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  1. Ahri
    November 12th, 2013 2:19 PM
    Sure, but I won't be able to do this until after monday. Got an exam at University on Monday xD so I'm gonna be caught up in studying ^^
    So I guess you might have to go on ahead and I'll catch up? xD or well, something like that anyways ^^
  2. Ahri
    November 12th, 2013 2:14 PM
    Well, my character is a bit intimidated by yours xD But she finds yours intriguing as seen in my post xD she's just too shy to approach her I guess xD I think she's a bit intimidated cause she's like 4'11? xD
    And like, October is so tall @w@
  3. Ahri
    November 12th, 2013 2:01 PM
    I did? o.o
    I've ALWAYS had issues with spacing xD It's been killing me xD
    Can't believe I got it right for once *-*
    And I'm glad you liked it ^-^ I loved yours *-*
  4. Crunch Punch
    November 12th, 2013 12:21 PM
    Crunch Punch
    :o aight I'll adjust it a bit and then post it really soon!!
  5. Quest
    November 12th, 2013 10:26 AM
    I only have the sample left to write but I do have a question. Which do you think would be a better power? (Sorry for being annoying.)

    Thayne possesses the power of umbrakinesis, which is essentially darkness manipulation. To be more precise, Thayne is able to create, manipulate, and shape any form of darkness. He is able to, when his mind is completely focused, manipulate said darkness into a corporeal state. Using this power, Thayne can easily turn the darkness into his own, unique weapon.

    This power of his also has many limitations that could likely hinder him if seen at the wrong time. In order to activate the corporeal constructs, Thayne must be completely focused to keep the constructs shape. If he were to lose the focus in the middle of using the construct, the object would merely fall apart and dissolve in the light. Second off, while Thayne can create the darkness himself, he has little capacity for this. To create enough darkness to mold, Thayne must put a large strain on his own body and mind. Often this could result in large amounts of damage to his psyche.


    Thayne is able to manipulate water by the means of controlling the separate H2O molecules. Giving these molecules a more stable configuration, he is able to control the flow of the water, giving the element it's unique shapes, such as a shield, whip, blasts, etc. He is able to use this ability for both offensive and defensive purposes.

    Of course, the power has many downsides. In general, Thayne prefers to use already existing water. This means he would choose to use water already in the liquid state as it often takes too much effort to extract water from the air. Because of this, he is never found without a bottle of water on him.

    Theoretically, he believes that, if the need calls for it, he could use the water from his own body, after all, the human body is mostly made of the substance. He is sure this would cause major damage to himself and chooses to only think about it if the time calls for it.
  6. Quest
    November 11th, 2013 6:34 PM
    Well I skimmed through the majority of it, but I think I can see where the people stand.(Ish)

    I'm going to start up on the character. I assume we'd talk about how to fit the character in if/when I'm accepted?
  7. Crunch Punch
    November 11th, 2013 12:31 PM
    Crunch Punch
    Erm... I actually finished my Atlantis SU a week ago, but I've been unsure if I should post it or not. Do you still want me to join? What are your plans for it?

    I feel like I'm also being a nuisance with all of this ><
  8. Quest
    November 11th, 2013 11:38 AM
    Hey there Ichiro. I'm probably going to read through the story before I start the SU. Nonetheless, expect it by Wednesday. C:
  9. Apple Juice
    November 1st, 2013 3:48 PM
    Apple Juice
    Alright! I'll get to work.
  10. Apple Juice
    October 31st, 2013 5:34 PM
    Apple Juice
    I definitely am. You guys seem like a wonderful group of people, and I'm sorry to have let you all down so far haha. I've just been busy and lazy and it's been one of those activities that I kept pushing aside like 'oh i'll get that done tomorrow' and then just rinse and repeat for weeks on end. So sorry about that, if I can still be in that would be cool, and I'll try to work on that post this weekend.
  11. Raichu
    October 23rd, 2013 9:42 PM
  12. Crunch Punch
    October 17th, 2013 3:26 AM
    Crunch Punch
    Gotcha, again sorry for taking ten years to get my SU in, I promise to be more active when I start posting!
  13. Crunch Punch
    October 1st, 2013 9:03 AM
    Crunch Punch
    Can't get through to Skype for some reason, but I just wanted to say that I'm still interested in joining Atlantis, I just didn't have any time for any kind of rp'ing and couldn't even get to finish my SU. I'll get it done sooner or later.
  14. Who's Kiyo?
    September 17th, 2013 2:36 PM
    Who's Kiyo?
    Nah, what we've done has been working pretty good so far. Thanks, though.

  15. Who's Kiyo?
    September 16th, 2013 5:45 AM
    Who's Kiyo?
    Tell me about it. I hate using it. As soon as you feel content in the fact that McAfee just "fixed 23 virus-infected files" and that it's safe to use again, another glitch or virus decides to not be dormant anymore. It's like trying to eat an apple that hosts a co-dependent ecosystem of bug larve.

    And not the cute kind like Wurmples.

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It's been three months since I finished University, another month and I'll have graduated. It was always so simple, there was always a path set out. Go to School, go to High School, go to University, each year it got to this point and each year I didn't see beyond the next. 100-Level, 200-Level and finally 300-Level. After three years I'm done. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to have finished University, glad to have had the opportunity of a higher education.

When my sister graduated,...

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Due to my latest obsession with the TV show "Arrow", following the exploits of DC's Green Arrow, I have decided to dedicated my entire profile to the shows Protagonist; Oliver Queen. Latest update has me finish making my biography and info reflect the show, even going so far as to add my alias as "Oliver Queen".

I fear my obsession with this show will only increase as it begins to grow even more intense, and may find myself doing some vigilante work of my own in...

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Recently, I spent a month in China doing some sort of immersion course in order to garner more experience and level up in my Chinese. Suffice to say, my written Chinese has become a lot better than it was, but my spoken Chinese hasn't improved as drastically.

Last night, turned out my flight from Beijing was delayed by 40 WHOLE MINUTES. This wouldn't have been a bad thing if it meant not missing my connecting flight in Singapore to Auckland. Needless to say, the staff were somewhat...

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So after spending 3 years on the forum, I finally found it in my heart to become a supporter. Although the intention was always there, I never really got around to the action itself. Thanks definitely go to Skymin for getting me to move my lazy arse into gear and actually supporting. PC has been a great place for me to come and relax, I definitely feel my writing over all has improved since joining the RPing scene, once my delving into ROM Hacking ceased.

This is Ichiro, out!
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