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  1. VisionofMilotic
    4 Days Ago 10:29 AM
    I'm so happy too see your name in bold blue LucarioBread! The color suits you. Congrats on your promotion, this was well-deserved. If I can ever help you with anything my profile and inbox are always just a quick away.

  2. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 7:03 PM
    cannot get over cuteness of avatar ahhhh
  3. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 3:56 PM
    I'm not sure how much the profit is. I guess a ton because claw machines are everywhere.

    I've read that they have set outputs, so if you spend enough you'll eventually win. Idk enough of machines to get how it works.
  4. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 6:25 AM
    Hello, I thought I would share this in response to your post. Since you asked why there were mechanical devices in a claw machine

    ...I wasn't even aware these aren't regular things. It's really common in our local theme parks, they put PlayStation's, Switch, Xbox into the machines. (Xbox and switch in a claw machine). I actually couldn't find many images.

    It's not actually the console in the machine, it's an empty box. But if you grab the box you can turn it into the register and they give you the real console.

    I've never won, but there's people who spend $100's trying. I never even try anymore, I just dismiss it as throwing my money out.
  5. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 7:30 AM
    omg, is your avatar tamaki? he's my favorite from my hero!!! ahhhh
  6. Tsutarja
    4 Weeks Ago 5:07 AM
    He's my favorite of the big three <3 Todoroki is my favorite
  7. Dragon
    4 Weeks Ago 3:18 PM
    Oh I'm doing okay! How are you? o:
  8. Tsutarja
    4 Weeks Ago 2:55 PM
    I love your avatar omg o:
  9. VisionofMilotic
    4 Weeks Ago 3:55 AM
    You seem like a lot of fun! I'm glad you joined our PC family. Never a dull moment with you around! Your profile is very handsome by the way, you're decorating a lovely space to visit.
  10. Dragon
    4 Weeks Ago 1:36 PM
    Hiii~! I saw a few of your post lately; you seem very nice ^^
  11. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 7:24 AM
    i love japanese emojis aaa so cute

  12. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 5:44 AM
    I wish I could like your message lol (heart) glad you think so :3c
  13. VisionofMilotic
    4 Weeks Ago 5:45 AM
    Hi there Lady Lurantis! Welcome to the forum. You have been a bright presence in Off-Topic lately. I noticed you made a virtual Food Fight thread, sounds fun and I might have to join that one. Since this sounds like a game I moved the thread over to forum games, thinking it might get more responses there. Your thread is still open, just in a different spot.

    If you ever need help with anything just give me a holler, always here to help out! -Sam
  14. Sheep
    August 19th, 2020 5:36 PM
    ahaha no worries I am often very lazy to message people here too, especially since discord exists!
    it's nice to see you around so often though \o/
  15. Sheep
    August 19th, 2020 3:15 PM
    Decent /o/ distracted with games and drawing lol, how are you??

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    I may still be in school, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less friendly or competent than the rest of you! Don’t be afraid to talk. ;
    Name: Lady Lurantis (If you want to nickname me for speed purposes, I’d prefer Lurantis over Lady.)
    Gender: Female
    Favorite Colors: Dusk Pink, Lilac, Maroon, Navy, Black
    Favorite Pokémon: Lurantis, Delphox
    Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Karate, Swimming
    As I’ve mentioned, I’m a fan of the generic reading and writing, but I’m also a great mathematician and hope to become an architectural engineer one day! Currently I practice Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate and am waiting for my swimming classes to open back up.
    I’d prefer not to say.
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    she, her, (female) possibly gender-neutral such as they, it
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