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  1. Midnight Umbreon
    1 Day Ago 7:37 AM
    Midnight Umbreon
    Hi Foogle! I'm honestly a little glad you don't remember much of me, it's hard to see someone who remembers you, and not remember who they are. In this case, I can't quite recall who you are either!

    I'm doing acceptably, currently recovering from covid, start classes back up in two weeks.
    How about you?
  2. Fairy
    1 Day Ago 6:45 AM
    haha yeah i can help. :)

    i like the pics you have in the album so i can work with that no problem. it's just gonna take me a bit of time to get it complete is all. i'll VM you on my alt account (which already has a profile I need to give to someone on it lol) and we can work to get ya something you like.
  3. Fairy
    1 Day Ago 5:42 AM
    as of currently no, i've only made a guide to profiles. but there are threads (somewhere... >_>) about supporter perks and using things like post flairs and whatnot. i'll see what i can find for ya but it might be a little outdated by now, ngl.
  4. Fairy
    1 Day Ago 7:18 PM
    absolutely friend! you can start out with reading my basic tutorial thread on this stuff and seeing if you like the vibe i give profiles. :)
  5. Sheep
    1 Day Ago 6:55 PM
    Yeah shinies have been in the game for years! They don't release them all at once though, they're staggered releases. Venipede's been out for a while but its shiny just came out a few days ago. choco bug ~
  6. ZeoStar
    1 Day Ago 4:38 PM
    ZeoStar This person might be able to help. She also mentioned being able to help. This is a good place for requests.

    If it doesn't work out, I'll try and make you something myself. My skills are basic, so can't guarantee it would be great...but hey.
  7. Sheep
    2 Days Ago 3:29 AM
    Congrats! It looks so good too! I'm hunting for one in Pokemon GO too, it just came out there recently. :O
  8. Fact Checking Gardevoir
    2 Days Ago 9:54 AM
    Fact Checking Gardevoir
    No problem! We all have our favourites! ^^
  9. Fact Checking Gardevoir
    3 Days Ago 6:53 AM
    Fact Checking Gardevoir
    That's it the Internet for you... We will inevitably find this in every fandom, characters of every species drawn with certain... things. Arts, fanfics, fan games, ... As for Gardevoir, it comforts me to see that some people like it not for these certain things, but for its power in game, and besides that, for it it can look as graceful as it can look epic...
  10. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 6:12 AM
    I've heard about it! Heard it was pretty fun :D Good luck, I hope you get a cool shiny soon!! Venipede is an awesome bug line and one of my favorites. <3
  11. Fact Checking Gardevoir
    3 Days Ago 11:23 PM
    Fact Checking Gardevoir
    Now that is funny! ^^
  12. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 6:56 PM
    I can't decide which to use! They are all just so incredibly cute ;__;
  13. Nah
    3 Days Ago 2:35 PM
    She's not a particularly popular FE character, so it's not crazy that you weren't aware of what her name is lol. The name is consistent with her Japanese name though, which is also a slang way of saying no afaik (same goes for her mother iirc).

    How many Fire Emblem games have you played?
  14. Fact Checking Gardevoir
    3 Days Ago 1:53 PM
    Fact Checking Gardevoir
    Oops! Sorry, I mixed pokémon names and their language differences... I didn't mean Aggron but Swampert (hence the Surf and Ice Beam moves) :p
  15. Nah
    3 Days Ago 1:31 PM
    It's Nah from Fire Emblem

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