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  1. Buffel Saft
    March 11th, 2021 2:17 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Hey, I'm good. How've you been?

    - I've finished the rematches, now I'm just making some changes to the AI and doing a test playthrough to catch any obvious bugs. Other than that version 1.0 is pretty much done.
    - Maybe. I've set the ROM up so that saves from the current version will be compatible with the version that adds gen 8 mons, but any new forms won't be accounted for so that'd be a save-breaking update. I'd prefer to avoid those for as long as possible!
    - Yep! They're all backed up online too; the 3DS ones are on google drive of course, and Emerald is on github. Very unlikely I'll lose them!
    - Ooh I do want to check those out, Mr Dollsteak's second frames are always really good.
    - I mostly use mgba and citra (for Emerald and 3DS games), but I've also got a hacked 3DS and a flashcart so I can play all the DS and 3DS games on hardware. Drastic on Android is pretty good but I don't really use it much. I do want to get dolphin set up for some of the older Fire Emblem games too, still haven't played most of them. Definitely have to do the important things before playing games!
  2. Buffel Saft
    February 24th, 2021 10:59 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - It's going well, I just need to finish the rematch teams (which make up about half of the trainers in the game somehow) and fix a few bugs in the battle engine and it'll be ready for a release. Need to make a "standard" version too, but I might see how much demand there is for that first. Gen 8 mons are included now but are currently unobtainable, but this will make save files from future versions compatible with version 1.0 saves. I've also just expanded the bag so it can hold every single item in the game, and added a new key item that acts as a portable Poke Center (it has limited uses, but can be recharged whenever you visit an actual center).
    - Normal difficulty is actually closer to Drayano hacks, the only difference between Normal and Hard is that trainers on normal don't have EVs, but they will in Hard. If normal turns out to be too hard I might add a casual setting for people who want it. Insanity will be similar to Radical Red and Unbound Insane with some added nonsense (currently thinking totem boosts for some trainers' Pokemon), but it won't be in the initial version of the hack as I want gen 8 to be ready to go before working on it.
    - Currently the difficulty is set at the start and can't be changed, but I'll probably add a way to lower it in the future.
    - I actually haven't seen any of the new Snap, will need to take a look!
    - Yeah I've been keeping an eye on Dray's twitter, hope he's looking after himself. Will be interesting to see how he solves his Sylveon dilemma!

    I hope so! I had fun making it either way, if anyone else enjoys it I'll be happy. Should be more accessible than my 3DS hacks too so it'll be interesting to see how much that matters.

    Have fun with Bayonetta!
  3. Buffel Saft
    January 19th, 2021 9:26 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Hey, I'm not sure what I want to do ROM hacking wise after Emerald. Probably won't add gen 9 to it, but I kinda want to try a custom region hack at some point. Don't know if I'll have enough free time for something like that, or even which game I'd base it on (probably Emerald, unless the Platinum decomp is usable by then).

    Those aren't bad, might need to clean up the outlines on a few of them though. Still need to finish gen 8 moves and abilities before worrying about second frames, but I'll keep them in mind for later.
  4. Buffel Saft
    January 3rd, 2021 6:12 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Hey, that was something I'd planned but wound up scrapping as I didn't like the map I'd made for it. The current plan is to add a graveyard and/or haunted house to Dewford instead, so there'll still be an early game ghost area.

    Happy New Year! Hope this one's better than last year!
  5. Buffel Saft
    December 25th, 2020 2:56 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Oh nice, he's finished the last two starter sprites then?
    - I hadn't planned to include Looker, but might do something with him if I can get a RSE style version of his theme into the game. Wouldn't be the same without it!
    - I haven't ported anything from the CFRU but I think some of my QoL features are same as the ones it includes.
  6. Buffel Saft
    December 17th, 2020 1:55 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - I've got a custom HM system that lets you deal with HMS in a few ways:
    * You can teach a Pokemon the HM move and use it like in vanilla
    * You can just have a Pokemon in your party that can learn the HM, and it will be able to use it in the overworld without actually knowing the move
    * If you don't have any Pokemon that can learn an HM (except Flash and Fly), you can call a gym leader's Pokemon to use the HM for you (basically the Poke ride system)
    - Yep, you can even choose between a few different modes for the rematch: singles, doubles and legendary (which will allow them to use "ubers" legendaries)
    - I haven't actually played any this year, but from what I've seen it'd be either Radical Red or Unbound. Won't know until I've actually played them though!
  7. Buffel Saft
    December 15th, 2020 12:06 AM
    Buffel Saft
    Responses in bold! Copied your whole message so I could keep track of all the questions:
    -Pokecommunity didn't complete all new Gen V icons, so I found a link for you:
    -I guess your Emerald hack will have 85-90% of pokemon that have second frame sprites in the first release version, right? and is it hard for you to create some custom second frame sprites for some pokemon that don't have it yet?
    Not quite that many sadly, closer to 50%: every Pokemon from gen I-IV and most of V have second frames, but the rest are all single frame animations. I can make second frames but it's very time consuming, so I haven't made any custom ones yet (that'll be a version 2+ thing I think)
    -I prefer the design of Pokemon & stats menu to stay originally as it is instead of HGSS and/or BW styles (like in Radical Red, Theta Emerald Renev & maybe Unbound), and for pokedex, well maybe a new PokedexPlus from this site but with Emerald design, but it's up to you.
    I'll be keeping most of the Pokemon menus close to their original design. At some point they'll need to be modified a bit to support longer move/Pokemon/ability names, but I'll try to keep the general look. I'll be using The Xaman's Pokedex though, it's like having all the hack's documents in game!
    -Are May & Brendan's pokemon teams different (aside from starters)?
    Yeah, they got completely different teams aside from their starter and Swellow; there wasn't much to work with there lol.
    -Does it have a rival battle inside the Pokemon League before battling the E4? (Like Barry/Sinnoh rival battle in the Pokemon League (DPPt))
    I had that in my old 2012 version of Emerald, still deciding if I want to have it in this one too! There's a daily rematch with them in the post game at least.
    -Does Scott from Battle Frontier have some battles in this hack to demonstrate players?
    No, but I'll be adding battles with the Frontier Brains in the main game as a way to get certain items.
    -I know it's obvious, but I want to say that I'm sure that in this hack, trainers in the Victory Road have mega evolutions like in EXWY, RRSS, & PSPM.
    Yep! Some Ace Trainers even have them a little earlier this time.
    -Does this game have Medal challenges like in B2W2, or maybe a challenge like this in Pokenav?
    Nothing like that yet, maybe in future versions.
    -Will there be some mirage spots/places like in ORAS, maybe with some legendary encounters?
    No mirage spots, but most Legendary Pokemon have new locations added just for them.
    -Will there be some Item/Money sidequests like in Alola games?
    Yeah, I'm still working on those - there's an "interesting" one to get the Gyaradosite involving a lot of Magikarp.
    -Does Safari Zone have 6 areas before E4/Post-game, or still 4 areas?
    All six areas are available before post game.
    -I hope we can revive prehistoric pokemon by giving fossil items, instead of catching them as wild pokemon (Theta Emerald Renev).
    Yep! The fossil guy can revive all the fossils, and you can get as many of each as you want (though they're pretty rare after the guaranteed ones).
    -I wonder if you can add some new trick house puzzles.
    I hadn't actually considered that, it's a good idea. Could add a few more in the post game.
    -Is Soothe Bell available earlier in the game so we can evolve Pokemon that requires friendship easier, and because to evolve it, it takes a long time in Gen 2 & 3, longer than the next generations.
    Yep, it's available somewhere around Petalburg Woods, along with a Friend Ball, which instantly grants caught Pokemon enough friendship to evolve.
    -What was your hardest part when your were working on your Emerald hack, and what will be the hardest part when you'll be working for some next versions?
    So far it's been the code for Rotom's form change; it turned out to be a lot more involved than I thought, so it took a couple of tries to get it right! I want to add inverse and 6v6 modes to all the Frontier facilities, so I think that'll be the hardest thing to do in later versions.
    -Before the release of ORAS, fans were listening to RSE soundtrack with some excitements, this year (or these days), I'm doing it the same but for your Emerald hack, listening to some Hoenn songs before playing the first version, or the version with Gen 8 Pokemon. (Crazy, I know ^_^)
    Haha, I have the RSE soundtrack on as background noise while working on the hack sometimes. Helps to get in the mood!
    -Are you working on your hack too much, or are you working on it sometimes and have some important and free moments like work, other hobbies, family & friends, going out...etc ?
    Probably working on it too much, but I make time for all those other things too so I don't burn out. Got a 4 week holiday coming up so that'll be a lot of hacking time!

    There's a very good chance gen 8 mons will be ready to go before I have a first release ready, so I might just delay the hack a bit to have them in version one. Will see how much I get done this week.
  8. Buffel Saft
    December 9th, 2020 8:57 PM
    Buffel Saft
    I probably will use some of those, there are some definite improvements over the PC ones.
    - No rustling grass etc. in the hack yet, but I've always liked that feature so maybe in version 2.
    - The E4 and Champion are done! I'm currently working on the AI and filling out rematch teams for all the trainers that have them. Haven't got multiple teams for the league trainers yet, but that's on the to-do list.
  9. Buffel Saft
    December 8th, 2020 12:39 AM
    Buffel Saft
    Ooh thanks for that, wasn't aware of those threads. Some of those second frames are pretty good, and a lot of the others wouldn't be too much work to tidy up.
  10. Buffel Saft
    November 15th, 2020 11:16 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - Johto Pokeballs are a reward from the Verdanturf battle tent for now; they'll be available somewhere else too, but maybe not just for sale! Nectars will definitely be in the Slateport Market though.
    - Haha yeah I'll make sure that's really clear this time; don't need a full thread of "where do I find Pikachu?!"
    - That's pretty much exactly the roster I'd go with, though I'll have a separate Elite 4 tournament too.

    Nice, congrats on clearing the game! Looks like a solid team, especially if they never used Z-moves..
    You're welcome, glad you had fun playing my hacks! If all goes well Emerald will be ready for a first release early next month, but the post game will be blocked off and added back in a later version. Given what this year's been like I think it'd be nice to get something fun out before christmas rather than waiting for the frontier and gen 8 to be done.

    Hopefully we'll chat again some time, but either way it's been good talking to you. Best of luck with everything, stay safe, and merry christmas to you and yours too!
  11. Buffel Saft
    November 13th, 2020 4:05 AM
    Buffel Saft
    - Not at all; abilities are probably the trickiest of those, but I've added a few custom ones to the game recently (might've made Mega Sceptile OP with its new ability, we'll see how it goes) so I know how to approach those now.
    - I'd still want both the new regis to be in ancient ruins somewhere, so probably not New Mauville, but Meteor Falls is a good idea, will definitely go with that!
    - Yeah, I've left all the trainer sprites as their original designs. Same goes for their personalities, so there's not much ORAS dialogue in the game.
    - I need to fit all the legendaries in somehow, so the post game will definitely have some ultra space/other dimension nonsense to make that work! I'm considering adding a Pokemon World Tournament as a new Frontier facility too, so that'd let me add as many characters from other regions as I want.

    Ooh well done, that's the first time I've heard of someone beating Ultra Necro with Trick Room Mimkyu, very clever!
  12. Buffel Saft
    November 11th, 2020 11:25 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - Yeah, you can hold B to surf faster. Really helps speed up the water route slog haha.
    - That's pretty impressive! I still haven't tried to make anything with a new UI yet.
  13. Buffel Saft
    November 10th, 2020 11:50 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - There's a very good chance I'll give more Pokemon megas, they'll be something I add in future versions occasionally as I come up with designs for them.
    - Good guess! I had a bit of a trainer editing binge last week and finished both the hideouts, Mossdeep Gym and all of the surfing trainers. That just leaves the Seafloor cavern, Sootopolis Gym, victory road, the Pokemon league and the post game. Almost there!
    - Currently the Safari Zone has Alolan forms and a mix of Pokemon you'd find in Safari Zones from the other games (Dratini, Tauros etc.)
    - Yeah a Mega stone pocket for the bag is definitely something I want in the hack, I'll be looking into adding more pockets to it once all the trainers are done.

    Good luck with Ultra Necrozma! Mimikyu and Decidueye's Sucker Punch should help quite a bit.
  14. Buffel Saft
    September 27th, 2020 9:14 PM
    Buffel Saft
    I've actually made trainers and wild Pokemon scale to the player's level instead of having a level cap. Hoenn has a lot of optional areas, so adding a cap would waste a lot of the EXP from those areas if they're explored later in the game. With scaling levels you can skip an entire area, come back to it later and still get full EXP from it. Trainer Pokemon levels are always the player's highest level + or - a fixed value, usually +0 to +2 for bosses and -2 to -3 for everyone else. It's impossible to over level, but grinding is still an option to get better moves or evolve a Pokemon.

    Looks like a good team so far! 5 items per battle is fair, the AI gets 4 so that's better than using an entire bag full!
  15. Buffel Saft
    September 26th, 2020 12:48 AM
    Buffel Saft
    - Yeah I've got a few custom moves and abilities planned. I'm definitely considering the Gigantamax forms as Megas option; Lapras and Garbodor could really use them and it'd be nice to have designs and sprites done for them already. I'm hoping to add custom Megas for Milotic and Flygon too, but only if I can come up with decent designs for then (Flygon is pretty tricky to add things to, Game freak weren't kidding about the artist's block on that one!).
    - That looks very impressive, might have to keep an eye on it! I'd like to have some sort of soaring mechanic as HMs are going to be optional, and it'd be the best replacement for Fly.
    - It'd be nice if I could do that, but I've changed the Pokemon data structure enough that mons from my hack would appear as bad eggs in other games, and it'd only be able to battle with other hacks that use the same battle engine and have the same base stats for Pokemon. So unfortunately it's probably not going to be an option.

    Congrats on beating Eternal X! Nice to see to your team's levels are exactly where I expected them to be, hope there wasn't any grinding needed to get there. Blaze Black's always good (especially 2). Gen VII's good parts are very good (personally I really liked the totem battles), but it's got waaay too much annoying dialogue. Might not be so bad on your first playthrough though.

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