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  1. Buffel Saft
    August 24th, 2021 2:01 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Haha, maybe! Depends on what the next batch of megas ends up being!
    Thanks! IMO it's the most interesting ability I've added so far.
  2. Allen Ceedos
    August 24th, 2021 1:17 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    I was so jubilant to find that Crystal Onix has Ice/Ground typing! My joy, however, vanished when it evolved and turned into a Steel/Ground Steelix. What the heck! You beat that agent to capture it, it has one of the most offensive typing you can get and on top of that it's looking so beautiful yet in one instant everything is ruined! By the way, did you find an Eviolite in Adventures Red? Maybe then we can use Crystal Onix somehow...
    Damn, you evolved it?? xD I didn't evolve it, had no idea about it turning into regular Steelix until now. Probably I must've assumed it doesn't evolve, because I kept as Crystal Onix. I don't know if this was changed in the Expansion Pass update but the one Eviolite I found was on Cinnabar Island, in the Volcano after finding TM Flamethrower.

    I am now on Discord, and I created servers for the content which I put out so feel free to choose the servers that interest you and perhaps we'll hang out over there :) you can share the invite links with others who might be interested:

    - Walkthroughs https://discord.gg/ajk2ffSttM
    - Comic Book Chronicles https://discord.gg/WSc9EZPDuX
    - House of Sounds https://discord.gg/mRDSPy6shp
    - Counting Electric Sheep https://discord.gg/kQgfvYaJWF
    - Specials https://discord.gg/7jJr8U3Fpe
  3. Buffel Saft
    August 23rd, 2021 8:51 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Hey, thanks! Good to hear you like the changes. I think 1.2 has fixed most of the big problems, but there are still some move animations that freeze the game, so you might want to turn animations off.
    I think walrein's definitely a water type sorry!
  4. Buffel Saft
    August 21st, 2021 10:21 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Thanks again!

    Hopefully I won't have any major bugs, worst one so far was the Air Balloon freeze and that was due to a silly mistake.
  5. Buffel Saft
    August 20th, 2021 2:12 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Nah it's a Black 2/White 2 hack - best way to play it on mobile is using drastic. Not sure how you'd patch it though.

    I haven't played Adventure Red either, might be time to take a short break from making hacks to play a few!
  6. Allen Ceedos
    August 20th, 2021 11:31 AM
    Allen Ceedos
    There are around 70 fakemons sprinkled throughout Voyager's world, if I am recalling correctly. I have just started my playthrough, so don't know much about all the fakemons, but I didn't like what I have seen till now. The starters look average to me; haven't seen the final evos, so I won't judge them as of now (chose the water starter, and really hope that its final evo is a Water/Fairy one). There is a yellow mosquito and spider hybrid fakemon that I encountered which looks utterly gross, and I mean it!

    Betamons of Adventures Red were equally gross as well, I didn't like any one of them. Maybe I have design issues, however, I have seen some fantastic fakemon designs on deviantart, to tell you the truth. Aethestode used the Orangean Arcanine and Growlithe designs from there, I guess. Orangean Metagross' design was also taken from the devs of Insurgence.

    I love variants instead of fakemons. Swampert, Snorlax and Venusaur variants in Adventures Red were amazing. If fakemons are designed beautifully, then I will like them as well..!! I am a bit brutal here, but I prefer to speak my mind, so apologies in advance if I have offended you anywhere...
    No worries, I wasn't offended xD I appreciate that you speak your mind so feel free to do so. Designs are what kept me from going for games which were heavy on Fakemon, I saw some bad designs in some of the hacks I played in the past and that put me off until I played Clover. Clever designs but also designs that were nice nods to some pop culture. I like that Voyager has a wiki for those monsters, so I'll be sure to dive into that first.

    The variants in Adventures were cool, especially Ice Snorlax and Crystal Onix. I didn't know Orangean Growlithe/Arcanine were on deviantart haha, that is interesting. Design wise I thought it was just a clever type switch for Growlithe/Arcanine and nothing more.
  7. Allen Ceedos
    August 18th, 2021 10:47 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    Lol...!! XD You are spot on here! Man, it's so hilarious, that tiger, crocodile etc., they look so ugly to me (no offences, plz), why does he like them so much?
    I noticed that Voyager has its own Pokémon as well, how do those compare with the Adventure Red exclusives? After playing Pokémon Clover last year I've grown to appreciate Fakemon, so I aim to cover more games which are Fakemon-centric in my walkthroughs.
  8. Buffel Saft
    August 18th, 2021 3:16 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Blaze Black/Volt White 2 are still my favourite hacks! I haven't had a chance to play things like Unbound or Sors yet though so maybe that'll change once I do. What are your favourites?
  9. Buffel Saft
    August 17th, 2021 2:22 PM
    Buffel Saft
    I could work with essentials, but I wouldn't choose it over ROM hacking. It's got some performance issues, and I like being able to play my mods on a 3DS too. It looks like PDSK is similar, but newer than essentials; I don't really keep up with essentials news though so no idea how they compare!
  10. Allen Ceedos
    August 15th, 2021 11:40 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    I have just joined its Discord server of Adventures Red Vol. 2, and it is slated for a release this December. Some crappy betamons are again making a comeback; why does Aethestode like them so much, I wonder.?
    Also, a couple of nice hacks have just been released. One is Sors, developed by #Vytron and the other is Voyager, developed by Ghoulslash. You should definitely check them out, highly recommended!
    XD, maybe he was inspired by anime, manga, other video game series and so on? That could explain why he brought them back, even with 8 generations' worth of actual Pokémon available. I'm keeping my eyes on Sors and Voyager, and perhaps I'll reach out to both creators about doing walkthroughs for their games in the future. Voyager I would wait until the game is complete.
  11. Buffel Saft
    August 14th, 2021 3:02 PM
    Buffel Saft
    No problem!

    I'm not too worried how successful it is, but I guess it'd be cool to see some playthroughs! Gen 4 decomps would be just as powerful as the gen 3 ones, though I think the best thing they'd bring is a way to fix the sluggish battles and menus! It'd be cool to have mega evolution and things like that in gen 4 too. Yeah it's good to see a lot of hacks are finally making the switch to decomps. I'm glad I did it early on, would've had to redesign half the game if I'd finished it in binary first.
  12. Buffel Saft
    August 11th, 2021 2:46 AM
    Buffel Saft
    No problem! On the GBA the first colour in a sprite palette is the transparent colour, which is usually the background. It won't appear when the sprite is shown in game, so it appears as if you can see through it. E.g. the pale green colour in my Milotic sprites is the "transparent" colour. You can also have generic images (as in everyday .png files) with transparency, which is usually called an alpha channel. It's the same concept as the GBA sprites; a solid colour that will be invisible when the image is shown on top of something else, making any pixels with that colour "transparent".

    If I'm still ROM hacking after Emerald a custom region will probably be my next project! I'd likely use the Emerald hack as a base because it has so many useful features already, though I'd love to use the Platinum or HGSS decomps instead if they're ready by then.
  13. Buffel Saft
    August 7th, 2021 4:52 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Thanks, glad you like it! Yeah, extra fins or bigger fins were what I had in mind too.

    I'll definitely do some more at some point. I use Graphics Gale, which is an image editor made just for pixel art. It's got useful features like grid overlays and makes working with palettes really easy. It can be a little janky sometimes (never use it with images that have transparency) but most of the time it's fantastic.
  14. Allen Ceedos
    August 6th, 2021 1:21 PM
    Allen Ceedos
    Well, Malcolm X said that “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Neither could I not agree more with him nor do I want to add anything further, whatever he said is powerful and succinct. We should not rely too much on the "Idiot box" for the know-how of the world, instead we should strive to get first-hand information or listen to the investigative journalists for it, and then ponder over it ourselves. This is the least a concerned human being can do; that's what I think.

    There are some channels like Alt News, The Wire, Newslaundry etc. They are not popular and get threats now and then, but obviously they provide complete picture, unbiased analysis and fact-checks. Regarding investigative journalists, The Corbett Report is a very good source of information!
    Especially in this "information age" that we're in now, it's really important to make sure that the information you get can be verified or is at least well sourced. I wonder how Malcolm X would feel if he was around during this period. Would he be among the people trying to get as much vital information out there as possible, working in the alternative independent media sphere...or would he swept up in all the mainstream hysteria about Covid or climate change or all the other day to day stuff they get caught up in?

    Indeed, The Corbett Report is a very good example of an information source. Thoroughly sourced and researched, with help from many of the people who support James Corbett and his site. Not just sharing information but trying to find solutions to many of the problems we're facing. Are any of the major news sources doing that? I highly doubt it haha.

    My only gripe with Normal type is that it does not hit hard (super effective) to any other type, meaning no OHKOs, and man, I love OHKOs!! But, I'm looking forward to strong pokemons with Normal/Ghost and Normal/Fairy typings. They might offer me something I crave for.
    Gen 8 didn't offer either of those type combos? I know there is a Legendary Pokemon which is Normal/Ghost or Ghost/Normal....but it's in Pokemon Clover xD.

    Well, to be honest, I can only remember Gen 6 for Greninja and legendaries, Gen 7 had cool starters, but that's all it had. I didn't like the designs of ultra beasts one bit. Gen 8 is total rubbish, to say the least. Also, I have never ever played an original pokemon game. I only play Rom hacks and Fan games, so no idea about DLCs, mate.
    Haha Unbound is where I met a number of those ultra beasts for the very first time. Wow. They just made me think of Fakemon, that's how "un-Pokemon like" they looked! Guzzlord for example, the first time I saw it was in Red Chapter but at the time I thought it was one of the Orange Islands exclusives. I've just settled on the belief that maybe because they're "beasts" that they had to look so unconventional, almost like typical JRPG monsters from way back. You never played an original Pokemon game because of not having the games and consoles?

    Well, there are some cool hacks in the pipeline that might be as good as Unbound if not better, like, Voyager, Saffron, MOT, Rocket Edition, Dark Fire etc. There might be more, but are the only ones I can remember now. You can also play Soulstones, that I have previously mentioned. It's also brilliant. I am, however, eagerly waiting for the next release of Adventures Red, hoping that it will be as good and witty as its predecessor!
    What's been going on as far as the Adventure Red project is concerned? Any news which has been coming out about that next release? Screenshots, trailers, etc? I'll try to check out as many games as I can during this break time that I am on :)
  15. Buffel Saft
    August 4th, 2021 9:51 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Oh definitely!

    Thanks! I've always enjoyed sketching and painting so I figured I might as well design them myself. The designs are pretty simple as I'm still learning how to do pixel art and didn't want to make them too hard to sprite, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

    And sure, here's my take on Mega Milotic:

    I think the tail fins need to change in some way, but not sure what to do with them just yet.

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