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  1. ViolentCharizard14
    1 Hour Ago 6:50 PM
    How about Friday?
  2. Pinkie-Dawn
    12 Hours Ago 7:22 AM
    Have you heard about this website?

    If so, do you find it useful to avoid any biased sources?
  3. string555
    4 Days Ago 10:45 PM
    Happy Unbirthday! :3
  4. Alfieri
    5 Days Ago 5:09 PM
    Hey you're a mod now! Cool. I've been off PC for so long I feel like Captain America out of ice.
  5. string555
    1 Week Ago 5:35 PM
    Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post

    Mission accomplished!
    LMAO, I had no idea, I haven't been here that long XD
  6. I've Come to Bargain
    1 Week Ago 5:19 PM
    I've Come to Bargain
    Thank you!
  7. Kitty
    1 Week Ago 9:51 AM
  8. ShinyUmbreon189
    1 Week Ago 10:11 AM
    Those cities have been liberal leaning since the beginning, I don't see that changing so it's not completely set it stone but that stones also not gonna budge, at least for a good amount of time. I'm also not saying that everyone in the cities are liberal either, there's a good percentage of conservatives but the liberals take a major fraction of the population in tons of major cities and this is why there's more democrats than any other political system. Just like conservatives are in more rural areas. You rarely see a democratic person in a rural area, it's more for farmers and the people that drive big trucks waving the American or Rebel flag starting muk with liberals. Imo, those people are just as oblivious as the far far left liberals but in their own ways.

    Well, at least Libertarian-ism believes in freedoms rather than saying what we can and can't do. Both democrats and republicans seek to control the population with their own set of rules and regulations. How is it a free country if I'm forced to pay for health insurance when I turn 26 (Obama Care)? How is it a free country if I can't smoke or be in possession off cannabis in most places, or better yet put drugs in my body? The war on drugs is probably the biggest waste of government funds, imo. It's only caused more problems than resolving, it's time to just let go. Besides, it's my body, I have the right to do what I want with it as does everyone else. Why can't I roll on X or molly or blow a line here and there when I'm getting my groove on? Is it stupid to do so? Yes, but moderation is key, my "Cocaina" tracks about cocaine awareness and I just want people to be safe when they do the stuff, as I am. Lots is cut like crazy, the coke I do (when I do it) is good quality so it's LESS dangerous but also MORE dangerous if you aren't careful due to the potency. Same with the molly and X. Why can't I drop LSD or ingest magic mushrooms? Psychs aren't for everyone but if it wasn't for psychs I wouldn't be as open minded as I am now. When you take psychedelics it changes your perspective of things, I learned so much from psychedelics, I've even smoked DMT and drank Ayahuasca. LSD is like a feeling of love and you feel at peace and Aya, oh man that's a hell of an experience, but you go in with an intent and you just have to accept and embrace what you are shown. But either way, it's an enlightening experience and you learn a lot about yourself and it's not a recreational drug. Research it if you don't know what it is. If someone wants to smoke meth or shoot heroin and write their death wish, let them, they knew the consequences when they put that needle in their arm and started tweaking off meth. Why can't a prostitute sell their body if they so to choose? Prostitution is no different than porn, they're both getting paid for "sex". Yeah, there's a higher risk of HIV and STD's with prostitutes but if a man is dumb enough to have sex with a dirty hooker, he deserved it. The more regulations they put into action, the less freedom we actually have. I'm also not saying that we should have the right to murder, rape, trafficking, robbery, and other heinous crimes. There's a difference between regulations and what's right and wrong and having morals. You just don't murder people, rape people, beat your kids, rob people, etc. That's just psyducked up.

    Obama did have some positive changes in mind but he also had a bunch of negative changes as well, same with most presidents. But I have to agree, he was the best man for the job in our current situation but he was far from a GOOD president. There were some things Obama did that I liked but there were also a lot of things he did where I was like, "What are you thinking Obama?" Still have to respect him even tho I didn't like him, you have to respect your commander and chief, just makes things easier. It's a stressing job, dude went from black hair to gray hair within a year lol.

    They get paid waaay too much for what they do, which is enslaving the population with their bs rules and regulations. Half the laws they make us follow, they break themselves. I just don't like the idea of a man with a suit and tie to control my life. They should just mind their own business rather than being concerned with what the general population is doing.
  9. ShinyUmbreon189
    1 Week Ago 2:20 PM
    Then whats the point of political parties with different views and policies if only the Democratic party would win every election? Seems a little pointless and selfish to me (I'm Libertarian but lean more to the left than the right as in political beliefs there's lots of policies I don't agree with on both ends). This is why I believe candidates that don't choose a specific side should be elected, like an Independent or Libertarian president. This way you'd get mixed Democratic/Republican policies and not just one or the other.
    Also another thing I should bring up is you can't expect a president to fix America's problems in 4 years or even 8 years with the constant policy changes from president to president. Each president seems to be getting worse than the last. We really haven't had a GOOD president since JFK, and I believe he was assassinated because he didn't want to follow the elites orders and agenda. I guess you can call it a conspiracy.

    I guess I can't disagree with that stance, as I've thought of that a few times. If only they could find a way to crack down on those that abuse the system so that way the taxpayers know their money is helping others.. But also, what percentage really goes to what they say it goes to? I'm sure a chunk of that money lines the pockets of corrupt politicians.
  10. ShinyUmbreon189
    1 Week Ago 7:25 PM
    Not all cities no but many cities yes, like New York City, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, Oakland, and especially San Francisco, and the list goes on and on. This would be just as broken as the electoral as according to polls there are more Democratic citizens in the US than Republican therefore a Democratic president would most likely win every election, especially if half of the Independent voters voted Democratic. It just wouldn't work. But in my opinion far left and right both are idiotic in their beliefs, you have to draw a line in politics, and that's the main problem when it comes to voting someone into office. But yes I agree, the electoral college system is broken.

    Let's just go with experiment haha. But yes I agree we have a long way to go. This experiment would most likely prove just how divided society really is. There's never a need to resort to violence unless your life is in danger, and if they resorted to violence then that shows lack or morals and should I say a "hopeless society" for the ones that resorted to violence. But I feel it would get split reactions, some would unite while others, not so much. People need to just learn to respect one another. It really shows immaturity in a lot of ways the way society acts like animals sometimes.

    I'm not saying that some people don't need the assistance because they do, I've swallowed my pride and applied for food stamps 2 or 3 times in my life, but I try to avoid it. I was saying they need to beef up the system more there's a lot of people on welfare that abuse the system because they see it as a "free ride" but it's coming out of the hard working citizens paychecks.
    Your situation, that's fine. Someone that needs the temporary help to get back on their feet, of course. Those that have family's to support and don't make enough, I'd say it's mixed depending on the family, if they weren't financially stable to raise a child then they shouldn't have had the child but we can't let that child and family starve, that would just be inhumane. But if the parents both worked and one lost their job for whatever reason and need help, I don't see a problem with that. Then you have the families that have more children for more welfare money (yes this actually exists) and that's abusing the system and in my opinion, if caught and proven that's what they're doing, they should be charged with "theft" and put behind bars, you don't steal money from the government. Lastly, you have those that are completely capable of working but just don't want to get their hands dirty, they'd rather mooch off other people, no, go get a job like the rest. Those are the ones I have a problem with. Like hoodrats that make more than my family dealing drugs on the street wearing designer clothing, driving new cars, yet they're on welfare. No, go get a job and stop being a "inserts n word".
  11. ShinyUmbreon189
    1 Week Ago 11:34 AM
    I guess so. Some things just don't make sense but it's the way it is.

    This is where I disagree. Very seldom will a politician do what they said they were going to do, and I don't agree with their policies anyways. People think they have power but they don't, it has to go through Congress and in some cases the Supreme Court before they can sign something off and people just think the president can do what he wants and that's not the case. I don't vote not because I don't understand politics and the candidates but rather for different reasons. I just don't believe in politics, it's a corrupt system. People voted Obama because he was black people voted Hillary because she was a woman, that's the wrong reasons to vote a president in and it shows the lack of knowledge society has when it comes to politics. Also, the election process is broken since you have major cities and most major cities lean to the left of the political parties which is why states like California, New York, Illinois, etc are democratic. Those 3 states have cities with the most populace and are liberal by a far margin. I used to live near Chicago (Illinois) and my aunt lives in Virginia so I hear about the East all the time and my father and grandfather both grew up Los Angeles. Yeah things have changed over the years but the politics are still the same down there.

    I want it to happen too but it wont happen until we stop judging one another based on beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Take me and you for example. There's things we agree but at the same time disagree on, but we aren't attacking eachothers opinions. We're debating in a civil manner and being respectful of one anothers opinions, just wish all society was like this. Attacking ones beliefs isn't only disrespectful but it shows your lack of knowledge on the subject. People just need to learn to open their minds, you can learn a lot from someone with the opposite beliefs if you actually give that person a chance rather than attack them.
    Then.. We got blacks killing cops and vise versa, wars over religion and ideology, etc.
    I came up with a (can't think of the word right now my brains not working properly today) where if you were to put 100 people in a cage together with no weapons. 100 males in once cage and 100 females in the other cage and each cage has numerous ethnicity's. You then lock them in there together over a 24 hour time period. They will either band together as one and unite and learn to get along with one another or they'd team up with their ethnicity and resort to violence. In today's society, they'd resort to violence because some people aren't accepting of others different than them.

    The thing is these "systems" don't work. They rob the population and basically enslave us and say what we can and can't do. They want to say it's the land of the free, yet I can't smoke a bowl of weed in my own home without getting in trouble if a cop were to find out. The welfare system is abused my many and they need to beef up who they give money to. I made roughly 1600 a month and I could afford a 2 bed 2 bath apt and other bills including food by myself. It's called budgeting and being responsible. I had a priority and that was to go to work to make sure I had a roof over mine and my sisters head, food in my belly, clothes on my back, gas in my car, etc. Sure, I was always broke but I was raised to not accept handouts and being able to take care of yourself and someone else, it just makes you feel good about yourself.
    I'm so good at budgeting money that I smoked marijuana daily (around a .5 to a gram a day) and had the money to go out with friends occasionally when I wanted to. It was just hard to save up. But in life, you have to make sacrifices and if that sacrifice was not having weed to smoke for a week or going out on the weekend, then so be it. Paying my bills is more important. It's a struggle to say the least, but it grows you into a stronger individual. You either sink or you swim, I learned to swim. Was it hard? Definitely but that's life. It's not meant to be easy. If life was easy there'd be no point of life. It's a blessing and curse, you fail and learn from your mistakes, that's the beauty of life my friend.

    On a serious note.. You're one of the few members on here that I'd like to meet one day. I like intellectual discussions.
  12. ShinyUmbreon189
    1 Week Ago 5:02 PM
    As for the mysticism. I believe that's for us to figure out, and we probably will never hit that level of intellect, we're a powerful species but we aren't an entity. We don't have all the answers, nor enough evidence to even come close to justifying what is fact, that's just the naked truth. We'd only be lying to ourselves if we actually believe we know what reality is. Now I'm not saying that we're living in an illusion, it's just a thought. For all we know, what we see as reality, could be how we perceive it, or should I say; a figment of our imaginations and that's where the "you manifest in what you want" would come from when looked at in this perspective.

    Well, obviously all of society isn't like this, it's really fraction-ed down to a certain percentage of society that is completely oblivious to what's going on around them. I mean take the voting polls from this past election as a prime example. If I remember correctly only roughly 50% (might be close to 60%, I'm not completely sure) of registered American voters actually voted. What does that show us? It shows us that people are starting to puzzle the pieces together and see the bigger picture. I'd say around 30% of those voters knows nothing about politics and just hopped on the bandwagon with the rest. I don't vote for this reason, politicians are professional liars and real eyes realize real lies. These politicians can't trick us all.

    Now back to the chunk of population that has no clue what's going on. 1. They believe everything they hear or see (FB is a good example) because you know, it's on the internet so it must be true, and we both know a vast majority of the articles online are proven invalid or meant for a biased crowd in attempts to push a specific agenda. 2. They know what's going on but they're stuck in denial and don't want to admit things are they way they are. So they live a life of deception fearing for themselves and their fellow citizens but know deep down that we as a species can't change it. Uniting together as one will never happen, and for many reasons.

    Exactly. Greed turns into power and power turns into tyranny and once they have the power in their hands, they will do anything to remain in power, no matter how sinister it may be. It's just a lack of morals and more of a "psyduck everybody, I only care about me me me". As for information. Some just think they have all the information for everything, but when you get deep into it, even the most intelligent people on this planet know nothing in the end. That's one thing we do know.
  13. ShinyUmbreon189
    2 Weeks Ago 8:21 AM
    Sadly "real artists" nowadays usually get shelved while sell-outs get famous. As I said, our species is dumb as a whole as in what we follow. All people care about now is having a song to get psyducked up to, having sex with everyone, glorifying gang banging and drug dealing, and expecting everything to be given to them when nothing in this world is free, everything has a price tag but lots don't understand the distractions used to dumb us down. We forgot how to be responsible and independent, and don't get me going on our morals, society seldom has morals now it's sad man. Not to mention our biased media being used to manipulate the masses, well those that are gullible enough to believe in the crap they actually release. That's what I like to write about, I'm intelligent and have a firm grasp on reality (but at the same time, consciousness as we know it may just be an hologram of our own illusions, think about that for a minute) and I actually want change and that starts with realizing the problems then working together to unite as one. I want people to realize that things are the way they are because we allow it, hence my lyrics "we're the architects of our own oppression", and only we can change them as a species. It's a war in us, not against the enemy like people want to believe, our biggest enemy is ourselves. Once our species opens their mind and gets deep within themselves and take a look within their soul and chakras then we might just prevail. It would teach us to love one another. Think of it like this... If you can't love yourself, how can you have feelings of/or love for another person? As selfish as it may sound, you have to be in love with yourself no matter your situation. You just have to accept things for what they are and push yourself to achieve bigger dreams.

    I follow the "Ganesh: Break the Mandala" code...
    Ganesh is revered as the remover of obstacles. The broken tusk represents freeing one's self from dualism iin both thought and pattern as well as accepting the impermanence of material form. Breaking symmetry is a way to face obstacles and transcend challenges.
    What patterns keep you trapped?
    What must you do to escape them?

    ^ That's probably the best advice I was ever given. If only more people understood what this means.

    Lastly, If we continue at this rate, our stupidity will be the annihilation of our population. Not sure what drove me to write this.. Sometimes I just get that spark ya feel?
  14. ShinyUmbreon189
    2 Weeks Ago 9:47 PM
    It definitely wont be easy. Music is one of the hardest fields to be successful in. It really depends on who you know and their connects and marketing. Also, gotta spend money to make money, it's all a monopoly some fail and some prevail. I do it for the love of music, I could care less if I get famous and rich. I mean it would be nice because I'd be doing what I love but it's just a dream, not a reality. It would be crazy of me to say I'll make it, the potential is there but I got a long way to go.

    Also, I moved Friday and got this song recorded yesterday and mixed it today. It's more of a poetry/spoken words type of song but it's revolutionary and talks about what's exactly is going on. The message may make a closed minded individuals brain explode tho, it's a lot to intake at once lol. Like, I don't care about most of the stuff these rappers talk about, I want to make an impact on society, saves us from ourselves.

    Anyways, here's the demo. Once again, I do all the recording, mixing, and mastering.
  15. Kitty
    2 Weeks Ago 12:55 AM
    p.s. change your profile

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Review Aloo - Hand Shakers

I just finished another recent anime, so have another review. Hand Shakers is an action series that sees pairs of people compelled to fight each other using strange weapons by the voice of God. The catch here, Hand Shaker pairs are heavily reliant on each other in combat to the point that they have to charge their power by holding hands.

I was instantly intrigued by the quirky premise behind Hand Shakers

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Review Aloo - Seiren

I wanted to do a review of one of the most recent season's anime, which basically left me two choices since I've only seen two so far. I have decided to go with Seiren because I don't have much to critique about Kuzu no Honkai and it's boring if I only ever do positive reviews.

Seiren is a romance and comedy series with an unusual format. Rather than dedicate it's full twelve episodes to following one story, it instead rests at the end of each arc

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Music Mince

Well I can hardly call this a weekly series anymore, but I think a Music Mince is long overdue. If you don’t know (or remember) what this series is about, I introduce you to ten songs that I’ve been particularly enjoying the past week in the hopes that you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Time to dig in!

Number One
Song: Leave Your Lover
Artist: Echoes

Info: This is a simple song, with simple but well

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Top Thirty Anime Series

Alright, this is the final entry for this mini-series. So far I've shared with you not only just how big a weeb I've become but also twenty of my thirty favourite anime series. Below is the final ten series that are, in my opinion, the best of the best.

Number Ten - Orange

Orange is an anime that is weirdly similar to Erased even though this is a drama/romance series not a mystery/thriller. The premise

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Top Thirty Anime Series

Continuing on with my list of anime series I have really enjoyed, a list that I'm sure you're all extremely thrilled I'm putting the effort into writing, below are entries twenty through to eleven.

Number Twenty - Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is sort of like the GoT of anime. It takes you into a large and corrupt kingdom, introduces you to a group of characters with questionable morals, makes you love
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