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  1. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    2 Weeks Ago 12:22 PM
    I just realized something : the meaning of life is giving it meaning...
    Wait... perhaps many already thought that out...
  2. Arma
    2 Weeks Ago 1:22 AM
    Heh, you were triggered :p Anyways, Mapping is fairly simple to learn, compared to some other aspects, IMO. Feel free to contact me if you want any help regarding it. =)
  3. Arma
    2 Weeks Ago 2:24 PM
    ...Anything wrong with me calling myself a mapper? :p
  4. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    4 Weeks Ago 5:07 AM
    Apparently I can "approve" or "unapprove" visitor messages on this very page...
    I wonder what that means!
  5. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    October 13th, 2017 7:05 AM
    That pokémon GO team thing... I honestly don't find it too appealing...
    I was thinking, In case my sister decided to gift me a new phone, to stay teamless
    or, at best, join Team Instinct, since it's the least numberous and accordinly to many
    pictures is stereotypically anti-competitive...
    But my sister is in Team Valor, and I heard her claim that if I had gotten a new phone
    I would've joined the "red team" and overthrown gyms along with her, so...
    Teams may as well go fry themselves : there is no better team than that of your family...
    This reminds me the small "Team Rocket" the bye-bye à go-gò grunt made in Unova.
  6. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    October 11th, 2017 9:19 AM
    An idea got over my head : what if the champion of a region was a rival,
    the champion gets to sit on a throne, the player got to them at night
    and finds them sleeping curled up on the throne?
    That would be the most anti-climatic way of meeting the champ!
  7. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    October 10th, 2017 12:31 PM
    Boy... think about it : what if the two protagonists of a fan-game were based off two actual
    people, whom happened to be players as well as siblings?
    And... what if, in a some sort of weird post-game, the two end up in a double battle against
    the two they're based off? Man, that would be so epic...

    Let's see, uh... the character on your side has their "canon" team, and the two "actual people"
    could have teams made by a mix of pokémon they had in gamelays, were particularly remarkable
    in their experiences or convey some meaning...
    Let's see... there's the misconceptions that the [email protected] are siblings or couples...
    Since latios and latias seem to be multiple in a same continuity, they could be
    siblings, couples, parents, cousins or merely unrelated kin... still, I think these "misconceptions"
    could be a good excuse for the two first members. Two more slots would be taken by the
    first starters the siblings ever had, respectively *redacted* for the brother and *redacted*
    for the sister. Then, the brother's first capture, being a *redacted* and then a *redacted*
    being his *redacted* team's lead. The sister had a *redacted* both in *redacted* and
    *redacted*, which was also main due to a stall move and a draining one. In *redacted*
    however she didn't seem to be interested in evolving the *redacted*.
    I could think up 7 out of the 12 pokémon that will compose the siblings' double-battle
    teams... I gotta think more and better. I'll also need to think up the canon teams for
    the protagonists...
  8. Nidoking
    October 9th, 2017 2:11 PM
  9. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    October 4th, 2017 11:49 PM
    So... the views right now, whilst typing this, are 2'289...
    Why is that? Do people like the colours I picked for my user page?
    Is it because of all the junk I wrote down on my visitor messages?
    Or... does it have to do with my playful posts on trivia topics?
  10. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    September 17th, 2017 11:37 PM
    Showdown user, click here, then search for the user "Damienasp.fandev" ...
    Enjoy all the themed battles!
    EDIT: Or maybe not... recently there were technical difficulties involving the replays, so all my replays are gone...
    But hey, I've got a bunch of downloaded replays I could use for videograms and a couple replays where I get verbally
    attacked are forever lost! \o/
  11. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    September 12th, 2017 2:15 PM
    It is generally unclear what happens to the game protagonists and rivals after their journeys are apparently over...
    We can, however, make some assumptions and check where they've been last time.
    Note, this list takes into account solely the games.
    Red > Seen in a cave/atop Mt. Silver in GSC, HG&SS, participant of the P.W.T. in B2W2, works in the Battle Tree in S&M.
    Blue or Green(depending on the language) > Leader of the Viridian GYM in GSC, HG&SS, participant of the P.W.T. in B2W2, is referenced to have been in Kalos in X&Y, works in the Battle Tree in S&M.
    Leaf or Blue(depending on the language) > She's presumably Red's counterpart in an alternate timeline.
    Ethan and Lyra > One of the two was last seen challenging Red in GSC, HG&SS, the other probably in Newbark Town
    Kris > Ethan's counterpart in an alternate GSC timeline
    Silver or Gold/Heart or Soul(the name isn't official) > Was last seen at Dragon's den in GSC and at the Battle Frontier in HG&SS
    Brendan and May > In RSE, one of the two was seeking for an Eon pokémon soaring above the skies of Hoenn, the other was last seen in Littleroot Town. In ORAS, one of the two is seen in the Battle Resort
    Wally > In RSE he's last seen at the end of Victory Road(more cave than road), it is unknown whether he became champion or not. In ORAS he's seen in the Battle Resort. He also works in the Battle Tree in S&M, possibly hinting he might have become champion.
    Wes & Rui > They were last seen in the region of Orre. In XD they're referenced, but their status is completely unknown.
    Michael > The most likely hypothesis is that he lives happily with his family in the north-western lush areas of Orre.
    Team Go-Getters > In Mystery Dungeon : Red&Blue Rescue Teams, they undoubtedly reside in their HQ in Pokémon Square, Air Continent, and perform various rescue missions. In Super Mystery Dungeon their status is most likely unknown.
    Lunick & Solana > In the first Ranger (occurring after the events of Emerald) one of the two resides in Ringtown's Ranger Center. It's very likely that the two patrol the minuscule region of Fiore and lend occasional help to pokémon or citizens. During the events of "Shadows of Almia" they might have contributed facing Team Dim Sun's presence in Fiore, however this is unknown. One of the two, being hero/ine of Fiore and top-ranking ranger might as well have been assigned a mission somewhere else in the world.
    Lucas/Dawn > In DPPt, one was most likely last seen in the Sinnoh Battle Frontier (which is stated to be outside the region, if I'm not mistaken). The other was last seen in Sandgem Town.
    Barry > Last seen in the Battle Frontier
    Team PokéPals > In Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky they reside in Treasure town, and most likely go on rescue, scavenging, escort missions as well as chasing down outlaws and doing archaeological searches.
    Kellyn/Kate> His/her family lives in Chicole Village, Almia region. One could assume they're on patrol duty in Almia, however, as a Top Ranger, he/she might have been assigned a mission somewhere else in the world.
    Keith> After the Ranger School he was assigned to Fiore, but was asked to report to the Union's HQ in Almia for his Top Ranger promotion. It is unknown whether he's back to Fiore, still in Almia or, due to the rank, elsewhere in the world.
    Rhytmi> She's obviously in the Ranger Union's HQ in Almia, working as assistant in contact with Kellyn/Kate and Keith.
    Hilbert/Hilda> He/She might have gone pursuiting N after the events of B&W. In B2&W2 he/she is stated to have been missing since a while.
  12. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    September 11th, 2017 1:10 AM
    What if a fan-game's champion was based off an actual player?
    I think a rearranged medley of sorts representing the player's experiences through the franchise
    would work nicely. Let's take two different players I know...
    They'd both have in their transitions the first notes from the season 1 episodes' opening,
    the same also heard in the red, green & blue intros, but taken from the anime ost. After that,
    the medleys would go like this respectively :
    bells a la weather trio, but sounding like a small tower bell, giving a familiar feel > orchestral arrangement of the Hoenn E4 soundtracks, complete with clapping > orchestral arrangement of the Hoenn champion theme (that will end abruptly to leave room for...) > the azure flute > attack from dialga's and palkia's theme, played with a concert-tail piano. Initially played slowly, but growing in speed getting in par with the OST and then surpassing it > orchestral arrangement of the Sinnoh gymleader/E4 theme without the transition attack(might as well rip it from the anime) > orchestral Sinnoh champion theme > tense orchestral arrangement of the Boss1 soundtrack from RMXP

    rock/metal arrangement of the beast trio OST attack> rock/metal arrangement of the Johto champion/Red's theme > bells a la weather trio, but sounding like a small tower bell, giving a familiar feel > rock/metal arrangement of the Hoenn E4 soundtracks, replace the clapping with something else perhaps > rock/metal arrangement of the Hoenn champion theme (that will end abruptly to leave room for...) > the azure flute > attack from dialga's and palkia's theme, but perhaps not played with a piano. Initially played slowly, but growing in speed getting in par with the OST and then surpassing it > rock/metal arrangement of the Sinnoh gymleader/E4 theme without the transition attack(might as well rip it from the anime) > rock/metal Sinnoh champion theme > rock/metal arrangement of the Pokémon GO gym battle OST > rock/metal arrangement of the GO raid battle OST > rock/metal arrangement of the GO raid capture
  13. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    September 9th, 2017 11:52 PM
    Fandevs could use experiences with side-games : not only they offer inspiration for
    aesthetics and story, but they have quite a few nice soundtracks that many players are
    unfamiliar with and their use would also warm the hearts of the very few who know
    where the soundtrack comes from. This is the soundtrack used in Lyra forest and
    the west road
    in the first Pokémon ranger, and despite this serene music is used for
    a forest it does, sound pretty much like a soundtrack you'd use on a route, not to mention
    that almost every route feels a bit "forestry"... and the part right after 0:24 inspires a
    sense of immensity to me...
    Let's take an even less known side-game, pokémon pinball RS. The field selection soundtrack
    is clearly based off route 101 from the RSE titles, and would make a nice choice.
    Back to the Ranger titles, in Shadows of Almia there's three different route themes that vary not
    depending on the location, but rather on the game's progress. The first one plays early in-game,
    whilst starting the ranger career
    , then there's one playing mid-game and its arrangement,
    playing late in-game after you get an important message from the Ranger Union
    . Given the fact
    these three themes are used on almost every part of Almia, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to use them
    on one route or two...
    Not to mention that side-games and anime both contain a wide variety of soundtracks that could
    be used in certain events, be it comical, dramatic, intense, epic...
    The problem about implementing soundtracks from various sources however is the following :
    soundtracks from the anime are made with actual physical intruments : violins, trumpets, trombones,
    Kalosian horns(Hoenn confirmed), pianos, keyboards, flutes, guitars, various percussions...
    The soundtracks from recent games get quite close to that, but the soundtracks from more
    dated titles have... the soundfonts that could work on those consoles. Don't get me wrong,
    the soundtracks sound still nice, but the gap of quality does, bother me indeed. This might
    be the reason why many fan-devs resort to midis : it's not about the clipping(mp3 files don't
    seem to have the clipping while looping), but rather it's about the quality of soundtracks from
    different games! The alternative would be resorting to making re-arrangements, but that would
    bring on the crediting issue if someone else makes them, and if one wishes to make a
    re-arrangement on their own, they need to learn how to make use of the programs...
    Midis would thus be the best choice to go for, but let's be honest : midis... don't really sound THAT appealing...

    A few possible route OSTs:
    Pokémon Pinball RS : Field selection
    Pokémon Ranger : Lyra forest
    Pokémon Ranger SoA : Mission
    Pokémon Ranger SoA : Route
    Pokémon Ranger SoA : Route(top ranger)
    Pokémon Colosseum : Map
    Pokémon XD : Map
    Pokémon Picross : Map
    Pokémon Ranger GS : Renbow Island
    Pokémon Ranger : Field

    Some cave OSTs
    Pokémon Ranger : Krokka tunnel
    Pokémon Ranger SoA : Caves
    Pokémon Colosseum : Pyrite building
    Pokémon MD EoS : Sidepath cave
  14. Damien.aspiring.fandev
    September 4th, 2017 11:01 AM
    There's an aircraft named "Team Rocket F1 rocket"...
  15. VoltYellow
    August 31st, 2017 3:51 AM
    Lol sure!

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