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  1. Danno
    December 11th, 2014 7:35 PM
    ...and so I did, 2 years later. I lived on Topsail Island near Jacksonville lol. How's life
  2. -Smash
    December 26th, 2009 3:46 AM
    You know, I tried to pixel a character about the same scale as yours.. And whoa.

    3 days already, and im still at the shoulders, working top to bottom.

    First Pixel art in a very long time, and last spriting job of 2009, hah.
  3. Eirikir
    December 6th, 2009 4:53 AM
    My brother has been trying to get me to do a psychic team for years just for that very reason.
  4. 17283361
    December 6th, 2009 12:37 AM
    No problem at all. =]
    I'm always willing to help.

    Theres always next tuesday or thursday haha.
  5. Eirikir
    December 5th, 2009 4:06 PM
    My brother runs a mono-ghost... well he tries. Ghost are few and far between.
  6. Eirikir
    December 4th, 2009 11:21 PM
    Thanks for the hello. Good to see more water trainers, many people hate water PKMN.
  7. 17283361
    December 3rd, 2009 7:56 AM
    Sorry =[
    That hasn't happened before.
    any time i tried to trade it disconnected me.
    The error was either your friend has removed you from their pal pad or has had a communication error.
    dono if there was a problem on your end or not,
    we'll just have to try again on tuesday i guess haha
  8. 17283361
    December 3rd, 2009 7:37 AM
    Hey =]
    Sorry I'm a little late.
    I dono if you still have access to wifi, but im in the wifi room right now, in case you do.
  9. 17283361
    December 2nd, 2009 3:48 PM
    Female please. =]

    & no problem.
  10. 17283361
    December 2nd, 2009 3:32 PM
    No worries.
    I can trade you a ditto also if you wanna do more breeding.
    I'll trade all three, for a drifloon. Just bring a couple Bidoof's or something that you can catch easily to fill for the other 2.

    10:25 is fine.
    My friend code for C4E is 2622 1680 8005

    to trade with a registered friend, you go to the bottom floor of the pokemon center. I think its the lady in the middle you talk to (at least on platinum). She will ask if you wanna use the nintendo wi-fi connection. Just choose go to wi-fi club and thats pretty much it.
    theres a screen in the back of the room that you press (A) at where you can choose what you wanna do. battle, trade, cook, or whatever.
  11. 17283361
    December 2nd, 2009 2:42 PM
    So you're in eastern time, right?
    That'd be like 7:05-7:30 a.m. for me.
    I'm not used to getting up so early, but I can certainly try haha.
    So tomorrow I'll get up at 7.
    Right now the only thing I'm looking for is a Riolu.
    If you're not willing to trade one or don't have one, thats fine.
    Whatever you're willing to offer is fine I'm sure.

    Also, I just got a misdreavus off GTS, so I do have both.
    Do you have any specific requirements for either?
    I can trade you newly hatched, or whatever lvl they are already at. And if you want, I can breed for better IVs as best as I can before tomorrow.
    Just lemme know. =]
  12. 17283361
    December 2nd, 2009 2:02 PM
    I saw in the GTS thread that you're looking for a shuppet.
    I can trade you one.
    & I can see if I have a Misdreavus somewhere. I'm assuming you want a female one?
  13. Danno
    November 25th, 2009 2:39 PM
    Yeah, you told me youre there... in the thread. Just like my best friend is there in NC, in Camp Lejeunes marine brig.

    He gets out December 9th, and he wants to move me down to NC haha. I just might.
  14. Danno
    November 25th, 2009 12:36 PM
    I'm from Boston... so I love it naturally of course :D I like to walk the streets at night by myself or with a large group of friends... go to the commons, public garden, chinatown, copley square, etc. :D
  15. Danno
    November 25th, 2009 11:01 AM
    Hmm... having dinner here at my mom's house for the first time in years, then mayhaps going to Boston for the weekend. :D

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