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  1. Roni
    1 Day Ago 2:37 AM
    I've never had experience with school lent laptops, but yeah I can imagine they'd do all they can so it doesn't get tampered by kids.

    That's actually very smart of the devs to do that. I have a fun app, Wordscapes, that I just need to turn my phone to airplane mode too so it won't bombard me with ads. It's unbearable to use unless I do so.

    Glad to hear your medication's doing you well too! I can't fathom having to deal with dread on a persistent basis. I can understand that would be hellish to live with.

    Also, I just followed you with my account on lichess, and hit you up via chat box there. I'm Blunderoni-1998. I don't know if there's an Add Friend feature, but I hope it won't matter heh.
  2. Sheep
    2 Days Ago 12:57 AM
    I'm planning to buy a DQ game when I go through my backlog, you've convinced me!! I know I'm going to love it ;w; Seems like it's up right up my alley!

    And awesome. It makes me happy seeing people love Alola, it's a very mixed region/set of games for some people since we didn't have the traditional gyms + badges, but I loved that. It felt so unique because it made some major things different, and the cities/towns were super unique too. I'm very tempted to replay it sometime also. Miss it lots.

    Anxiety is always hard. D: It definitely holds me back from doing stuff, don't worry about it at all ><

    Good for you on reading!! I'm going to be continuing the book I started (Wicked) soon too, really need to finish. Also started playing Sudoku. Trying to train my brain a little more, I feel like my memory and attention span has gotten worse over time, so it seemed like a good way to practice.
  3. Roni
    3 Days Ago 6:46 PM
    I assume pictures and videos would be ok to download no? I vaguely remember transferring an entire movie into my Chromebook so I could watch it at school. I did have to delete it right after though to make space for academic files lmao.

    If I were in that situation, I'd usually just turn off WiFi or put my phone on Airplane mode haha. There are apps though that will straight up not work if you try that, and I assume Bitlife is one of them? Also, perhaps you're overdoing it with the evil actions in your youth? There should be a perfect blend between "Mafia worthy" and "just good hearted enough to survive teen years" lol.

    Interesting. I don't believe I've ever had tests done on myself. The last time I visited my doctor was to get the last of my booster shots as a child (or whatever it was). And yeah, I believe attention difficulty and anxiety are two whole different kinds of things altogether. I still have the latter occasionally though, at times.
  4. Roni
    4 Days Ago 7:02 PM
    You still on your Chromebook? The one I used to have could last the entire day on a single charge. I sometimes miss that guy, but I know if I main one that I'll miss Windows again.

    Pokemon Xenoverse is basically a fan game with fakemons and custom regional forms for real Pokemon. It does sound similar to Xenoblade, though I've never played any games from that franchise unfortunately.

    Oh, I'm familiar with that type of game. I used to have a free app that did something like that a few years ago, and it was pretty fun~ Though I don't remember much about the stories that played out. Since Bitlife's paid though, I assume it's got plenty more ways to branch out its stories and whatnot. Sounds like Nasty Burrito lived a sad and short life. May he join the Mafia in hell :p

    This is the first time I'm hearing about GAD actually. I'm gonna research about that. When was the last time you randomly deleted an account/cut people off? I don't believe I can afford to allot money for a diagnosis for myself anytime soon, so for the meantime I'll just keep assuming this about myself lol.
  5. The Fairy Pokémon
    6 Days Ago 2:27 PM
    The Fairy Pokémon
    I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad you had a good time in NY though. :-)

    I think my favorite season of Pokemon is probably the first one, but I get what you mean about Team Rocket. I just laugh at how ridiculous they are haha :D

    Hairy Potter! That made me LOL.
  6. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 4:38 AM
    Sounds like Pokémon :D The formula is very similar usually, I don't mind that and am sure I'll enjoy DQ! User bobandbill wants it too apparently so when I get my digital copy I can let him play through my account too hehe ~

    I'm playing BDSP more right now, haven't played Shield in a little bit. Been finishing my dex in Shining Pearl and exploring the Underground. Definitely want to go back to Shield and finish the Tundra DLC though.. I did spend money on it so it would be wasteful not to :<

    also aaaa yay! That's so much, omg. I've never gotten a gift like that before for any secret santa. Hope you can find something good to use it on!!
  7. Fairy
    1 Week Ago 4:28 PM
    Nice! Well I’m glad you were able to turn it into something good! I hope you’re able to get something good.
  8. Roni
    1 Week Ago 10:13 AM
    Congrats on the win! I've yet to beat someone with a 4 digit ELO. I think it's the pressure of facing them, seeing their rank, and performing worse out of nerves heh.

    I play rom hacks whenever I feel like it. I prefer those with custom regions and stories as opposed to just difficulty hacks, thus it's slim pickins' for me. I've been thinking about downloading Xenoverse for sometime, even though it's a fan game, because I saw a playthrough of it and it amazed me~ I just wish I could somehow get my controller to work with it.

    How long were you on the social media team? I personally had a really fun time as a mod, even though it only lasted 3 months. Seeing all the behind the scenes and nooks and crannies of PC was awesome. I thought I was gonna leave permanently, so I stepped down, but now I kinda regret that. Warning: this might be a long reply because I feel info-dumpy tonight. I hope you don't mind that. I feel comfortable enough talking to you to share stuff like this.

    It was a mix of unknowingly being hyperfixated with Pokecommunity (I haven't been properly diagnosed yet sadly, but I honestly think I have ADHD?) and becoming burnt out at the exact same time as my freelance jobs were picking up speed, and I still had my regular day job on top of that to boot (there was a very traumatic event mixed in at the time too that I'd rather not get into). I had to save my energy for my actual jobs, so I stepped down and made it permanent because I thought I'd never come back again. Turns out, my love for Pokemon returns very easily, and I found myself here again. Also turns out, even if I don't blaze through 300 posts a day, I can still be a regular lol. I know myself better now, and I'm down to return to being staff if stuff opens up again.

    That was a huge sidetrack from the main conversation topic, so I decided to put it in a spoiler. Anyway, I completely understand how you just wanna be here casually. If it means giving up your position on staff to someone who can do a better job, then definitely that deserves a lot of respect. Good on you for that Zeo :)
  9. Fairy
    1 Week Ago 9:04 AM
    Aw, well I’m happy I could do that for you. ٩(ˊᗜˋ )و
  10. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 5:27 AM
    Ohh yes this one! The art style is similar to DBZ since I think the same artist works on it, I wasn't the biggest fan of it originally but grew into liking it over time. I'll definitely get it when I can!!

    Popplio is so cute so I approve :3 hope you have fun with it ~ I want to replay Ultra Sun all of a sudden now. Missing Alola a lot. Galar was cool, but I really do miss the Switch games.

    and omg tell me about it, I do want to hear more, but at the same time going in with almost no knowledge seems exciting. I hope the fanbase reacts well to it and it's well enough received that we can get more. I would love a Legends game set in old time Johto or Unova.. <3
  11. Roni
    1 Week Ago 2:06 AM
    I used to have 30 minutes as my standard. I wouldn't find any other kinds of matches. I'm training to think faster of course because it's a slog to lose half an hour with each game. And yeah, like I said, 800s and below are the most fun, because they can make the most wild decisions & openings lol. I might not be able to open your chess.com game yet because my internet is sluggish right now, but I can't wait to see how you did!

    Edit: Finally got to check it out. PAQUAYT was doing well until that incredibly strange Nxd4 decision. Very good of you to spot that immediate opportunity to destroy!

    Oh, none of my YouTube videos have ever gotten viral that fast. The most viewed vid on my channel is a tutorial on how to patch a Drayano rom hack onto a DS game. I uploaded that sometime in 2013, and it's at 60k+ views at the moment, if I'm not mistaken. SEO has never been my strong point, and to get big on YouTube, you constantly have to do that. That's why I gave up on it and don't plan to return. I wasn't having fun with the actual content creation anymore, I just wanted more views and more subs. I figured that was the wrong way to go about.
  12. Starlight
    1 Week Ago 10:38 PM
    Sorry Zeo, I meant huge as in bulky, not tall, totally my bad! I met Xavier Woods once, and I am a really tall girl, but omg he was huge, and he was the "tiny" member of New Day! Wrestlers are just insanely big!

    Omg, that guy? Did you see him try to get in, or did you hear about it? That's really scary either way.
  13. ReKoil
    1 Week Ago 12:14 PM
    Hey =)
    I already kinda figured it probably got lost in your notifications or you just hadn't gotten around to check your notifications lately ^.^

    Are you doing well ? =3
  14. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 4:35 AM
    Omg all the best to her! The vaccine should make the side effects from the virus less severe, I hope she feels better soon ;o;

    Thanks for the recommendation! I seriously had -no- idea there were so many DQ games. It never hit me until now. So 11 is that one that was remade in 3D and is on the Switch? Unless you meant a different one? Definitely wanted to try that one so going to put it on my list for sure now that you recommended it :O

    Making a playable game is absolutely insane and cool. I definitely can't do that, it's incredible you can. Motivating me to get more into my hobbies! I've really fallen behind with art, got so incredibly art blocked and distracted by games like BDSP and Minecraft..

    thank you for the donation by the way ^_^ Very nice of you! <3
  15. Roni
    1 Week Ago 7:56 PM
    Don't worry, everyone has their off periods. You'll get back on track eventually, especially now when you'll be facing the weaker opponents. What time format do you choose for your regular one session games? I personally cannot go below 10 minutes or else I flag down from thinking too slow.

    Obsessing over arbitrary numbers is my specialty. Similarly, I've obsessed over my Twitter post count, YouTube subscriber count, and Pokecommunity post count in the past. It's a me-thing and I'm working on fixing it.

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