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  1. Sector
    January 30th, 2014 2:58 PM
    Seriously? -_- I didn't even notice you VM'd me back... Sorry ):

    What is the progress so far between the two of you? :) Grr, do you have Skype or anything? I have a bad habit of failing to VM people back apparently. This way, we can keep in touch easier for good news & stuff xD


    Sounds like you're living quite an interesting life lately

    Just saw your picture you recently posted, spiffy! You don't have to donate if you don't want to.

    Nina Dobrev is mine though brah ;) hahaha. Yeah, Taylor Cole & Miranda Kerr definitely! Alexis Knapp, I checked her out, nice! Don't know her though.

    My top 5:
    1) Do I really need to remind you? ;)
    2) Victoria Justice
    3) Mila Kunis
    4) Shay Mitchell
    5) Emma Watson/Candice Accola

    I can never determine who's #5, but there's my top 4 xD lol

    What's new with you?
  2. Sector
    January 8th, 2014 9:22 AM
    Go buy a new PC? :3 You have a job now!

    I like that too, @sharing what's bothering & want she wants! :O Sounds like your girlfriend is a keeper! Congrats! I have a very interesting & unique taste. I don't even know what I like most of the time tbh LOL It doesn't help that I am actually awkward as hell in real life though. There's that :P

    There has been a lot of cute girls I've came across here in real life, but problem is, I always miss the opportunity with them. Why? I have no clue. My friends usually point it out a month after I stopped talking to the girl. Makes for one reason why I just do not like chilling with my friends because they just make a big deal about it months after. I just hit the "whatever, leave me the hell alone" phase when they do, generally for one reason, they never stop bringing it up -_- Gets old after a while, no wait, gets old EVERY TIME!

    Yeah, there are blogs, but you have to be Tier 2 Supporter if I remember correctly. Yeah, you'd have to pay for it haha. I won mine by default so I was lucky. Otherwise, I don't like spending money on sites like these x)

    We talked about Nina Dobrev, right? Did I tell you how much I love her? She's my ideal/dream wife <3 Her birthday is tomorrow ^_^
  3. Treecko
    January 7th, 2014 11:08 PM
    Yup they did in 2009 and came back 4 years later around this time last year. I personally love both their new sound and old sound. Their new sound is very different though and took me a while to get used to. Same for Linkin Park to be honest. I do prefer the old harder rock over the softer alt rock they put out now, but I enjoy all of their music. They're latest album was great, really reminds of some older stuff to an extent. Switchfoot has been one of my favorites since 2003. Dark Horses is from their album Vice Verses and that my favorite album of their. Their upcoming album, Fading West while also sounds different seems promising too. So excited to hear all of it.

    Owl City might have a new album coming out this year and I'm beyond excited for it. He's been my favorite artist since Fireflies and I'm a big fan of Adam Young (aka the one man behind Owl City. Yup not an entire band. Though he does have a tour band.) and his solo projects.

    I'm not too big on rap and country to tell you the truth. Though Twenty One Pilots incorpates rapping into their music, it's different since it's also very electronic and indie pop/electronic rock like so I guess I find and exception with them. haha

    Nope I don't but I'd love to play a guitar or piano/electric keyboard (particularly a synthesizer ).
  4. Treecko
    January 6th, 2014 6:08 PM
    Imagine Dragon is high up on my favorite bands list too. So good. But I like a lot of rock/ indie rock bands like Twenty One Pilots, Paramore , Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Bastille, New Politics, Alt-J , The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys, Grouplove, The Killers, Linkin Park, Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, Foster the People, fun.,Phoenix, American Authors, Awolnation, Death Cab For Cutie, Dashboard Confessional and punk bands like Rise Against ,Alkaline Trio, Green Day, Blink-182 and , All Time Low, Anberlin , Switchfoot , Relinet K and some harder rock/metal bands like Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, August Burns Red, Skillet, etc. Also electronic/synthpop/indietronica artist like Owl City, Passion Pit, The Postal Service, Deadmau5, Daft Punk. I'm all over the place with music. Owl City is one of my overall favorite artist though. He (or Adam Young) make wonderful music imo.

    Sorry for the long list I just love music. ^__^ Yourself?
  5. Sector
    January 6th, 2014 5:50 PM
    Oh, sorry hahaha. Yeah, wait it out until you're ready B) If you truly like her, just holding her in your arms, hold hands, cuddling, is all worth the moment. I would kill to have someone just for those :D (I wouldn't really kill, but ya'know, haha).

    Yeah, that advice wasn't really what I thought was advice. I just preferred it that way xD xD xD I guess I do have good advice after all ^_^ A girl who listens & appreciates you & your thoughts, whereas is laid back? Oh my gosh, she's a keeper! :O


    It is a large family, but my dad's side of the family (meaning my nieces/nephews/brothers/sister) actually don't like my mom's family. Long story short: Dad's side are a bunch of snobs, criminals, troublemakers, etc. Mom's side: Goes to church, actually graduates from school, behave, etc. It does get wild with all the kids together on my mom's side, but I'm actually very used to it. Don't get annoyed or worn out as most parents/people would haha. I'm pretty laid back myself, but if I want to be (if I was drunk actually), I can be preeeeeeettty crazy xP I do not talk to anyone on my dad's side of the family at all nor do I even want to look at them when they visit my dad. I actually passionately hate them. So yeah. I'm hope I get a girlfriend soon. I've been told on multiple occasions that I'm a very sweet & romantic guy. In fact, read this blog lol:
  6. Treecko
    January 6th, 2014 5:21 PM
    Yeah I know right? They're not my favorite band, but they're still great. I love Counting Stars a lot and some of their other songs like "Secrets", "Feel Again" and the classic "Stop and Stare".
  7. Sector
    January 6th, 2014 5:13 PM
    No, pressuring is bad. That's good you know that. You're a great guy! You're not comfortable enough yet? Well don't be in a rush, take your time. Wait until you're ready. If you're not ready, there will be awkward moments & complications. We don't need that. Just do what will make you happy in the end & go with what your heart tells you. "Here we go again..." as in, she's been through this sort of thing with other guys before? I'm not afraid to name it but, if this is sex we're talking about & she's not ready for it, aka wants to wait till the right moment, then respect her wishes. Girls love guys that are actually "men who acts like a true gentleman." LOL Well its the moment that counts. What her little brother did with you two are memories. That's something you have to cherish with her. :)

    Thank you! I hope I get a job before February starts, if I can do that, then its a successful 2014 so far! I'd rather try a food out on a date with a girl for the first time. Just my vision, specially because I want to be with her when trying something new. Just the imagination of her watching you taste the food to see if you enjoy it, sounds romantic. I'm weird, yeah :P

    Oh wow, your sister is getting married? How old is she? I wish your sister the best with her life. She sounds like a great woman.

    Yes, I have 5 sisters & 3 brothers. My parents were married before they met. I'm the only child they had together. If that makes sense? Don't say wow yet. I have 29 nieces, nephews & great nephews combined. Yeah & I'm only 22. I don't even have kids or a girlfriend myself yet so the count isn't finish entirely!
  8. Sector
    January 6th, 2014 4:35 PM
    Woah, you two almost got physical o: That's great man! But sucks it didn't actually go through. Maybe next time? I hope you two get to the point where you want to be sooner rather than later. How worried was she when her brother got lost? I bet it wasn't exciting for her.

    This week: Probably going to the job store to see what jobs are hiring around this town. Yeah. Not sure which day I want to go but we'll see. And hopefully play some more MW3 with someone B) Yeah! I have never had Indian food, or if I did, I don't know what's Indian food then. Ha.

    I'm age 22, I want to go to uni/college. I know what I want to do, but I'm not on a path where I should be chasing my dreams. :(

    No problem :) Are you two close?
  9. Sector
    January 6th, 2014 4:14 PM
    Oh you replied. I didn't realize you VM'd me back, sorry for the late reply!

    That's cute :3 how did your date go Saturday with the siblings? Tell me all about it! :D

    My week is fine. Nothing new yet. I left my tapout workout at home so I can't work out, or start it to be specific. How was your weekend?

    By the way, I saw your picture with your sister. I have to tell you, your sister is gorgeously beautiful :3 I'm going to say the same thing in the thread xD
  10. Treecko
    January 5th, 2014 7:52 PM
    No problem. Just trying to encourage you as you get into shape. It's looking good so far.
  11. V-Create
    January 3rd, 2014 5:25 PM
    Pokemon and MMA is probably the best combination and I could probably never not notice you if you were into Pokemon and MMA. *cough* I'mwooingsomeonebackintomylifeatm.. :)Wishmelucklol *cough*

    Oh right yes, My name is Alessandra! I'm from Ireland and I'm 17! YOU?
    Dude, they're so butthurt seriously! HAHAHA Like there was this one guy on facebook who said "Look don't be like that to Silva, you don't know him like I do.." but does he really KNOW Silva?! like MET him, stayed with him and lived with him and things? He probably watches all them documentaries but we both know, even in the world of UFC, that some parts are just too overly exaggerated.

    I watched that too, didn't he just bow? Unsportsmanlike in an acceptable way.. but still rude. Smirking and everything lol Look he was never on my list honestly, even though people say he's really good, he's not that good for me. L.Machida though, damn. Why, did you injure your leg too or something?

    I always cheer for the underdog too! Everyone has a chance! It's all about timing and skill, timing and skill. Have you seen the one with Mir and Barnett? I mean everyone was rooting for Mir at the time.. but Barnett kicked ass! My friends rooted for Mir and they were wrong;p

    Melendez Vs Sanchez? Now that one was the best I've seen last year.. like I'm pretty biased cause I'd say Ronda vs Mieshas was the best cause I'm a girl but Melendez Vs Sanchez went off the fffffff ROOF!! Dude, I can't tell you how asftuydglushajkfsd watching that fight, it was extreme! Probably cause of the blood loss, but they put on a really great show.

    I don't know, whatever..I never despised any of the both of them. In my eyes, they're just women who act really good to put on a nice show to get more moola and still be very hot while doing so :') Ronda does have Judo background, I think her mom was the first woman to win the judo championship?.. I forgot, but I watched TUF18 and her mom coached some of the fighters, taught them a lil something2.

    It's okay, if I had a D I would wear a groin guard too. While I was doing Aikido, those men I didn't know were pressing up against me when sparring (It is a contact sport) but still, it made me feel uncomfortable.. atleast wear a groin guard -,- that's some freaky sh.

    It's okay dude! It's better to get your ass kicked for more experience and things rather than get too cocky and lose in the end anyway. Ahaha take pics and show them to us on the pic board:D Whether you win or lose, your pokemon buddies are right behind you :) Wrestling freaks me out, I don't know why.. it's probably because I grew up knowing WWE was fake and it just didn't appeal to me from then on.. but I'm sure it's painful when it's out of the picture.

    It's a jigglypuff Sexymon. A lot of people tell me that lol glad you're in the addition. I like yours too..? ??????????? XD
  12. V-Create
    January 3rd, 2014 2:53 PM
    Yay finally someone who appreciates Pokemon AND MMA :)

    I didn't lol! I know I'm so evil muahahahaha I HATE IT TOO!! That's why I was rooting for Weidman the WHOLE time. Remember on their first fight, Silva got all cocky and things and look what it did to him.. seriously! He could've just stayed serious and in the game but Noooo he just had to let his guard down and act like a freaking monkey!

    Barnett? It was okay for me, both did a great job. I loved the Poirier one cos Brandao missed weight, Poirier beat him up after though! He was so mad at the weigh-ins.. Brandao is an a-hole, coming in nearly on a different weight class oh my god (getting emotional here, sorry haha)

    My favorite one was ofcourse, Ronda vs. Miesha, cause you know.. ugh <3 Ronda again, finished with an armbar, not a surprise there.. but did you see her judo?! Countering Miesha's takedowns? Sh*t! I don't even know what to say, I love the both of them but Ronda puts on her 100% in every fight. Fair play to her, she deserves this belt.

    I umm used to do Aikido but stopped because I didn't like defending myself (I know -,-" lol) and I attended about 5-6 classes and never did they let us hit a punching bag, it made me sad :'( so I quit!
    I heard Conor Mc used to coach my girl-friend before, but he never came back after being famous and things..
    I am currently looking for a gym that do BJJ, my bro-in-law trains BJJ but not often.. they teach me some moves, I can never escape thoughD: they're so like.. heavy and things and I'm too scrawny and weird Ahaha (they need to wear groin guards) Did you? :)
  13. Shining Raichu
    January 3rd, 2014 2:35 AM
    Shining Raichu
    That, my friend, is definitely a date. I think the fact that you're taking your siblings makes it even cuter... and then finishing it up alone, well I think you better get your chap stick ready. :P

    My day was fine, work was annoying but it always is. At any rate I'm sure my day wasn't as good as yours :P
  14. Sector
    January 3rd, 2014 1:20 AM
    I hope I enjoy the new Hobbit movie as well as you did I guess. I did like the second one.

    That sounds like a great date you two had. Keep it up. You two may have a future together just yet B) I haven't been to the zoo in forever. Gosh, that's crazy! Be good to your younger sister & her younger brother. If she likes kids, she'll definitely love the fact that you're great with kids. That is if they are kids, right? Haha. :)
  15. Sector
    January 2nd, 2014 7:40 AM
    Oh the newer Hobbit movie? I've seen the first one, I'd like to see the rest when they release as well. I actually didn't even realize the second one was out already, or UK probably happens to get movies in theatre before US does. I don't know, I don't know this type of thing lol

    I've actually never had Japanese food, nor Chinese for that matter, maybe I have. Just no knowledge of it probably. There are Chinese buffets around where I live, my parents go to there to buy food to go. I don't usually eat with my parents, they eat on the table in the kitchen whereas I eat some other random things, which is usually Subway when we're out to buy food rather than cook, in my bedroom while playing game/watching TV/chilling on laptop. Yeah.

    I used to eat little pillows(I call Pizza Rolls that, 'cause they look like little pillows!), nonstop, during my childhood years. I was only managed to be 140lbs after eating it 24/7 for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. ^_^ I guess I'm lucky not to be fat. Nothing against it, I don't like to see myself being fat. I was always a workout buff at heart but never really done it. I just got Tapout recently, so I'm pretty excited about it. Time to get fit. B) I'd like to take form into martial arts to be honest. I don't know where to begin though. Haha

    When is this date between you & your significant other going to take place? I may be biased, because though I am straight, I find Jensen Ackles(Dean) to be one fine gentleman. Bromance yo! x) I would recommend it, if you like supernatural things. Supernatural came a long way since its first season. They went through so much, I think you should give it a try. Comparing pilot episode to the newest one, you couldn't even tell its the same series, despite the same actors(They've both grown older too, you can tell). They're in their 9th season, I know they will go to season 10 but I have no idea if they will continue on after that. Who knows. My favorite show is Arrow. Based on DC's comic, Green Arrow.

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