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  1. Fairy
    1 Week Ago 4:18 PM
    I maaaaay consider it! >:)
  2. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 5:06 PM
    Indeed! It would most certainly be scandalous, haha!
  3. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 1:24 PM
    I personally try to befriend anyone who exalts Dragons over the clearly superior Fairies! >:]

    Jk, I dunno, I just like our banter and you seem like a chill guy.
  4. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 1:21 PM
    Oh you bet I do! You can imagine how happy I was to see additional fairies right away. :) and I wish following was back in the whole game, but it seems like it’s exclusive to the Isle. Either way, a cherished mechanic has returned and I am very happy to be traveling with my shiny Sylveon!

    Pffft, yeah, instead of getting more Galarian forms we get to find a mess of Ditto instead... yay... (¬д¬。)

    Than you can officially consider yourself allied with the Queen of the Faefolk!
  5. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 12:12 PM
    Haha, I can tell you’re a good sport. I just wanted to get to know ya cause I like your posts. And everyone should have a friend on PC! :)
  6. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 12:09 AM
    Gosh I wrote a whole essay didn’t mean to bombard you like that lol.
  7. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 12:08 AM
    Fairies are not so much weak to steel as they are to iron. This is due to old folklore that faefolk would enter the homes of children and replace them with changlings, but it was believed that iron bed posts would repel them. As such, ancient Europeans would decorate their homes and pockets with trinkets made of iron to keep fairies and other supernatural forces away. You can see it in modern culture today, they way some people are superstitious about hanging a horseshoe for good luck — they also serve to ward off evil spirits. Why Ice is weak to Sreel I imagine has more to do with industrialization than magic.

    Luckily, the common Fairy is nothing but mischievous and seldom harmful, unless against a Dragon, that is! Impidimp is a good example of such. But we’re better known for unity, purification, and being symbolic of nature.

    You may have brute strength on your side with your Dragons, but don’t forget our superior defensive stats, mighty resistances, and impressive HP! With Magic Guard, Healer, Natural Cure, and Synchronize, your Toxic moves becomes pointless. And Steel can easily be outplayed with our access to a deep move pool. ψ(`∇´)ψ
  8. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 10:58 PM
    Oh I’m most definitely a Sylveon through and through — an original Fairy type! But I’ve come to respect many a Dragon and Wyvern in my time. Like Mega-Altaria, there’s compromise to be found in both types. And Sylveon are the Intertwining Pokémon after all, it only makes sense I would reach out for friendship! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

    Though, I will take playful jabs at your kind now and then for being easily beaten by a pink creampuff. ;)
  9. Fairy
    2 Weeks Ago 9:47 PM
    This is what Fairies do; I get close with my enemies! ♡

    Just kidding, haha. I think you’re a funny guy and I like our fairy/dragon banter. Just wanted to be nice. :)
  10. VisionofMilotic
    3 Weeks Ago 12:41 PM
    The was fast and easy. Thank you for participating with me. Enjoy your new Noibat Emerald. Safe journey to you both!
  11. VisionofMilotic
    3 Weeks Ago 12:34 PM
    Okay then, sounds good. And nope, we don't have to exchange friend codes again since it's all on the 3ds. It's actually way easier to link trade in gen 6 then it is in gen 7. Once you connect to the internet and us the pss the face of my sprite should immediately appear under your friends. I'll still be Sam in game.

    I grabbing my 3ds now. What's your in game name in X?
  12. VisionofMilotic
    3 Weeks Ago 12:21 PM
    Well, I'm on now and should be here to play around for the next hour or two, let me know. If not I'll try to meet you again tonight of it's not too late. So I will trade with you on pokemon X, and I nicknamed the Noibat Emerald just because-but that can be changed at the king's pleasure. I am still the OT.

    Hope you are doing well, thanks for being such an active contributor to our forum!
  13. VisionofMilotic
    3 Weeks Ago 11:23 AM
    I'm sorry my king, I was called away suddenly last night. Will today still do?
  14. VisionofMilotic
    3 Weeks Ago 12:50 PM
    I'm glad to hear the your toothache is better. And yes, I agree the devnav is awesome. I have gotten so many pokemon that way with hidden abilities, egg moves, good IVs and in their shiny form sometimes. Oras is actually my favorite game.

    If you are now I could do a trade in a few minutes, I have Omega Ruby and Pokemon Y, either one can trade to Pokemon X. If you are holding court right now though your grace, we could try for this evening too. It's a lazy Saturday afternoon.
  15. VisionofMilotic
    3 Weeks Ago 7:32 AM
    I'm sorry about your tooth my lord. As I am a peasant has had to sometimes postpone dental visits until harvest time when I had enough earnings I do know a few home remedies for toothaches. Gargling with salt water is indeed an age old remedy that helps disinfect, and a hot or cold compress on the side of the face with the bad tooth can provide some relief. Some other remedies I have had success with are drops of peppermint oil or clove oil can be applied to an aching too the to soothe or heal. I have cabinets of essential oil from the apothecary in my cabinet. If you can't get your hands on a bottle of it quickly then peppermint tea may be helpful to drink, try applying the tea bag to the poor tooth, also you can buy the clove spice and make a paste to place on the tooth or boil whole cloves in how water to make a type of mouth wash or tea if you will. Also adding peroxide to your toothpaste never hurts, and look for special flouride toothpastes, because they can sometimes stop cavities if they are small and just beginning to form.

    My accursed carrier pidgey. As soon as I log off your response seems to have come. Our timing seems star-crossed. How do things look today or tomorrow? Afternoons are usually best to find me.

    Good luck on your pokemon X journey. Would you prefer I send Noibat over to gen 6 instead of 7 if you are on a XY adventure? Your team is fabulous by the way! I love all of these dragons.

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