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  1. miksy91
    September 21st, 2016 10:33 PM
    If you're interested in trying to learn, you could take a look at my video tutorials in Youtube and later on start studying disassembly (which I don't talk about in those videos because they're for rom hacking in the term's actual meaning: hacking a rom file). Disassembly is different; disassembly hacking is editing files that can be compiled into a rom file. There are disassemblies out there for Red, Crystal and one is available for Yellow as well although I don't know how complete, or good it is at the moment.

    What comes to the NPC, I could add you as a normal trainer but it wouldn't make sense to have a new character with a new battle sprite reserved for it if it didn't play any kind of a role in the storyline. It would simply feel weird to have a special character in the game like that.
  2. miksy91
    September 18th, 2016 6:43 AM
    I was more like thinking I could add Earl as a random NPC and if you want some neat dialogue for it rather than me picking up something by myself, I could be fine with that. I'm personally not interested in adding "super-powerful" trainers in the game because that would be in contradiction with the fact that which trainers are actually good and which not. For example Sage Blue has been taken down only by the leader of Raven of Granaldo City so it wouldn't make sense that there are many other really good trainers out there. Also I don't think there is a need to have an optional super trainer / mini-boss battle out there which is unrelated to the boss fights in the storyline. That's something hacks like Dark Rising do and I want mine to appear differently to the player.

    Also I'm not too fond of move tutors myself. I only added the functionality because many people kept commenting about illegality of some trainers having pokemon with moves they aren't supposed to know. Personally didn't care at all but did that to please them pretty much. Now that I have added a couple of move tutors, I however do think they are neat adds-on although simple ones. Adding in a new one would take a little bit of time though and the code for the current ones is already a big mess so I'm not that interested in adding new ones unless I spend time cleaning the code up.

    I guess the idea could work out unless I had already planned what's going to happen in the main events. You will encounter (at least somewhat) Maxime twice and on the first time you may not battle himself at all as someone indeed helps you out. It won't be a 2 vs. 2, or 2 vs. 1 battle either, but I do have a similar idea in mind. :)
  3. miksy91
    September 16th, 2016 11:01 PM
    Sorry but won't be adding any gym leaders to the hack :) If you like, I can add a trainer named Earl though.

    I don't know whether or not the hack can be imported to MeBoy but if Pokemon Silver (U) rom works just fine with it, I believe this can be played on it too. I haven't done any changes to the hardware the rom uses, so it should work in a similar way to GSC.

    No prob :)
  4. miksy91
    September 16th, 2016 10:59 PM
    HM08? Is that something else from Waterfall in the newer games? I guess you meant playing basketball though :) I had done it for around 10 years when I was younger myself.

    Not sure I need help with storyline ideas at least as I have already planned out what will happen. Nevertheless, there are a couple of events related to storyline that I have yet to plan out what will happen exactly but other than that, I'm done with that.
    I'm somewhat open to ideas though, but I don't think you can come up with something relevant unless I spoil what's going to happen in the gameplay after beta 4 (and I don't really need more ideas until late in the game since I have already planned a lot ahead of the point where the hack ends now).
    Many RPG games start of "nicely" following a kinda straightforward path until the "end part" (maybe last 20%?) of the game 'boom!', lots of relevant stuff related to the storyline happen which (if implemented correctly) will ultimately end up in epic battles against the final boss.
    I tried to do a similar thing myself although I've got to say that I won't succeed as well as most RPG games do. I'm not a good storywriter though so I'm still pretty satisfied what I have come up with :) But what will basically happen is that Team Darkness eventually gets hold of all the Elemental Orbs, Maxime (who is a wizard/sorcerer which is probably not clear to all players before this part of the hack) unleashes the energy inside the Orbs giving it a form and the rest is something I won't be revealing here :P :D

    Anyway, not so good of a storyline really, and it's even a bit cliche but at least I can say with good conscience that the storyline is better than for example the oldest Final Fantasy games by Square Enix (in case you're familiar with these). :)
  5. miksy91
    September 16th, 2016 12:38 AM

    I haven't had time to work on beta 5 lately (in a couple of months) due to part-time job, schoolwork at university and other hobbies (mainly bowling but there are a few other sports I do as well). And I don't think I will have much time to work on this in the following two months either, but I don't know how much work I'll do next year and what kind of courses I'll have at the university either so I may have more time to work on this in winter and spring. This year I have done most of the work on spring and june and posted a video of new features in Youtube. I haven't gotten far in terms of gameplay though :\

    What comes to move tutors, Brady can also teach Sunflora Double-Edge but that's it I guess. Someone suggested earlier that I should make Pierce let your Tentacruel use Thunder, but I'm not sure if I implemented that possibility in or not.

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