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  1. Aisaka
    15 Hours Ago 10:13 PM
    That looks absolutely beautiful, wow. I think if Xenoblade needed anything in a remaster it was better graphics and an updated soundtrack and I'm happy it got both (for the most part). I'm really familiar with the Xenoblade soundtrack and I kinda credit it with getting me through high school sometimes since there were a lot of songs I'd listen to in class to help with anxiety and they would either be from Xenoblade or Sun and Moon. I like all the songs everyone usually answers with (Unfinished Battle, Guar Plains, You Will Know Our Names) but I listened to a lot more of the relaxed tracks, like Refugee Camp, Makna Forest, and Fallen Arm, my favourite either has to be the daytime version of Satorl Marsh (which I think is incredibly underrated) or Refugee Camp.

    I think that makes us about the same age? I remember Mario Kart 7 wasn't my first game in the series but it was the one I've probably played the most of, and I did a lot of time trial attempts and even signed up for a tournament at a convention once, even though I played next to no online and had no experience playing against actual people. ;;
    I definitely have those tracks I forget about, but I'm a big fan of Bone-Dry Dunes. Playing 200cc is always a really enjoyable time, I imagine most people don't know how to control it consistently and you'd either get a good run for your money, or it'd be entertaining. We all have those ones we dread being picked when playing online though.

    It's good Mario Galaxy left a good impression on you, since it's one of those games that has a lot of interesting ideas because the idea of being on disconnected planets and changing gravity allows for a lot of creativity.
    If Punch-Out is available on the Switch I may have to give it a shot.~ Seeing people like speedrunners being able to quickly beat those parts you always get stuck on is always gonna be one of those surprising things for me, it's made me consider picking up speedrunning for a few games but I've never really seriously decided to.

    I feel like a family vacation is one of the worst places to be when finding out about the whole outbreak. It's good that it sounds like people seemed to take some sort of action right away. I'm thankful it hasn't been too big of a burden to deal with myself, and I'm glad you're doing alright through it.

    My sleep habits usually go all over the place, I think I have a consistent schedule and then I'll have a night like last night where I'm awake until 6am and wake up at noon. I find myself usually waking up anywhere from 10am to noon, and I'm not able to go to sleep earlier than midnight like I'd like to some nights. So if there's any advice I end up giving people sometimes it's to have a better sleep schedule. I'm with you in terms of feeling fatigued when waking up late, it's strange how that works out.~
  2. Sydian
    23 Hours Ago 2:41 PM
    thank you!! i really like trying to put together fun teams and i love seeing what other people come up with. ledian is so underappreciated. like i know it's not the greatest pokemon but it's just so fun to use esp in gen 2 with easy access to ice and thunder punch.

    oh lucky... i started this file a year or so ago and i'm already past that part. i got. an igglybuff i think but it wasn't shiny. i got a shiny one in a playthrough yeeears ago tho so that was fun.
  3. Aisaka
    1 Day Ago 10:16 PM
    I feel the same about wanting to go back to it, having someone to actually talk to about Xenoblade makes me want to play Definitive Edition a lot more now. A lot of things in the game seem like they'd take more than one playthrough to understand, gem crafting included.
    The 3DS is such a great system and it feels more like the system I grew up on than the Gamecube, DS, or Wii, since I was constantly getting new games for it and was spending a lot of my time on it. I've since lost my N3DS and only have an original model, so the Switch is where I have to end up looking for SNES games and Xenoblade...

    You make a really good point about them being free, and I think it's just something for people to go out of their way to add modern features. It's something I imagine would make your ROM hack stand out, but not necessary, and it seems like some fans still really enjoy those "retro" mechanics.
    I've really never been big into TV at all, but there are certain shows I've considered watching every so often, it's cool to have those things that you find new interest in through this period, I think that's awesome.

    That actually sounds really cool, it'd be like if I was playing a game and walked into the aquarium here I've frequented often. It seems pretty fascinating to be able to recognize those things especially.

    My old computer used to be like that in terms of being unable to play even flash games without lag, but thankfully I've got a better one now.
    The Star cup is easily the best in the entire game for me, because basically every course is such a good one, even if I'm not the biggest fan of Dolphin Shoals. 150cc does feel easy to me, but I think it's more because I'll just play 200cc on my own whenever I pick up the game. Online is brutal, but I feel like online Mario Kart has always been brutal, which is why I just love playing with friends, since they're either on my level or behind...~

    I've never played Punch-Out, and maybe I should get on that. Though I have played Mario Galaxy and it somehow completely slipped my mind. It was one of those games where I got far enough to the point where I could finish it, then wanted to complete it by getting every star, and then stopped playing shortly after. I played it in 2018 and I felt so awkward going to a games store to buy such an old game since I've never played it...
    Majora's Mask was that game I played to 100% it and then never again, so I don't really remember much of that experience, but I remember I did spend quite a bit on it. I'm pretty sure I used guides to look for the stray fairies because I just didn't want to have to search for them myself...

    In high school I had the choice of morning or afternoon classes, so I tried both and settled on morning classes. It'd been a while since I was sleeping through the day like that, so I just wanted to keep a better schedule.
    I don't even remember how I found out about the situation, though I'm sure it was sudden in general for a lot of people. I do remember my parents telling me there was a potential lockdown, and I sat there thinking it wasn't really like anything I'd ever experienced before. The whole thing is kinda still like that for me. I don't have any outright negative thoughts about it since I'm fortunate it hasn't impacted me much, but it's such a big experience that it's not really something you can just ignore.
    Hope you're getting through it alright.~
  4. Sydian
    2 Days Ago 10:29 AM
    it is!! it is my crystal team. i am glad you brought up ledian bc i love ledian and the one on my crystal team took me a lot of time to get aha. i had to trade over a venomoth from yellow and then breed to get psybeam...also her name is mango. :)
  5. Aisaka
    2 Days Ago 11:10 PM
    I played the New 3DS version because it was all I had access to, I've never owned a Wii U and no way was I going and finding a physical Wii copy at the time. I love the fact they added the feature to change your character outfits. The New Game+ option did exist in the original, and I used it for a little bit when I thought of going for a 100% run, but I decided against it at Tephra Cave because... wow that's a lot of work.

    The inconsistency with ROM hacks has kind of turned me away, because I never really know if what I try would end up being something I'd enjoy or not. Escapism is always a wonderful reason to use something in my mind, and can help a lot, I'm glad the forum can offer that for you, even with the fact I haven't been around here long. I took a peek into what Showdown's community was like because I'd heard from people it was bad and... I'm not really interested in trying to go back in...

    It must be terrifying having a game like Fallout based on the area you live in, I couldn't imagine. Though it does seem cool to notice some areas or buildings you pass by, I guess it's got is pros and cons.

    I definitely agree with the convenience of having things on the same system, it's been something I've felt more as I've started to use Steam a lot more, and just having all my games on the computer I already use daily.
    Coincidentally I've also caught myself playing Toadette a lot more when playing MK8, though I don't have a set character and usually swap between a few. The thing about someone being surprised because you play a different character, that's actually happened to me too, usually if my dad happens to be watching me play a game. Picking a favourite track is so tough because there's so many good ones, but usually if I'm playing with friends and they give me the choice, I'll always have my first pick be Sunshine Airport. Just something about starting a session with it feels good, it's like my warm-up track.
    I feel like a lot of the old-school NES titles for series like that just always end up being guide games, I've heard Zelda 1 and 2 be the prime examples of that. Honestly, I'd probably end up using a guide while playing them. I kinda end up doing it with everything else at this point. Whoops...

    I feel like I'm either the type of person to sleep early or sleep late, and I had a period where I'd come home from school at 3:30pm and be asleep by 4pm. By now my sleep schedule feels pretty consistent, though there's always times I feel like taking a nap.~
    6am sounds way too early to wake up, but I also tend to wake up around 10am, and had to turn down a friend's plans because I'd have to be awake at 7 for them. Also whoops.~
  6. Aisaka
    4 Days Ago 11:14 PM
    It's been a while since I've been able to play Xenoblade but I think what I did was rely on Shulk's Light Heal and Melia's Summon Aqua and Healing Gift if necessary, and just have Dunban draw aggro with high Agility. I always wanted to use Sharla's Head Shaker since it seemed really cool to have an instant kill on Daze enemies but it really just ended up being another red art for a chain attack. I think the progression with Shulk felt totally different from the others getting new weapons and arts instead of just new Monado Arts during the story, and it was really cool. Progression in games in general is really what keeps me going sometimes.

    The only things I can think of that inspired me to join were an old forum having unpleasant people and discussions I wasn't interested in (Things like Off-Topic allow for a lot more casual discussion and that's totally my kind of thing) and just a desire to be a more social person. It seems like this forum was huge for ROM hacks, and I've steered clear of that discussion because I've never really played one... ;;
    The variety in sections is something that instantly stood out to me, because previously mentioned old forum was basically just Pokémon TCG discussion and other sections no one used.

    I kinda just stumbled into a melee character and it just worked out! I can't say I know anything about 3 but if I was in that kind of situation I'd be the same, thinking I'd be fine on ammo. I was always kind of scared to initiate combat in New Vegas because of it being the first time I'd played a game like it, but I think after a while I got used to it, but I had a few times where I'd die like 20 times trying to take out a group of enemies and reload my save until I found something that worked.
    With Benny I think there was a speech option to talk in his room, so I took that and attacked with the pool cue on his table. I also tried the method as a female character where you kill him in his sleep, because my boyfriend told me it was possible and I didn't believe him, and had to try it. Probably weirdest thing I've done in a game...

    That sounds awesome, having an NES to play! A lot of my experiences were because of virtual console or occasional emulation, so it seems like it'd be really cool to try the "real" thing. I feel like the first 3 games were just where they tried different things to find what felt comfortable, and then 4-6 came out and they feel a lot... smoother, I suppose? Less glitchy and less slowdown. If I had to pick a favourite in the whole series, it'd either have to be 9 or 10, but there's lots of good to go around.
    The original Zelda is something I still need to play too! It seems cool to go back and have a different experience.
    Super Star Ultra was what I started with when playing Kirby and it's probably one of the most iconic to me.
    I had a period earlier this year where I was playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe almost daily either online or practicing 200cc in singleplayer, it's a lot of fun, I hope you're enjoying it!~

    I don't mind quick replies at all, it's 11pm for me and I feel like I've always got time to check messages (if I'm awake that is) so message whenever you'd like. It's fine by me.~
  7. Aisaka
    4 Days Ago 8:14 PM
    I feel like Monado Arts is the simple basic answer for a favourite talent art but I loved how you'd get new arts and be able to do new things as you progressed through the game, I think it made up for Shulk not getting a new weapon besides the Monado. If I had to pick a favourite, I'd say Purge because I just have a big soft spot for the entire part of the story it's introduced in, and how it can be more flexible than just a counter to Telethia. I didn't find myself getting stuck too often, but I'm pretty sure I used Shulk/Melia/Dunban for a lot of the game.

    That makes me really happy to hear, thank you! I've felt like I've had an easy time fitting in and I feel very welcomed by the people who have talked to me. I really appreciate being included as part of the community even with how new I am, and how comfortable it feels for people to approach me, it's never something I've felt like this. It's definitely much calmer here than in other places I've frequented. A lot less... chaotic... ;;

    It did sort of feel difficult! And here I thought it was just cause it was my first time. I was putting points mainly into Barter and Speech, because I felt like money ended up being a problem for me. Near the late-game I actually ended up constantly looting every enemy I killed and giving the loot to a companion to hold until I got to a shop and could sell everything. At that point money didn't end up being a problem, but I found it hard to find places that would sell the right ammo or sell better weapons. I just ended up using a Thermic Lance I found after killing an enemy, and just realized it was a melee weapon and didn't have an ammo count. I actually never got the DLC, since I just saw the base game for cheap, and figured if I was interested I could just go back and buy it.

    I actually had to check my game collection for this haha. Any Mario game is basically a classic (I still haven't played Mario 3 yet!) but if I had to think of any platformers I loved, they'd be Kirby games, anything from the GBA onwards. There's lots I'm into, but I feel like I play a lot more "run and gun" games than just normal platformers (games like Mega Man, Cave Story, etc.) or metroidvanias (like Castlevania, Bloodstained, and Shantae) which makes it hard to just recommend to someone trying to get into them because I feel like they'd be tougher. I could honestly have like an hour-long conversation with you about this kind of thing, so let me know if that's all good.~
  8. VisionofMilotic
    4 Days Ago 7:20 PM
    I noticed you looked spiffy in gold, and was eager to compliment you being a good soldier decorated with medals. Glad I could pin the recent one on you. You did good!

    I have to catch up on our longer messages, but for now I just had to stop by before the night was over and wish a Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I hope it was a great day. Have a good rest of the week! <3

  9. Aisaka
    5 Days Ago 12:52 AM
    Sharla's Talent Art was probably the one thing keeping me from using her. It sucks for it to happen to just be a hindrance for her. Satorl Marsh and Fallen Arm are my favourite areas but honestly all of them are such winners. I love them all. I own Xenoblade 2 and hearing it was pretty different from the original is the reason why I haven't played more than a couple hours of it. I'll get to it eventually, ahaha. ;;

    Thank you, that's actually really flattering... It's nice seeing you around as well, and I hope I haven't gone too overboard with discussion or anything.

    I was leaning towards NCR but I decided that going independent would probably be more fun. Then it turns out I accidentally skipped portions of the game and finished it early, so it's something I'll have to go back for later. If I do though, I'd probably go NCR. It feels easier to lean that direction, and I totally understand feeling stuck at the point you did, that's where I stopped playing the first time. But I'm also just awful with directions, so I got lost down there pretty easily...
  10. Aisaka
    5 Days Ago 7:18 PM
    Sending this here in order to avoid flooding the pandemic pastimes thread, but you've got good taste, Melia is probably my favourite Xenoblade character as well. She looks beautiful in heavy armour especially (even though you have to skill link with Reyn to unlock it for her and it's not worth it haha) and I love the parts in the story centered around her. Future Connected is something I really need to play whenever I get the chance, because I've been excited ever since I heard about it, I just haven't had the opportunity. ;;
  11. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 10:55 AM
    omg! you need to watch twilight wings!

    and ty, I'll download and give it a try. goodness knows I'm gonna need stuff to do lmao

    and yeah!! the animation is definitely more modern. I want to rewatch that too, can't believe how long it's been at this point @[email protected]
  12. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 2:35 PM
    Same. I like Ash and he's cute, but I would really be interested in a series with a new protag, or shifting one with each generation.. I sure wish things like Twilight Wings would get made into an actual longer-running series, but oh well ; ; at least we're getting it at all? haha

    apparently life is strange is on iOS. do you know if that version is any good, and if it requires a wifi connection to play? doubt you'd know since I don't think you played the mobile version but worth asking. I can try downloading it myself to test too. going to be flying on the 30th, so it would be cool to have more stuff to occupy myself with!

    and yeah, it's mostly to make drafts to save for later, testing bbcode/css, or just saving notes if you want to do that. I like to use it to preview birthday threads for people to make sure they look good, so they're ready to post right at midnight! lol
  13. VisionofMilotic
    1 Week Ago 11:33 AM
    Thank you so much for the gentle pat on the shoulder. It means a lot to me right now friend, and I appreciate you keeping my family and in your thoughts. Seeing your message brought a smile to my face.

    It was a rough night. The hardest part is no visitors at night under any circumstances in this hospital due to the pandemic, not even in the waiting room. So I just slept in the car last night after getting her checked in--it was a cold night outside, but I know it was worse for my mom. She was in pain, couldn't have anything to eat or drink for procedure and she was scared and did not want to be alone last night. Visitors are allowed in the day though, so when they opened the doors to everybody at 6:00 am I went to the tower where was staying in and have been with her all day pretty much since. I haven't had much sleep. The disks on her neck are herniated and pressing into the spinal cord, that is what is causing the pain. They recommend surgery today to correct this, my mom is afraid of surgery but has reluctantly agreed since it's a relatively low risk procedure. She's getting ready for surgery at 3:00, I stepped out to the cafeteria to eat something while she was having a bath to prep, but I'm going back up to her room soon. I hope I can stay with her during the procedure, but if not I will see her afterward. Let's hope everything goes smoothly. I will have to leave tonight because of the hospital rules and will go home and take care of the house, feed all of the pets, and tomorrow my aunt will take my place and stay with my mom to give me a rest--unforunately the whole family can't be here at once because of the rule of one guest per day. So another loved one will take a turn tomorrow. I will be calling her though, and keeping her close in my dreams.

    Thanks for your support. I know I have shared lot, but felt good talking about some of it. I wish you and your loved ones all well too, and hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. <3

  14. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 2:36 PM
    About 60 episodes and I just couldn't take anymore. Team Rocket was in every single episode.
    haha yeah this is a huge reason why I didn't watch most of sinnoh and xy... it was just so boring to have 90% of episodes be team rocket steals x y z, ash and co beat them, they blast off. sun and moon was much better in this regard, and so is the new anime! I watch it every week :D

    and ty for recommendation! ugh though, not sure how well I can handle heavy topics like that... will have to opt for youtube reviews first to get an idea @[email protected]
  15. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 5:41 PM
    sun and moon is great! at first I was like.. wow..... this art style is odd.. but it grew on me and the story + characters were really good. gyms were something I enjoyed and think it fits better overall, trials fit alola a lot more rather than the entire pokemon universe.

    12 hour drive!! that's long. but I guess my longest was like 9-10 hours at once so not too far off ahah

    heard of that game but never played it :O may have to look up some youtube videos out of curiosity, it's a square enix game and I love some of theirs (like final fantasy 14) so maybe it'd be up my alley!

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