha?
Milk choc <3

3: If you could get a Sharpie tattoo on your back, what would it be?
Jake from Adventure Time

4: Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?
Medium size in Kentucky and in Guyana

5: Your favorite adult as a child? (and not your parents, if they were your favorite)
My aunt on...

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I literally have nothing to do all day. Ever since I've gotten back from vacation the days have dragged on. No job, and all of my friends either work during the day or have gone off to University. Still three more weeks for me. Hmm what to do, what to do?
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watch anime with me!
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watch anime with me!...
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Have a dance party!
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